Hiring a full time position for a Communications Manager

It is a MILESTONE day at Well Plated! I am hiring for a full-time position. 

The ideal candidate for this position will live in the Milwaukee area, as my hope and dream would be to have weekly in-person meetings along with some help in the kitchen.

THAT SAID, if you feel like this role was made for you, please apply even if you don’t live in Milwaukee.

More than anything I am looking for the right person, and I am willing to consider a 100% remote work situation if it turns out that my perfect Well Plated workmate lives in a different place.

I can’t say enough how excited I am about this next step. With this increased level of support, I’ll be able to offer you, my cherished community, additional recipes and resources to make healthy eating even more attainable.

If you like what we have going here at Well Plated, if you are super-duper organized, unapologetically Type-A, and numbers do not scare you, if you adore writing, and if you want a job that gives you creative freedom and the ability to contribute to something meaningful, lasting, and larger than yourself, you could be THE ONE. I can’t wait to meet you and for you to add your own stellar talent to this site!

Please read on for a description of the position, and if you think it is the right fit for you, it is my greatest hope and wish that you will apply.

I also have a huge favor to ask you: Will you please SHARE THIS POST with any organized, creative, numbers-loving, and grammar-nerd friends you have? I’d be forever grateful, and the universe will surely reward you with brownies.


Position Title: Communications Manager

Job Description: Assist with daily communication with readers, manage and grow social media accounts, help create valuable cooking resources, assist with recipe testing, and have a deliciously fun time in the process.

Critical skills for this role include attention to detail, strong communication skills, writing skills, and a willingness to test and analyze social media strategies.

Unlike a large corporation where new strategies need to pass through rounds of red tape and your work might not even been seen, as a member of a fast-paced blogging team, you will be able to take your ideas and run with them immediately! You’ll interact directly with readers and learn how healthy, accessible recipes are improving their lives. You’ll also have the flexibility to work from home most of the time, balanced with in-person meetings.

Do you love to write, cook, and help answer questions? Are you detail oriented, a task master, spreadsheet savvy, and love keeping things organized? Do you relish creating and implementing fresh ideas? This is the job for you!


Hours: Full time (40 hours/week)

Starting Date: ASAP

Location: A strong preference will be given to candidates in Milwaukee, as my hope is to meet in person 1 or 2 times per week, as well as for some assistance in the kitchen. First and foremost, however, I am looking for the right person. Thus, even if you are not in Milwaukee, if you think you are a slam dunk for this role, please do apply. All candidates must have legal residency, and currently reside in, the United States.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Social media content creation, analysis, and strategy development across platforms
  • Reader communications support, including assistance with answering recipe questions
  • Copyediting
  • Writing/content creation, including assisting with improving existing cooking resources
  • Basic kitchen assistance: Spend a few hours a week in the kitchen helping with recipe testing, cleanup, photography, and video shoots.
  • Making it yours! Anytime you see opportunities for growth or improvement, I will always be excited to hear about your ideas. You can truly make this role your own.

Looking for a Person with the Following Skills:

  • Writing Skills. This is the first and most important qualification. Picture-perfect grammar and spelling is a must. Creativity and proficiency at communicating concepts and ideas is also very important.
  • Analytical Skills. The ability to look at data, draw conclusions, and use that data to develop, test, and record the performance of new strategies.
  • Basic Cooking Experience. Gourmet-level is by no means required, but since this role does involve answering cooking and baking questions, the person doing it should have a basic grasp of kitchen principles.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability. One of the most exciting things about the blog world is that it is constantly evolving. The Communications Manager should be able to take changes in stride (and not be afraid to propose new changes too!).
  • Tech Savvy. Proficiency in Google docs (required), Microsoft (required), Wordpress (a bonus), and simple design programs, such as Canva (a bonus), plus a willingness to learn unfamiliar programs.
  • Energy and Positivity. Let’s make Well Plated the best-ever place to work! It’s cheesy and I mean it.
  • Resourcefulness. Tackle questions head on and use your creativity and critical thinking to find an answer.
  • A Quick Learner and Go-Getter.

To Apply:

Click here to apply. There are 22 questions, about half of them being written response questions. The average time to complete is around 40 minutes, based on the first several responses. Please note that the application form is web based and works best on a desktop computer.

The application has closed. Thank you for your interest!


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  1. I missed this application due to being out of a service area! Is there any way I can send in a resume? I really think I’m a great fit for this role! 

    1. Hi Katie, thank you so much for asking about the hiring process and for your interest in this position! We’ve had a great response and have closed the application to new candidates.

  2. Hi Erin, has there been any update on this yet? Have you possibly hired someone?

    1. Hi! I apologize that you haven’t received a response—I did reach out to everyone to let them know the position has been filled. I truly appreciated your application and time! The response was overwhelming, so the position was incredibly competitive.