Casabella $100 Gift Card Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of my new website name, design, and features, as well as to say THANKS for your support, I’m teaming up with Casabella to offer a $100 gift card giveaway.

Casabella Logo

Well Plated by Erin is my home on the internet, and I choose to redesign it to make it more beautiful and user-friendly. Now, I feel like it sparkles, thanks to a careful combination of creative design and intentional functionality. While it’s easy to think of a website design as simply colors and logos, a major behind-the-scenes technical clean up was critical to making this site a lovelier place to spend time.

Casabella has the same beautifying effect on my (physical) home. From useful kitchen gadgets to home organizational tools to smarter cleaning devices, Casabella products makes the task of maintaining a clean, orderly house both easier and more enjoyable. A good round with Casabella gives me the same sensation as when I view my ultra-organized recipe indexahhhhhhhh.

Plus, Casabella tools are super cute. Why yes, I have a hot pink sweeper. I think you should too.

To enter the giveaway: use the widget below. Please be patient, as it may take a few moments to load.

I received samples from Casabella, but this isn’t a sponsored post. Thank you Casabella for providing the prize to the giveaway winner too.

This post contains some affiliate links, which means that I make a small commission off items you purchase at no additional cost to you.

About Erin Clarke

I’m fearlessly dedicated to making healthy food taste incredible. Wearer of plaid, travel enthusiast, and firmly convinced that sweets and veggies both deserve a place at the table. MORE ABOUT ERIN…


  1. My laundry closet and cleaning supplies are in constant need of organization!

  2. Our bathrooms, they constantly need refreshing throughout the day.

  3. Would most like to clean and organize the garage.

  4. The kitchen!

  5. My bedroom needs attention.  

  6. I love this website, I’m always looking for recipes and when I’m stuck for something to make for supper I look at Well Plated.

  7. Congrats on the new site! It looks amazing. My master bedroom needs a good overhaul! 

  8. My living room is always a disaster. The front door dumps right into the living room so there are shoes, jackets and bags that always clutter my door area. Then I get frustrated that my living room doesn’t look like a Pottery Barn catalog…haha.

  9. Love the look! Very fresh and fun. In terms of a room that needs some attention, that would definitely be the basement. We moved seven months ago and are still going through boxes down there! I kind of . . . close the door and pretend it doesn’t exist sometimes? :) Eek.

  10. Congrats on the new site. I’m a new follower and am looking forward to what’s to come! I feel like my whole house needs attention. Two rambunctious boys, a part time job, homeschooling, and my husband starting his own business has gotten me in a rut with house work! I don’t even know where to start! 

  11. My Kitchen needs to be condemned after the Christmas workout I gave it!  Love the color of your new look! Easy on the eyes!

  12. My kitchen needs to be redone as well as organized. I could really use some help in getting it done

  13. The store room in our basement really needs a do-over. I let it get out of control and it’s embarrassing. 

  14. My kitchen – definitely

  15. My home office. We moved in a year ago to our current home, and although I’m super blessed to have a dedicated home office, it has been the one room we haven’t really organized or fully unpacked yet!

  16. Most like to organize my bedroom &utility room

  17. My living room is always a mess and it drives me nutty!

  18. Love the new site. My kitchen could most definitely use a refreshing.

  19. This is a great website and giveaway! I have been reading your blog for some time now, and I will always leave with a couple of recipes to try! Thanks for all of your hard work!

  20. Patricia Shepard Reply

    I love your new name! So glad I found your blog a few weeks back, I really enjoy it.

    My apartment is pretty organized, but the room that gets me is our storage closet. We have just one place where we store all our earthly belongings. I can’t wait to reorganize them now that we are moving to a new house with an entire ROOM for storage! No more Christmas tree next to the Costco toilet paper stash!

  21. my whole house needs it but my bedroom needs it the most

  22. I would love to get my sewing room/office organized with some of the Casabella products!

  23. I have an extra bedroom that is a catch all room- FULL of junk! I would definitely like to get this room cleaned up and sorted out!

  24. I love the redesign!  I’ve been making several of your recipes lately and can’t wait to see what this change inspires!  

    I would organize our guest room as it’s currently the storage area and it needs a pick-me-up!

