It’s one of the most important days of the year on Well Plated, and I’m asking for your help. The Annual Reader Survey has arrived. In fewer than five minutes, you can help make Well Plated a better place by telling me about the recipes and content you most want to see!

2017 Annual Reader Survey

I want this site to be a fun, useful, and delicious place for each of you. While I pay close attention to (and LOVE) your comments, and I carefully monitor which posts are the most popular, I’ve learned that nothing is as valuable as reaching out and asking for your feedback directly.

Every year, I send out a super-duper quick reader survey that I would truly appreciate your time to complete. It will help me know a little more about you and the kinds of recipes you are looking for, as well as make Well Plated the best-ever experience for the people who matter most: YOU, my wonderful readers.

THANK YOU so much for your valuable time to take this survey. Your feedback is important to me!


If you are on a desktop computer, you can take the survey using the below widget on this page, or click here to take it in a separate tab.

This survey is 100% anonymous. I can’t see your name or email address or trace your responses back to you in any way.

Once again, thank you. I know your time is valuable, and I truly appreciate your spending it to help me improve this site!