Happy Halloween! Let’s enjoy this opportunity to eat our favorite candy without regret (Twix, Almond Joy, and all the Milky Way Midnights please), wear something ridiculous in public on a day when it’s both socially acceptable and encouraged, and take one giant, spirit-clearing breath before the holiday madness begins in earnest. Ready or not, here it comes.

Katie Daisy-FallDesign by Katie Daisy

To end this month of fall colors and Frankenstein, pumpkins and poltergeists, a few of my favorite finds:

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Every design ever by Katie Daisy (her work pictured above). Can I paper my entire house with her prints please?

Yankee’s Pumpkin Wreath candle. I almost gave myself a third-degree nose burn by moving in for closer whiff. Intoxicating.

On Having It All. A beautiful, honest reflection from Kristan that has me asking myself what my “all” truly is.

The iTunes “Vintage Jazz” station. It makes me feel swanky while writing to you all.

Frozen Pints craft beer ice cream. I can’t decided which I want first: the Honey IPA or the Cinnamon Espresso Stout. One spoon and one pint for each hand seems to be the solution.

Even though you didn’t ask: Mochacino from Essie is what’s on my nails right now.

3 Tips for When You Feel Overwhelmed from Jess Lively. As a chronic multi-tasker, I needed to hear this.

The Best Ever Pumpkin Oatmeal from Edible Perspective. She’s not lying—Best. Ever. I’ve taken to making a giant pot of it with entire can of pumpkin puree and my favorite quick-cooking steel cut oats on Saturdays, then I enjoy it throughout the week, topped with yogurt and pecans. Fall heaven.

Zainab’s Fashion Fridays. Lady, please come teach me how to dress and bring all of these boots.


Happy Halloween everyone! I hope it’s a spook-tacular day, complete with Halloween Sangria. I still don’t have a costume, but if the need arises, I’ll be dressing in all pink, wrapping myself in a shawl, and going as a “pig in a blanket.”

Any favorites of your own? Feel free to share links in the comments section below. I’d love to see them.