Purple Spring Flower on Tree in Wisconsin

It’s only Tuesday, and this is one of those weeks when I can’t remember what day it is. (It is Tuesday, right?)

I’m currently in the smush between a lovely staycation in which my sister and baby niece came to visit and an upcoming weekend away.

On the front end were four lazy days of sister time spent ordering rosé at lunch because we could, girls’ nights out, and long walks around my neighborhood, which has all at once sprung back to life. It’s lush and green and smells of flowers everywhere I turn.

One the back end (this Thursday!) is a trip to Seattle, in which Ben and I will become the incarnation of the old adage, “the couple who eats together stays together.” That’s how it goes, right?

I’ll be sharing pieces of our Seattle adventures on my Instagram story. I hope you’ll follow us there and join as we explore.

And in the 10-days between these two lovely weekends? Dishes, food on my apron (and on my leggings and t-shirt since I wear an apron .05% of the time), and computer time.  It’s all going to be worth it though, because I’ve come up with so many recipes lately that I’m ridiculously excited to share with you.

I’ve also come across some fun finds! Here’s the latest and greatest products, recipes, and stories that grabbed my attention, which considering I left the house yesterday and couldn’t remember if I’d put on deodorant is quite the compliment.

Most Popular Recipe on my Site Right Now. Crock Pot Chicken and Rice

Upcoming Recipe I’m Most Excited to Share. I reeeeeeally hope you try tomorrow’s smoothie. It’s a surprise.

Best Recipe I’ve Tried Lately. Grilled Monkfish Skewers from Mark Bittman. I bought monkfish on a whim because it was on sale, then picked this recipe because Mark Bittman is the author of one of my favorite cookbooks. This was my first time cooking monkfish and it turned out so tasty and took me less than 10 minutes to prep. Keeper!

Reading. Cork Dork for wine book club. I couldn’t imagine a more appropriate read. A few chapters here and there are slow, but overall it’s been fun and even fascinating at times.

Procrastibaking. It is so real. Also, I want you to know that I and this entire archive of procrastibake-worthy bread and muffin recipes and dessert recipes support you.

SO GUILTY OF THIS. But sometimes I really do feel like recipes are magic. Do you?

Latest Healthy Treat Obsession. Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. They’re not new by any means, but they are a recent addition to my life, andI’m making up for lost time.

The Shoes I Wear Everywhere. These ridiculously comfy, cute slip-on sneakers. I have the oatmeal leather and am attempting to justify a second pair. I don’t even put them away any more because they’re on my feet every time I leave the house (until I can switch to my favorite flip flops anyway!).

Kitchen Gadget You Need. Double-pronged skewers, especially before Memorial Day. They hold the food more securely than standard skewers and are easier to turn.

And speaking of Memorial Day, here are a few foolproof recipes to add to your menu:

I also have this entire section of Memorial Day recipes in my recipe index. You won’t go hungry.

Happy Procrastibaking! And Procrastigrilling. Can we make Procrastimargaritaing a thing too?