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Last week, I shared my Top 5 Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling, and this week, I’m following up with a list of my seven favorite healthy store bought snacks. Whether your are looking for summer road trip snack ideas or on the go snacks for work, each of these options is easy to pack and will keep you full and satisfied too!

Healthy store bought snacks for when you are on the go! Perfect for kids, work, and road trips. High protein options that will keep you full and help you stick with your diet, even when you are busy or traveling. @wellplated

Despite my idyllic preference to make my own healthy granola and no bake energy bites, in real life, busy weeks at home or trips away frequently leave me without a satisfactory number of clean socks, let alone enough time to make an extra pan of granola bars.

Because I am often on the go, a chronic snacker, and exceptionally grouchy when hungry, over the past few years, I have developed a “shortlist” of favorite healthy store bought snacks. Whether I’m taking a road trip, boarding a plane, or just enduring a long afternoon of computer work or errands, these are the store bought snacks I most often choose to buy. I look for those that are a) high in protein and fiber (the power couple that keeps you fuller for longer), b) low in artificial sugars, which can cause energy crashes and excess cravings, and c) easy to pack.

Check my purse or carry on luggage, and you are sure to find one these healthy on the go snacks…or an empty wrapper!

My Favorite Healthy Store Bought Snacks

Kashi Granola Bars. I have eaten and read the nutrition labels on just about every granola bar in the grocery aisle, and of the most commonly available brands, Kashi is by far my favorite. They are tasty, reasonably priced, and quite healthy too. I’ve found that the Honey Almond Flax and Peanut Butter varieties have the highest fiber and protein content for the lowest amount of sugar.

100 Calorie Nut Packs like these raw almonds and these dark chocolate almonds (YUM). Although nuts are high in fat, it’s the good kind, and they are pretty filling. I like the pre-portioned packs because they are easy to tuck into my suitcase or purse, and because the individual packets prevents me from inhaling enough to stock a baseball concession stand.

Popcorn. High fives, because popcorn is a whole grain! I love this Skinny Pop variety pack with original and white cheddar. Although not as filling as some of the other on the go snacks on this list, air-popped popcorn (i.e. not the butter-drenched, movie theater kind—sorry to disappoint) is a good way to satisfy salty cravings between meals.

KIND Bars. These do have some added sugars, but the abundance of nuts and whole grains still makes them a good healthy store bought snack choice. Look for the flavors with fewer added sugars, like Nut Delight. This website actually ranks all 10 varieties by sugar content.

Justin’s Almond Butter and Peanut Butter Packets. Thank you Leah for introducing me to these packs, which unlike my confiscated jars of nut butter, WILL make it through airport security. I plan to bring one of these packets and a baggie of mini carrots, pretzels, and apple slices on my next trip.

Quest Bars. Extraordinarily high in protein and fiber, these are one of the most filling store bought snacks you will find. Be warned: Not all flavors are created equal. I love the Cookie Dough, White Chocolate Raspberry, and any of the Peanut Butter flavors. Stay away from Coconut Cashew, Lemon Cream Pie, and Banana Muffin. Be warned again: these are serious protein bars and rather pricey. You may want to reconsider if you aren’t used to the taste of whey protein or are more price-conscious. You can buy Quest Bars at vitamin stores such as GNC, and limited flavors are available at many grocery stores too.

Good quality dark chocolate. So many favorites! Lindt, Ghirardelli, and Seattle Chocolates are but a few. Although not a healthy travel snack per se, I find that a square or two of dark chocolate is ideal for many on the go situations, from helping me breeze past Auntie Anne’s at the airport (trust me THIS salted brown butter dark chocolate is a better choice), to improving my mood during the inevitable flight delay or traffic jam.

What about you? Any favorite healthy store bought snacks? I’m always looking for new options and would love your ideas!

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  1. Can’t live without my Skinny  Pop. Whenever I shop at BJ’s, I buy  two 12 oz. bags. My sister couldn’t believe the size of the bag. I brought her 2 at Easter, since she was the one who introduced me to my favorite snack!?

  2. This is an awesome list! Matt and I love Larabars, and although I keep meaning to make them from scratch, I too often buy them instead for a quick, healthy snack. We love making our own trail mix with either spiced or roasted mixed nuts and prunes, figs, and raisins. Whole grain crackers are also a great go-to when paired with a protein, such as Justin’s or Wild Friends nut butter packets. :)

    1. I love your homemade trail mix Kori! I should do this with the odds and ends in my pantry. Thanks for the idea!

      1. I hope you enjoy it too! That’s the same “tactic” we usually use – put together a mix from odds and ends that typically turns out better than something planned. :) I sometimes throw in dark chocolate covered espresso beans too for a zippy addition. Mmmm

  3. I love popcorn as a travel snack! I also always make some kind of homemade granola or granola bar along with protein bites/balls to have for the week. They are so convenient to have! My favorite store bought snack is PopChips though! I don’t know if they are super “healthy”, but they are far better than potato chips and SOOOOO good!

  4. I won’t find any of these brands here but it’s a good reminder of the kinds of healthy packaged snacks to look out for. Thanks for the ideas! 

    One question, when you mention artificial sugars sometimes I don’t have clear if you refer to chemical synthetic sweeteners like aspartame or if you consider refined sugars as artificial. While I try to keep refined or added sugars low in my diet I do consider them natural, as they come from natural sources like sugar beet or sugar cane. Artificial sweeteners i completely stay away from because I can’t  stand the taste, whether or not they have any impact on health.   I was just wondering what your view on this was. 

  5. I always have something in my bag or car, you never know when you might need something. Like you, I love the Kind bars and Quest, another good one to try is Combat bars, yum!

    1. Jana, I am adding Combat bars to my list. Thanks!! I love Quest bars, but it’s good to vary it up and find new things to try.

  6. I too have suffered the tragedy of nut butter jars being confiscated by TSA. So disappointing. The mini packets are a great idea!

  7. One of the main things I look for in snacks is that they contain a significant amount of protein, because I do better (stay fuller longer) on higher protein.  I also look for natural ingredients.  I used to be a fan of Quest bars until they changed their fiber source, but while they’ve gotten the good flavor back, I still will only go for their “natural” flavors – the ones that don’t contain Sucralose (aka Splenda).  I don’t know about you, but our digestive systems do not do well with Sucralose.  At least for me, the quest to stay healthy means not taking in artificial sweeteners as well as avoiding large amounts of sugar.  I really wish there were more nutrition bars out there with high protein and no artificial ingredients, yet with a reasonable calorie level (for me that’s around 200 calories per bar).

  8. i love healthy snacks and meals this is one of the top sites out there to find delicious recipes and ideas!!!5 stars