Today, I’m giving you a break from the recent barrage of buttery biscuits, cream cheese-covered cakes, and champagne cocktails for a little looksie into the real life of The Law Student’s Wife.


I’m honored to be guest-posting over at Rachel Cooks as a part of Rachel’s “Day in the Life” food blogger series. If you haven’t visited Rachel’s blog, I encourage you to click your way on over to her site ASAP! Rachel—mom to two little cutie pies—focuses on flavorful, family-friendly recipes that are simple to prepare. Who wouldn’t love that? Plus, Rachel is an absolute doll. Read one post. You’ll want to hang out with her too.

In my “Day in the Life” guest post, I reveal the guilty-food pleasure I gobble directly from the tub, my favorite blog posts, and the Food Network star whose cheesy chicken casserole I crave. You’ll find my day-to-day, along with some hard-earned blogging advice; please enjoy it with a full shaker of salt.

A big thank you to Rachel for allowing me to be a part of this series. Now click here to hop on over to Rachel Cooks, catch my “day in the life” post, and scope out Rachel’s site. I’ll meet you there!


PS. Have you entered to win my summer apple butter giveaway from Musselman’s yet? Wednesday, May 29th is the final call for entries. Don’t miss your chance!