Metropolitan Museum of Art—New York CityAt The Met, pretending I’m one of the characters in Gossip Girl, while Ben wins the award for Instagram husband of the year.

HAPPY JUNE 1st! Does anyone else feel like May whizzed by with a great big WHOOSH?

In the span of four weeks, I turned 31 (complete with Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake), hosted a mini, three-day college reunion (complete with Blueberry French Toast), threw my younger sister a bridal shower in Kansas City, spent a long weekend in New York with Ben eating ALL THE THINGS, and celebrated 5 YEARS of blogging with Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins.

We repainted our kitchen cabinets (final color: Sherwin Williams Westhighland White), hung new lights on our back porch, built desk shelves for my office, and even managed to clean off our outdoor hammock, though neither Ben nor I have had a spare moment to actually lie in it.

May was a happy, 1,000 mph blur, and I loved every single second.

Now, however, it is June. A certain hammock needs me.

Here are a few fun links to start your month, a sneak peek at what’s up next on the blog, and a few of your Instagram photos too:

Most popular recipe on my site right now: How to Cook Shredded Chicken.

On this week’s meal plan: Crockpot Stuffed Peppers. I’m reshooting the photos/I just want to eat them again because, DELISH.

Upcoming blog recipe I’m most excited to share: Healthy Rice Crispy Treats. They were an experiment that turned out??.

Impulse buying: ALL THE STRAWBERRIES. If you are too, here are some tasty ways to use them:

Reading: Small Great Things for book club. Actually, I am listening to it on Audible! If you haven’t tried Audible yet, you can get your first audiobook for FREE here.

Sprucing up: My office. Recent additions include this floor lamp (which I do solemnly swear I will finally put together this weekend), this print (this one too—I hung them in these frames), and this blingy gold stapler, which obviously every girl boss needs. 

Ina Garten’s grocery list: includes whiskey sour supplies. I only love her more.

Good news: if you continually forget to pack the bottle opener. Trader Joe’s is going to start selling canned wine.

Latest favorite on-the-go breakfast/snack: RXBARs. Monique introduced me to them a while back, and I’ve become a major fan. They are made with real, honest ingredients, actually keep me full, and are ultra delicious too. Favorite flavors: Maple Sea Salt; Chocolate Sea Salt; Blueberry.

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