  25. I love to clean my kitchen. Nothing like stainless shining like silver.

  26. I need some fresh, new ways to keep my kitchen sparkling clean and smelling delightful. I’m replacing two appliances and hopefully re-painting walls and cupboards, just ready for a fresh new look and feel. Kind of leaning toward a 1970’s vibe

  27. My kitchen needs the most work!

  28. My kitchen for sure. 

  29. I’d like to clean and organize my kitchen. I actually need my son to make me my pantry closet. My shelves are overflowing with my baking pans and supplies. I need to organize so I have everything handy to bake and decorate. I’m planning on buying baskets to corral much of the supplies and tools. (My New Year’s resolution!)

  30. I want to clean and organize my living room, since it’s the first room as you enter the house.  Everything seems to get dumped there.

  31. My kitchen needs an overhaul and that’s how I plan to start my new year! Love the new name and the organization of the site.  I subscribe to a lot of “cooking” blogs and always come back to yours when I’m searching for a recipe I know will be a winner! Thanks!

  32. New Year – new me– I’d love to scour and organize my kitchen!

  33. Susan Kehoe-Sutphin Reply

    Love the new blog site and the recipe index!! Thanks – 

  34. I love their products and I’m always organizing, re-organizing my kitchen.  My husband spends as much time in the kitchen as I do & while his cooking beats mine, his cleaning and organization skills don’t!

  35. Ohh – my new kitchen is in need of some reorganization. I moved this summer, and dumped everything into place, and have not made the effort to get things ina more logical, organized fashion.

  36. The pantry in the kitchen.

  37. I really need to clean and organize my craft room….it has turned into storage for whatever.

  38. My home office/jewelry workshop.

  39. My office is otherwise known as “the box room.” I’d start there to organize and clean, for obvious reasons…

  40. My Kitchen… the counters and island become dumping grounds.

  41. Colleen Boudreau Reply

    My bedroom.

  42. I’d like to clean and organize the kitchen, specifically all the places no one sees, pantry, drawers, cupboards, ect…

  43. Either my kitchen or our guest room/office. When we moved to STL, we got a lot more living room/bedroom space, but our office and kitchen are much smaller, and things are kind of still in chaos!

  44. My kitchen for sure, it is not nearly big enough and things are pretty tight! Your new look is so clean and fresh looking! It will be so nice to get on and find a recipe quickly on my iPad . Congrats !

  45. I’d most like to clean and organize my guest room/office

  46. My bedroom really needs to be organized!

  47. My whole house.  I’m living alone now that my kids are grown and on their own. Not only do I need to dispose of 35 years of no longer useful stuff, but reorganize the remainder to suit the new lifestyle

  48. My kitchen and bathroom are in need of reorganization and cleaning!

  49. I am in need of kitchen organization! (And closets, always closets.)

  50. I really need to organize my pantry so I can see what I have in there. Probably multiples of everything.

  51. My kitchen always cooking and baking!

  52. I would like to clean and organize the garage and make it a usable space instead of a collection of junk.

  53. Ugh my bedroom!:)

  54. Congratulations on your new name! I’m always looking for new recipes that I can try out and I do love to bake. 

  55. It’s a tossup…my pantry could use some organization, but my library is a mess, too…it was a low priority after the move because some of our shelves got broken.

  56. The room I’d do is the one we call ‘The Dust Bowl’ – an extra bedroom that has all the extra stuff we own in it, which is also my sewing room. 

  57. I would love to organize the junk space in my basement. It needs a MAJOR overhaul. :-) 

  58. Wow, thanks for another giveaway! o_o 2015 is the Year of the Clean Apartment for me (among many other things), but considering I spend most of my time in the kitchen, that is definitely the room that needs the most attention and work. ;D I was oohing and ahhing at the silicone baking mats on the Casabella site and also, weirdly enough, at the scrub wand things. 

    But anyway, I had wanted to high-five you for the name change when you first announced it! ^-^ I’m happy for you! I really like it, as well as the changes to the layout (watercolor — preeeetyyyy :3). Here’s looking forward to 2015’s recipes and write-ups (because even if I don’t have/can’t get the ingredients, it’s still fun to read your latest thoughts and stories)~~~ ^_^ Cheers! 

  59. Would love to redecorate my “office”– our spare second bedroom I use for studying!

  60. my kitchen is in definite need of organization – it’s tiny, but with very deep cabinets, and things just get shoved to the back over time.

