Skinny Mexican Corn Dip {a guest post from my sister}

Today is a very special day for two reasons. One, we’re talking about a dish so outrageously tasty and dangerously addictive, it’s been assigned mandatory attendance at every family gathering, including Christmas: Skinny Mexican Corn Dip.

Skinny Mexican Corn Dip

Two, I am introducing you all to someone very special: my younger, inspiring, and all-around cooler sister Elaine! This Skinny Mexican Corn Dip is Elaine’s creation, and it has become a family obsession. We brought it to one holiday gathering years ago, and now I’m not sure which our aunts and uncles are more excited to see walk through the door—my sisters and me or this Mexican Corn Dip.

Elaine and Me in Chicago

Elaine and me in Chicago. If only I could be as hip as this pretty lady.

A few weeks ago, Elaine (fresh from devouring a bowl of Mexican Corn Dip at a party herself) called me to see if I might be interested in posting the recipe on my blog, assuming of course, that my readers would like Mexican Corn Dip. I told her no, sorry, I didn’t think you all would like it at all.

I knew you would love it!

Now, I could keep blabbing on and on about the merits of this Mexican Corn Dip (its creaminess; the light spiciness of the jalapeno; the copious quantities of cheddar cheese that seem exorbitant but are, in fact, just right), but I know someone even better qualified to do so: the master of the recipe herself, my wonderful sister Elaine.

So, without further blather on my part, here’s Elaine to tell us all about this Mexican Corn Dip!

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