A Guide for how to rebrand your blog or website. Change your website name and social media without losing followers!


Does your blog name no longer reflect your style and content? Do you want a name that gives you better flexibility or sounds more professional? Are you simply ready for a change? I’ve been there.

When I started my blog, it was on a whim. I named it “The Law Student’s Wife,” because I thought blogging would be a fun hobby while my (then) law-student husband spent time in the library with his books. I never dreamed that blogging would blossom into a passion and become my full-time career.

When I rebranded from “The Law Student’s Wife” to “Well Plated by Erin,” I was already earning a full-time income from my blog, and my website was experiencing its highest traffic ever. After my rebrand? I’ve grown at an even faster rate, my opportunities for sponsored work have increased, and most importantly of all: I now feel proud when I look at my website. I attribute a key aspect of my long-term success to rebranding my blog to a name that is more professional and better reflects what my website is about.

How to Change Your Website Name

When I rebranded, I was frustrated to discover almost no information existed online to explained the process. Rebranding demanded intensive research, detailed planning, and trial and error on my part. I ultimately developed a successful, seamless rebrand strategy—and I put everything I learned into this book!

You deserve to love the name of your website, which is why I wrote this book. Whether you are just casually considering a rebrand and want to know more about what is involved, simply need information about how to update social media accounts, or already have your domain name purchased and are ready to take the rebranding plunge, this book can be a valuable resource for you.

How to Rename Your Website. A step-by-step guide!

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How to Rebrand Your Blog—Table of Contents



Sample Page—How to Rename Your Website

Step by Step Guide to Rename Your Website or Blog


WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING How to rename your blog or website. An ebook with step-by-steps for everything from how to change your social media handles to how to make sure you don't lose followers. A must buy!


Everything you need to know to change the name of your blog or website! How to Rebrand your Blog.


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