Happy Tuesday and welcome to the first (long overdue) collection of monthly favorites, the Sweet September edition.

Lake SunsetBack when I conducted my reader survey, I received requests from many of you to periodically publish some of my favorite finds from around the web. Then, I selfishly ran away to France for a month, got distracted by our move to a new city, and the dog ate my homework.

Moving on from my excuses, I’m excited to (finally!) share a few of my latest favorite things with you.

– – – – – – – – –

Every sunset outside of Ben’s parents’ house (they live on a lake outside Milwaukee). The photo above is express from my iPhone #nofilter (for real). For even more lakeside beauty, check out my Instagram feed.

Mighty Maple Peanut Butter from Peanut Butter & Co. A big spoonful + my oatmeal makes for merry mornings.

Essie nail polish in Ruffles and Feathers. If ever I’m truly down day, I treat myself to a new color of nail polish and repaint my toes. It never fails to brighten my mood, is cheaper than therapy, and doesn’t require discussing my childhood.

A Generic College Paper, via McSweeney’s. Hilarious!

The Misto. I finally bought one and am finding every available excuse to use it.

All of these quotes from Julia Child, via Willow (I know it’s way past Julia’s birthday, but I just re-read them, and they are as relevant to me today as they were in August).

These butternut squash pancakes, because I not-so-secretly want everything in my autumn life to be made out of butternut squash.

Made these slow cooker stuffed bell peppers for dinner last week, swapping sorghum (a lovely whole grain) for the couscous. Keeper.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cake. Prized childhood cereal, turned dessert.

For the egg on top.

Any favorites of your own? Feel free to share links in the comments section below. I’d love to see them!

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  1. I love this, Erin!!! What a great idea! and hello?! love the sunset. . perfection right there. And I just got a big box of Peanut Butter and Co peanut butters. . and will go straight for the mighty Maple. . I love sorghum (who knew?) and thanks for the breakfast pizza. . that needs to happen ASAP. Hope you are well! :)

  2. I love when bloggers share their favorites! Especially when I’m reminded that 1) I NEED a misto 2) PB on my oatmeal is the ish and 3) Midwest sunsets are incredible.

  3. Yes! I love favorite things posts. (I keep meaning to do one myself, but then never actually do… *facepalm*) Thank you so much for including my Julia Child post in here — she’s such an inspiration, isn’t she? Also, that shade of nail polish? WANT. Also also, going to France is a perfectly good excuse for just about anything, IMO. ;)

  4. You’ve left Madison? Just wondering where you call home these days. Hope you are still in the Midwest. Loved your travelogue from France & enjoy reading all your recipes & even try one now & then.

    1. Hi Sue! It is so great to hear from you, and yes we’ve moved from Madison (I did a post about it here —> http://www.thelawstudentswife.com/2014/08/brandy-old-fashioned/, but haven’t posted anything too extensive about our new residence). We relocated 1 hour east to Milwaukee, where Ben just started his new job as a lawyer this week. Everything is pretty disorganized at the moment, but I hope to share more about it soon, once I have my act together! Thanks so much for reading my blog and for trying my recipes. It absolutely means the world :)

  5. That picture is beautiful…somehow I must have missed your survey…..as I always do them….maybe it was before I subscribed to you…..love your recipes and seem to be partial to you, maybe because I worked for attorneys for 11 yrs……I sure don’t want their job…..guess it really depends on what field they went into tho….the attorneys I worked for did some ..dangerous cases…I would be scared for my life…..end of story :)

    1. Doesn’t it just take your breath away? Sunsets are something that never grow old to me. Thank you so, so much for your kind words about my blog (it means the world!), and although you may have missed the reader survey, I’m open to feedback anytime :). Ben’s line of legal work actually doesn’t involve the courtroom, but I can only imagine how stressful that would be, and I wouldn’t want to take it on either!

  6. Those Julia Child quotes and that sunset with some of that egg and creamed spinach pizza……yes, yes, yes!!!

  7. I just recently purchased the Misto, too. I felt like I was the only one on Earth who didn’t have one. :) Not sure why I waited so long!

  8. I love Essie nail polish too and also treat myself to a new nail polish or lipstick to brighten my mood. 8 bucks is cheaper than a 50 buck mani pedi that never quite lives up to my expectations. And the misto, got one for my mom years ago and she loves it, have yet to try myself. Butternut squash pancakes, now you’re speaking my love language, bless you!

  9. I love this post, Erin. And I also love the sunset picture! What a great idea this Misto. I should buy one for me. Thanks for sharing your favs ;-)

  10. Love love love me some Essie nail polish, it makes everything better, doesn’t it? I am kind of an Essie hoarder, I have like a bazillion colors yet can always find room for one more, I’ll have to check out the color you mentioned :)

  11. Cinnamon Toast was my jam! Actually, who am I kidding, I still find every excuse I can to accidently buy them! :) That paper cracks me up! As I just finished grading my students first paper of the semester- that was a welcome laugh :)

    1. I am so glad that you got a kick out of that McSweeney’s article Alexandra! It made me laugh hysterically too.

  12. I’m so glad you’re crushing on my butternut squash pancakes!! I’m also of the mindset that BNS should be in all the things from now till doomsday…or summer…whichever comes first ;) Thanks for sharing my flapjacks, girly!