  61. Love any products that make cleaning easier!

  62. My office is a disaster and could really use some organizing and cleaning help. 

  63. My bedroom!

  64. Hmmmmm……front bedroom needs serious help!!!
    Thank you!

  65. Congratulations on the new site!  My bedroom could use some serious cleaning and organization!  

  66. My office/craft room is a wreck!  I’ve got enough supplies to start my own mini-Michaels :)

  67. I would most like to clean and organize our living room. There is just too much clutter! We have a slight obsession with movies and our tiny shelving unit has movies stacked up almost to the ceiling! It’s kind of embarrassing.

  68. I would love to organize our bedroom!

  69. my bedroom! especially under the bed – not a lot of storage in my apt and everything is shoved there.

  70. My office! It’s a mess! LOL.

  71. Congratulations on the new digs! To celebrate, I waited until today to change the folder name in my email account from “law student’s….” to “well plated by erin” LOL All the best.. Oh, definitely my all-in-one-kitchen-&-dining-room. Where to put things?!? plus, I’m short – LOL

  72. The site looks absolutely GORGEOUS, Erin! I love the new logo, and the simplicity in the design. Congrats, girl! You deserve all the best :)

  73. my closet/bathroom. they are attached and always sort of a mess…haha

  74. our guest room needs to be organized so bad!

  75. Since I’m in my kitchen a lot, I guess I’ll vote for that, as am always wiping it down.

  76. I really, really need to clean and organize my basement.  It’s a disaaster!

  77. i would most like to organize my kitchen! we have so many tools and gadgets!

  78. I would really like to clean and organize my kitchen better.  This includes my pantry as well.

  79. The room in my house I’d most like to clean and organize is the guest bedroom. It’s become a catch-all as of late and it’s driving me nuts!

  80. My kitchen/family room needs the most help to get it organized. The island is a vast wasteland of stuff and tends to be the dumping ground in this house.

  81. I would LOVE to have an organized sewing room!!!!!

  82. Would LOVE to win this! Would really come in handy!

  83. The basement storage room. I could use DAYS if not weeks to sift through old stuff and pitch. The rest needs work, but that is a real undertaking.

  84. I’d like to clean and organize my garage (it really needs it)!

  85. Hi Erin! Congrats on the new site. It looks amazing! I really want to organize my bedroom closet!

  86. Congrats on the new site, it will be fantastic for all to use.  Help needed on kitchen organization

  87. I have been following you for a while now. I love your recipes. Congratulations on the update, it’s beautiful!

  88. Great giveaway

  89. I would most love to organize my kitchen – the counters are always cluttered and the cupboards are a mess!

  90. I would like to clean and organize my kitchen the most because it’s a disaster.

  91. Definitely the kitchen! 

  92. Love the new look!

  93. Either kitchen or office.  Maybe both! :)

  94. I love organizing my kitchen. 

  95. They all need a little TLC, but I’d have to say I’d love to focus on the kitchen and my son’s room.

  96. Congratulations on your new name, great job!  I would use it to clean my newly renovated bedroom!  Love to keep it sparkly clean!

  97. Congratulations, Erin!  When I think of enjoyable cleaning and organizing, Mary Poppins comes to mind.  Your blog is the “spoon full of sugar” during my evening chores!  Thank you for health conscious recipes and heart-warming words.

  98. We moved into a new house last June.  I would most like to organize the master bathroom, but it is only one of many rooms on my list. 

  99. Since after Christmas the living room is a total disaster and in need of some major organizing and decluttering.

  100. I’d like to organize our kitchen and pantry.

  101. Love your recipes!
    I live in a dorm this semester– and that could definitely use some cuteness– but I’m moving off-campus for the next academic year, and will be traveling for internships, so if I could have a great kitchen to take refuge in, that would be like a mini-heaven. Otherwise, I’d love to have a comfortable bedroom to come home to, at least. :)

  102. I need to organize and clean my garage.  I have tons of junk piled in there and no way to put my van in there.

  103. Our third bedroom/office is an absolute disaster!
    BUt our kitchen can use some work too.  So much cleaning…so little time : )

  104. I would like to get my craft room cleaned and organized — it’s such a mess that I can’t even work on anything until I get it cleared out. 

  105. Congratulations on your new name!  I’d love to organize my kitchen. 

  106. Congratulations on the new name for your site!! It looks Great!!! I’ve been following for awhile and I love your recipes!!! 
    I would really like to clean and organize my kitchen. 

