4 year old beagle mix dog in the snow

I called a tow truck to pull me out of the snow over the weekend, so safe to say winter has officially arrived. ^^This guy was in the back seat to witness.

And before you feel sorry for me and my furry companion: I got stuck while backing down a friend’s “driveway.” Said driveway turned out to be the next door neighbor’s front yard. I realized I’d gone off the track when I backed into a tree going 5 mph. The only damage was to my pride…and the grass once the snow melts.

We have many compelling reasons to stay inside and get cozy this month, including but not limited to eliminating the risk of getting stuck in the snow.

To help us on our way, today’s list of favorites is filled with warm and fuzzies. You’ll find a miracle for chapped lips, a device that’s helping me fight the winter blues, cozy sweaters that still look cute, a stick-to-your ribs recipe that I’m moving to the top of my 2020 cooking bucket list, and more.

  • Happy Light. I’ve been dealing with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) for the past several winters, and after extensive research, I finally bought this happy light (a.k.a. daylight therapy lamp) to help. My only regret is that I waited so long to purchase it! I’ve experienced a noticeable boost in my energy, mood, and I feel generally more positive about this upcoming winter/life. If you live in an area that has little sunlight in the winter (or if you work in an office without many windows), I recommend checking it out.
  • Chapped Winter Lips. This lip sleeping mask is everything. I put the tiniest bit on before bed, and in the morning my lips feel baby soft. It’s pricey up front, but I have a feeling it’s going to last me until next winter. I’ve been using it every night and have hardly made a dent.
  • Dry Winter Skin. Give yourself a spritz of this wonderful facial spray. It smells and feels lovely, and it revives my skin. You can put it on anytime of day.
  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses. I just ordered a pair of these glasses that are designed to relieve the eye fatigue that comes from the hours we spend staring at computer screens, phones, TVs, and more. They’re all the rage, and I’m excited to try them myself.
  • A Beautiful, Versatile Top for Winter. I’m always looking for long-sleeved “going out” tops for winter (it’s too cold to sit in a restaurant in something strappy). This one is gorgeous!
  • A Dressy Top That Looks Good on Everyone (ON SALE!). Love the metallic.
  • New Favorite Cami. I got this in the green, and it is stunning. I’ve been layering it under blazers and cardigans. It’s easy to dress up or down.
  • An Essential Turtleneck. Survive winter in style.
  • Add Color to Your Winter Wardrobe. I’m not always a “yellow” person, but this golden sweater catches my eye (if you’re feeling more neutral, the bisque is lovely too).
  • 2020 Cooking Bucket List. I wrote down the Top 5 dishes I want to cook in 2020. First up is cassoulet, a classic dish originating in Southern France. It’s a slow-cooked casserole containing duck, sausage, bacon, and white beans, along with lots of garlic and a crispy breadcrumb topping if you like (and I do like). Cassoulet takes an entire day to make, so I’m slating it for a snowed-in weekend, with plenty of good red wine to pass the time. I’ll be making the recipe from My Paris Kitchen, a cookbook I adore and want to cook from more often. (P.S. If you know where I can find confit duck in Milwaukee, LEMME KNOW.)
  • Cookbook Club. A few girlfriends and I started a cookbook club. Each month, we pick a book, then have a potluck-style dinner where we each make and bring a different recipe from it. Small Victories was our first; we had our “meeting” last night, and every dish was DELISH. Highly recommend! (Thinking of starting a cookbook club of your own? Check out this article about their transformative power.)
  • Fight Colds. Is it just me, or is EVERYONE sick? Whenever I feel myself getting a cold, I take this religiously. It helps shorten its duration (Ben and I kept a mutual cold down to 3 days, phew!). I’m also a big fan of this cold care tea and this cold fighting smoothie.
  • Best Book I’ve Read Lately. Maybe You Should Talk to Someone. It’s thought-provoking, touching, and it made me both laugh and cry in different moments.
  • Most Popular Recipe on my Site Right Now. Baked Salmon in Foil. Healthy, delish, and FOOLPROOF, even if you’ve never cooked fish.
  • Upcoming Recipe I’m Most Excited to Share. Tomorrow’s healthy, protein-packed snack! Get ready (hint: there will be peanut butter).

What’s keeping you snug as a bug this winter? I’d love to hear your favorite ways to stay cozy in the comments section below!

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  1. Geez, glad you and Teddy are OK, Hopefully no repairs are needed, to the car or the lawn. :-) That happy light sounds like such a great idea. I work primarily in a room with no windows. I am always interested in getting one of those sprays but am always on the fence. I agree, it seem like everyone around me is/has been sick. Drinking plenty of water too. What a great idea, a cooking bucket list is right up my alley.

  2. Wow! I love the idea of a Cooking Bucket List! I received several cookbooks this holiday and what a fun way to work through them all year long! Thanks for the inspiration! As my friends and I plan around the upcoming winter storm here in Iowa, sounds like a cassoulet is the perfect project for this kind of thing!

    1. Hi Alla! If you’re located outside of the United States, that might be the issue. The product is Zicam Cold Remedy Rapidmelts (Citrus Flavor). I suggest searching “Zicam” on Amazon to see if it comes up for you. I hope this helps!

  3. I love the idea of a cookbook club! I don’t think I have enough friends that cook for that to work, but I wish I did!

    I had a request – I live in Canada so unfortunately some of your affiliate links don’t work, would it be possible for you to name what product you are linking to as well? In particular I couldn’t see the spray or what you take to shorten the lifespan of a cold – and I’m really curious about the cold one! I’ve been “recovering” from the flu for 2 weeks!

    1. Hi Kaleigh! The product I took for my cold is Zicam Cold Remedy Rapidmelts (Citrus Flavor). I suggest searching for “Zicam” on Amazon to see if it comes up for you. The other is Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater. I hope this helps!

  4. Warm greetings from NC, Erin!  Both in spirit and temps (60s here today?).  Hate to hear about the snow issues, hope your vehicle wasn’t damaged by the towing.  Could you share what you ladies made from “Small Victories,” please?  I have the book and would like some good recs, please, ma’m.  As far as colds and sniffles, I have stayed pretty darn well this season, with only a few mild days of congestion, due, I believe, to taking elderberry gummies every day.  Supposedly builds immunity and are very tasty?.  Stay safe, hugs from NC?

    1. Joanie, glad to hear you’re staying healthy (and I need to get some elderberry!). We made the roasted flounder with tomatoes and olives, roasted scallion and chive dip, cauliflower with anchovy breadcrumbs, and afternoon cake. All were SO GOOD. I’ve also made the chicken pelau, and it was incredible. I don’t think you can go wrong!

  5. I hate winter with a passion (and that’s why I moved to NC recently), but when I lived in the Northeast, the Happy Light was a savior for me. I’m glad it’s working for you as well. I never unpacked mine after I moved here. :-)