Erin and Baby Caroline Baptism

Oh hey there, March! Our snow melted, which has somehow convinced me that I can leave the house wearing sandals like these, even though it’s still below 40 degrees. I just can’t look at my boots anymore.

Solution: socks with sandals? Don’t answer that.

The adorable little nugget in that photo with me above is my sweet niece Caroline, born in mid-January. My sister did me the great honor of asking me to be Caroline’s godmother, so two weeks ago, I flew down to Kansas City for a long weekend. I spent a lovely weekend with my sisters, and we celebrated Caroline’s baptism. Friends, I am IN LOVE. Caroline is a tiny little bundle of love, and my sister is such a great mom.

After my visit to Kansas City, I headed out to California, where I spent three days at Google’s headquarters for a conference. While my secret wish to run freely through the campus and determine if the rumors that some of the conference rooms have tire swings is true didn’t come to fruition (what can I say—Google security is serious), it was still a valuable few days. A few of the sessions were informative, and I treasured every minute spent reconnecting with close blogging friends.

On my plane flight home, I compiled a quick list of my latest favorites for you! Here’s what I’m loving lately and a look ahead at what’s on the blog.

Most popular recipe on my site right now: Mexican Chicken Casserole.

Upcoming recipe I’m most excited to share: The best-ever way to make overnight steel-cut oats (coming tomorrow, yay!).

Reading: Paris to the Moon. Delightful writing about one of my favorite cities. If you’ve spent any time in Paris, you’ll love its commentary and witty insights into French culture.

Cookbook recipe I made this month: Salted Caramel Date Shake from The First Mess Cookbook. SO GOOD. This is a beautiful cookbook, especially if you love veggie-centric food and healthy desserts.

The greatest thing since sliced bread: The real story behind the phrase.

Trend I hope is here to stay: All of the pretty and fun rose-colored mules and sandals taking over my Insta feed. A few favorites: these slides, these espadrilles, these comfy-looking sandals, this chic little number, and these casual sandals. These are totally breaking the pink rule, but I love them just the same.

Onions without the tears: Given the comments on the loss of taste, though, I’m going to keep wiping away my tears for the time being.

Ready for spring: So I can wear this off-the-shoulder top and this bright blouse.

Nutella sale causes outbreaks in France: I mean, I’m not going to say 70% off Nutella wouldn’t tempt me to throw an elbow…

Emojis you’ve been using wrong: For the record, I plan to continue using the lady saying “look how fabulous I am!” incorrectly because I love it.

I hope you enjoy these finds as much as I did. Any recent favorites of your own? I always love hearing from you. Leave a note in the comments section below! xo