October favorites from food blogger Erin of Well Plated

Hey friends! I’m popping in from Austin, Texas, where I’m attending the BlogHer Food conference, to share something new with you. It looks (and feels!) like summer here. After a week of crisp Wisconsin weather (and apple picking—see photo above), it felt a bit odd to be putting on shorts again, but after a few short hours, I was happily soaking in the sun again.

Today’s post is a super short, fun (I hope) list of a few of my recent favorite finds and off-the-blog life happenings that I don’t have a chance to share in regular recipe posts. Consider it the sort of comfortable, everyday chitchat we might share if we were hanging out at a cute French café, instead of opposite sides of a computer screen.

The adorable, matches-everything scarf you need in your closet? A recipe that changed my life? The salty snack that keeps making its way into my grocery cart? You’ll find it here!

I’m calling this mini-post C’est La Vie. If you have any favorite finds of your own, I’d love to hear about them too!

Best new recipe I’ve tried lately: Ina Garten’s Old Fashioned Apple Crisp. WARNING: not a light dish and aggressive on the orange zest, but oh-so-good. For a more guilt-free, but still delicious option, try this stellar Vegan Apple Crisp.

New upcoming blog recipe I can’t wait to share: Honey Pumpkin Bread. SO FLUFFY. Did you catch it on Snapchat or Instagram? (I’m @wellplated for both!)

Most popular recipe on my site right now: Slow Cooker Broccoli and Cheese Soup.

Reading: Valley of the Dolls, for book club. *UPDATE* I made it halfway through and had to stop. Call me a quitter, but this book just left me feeling down, and I realized I couldn’t read it anymore. Looking forward to trying something new!

Listening to: Autumn Acoustics on Spotify.

Loving: This scarf. It’s ultra cute, cozy, and the colors are even prettier in person.

Daring: To wear faux leather leggings.

Hooked on: Sweet potato chips of all kinds. These are next on my list to try.

Most practical item bought in the last week: Saddle soap. My favorite boots got MUDDY at the orchard last week!

My life in a sweatshirt: Can’t even.

Dinner tonight: I’m in Austin soooo…margaritas are a food group, yes? Just kidding, TACOS! All the tacos. And, OK, margaritas too.

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Have a great weekend everyone!