  107. Christina Savitt Reply

    My Kitchen and Master Closet.  Love your new website!! :)

  108. My home office needs the most cleaning and organizing!

  109. I would love to reorganize and clean my kitchen!! 

  110. It is hard to pick just 1 room, but I guess I would feel more productive if my kitchen was organized better!

  111. Brandi Davis Bryant Reply

    I really need a complete overhaul on my entire home including the garage, but the most pressing is the kitchen. Thanks for the giveaway. Congrats on the new blog name.

  112. i would like to clean and organize our family room

  113. Moved into a new house 18mos ago; de-cluttered for that move and it’s a great feeling! However, my ‘craft’ closet still needs help!

  114. Would loooove to clean and organize my basement. It’s just one of those things that is ALWAYS on my to do list, I have been working on slowly slowly one shelf at a time cleaning it, but I need to get my rear in gear and clean it this year! Again (and I’ll probably say it 10000000 more times because I’m so in love with the new design) CONGRATS on the new site!

  115. I really need to organize my laundry room and cleaning supplies. They’re such a mess!

  116. I would love to clean and organize my bedroom so it becomes my retreat.

  117. My kitchen is always in need of cleaning and organizing!


  119. My boys’ room. There are toys everywhere!

  120. my kitchen. We just finished rebuilding our house and I really need to clean, organize and put away all my kitchen items. Thanks for the inspiring recipes (they have helped so much during our rebuilding) and congrats on the new updated sites!!

  121. My office/guest bedroom needs lots of cleaning and organizing.

  122. my kitchen!

  123. definitely my bedroom – it usually gets neglected in favor of more public rooms

  124. My kitvhen…..
    Make that my kitchen.

  125. My kitchen counters get so cluttered, its a nightmare!

  126. All 300 square feet of it!

  127. Love the new look.Would love to win this.Do some replacing.

  128. I’d like to organize my kitchen cabinets better…my spice cabinet definitely needs some help!

  129. I’d like to finish deep-cleaning my kitchen and pantry.

  130. I really need help with my (tiny) kitchen

  131. I’d love to organize my basement. Get rid of the piles of moving boxes and finally haul several boxes of donation items to Goodwill. After a year it’s driving me crazy every time I go downstairs to do laundry.

  132. My bedroom is in most need of some organization!

  133. Our lower level needs tlc with organization.

  134. My office or computer room is the one room that critically needs organized.  This room catches all the overflow from the rest of the house.  Everything is piled here and there and is driving me nuts.

  135. i would like the closet in my bedroom to get organized!

  136. I desperately need to dust and organize my cluttered bookshelves in my bedroom!

  137. I would most like to clean and organize my kitchen for sure!

  138. My garage needs cleaning and organizing the most.

  139. Love the new site! My tiny 10 foot galley kitchen needs much love.

  140. I would like to organize my kitchen cabinets! :) thanks!

  141. My kitchen. It is small and I do not have a place for everything that I have. I need to get it better organized and clean out the cabinets. 

  142. Our spare bedroom is the one place I would love to organize. It seems to be the place where everything goes when things don’t have immediate places in the home and it can get out of hand. It would be so nice to see it organized!

  143. I would most like to clean and organize our master bedroom

  144. I would definitely organize my kitchen! Congrats on your new site Erin! Love it!

  145. Can I say every room?! Haha I guess it would have to be the kitchen. 

  146. bedroom, kitchen, bathroom

  147. Our office needs some organizing and tender loving care.  

  148. I love the new site and look! I would love to organize our bedroom in our new apartment… we need another dresser and some more storage for all of our things!

  149. Marnely Rodriguez-Murray Reply

    Our living room needs the most help! 

  150. I would most like to organize the kitchen and office/guest bedroom

  151. the bedrooms needs to be organized, Thank you !

  152. My kitchen needs the most organization.

  153. I would use to organize the finished room in our basement. We are planning to create a playroom for our little guy.

  154. Pretty dang exciting and definitely brighter and extremely user friendly.

  155. My bedroom closet needs major reorganizing. I have just started shoving random things on the shelves in there. It looks  like poop.

  156. I live in a condo…so that equates to tiny closets and little storage space. My kitchen is probably in the most dire need of organization. 

    Love your new site!

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