Pumpkin Creme Brulee

Pumpkin Creme Brûlée, from last weekend’s blogging retreat. More about the experience coming soon.

Happy (almost) Halloween! Is your candy purchased and ready? Have you expertly buried your favorites at the bottom of the bowl, in hopes that the trick-or-treaters might miss them? Or did you simply embrace the inevitable and stash a pile of Twix in that one really good hiding spot because, who are we kidding, I’m an adult and I refuse to outgrown candy? Cheers to all of the above.

Up until yesterday, I had no costume to wear, but as you will see in today’s quick collection of fun links, Amazon Prime saved the day.

And yes, I really did wear that in public.

Most popular recipe on my site right now: Harvest Chicken Skillet.

Upcoming blog recipe I’m most excited to share: Whiskey Glazed Sweet Potatoes (SO GOOD!).

Spending a dangerous amount of time: Looking at pups available for adoption on area shelter websites. Coming in 2017: a furry addition to our family of two. Ben is 67% on board.

Wishing: Said furry addition were here already because THESE DOG HALLOWEEN COSTUMES. No surprise that my favorite is #5. A pun AND a super food in one? Sold.

Reading: Essentialism. As someone who frequently feels overly busy, under rested, and is a self-professed people-pleaser who struggles to say no, this book speaks to me in many ways. It focuses on indentifying and spending your time on only those things that are most important, and it highlights the freedom and rewards that follow prioritized decision-making.

No time to read? Me neither. I’m listening to Essentialism on Audible. This was my first time testing Audible (an app that makes it easy to download and listen audio books anywhere, any time), and I’m hooked. It’s connected to my phone, so I can listen to my audio books anytime I have my phone with me, a.k.a. All. The. Time. At home, I use this Bluetooth speaker while I’m cooking and washing dishes, and when I drive, I use my car’s speakers. Your first audio book is FREE (download here). No gimmicks—I paid zero $.

Fellow Ina Garten Devotees: This article is a fun read. Ben knows my love of Queen Ina so well that he printed it at his office for me. Her new book is sitting patiently in my Amazon cart waiting for me to pull the trigger. Has anyone scoped it out yet?

Still laughing: From Thursday’s spin class, when the instructor showed up and taught IN FULL COSTUME. We’re talking wig, hat, pants, and even sunglasses.

On this week’s menu: Butternut Squash Tamale Bake and Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sweet Potatoes (again).

My Halloween costume. That I wore. In a restaurant: These pants, combined with this top. Ben, the other half of our joint costume, wore yard clothes and carried a shovel. Any guesses? Hint 1: my husband shares my affinity for puns. Hint 2.

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