How to Create the Most Moist Cake You’ve Ever Baked

How to Keep Cake Moist

Two ingredients, combined with tools you already have at home will add serious moisture to your cake. Guests will flip out, but only you will know the secret.
What you’ll need
  • 2 c. water
  • 1 c. granulated sugar
  • Pastry brush or spray bottle
  • Skewer or straw
  1. Once your cake layers come out of the oven, cool in pans on wire rack for 10 minutes. Remove cakes from pans, then wrap entirely in plastic wrap to lock in moisture. Set aside to finish cooling completely.
  2. While your cakes cool, combine water and sugar in a small saucepan and bring to a boil. Boil for 3 minutes, stirring constantly. Let cool to room temperature.
  3. Once cake has cooled, unwrap and place first layer on serving plate. Using a skewer or straw, poke holes all over the top of the cake.
  4. If using a spray bottle, lightly spray sugar solution over top and sides of cake. If using a pastry brush, lightly brush solution over top and sides. You want the cake moistened, but not wet.
  5. Frost top of first layer. Place second layer on top of first. Repeat process of poking holes and lightly applying sugar solution to second layer.
  6. Finish frosting cake as desired. Enjoy your moist, melt-in-your mouth cake!
Source: Bakerella

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  1. Tried this with a chocolate cake I make all the time, and it turned out to be the most most version I’ve ever baked. This is a great tip. Thanks!

  2. I love a moist cake like nobody’s business. I was just prewriting a post yesterday talking about how I’d rather have nothing than a dry slice of cake! Your sugar spraying is a trick I know the pros use!

    • Couldn’t agree with you more Averie! I mean, if we’re going to have a piece of cake, let’s make it worth it! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking time to comment. I’m honored! Looking forward to reading your post about cake soon.

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  4. Trying your Strawberry Cake with this trick tomorrow for my 9 yr old’s birthday. I think she’ll be thrilled!

  5. You can also use some kind of fruit juice or the syrup left over from canned fruit. :)

  6. Cool idea but question….If I baked my cake 2 days n advance  will this work as well?

    • Hi Carol! The cake will still be somewhat moist after 2 days (and definitely more moist than if you skipped this method all together), but I would try to aim for making it 1 day in advance if you can.

  7. Okay I love baking. But lately I’ve been having a problem with my bunt cake pan always sticking, cakes falling apart or rising and then falling really bad after coming out of the oven. Any ideas?

    • Toni, it sounds like you might either need new pans, or your oven temperature might be off. I would suggest purchasing an oven thermometer, then double checking to make sure that what your oven is telling you it’s heated to is correct. Here’s one that should do a great job: If you are looking for a new Bundt pan, I absolutely love this one. Greasing it with a little baking spray, I’ve never had a cake stick! I hope that helps!

  8. Hi there, what if I’m freezing the cake to use it on a couple of days after. Should I moist it before freezing or after I pull out to assemble ? 

  9. Sylvia Bezzina Reply

    I have tried wrapping a hot cake in plastic wrap and turned out sticky 😔

    • Sylvia, I am sorry to hear this! I’ve had it get a little sticky, but not overly so. Maybe your cake was extra hot or especially moist? Regardless, I’m sorry this didn’t work out for you!

      • I let a hot cake cool for 10 minutes in the pan then cover and seal  the cake still in the pan with platic wrap. It is then allowed to completely cool.  I do however use a spray like bsker”s joy first before baking.

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