Happy New Year! {+5 Resolutions to Keep in 2015}

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s a shiny, brand-spankin’-new year, full of promise and renewal.

5 New Year's Resolutions to Keep in 2015A hopeless romantic masquerading as a semi-pragmatic adult, New Year’s saturates me with nostalgia for what has been and optimism for what could be. Yesterday, we reminisced by revisiting Your Top 14 Favorite Recipes of 2014, and today I’m fixed on possibility by sharing a few of my goals for 2015.

New Year’s resolutions stir up controversy among my friends. Some love them, some loathe them. Personally, I’m a fan, if for no other reason than the new year prompts me to pause and reflect on the areas of my life that could use a little (or a lot) of tuning. While I could probably take a note from my Thankfulness List and write 100, five resolutions seem like reasonable, somewhat attainable places to begin.

In the spirit of accountability and fresh starts, here are five of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2015.

1. Sleep more. 

New Year's Resolution- Sleep MoreUnless you either have a will of steel or don’t have a day job AND employ a full-time personal trainer, dietician, hygienist, doctor, and masseuse, at some point or another, we all make choices that compromise some aspect of our health. For me, it’s sleep. I don’t seem to have a problem finding time to go to the gym or cook a decent dinner (full disclosure: I define grilled cheese as “decent”), but sleep? It’s the first thing I sacrifice in favor of other activities. For me those “other activities” are almost always something lingering on my to-do list.

As much as sleep sounds like a reasonable area to skimp—God did give us coffee—in 2014, not sleeping enough affected my health. Besides being completely dependent upon caffeine, lack of sleep also caused me to make silly mistakes when I wasn’t rested, be a less-than-pleasant spouse, and eventually come down with a horrendous stomach bug. Message to self: Sleep is important. Really important. More important than the last three items on my to-do list. In 2015, I’m striving to leave my list unchecked and go to bed instead.

2. Be on time.

New Year's Resolution- Be on TimeMeet my Waterloo. I am chronically late, with the best of intentions. I never mean to be—my problem is that I think I can accomplish more in a set window of time than is physically possible. In 2015, I need to admit that I can’t to go for a run, blow dry my hair, whip up a batch of cookies, respond to email, and meet Ben downtown for dinner in less than 45 minutes. Being on time for social events and appointments is a way of showing someone that they are a priority. It’s important, and I want my behavior to reflect that in 2015.

3. Build physical strength.

New Year's Resolution- Get StrongerGive me an open path, and I will happily run for miles. Give me two dumbbells, and I’m done in 30 seconds. Lifting weights bores me and, honestly, embarrasses me too. a) I don’t know how 75% the machines at the gym work, and b) the amount of weight I can lift is pretty pathetic. That said, running isn’t enough. In order to protect myself from injury, maintain a healthy weight, and be able to help with home maintenance, I need to be physically stronger. In 2014, we had to call a neighbor to help move our furniture. In 2015, I want to be able to lift it myself.

4. Read things that have absolutely nothing to do with food.

New Year's Resolution- ReadI love to watch the Food Network, listen to food-related podcasts, and read cookbooks like novels. Food is my passion. It is not, however, the only part of my brain, a brain that is craving to be nurtured with more than the beautiful science of creaming butter and sugar. This year, I want to read more novels and news articles that have absolutely nothing to do with food. Not only will I be more well-rounded, but also I suspect it will help me bring fresh perspectives to the food-related aspects of my life. Any book recommendations? I’d love to hear them!


New Year's Resolution- PatienceThis virtue has been on my resolution list for the past two decades. I hope someday to listen contentedly without interrupting, to be tranquil in grocery store lines, and to keep my road rage to a minimum. In 2015, I’m taking a deep breath and making a fresh, concerted effort.

Phew. My resolutions are on paper (well, screen), which makes them real and something to which I am accountable. Hi there, 2015. Let the good work begin.


What about you? Do you make resolutions? Anything you are focused on this year? I’d love to hear your thoughts and goals too!

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  1. I love all your suggestions and am hoping to keep them all as well!

  2. Oh girl I love this list so much!!!! Sleep and being on time all went out the window when I had kids but I would love to bring them back. Also love that lifting weights is on your list!!! xoxox

  3. When I’m cooking something that doesn’t take much thought, I listen to books on cd. Also when I do highway driving.

  4. Awesome! These are great resolutions! For a good book read, I highly recommend Unbroken. I know they made a movie now (have not seen it yet) but the book is positively amazing. I could not put it down. It was the best book I had read in a while, and I have not read a book I liked better since…and it’s been a year or two!

  5. Good set of resolutions. Mine are to exercise more and better (i.e., weight training) and to get the last of my weight off (which may or may not happen).

    Years ago I discovered a secret that keeps me calm in a grocery line: talk to the other people in line with me. When you start a conversation like that it helps you and whoever you are talking to. The other thing I’ve learned to do is to be deliberately kind to the cashier when everyone else is grumpy. So those long lines can actually be a bright spot in your day. Happy New Year!

  6. I love food related things too. Especially movies. Julie and Julia is on my dvr for when I’m in the mood.

  7. That’s a well thought out list. I suspect you’ll find #5 easier if you get more of #1 :) I’m also reading Goldfinch at the moment. One of my resolutions is to listen to more podcasts–something that you can do while running. Happy New Year!

