To celebrate the launch of my new website name, design, and features, as well as to say THANKS for your support, I’m teaming up with Casabella to offer a $100 gift card giveaway.

Casabella Logo

Well Plated by Erin is my home on the internet, and I choose to redesign it to make it more beautiful and user-friendly. Now, I feel like it sparkles, thanks to a careful combination of creative design and intentional functionality. While it’s easy to think of a website design as simply colors and logos, a major behind-the-scenes technical clean up was critical to making this site a lovelier place to spend time.

Casabella has the same beautifying effect on my (physical) home. From useful kitchen gadgets to home organizational tools to smarter cleaning devices, Casabella products makes the task of maintaining a clean, orderly house both easier and more enjoyable. A good round with Casabella gives me the same sensation as when I view my ultra-organized recipe indexahhhhhhhh.

Plus, Casabella tools are super cute. Why yes, I have a hot pink sweeper. I think you should too.

To enter the giveaway: use the widget below. Please be patient, as it may take a few moments to load.

I received samples from Casabella, but this isn’t a sponsored post. Thank you Casabella for providing the prize to the giveaway winner too.