Rockmill Brewery in Columbus Ohio

In my happy place: Rockmill Brewery, a glass of saison beer in hand.

^^Me, coming up for a breath of air. I just returned from trip #3 of 6 that I have booked this fall, and instead of doing laundry so that I have a pair of clean socks to pack when I depart again on Thursday, digging myself out of my inbox, or addressing my empty refrigerator, I thought it would be far more fun to type up a quick post and check in with you.

How’s your September starting so far? Or, rather, how is it continuing since we are somehow already two-thirds of the way through the month (when did that happen)? Have you been apple picking yet, and, if yes, may I tempt you with some homemade Apple Chips or Slow Cooker Apple Butter? Which has you most excited: football season or football FOOD season?

Since the month began, I’ve been to Columbus for an epic food tour that included this delicious brunch number (among many, MANY other things), a camping wedding in Denver with Ben’s Peace Corps pals (this picture says it all), and most recently, a restorative weekend at Sunriver Resort in Oregon with the most inspiring, beautiful blogger friends.

Up next, I have two more weddings, one more blog trip, and, despite my current love/hate relationship with my suitcase, Ben and I are now talking about trying to squeeze in a trip to Europe in November, because….well, do we need a reason?

Here’s what I’m loving lately, a sneak peek at what’s up next on the blog, and the latest round up of what YOU are making and posting to Instagram!

Most popular recipe on my site right now: Slow Cooker Broccoli and Cheese Soup.

Upcoming recipe I’m most excited to share: Apple Butter Grilled Cheese ???

Reading: The Glass Castle. It’s gripping, beautiful, and heartbreaking all at the same time.

Wife Fail: Missing Ben’s birthday because I was in Oregon.

Wife Win: Making him his favorite dinner to make up for it (homemade pizza on this foolproof homemade whole wheat pizza crust) and favorite dessert <—seriously. He likes them better than the from-scratch ones.

Wondering if this could possibly be worth $164. The reviews seem to say yes.

The World’s Best Slippers. I splurged on them three years ago, and they’ve been worth every penny. Now that fall is here, I’m excited to pull them out again.

Just ordered this new kitchen gadget, thanks to Gina’s glowing recommendation. Has anyone used one yet?

The flavored peanut butter that I could eat with a spoon.

Europe running out of butter? Say it isn’t so!

Pairing this easy shirt with black denim and sassy black heels (similar pair that’s less expensive but slightly less comfortable). I’ve worn this exact outfit three consecutive weekends and been stopped by strangers asking where I got it.

Mesmerized by this interactive fall foliage map.

Impulse bought this cozy top with every intention to return it…and I love it so much (cannot overstate the comfy/cute factor here) that I decided to keep it, shhhhh.

INSTAGRAM: Here are a few photos of Well Plated recipes you’ve made and posted. I can’t say enough how much this makes my day! If you’d like to be featured, see details below.

If you make one of my recipes, I’d love to see it on Instagram and might feature it here! Just snap a photo and tag it #WellPlated, and I will be sure to find it. I absolutely love to know what you’re cooking.

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  1. You’re definitely having a busy fall! I’ve followed some of it on your IG stories… keep ’em coming! I’d splurge on that blanket if you really want it haha. You only live once. My September has been pretty busy so far. An enjoyable trip to AZ, then back to the job-job and blog grind. Can’t complain too much, though!

    1. One tick in the BUY column on that blanket! ;) Sounds like you’re having a good fall so far, even if it’s busy! Hope you continue to have a great season.

  2. I loved this post so much! I’ve looked at that blanket before and have always wondered if it was worth the price tag…just not sure I could get myself to pay that much for a blanket.
    Also loved the pressure cooker tag. I have one (different model) and you’ll likely find yourself using it at least once a week, if not more. I actually just used mine last night!
    Oh, and you’re now making me want to buy some of those sassy black heels (but in Moody Blues or Fiery Fuchsia…can’t decide which one).

    1. Danielle, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. And how about BOTH sets of heels? lol. Thanks for letting me know about the pressure cooker too!

  3. Blanket – absolutely worth that price – actually sounds cheap (I crochet a lot, you’re lucky it’s not $200 plus, have you looked at the price of yarn?)
    Instant pot – CANNOT WAIT to see what you create with this! I bought mine on Prime Day and have since replaced my slow cooker.
    Thanks for the post!

      1. I have only made this once – but it’s on the menu to make again

        Also – stocks are amazing, steamed corn, and with a little tweaking just about any slow cooker recipe!