    • Finding and listening to new podcasts is a great idea Elaine! If you’re in the market, I adore Planet Money and This American Life. Maybe I will try listening to them on my next run. Thanks!

  8. thanks for sharing! great list!

  9. Love these goals!! So many of yours are my own as well! I’m finally meeting with a personal trainer this Sunday to get started on a weight lifting routine–and I could ALWAYS work on being more patient. Patience is my downfall in life ;)

  10. What courage to let us all know about your resolutions! I chuckle…being a retiree somehow works out some of these issues and others not – patience does seem to be life long! I have more time so exercise is easier, but the food focus is always a conundrum for me – a friend sent me a great New Years message: I hope your 2015 gives you many opportunities to do your Happy Dance – that is a good one – watch out for those opportunities….

  11. Hey Girl, That is a great list. I love reading amish novels. Beverly Lewis’ books are so good. So are Beth Wiseman And Karen Kingsbury, I’ve read a lot of her books. God bless your this year. I’ll be praying.

  12. ali grace | cookies and grace Reply

    I love resolutions and goals. I just think it’s helpful to have some focus and direction (while giving yourself and others the grace to fail) :). I hear ya on the sleep thing. I’ve found that I’m a much nicer person when I’m well rested. Who knew? For me this year, I want to live more intentionally – in the moment, on purpose, and in prayer.

    P.S. Reading The Goldfinch right now and really enjoying it. These were some of my faves from this past year in my book club: The Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Pie Society, Where’d You Go Burnadette, The Wednesday Sisters, The Night Circus, and Unbroken. Happy reading!!

    • I LOVED the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society! Thank you so much for the other recommendations too. Your resolution for this year is a wonderful one, and something that I know I need to work on too. Thank you so much for sharing, and I hope your new year is off to a wonderful start!

  13. I tend to skimp on sleep too – but, you re right – God did give us coffee – for me though, I seem to have developed a tolerance to it – now I can drink a cup at 10pm and fall asleep at 10.5!!! YIKES!!!
    Your resolutions are inspiring to me Erin – I need to work on stopping skimping on sleep and beefing up my strength too! Happy New Year!

  14. Diane Siniscalchi Reply

    Ok, here goes, and I intend on keeping these! 1. Sleep. I always think of one more thing to do and sacrifice sleep. I came down with some type of virus at the end of September that affected my right shoulder and my neck, along with a sore throat and a cough that wouldn’t quit. (End of September up to November.) i was left with a “frozen right hemi-diaphragm” which may or may not “unfreeze.” This has left me with shortness of breath. Maybe if I had slept more….. 2. Exercise! I am going back to Zumba. (Zumba Gold) i’m hoping that strengthening my body will help defend me against illness and give me more stamina. 3. Diet. Not some fad diet, though, but eating good unprocessed foods and mostly fruits and vegetables. 4. Being on Time. I used to be so good at this, but I find myself now trying to squeeze in just one more thing before an appointment or a get-together with family or friends. This WILL change! 5. Bake for others, aside from family and friends, who might need a little extra care. Our church now has an After Baptism Care ministry. A care package is delivered to families who have just had babies recently. Baked goods are one part of it. I will concentrate on these 4 things! Wish me luck!…..and good luck on yours! We can do this! <3

  15. I too believe in resolutions! Getting stronger and building muscles are one of my top goals in 2015. Weight lifting bores me, but I really love my Taebo video, Taebo really helps to define my muscles, if I can only be more committed to it.

  16. Totally agree! I just made my list and sleep more and get strong are on there too! Happy 2015!

  17. Kentucky Lady 717 Reply

    I don’t exercise either I hate it :)but I’m up and moving most of the day….I make sure I take time to read my bible (2 chapters every day) and always thank God for everything even before I get out of bed….and my computer is not turned on until these things are done first…..after that my day seems to go better….put God first and things will be better for you…..

  18. Happy New Year to you and good luck with your resolutions.
    I can very highly recommend “The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating” by Elisabeth Tova Bailey.

  19. LOVE all of these! And may adopt all of them for myself as well….although I’ve already failed at numero uno. :) Happy New Year lady!

  20. This is such a great (and hard) list. I am also chronically late, for the same reason. I believe I have super-human capabilities and can accomplish WAY more in 15 minutes than is really possible. This is definitely an area I need to work on as well. I think reading is such a fabulous resolution! It’s something I committed to in 2014, and it’s been a wonderful way not only to relax, but also to gain inspiration and perspective. You already know my book suggestions. :) Can’t wait to hear what reads you dive into this year!

  21. I will definitely stop texting you early in the morning and late at night so that you can get more sleep! I had no idea you were subsisting on less!
    We should both lift weights. If only we lived closer and could lift bundt pans together :)

  22. Erin, I love this!!! I, too, need to sleep more.. . it’s crazy. . I’m up at the crack of dawn every morning, no matter what time I’ve gone to bed the night before. . and with kids, it’s a must. . so yes to more sleep and being on time!! I’m running late most of the time too!

  23. I’m not very punctual either. One thing that has helped me a lot is using my iPhone’s map app to route where I am going even if I know how to get there. It tells me how long it will take which is always longer than my estimate–plus knowing gives me a concrete departure time. Hope this helps!

  24. Love your new year intentions, Erin. I am going to cook more, get my fit on and go to Bikram yoga 5 times a week, travel to at least 3 countries, sleep more and plan my menus more. It is going to be the year I find me! :)

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