Please don’t break up with me. I’ll be driven to eat an entire batch of Triple Threat Brownie Cookies (in bed), down three Chipotle Grapefruit Margaritas (also in bed), watch excessive amounts of Sex and the City (on the couch), then wake up with smeared eyeliner and regrets (still on the couch).

Spare me the indigestion, the raccoon eyes, and the crumbs under my comforter: ditch Google Reader and continue to follow The Law Student’s Wife on Bloglovin’.

How to switch from Google Reader to Bloglovin-and What is an RSS Reader

{Already using Bloglovin’? Ready to add The Law Student’s Wife? Just click here, then skip to the end of the post.}

If you have not caught the blogosphere flutter, on July 1st Google is giving its Reader the boot. If you are currently using Google Reader, it takes just a few simple steps to move the entire list of blogs you follow over to Bloglovin’ and save yourself the hassle of having to re-subscribe to one-by-one.

If you are not currently using a reader and you follow a number of sites, Bloglovin’ is a great option for you. For those unfamiliar with readers or RSS in general, here’s the 10-second scoop:

  • RSS (“Really Simple Syndication”) is essentially a link that displays the most recent posts from a given website. For example, the RSS feed for The Law Student’s Wife looks like THIS
  • A reader consolidates the RSS feeds from all of the sites you follow into a single list and presents you snippets of their most recent in order by publishing date. Here’s what The Law Student’s Wife looks like in a reader:

How to switch from Google Reader to Bloglovin-What is a reader

I love using a reader, because I can quickly pop in to see an organized list of what’s new, without having to click around to individual websites. When a post captures my interest, I click to read the full post on the author’s site.

Google Reader was one of the popular kids on the reader block, but now we must say sayonara. I switched my personal blog feed over to Bloglovin’ and have been happy with the results. With Bloglovin’, it’s easy to see what’s new, search for blogs to follow, and you can even have a daily recap of post updates emailed to you a specific time of day. Bloglovin’ also loads much more quickly than Google Reader. I can smell greener pastures already.

If you have not used a reader previously and decide to give Bloglovin’ a try, you won’t have any feeds to migrate. Begin fresh by searching for and adding the blogs you wish to follow by name (ahem, The Law Student’s Wife perhaps? I’m so needy) or just click this handy-dandy button (current Bloglovin’ users: this button will work for you too):

Follow on Bloglovin
If you are currently on Google Reader and looking to migrate over to Bloglovin’, it takes approximately 2 minutes. Here’s how:

1. Create your free Bloglovin’ account. Easy-peasy.

2. Click here:

3. You will see this screen. Click the pretty blue button to “Import from Google Reader.”

How to switch from Google Reader to Bloglovin-Step 3-and What is an RSS Reader

4. Next, you will see a screen prompting you to allow Bloglovin’ to access you Google Reader data. Say yes to the dress. Click “Accept.”

How to switch from Google Reader to Bloglovin-and What is an RSS Reader

5. Hum a little Jeopardy theme song while Bloglovin’ imports your feed.

6. Ta-dah! You will now see all the latest from your favorite blogs. Organize and categorize to your heart’s content.

7. Give yourself a high-five. You’re a tech genius!

To all my readers: Having you here is what keeps me blogging at The Law Student’s Wife! Please let me know if you have any questions about different ways to follow The Law Student’s Wife, RSS in general, or any of the above instructions to switch from Google Reader to Bloglovin’.

I heart you. I heart Triple Threat Brownie Cookies, Chipotle Grapefruit Margaritas , and Sex and the City (in reasonable quantities.) I do not heart smeary eyeliner. So let’s stick together, OK?