No Fail Sugar Cookies + Perfect Icing

This post has moved! Find the recipe and pretty step-by-step photos here—> Perfect Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies. Thank you!

No Fail Sugar Cookies with Perfect Icing

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  1. Cut-out tip: If you have a “fancy”-shaped cookie cutter, roll the dough directly onto the cookie sheet. Press and cut your cookies. Lift surrounding dough away from cut-outs. Perfect and perfectly placed cookies!

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  3. Should I use flour to help them roll out better and not stick?

    • Hi there,
      You can certainly use a bit of flour to help with the sticking. Try to keep it to a minimum though, as the more flour you use, the tougher the the cookies will be. I found that keeping the dough in the fridge or freezer when I wasn’t working with it did the trick, without having to use flour.

  4. Thank you! Merry Christmas!

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  7. Perfect recipe for sugar cookies and flooding frosting! Thank you. I enjoy your posts.

  8. I was just last night thinking of making sugar cookies! I found this on Pinterest – ‘color me happy’!! About the corn syrup… it, like anything else, is fine in moderation. It’s just another one of those crazy ‘don’t eat this’ fads!! PS I’m a grandmother, so I’ve made a lot of sugar cookies but I was, again, thinking I’d like to find a recipe that includes cream cheese – so this recipe makes me doubly happy.

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