The moment I buy a house, I’m moving onto the porch with a bowl of avocados, a stack of oatmeal pancakes, and a pitcher of Sparkling Rhubarb Apple Sangria. You know, the essentials.

Sparkling Rhubarb Apple Sangria. Sparkling sangria recipe with fresh rhubarb syrup. Perfect for spring!

If this were a politically correct food blog, I would tell you that my favorite room in the house is the kitchen. And it is…until spring arrives. Once the “feels like” on my Weather Channel app reads 60, the only place I want to be is my hypothetical porch.

No, I don’t actually have a porch. Yet.

Today, Ben and I are kicking off our house/condo hunt, which is simultaneously exhilarating and terrifying.

Our conversations at the dinner table have shifted from the latest episode of The Colbert Report to intimidating, adult-sounding words such as “escrow” and “origination fee.”

We’re debating downtown vibe versus resale value, old-home charm versus new-home convenience (dear 1920s, could you not have built me a two-car attached garage?), and yard size versus lawn mower.

My two deal breakers: a spacious kitchen and a porch. Any home without these two simply will not do.

Sparkling Rhubarb Apple Sangria. The perfect spring cocktail recipe!

As a girl who can’t even select a single dessert on a nightly basis (I take a bite out of the four-or-so we regularly have lying around before I “commit”), I have no idea how I am going choose one home in which to invest my life and savings.

Sure, renting is tantamount to tossing cash out the window on the freeway, but for the past six years, I’ve consoled myself with the idea that my rent buys freedom—and the ability to clear the clogged drain of my hair with a single phone call to the maintenance staff. That privilege is its own equity.

Other happy home buyers have reassured me that I’ll just know. I hope they are right. I’m looking for the home where I can see myself reading cozily by the fire (in addition to a screened-in, wrap-around, and swing-equipped porch, my dream home also has a self-cleaning fireplace), sipping coffee while gazing dreamily out my bright farmhouse-style kitchen window, and throwing fabulous parties for my friends.

If livings could be made from sitting snugly, staring dreamily, and hosting events, I would be quite comfortable.

In all seriousness, I know that the place we decide upon will be the one where we envision ourselves being equally happy serving dinner for two or brunch for 10. In winter, we’ll take turns shoveling snow blowing the drive away, and in spring, we’ll retire to our porch with a pitcher of Sparkling Rhubarb Apple Sangria and celebrate the turn of the season.

Sparkling Rhubarb Apple Sangria. The perfect sangria recipe for spring.

In addition to my giddy, toddler-on-Christmas-Eve-like anticipation of asparagus, I await rhubarb with a fervor.

Considering that rhubarb leaves are poisonous and the stalks are bitter until cooked thoroughly with a proper amount of sugar or honey, I have no idea why its first discoverers chose to eat it more than once.

Perhaps those first brave rhubarb-eating souls were so happy to see its vibrant ruby hue after a winter long and grey, their taste buds were oblivious to the tang. Here in Wisconsin, I feel much the same way, and rhubarb has become one of my favorite spring ingredients.

Oh rhubarb pioneers, I only wish I thank you for your fortitude with a full glass of Sparkling Rhubarb Apple Sangria.

A hybrid between a sangria and a mimosa, Sparkling Rhubarb Apple Sangria is a light, fruity cocktail made with Prosecco (or champagne or other sparkling wine if you prefer) that is perfect to serve at a spring brunch or with light appetizers at dinner.

Sparkling Rhubarb Apple Sangria. With fresh rhubarb simple syrup, apple butter, and orange juice.

To make Sparkling Rhubarb Apple Sangria, I boiled and strained the rhubarb to create a rhubarb simple syrup, then mellowed the rhubarb flavor with citrus juices and apple butter.

The apple butter adds just the right amount of sweetness to balance the rhubarb’s tartness, and its hint of cinnamon is a wonderful undertone. (Be sure to add cinnamon to your next rhubarb crisp too. The two are a flavor love fest!)

To finish, I piled the pitcher high with fresh strawberries and diced apples. Throw in a few extra, and Sparkling Rhubarb Apple Sangria can stand in for your fruit salad at brunch. We are multi-tasking.

Sparkling Rhubarb Apple Sangria. The perfect sparkling sangria cocktail recipe for spring! Made with fresh rhubarb.

Once you’ve finished sipping Sparkling Rhubarb Apple Sangria, be sure to fish every last piece of the leftover fruit from your glass with your fingers.

No matter how classy a brunch I throw in our porch-equipped home-to-be, Sparkling Rhubarb Apple Sangria fruit-picking will be enforced. House rules.

Two glasses of rhubarb apple sparkling sangrias

Sparkling Rhubarb Apple Sangria

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A fresh fruity spring cocktail recipe with rhubarb simple syrup, apples and strawberry. This sparkling sangria recipe is perfect before dinner or with brunch.

Prep: 20 mins
Cook: 15 mins
Total: 2 hrs 35 mins

Servings: 1 pitcher, serves 4-6


  • 1 pound chopped rhubarb (fresh or frozen and thawed)
  • 3 cups water
  • 1/4 cup apple butter
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
  • 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 2 cups fresh strawberries (hulled and quartered) for serving
  • 1 diced apple for serving
  • 750 ml sparkling dry white wine (1 bottle) chilled (I used an inexpensive Prosecco)


  • In a large, non-reactive stockpot, bring rhubarb and water to a boil. Reduce heat, then simmer, uncovered for 10 minutes, until the mixture reduces by about half and the rhubarb breaks down. Strain out rhubarb and discard, then return the liquid to the stove. Heat gently and whisk in the apple butter and sugar, until the sugar dissolves and the apple butter is well combined. Stir in the orange and lemon juice. Refrigerate until well-chilled (at least 2 hours) or overnight.
  • To serve: Place the fresh strawberries and apples in the base of a large pitcher or punch bowl. Pour the chilled juices over the top. Top with sparkling wine and serve.

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  1. Any cocktail that’s A. Fruity, but not overly sweet B. Has procescco in it C. Is seriously refreshing is a major winner in my book.

    SO exciting that you’re house hunting! And what your friends say is true, once you find the house that’s supposed to be yours, you’ll know. Although, that’s not to say you find one you love before that, but THE ONE will scream out to you! My biggest piece of unsolicited advice, is to keep an open mind! GOOD LUCK!! Can’t wait to hear more about it!

    1. Nicole, thanks so much for the encouragement and advice! I think it went well, but I haven’t gotten the warm fuzzies yet. Our home is out there, and this makes me want to keep looking!

    1. Thanks so much Marly! I can’t wait it gets super warm here, so I can use these sparkling drinks to quench my thirst :-)

  2. Sangria is my favorite drink of all time! I’ve never had one with rhubarb – your version sounds fantastic. Good luck house hunting!

  3. Congrats on the beginnings of searching for your dream home, I hope you get that perfect kitchen and beautiful porch! I’m thinking I need to make a batch of this rhubarb apple sangria soon and sip it out on our porch and make all of the neighbors jealous!

  4. I can’t wait to try rhubarb this summer! Pairing it with apples sounds incredible. Can’t wait to hear updates on this house hunting!

  5. House hunting is so fun! We’re slowing easing into it too and I love looking at other people’s houses and wondering which one will feel like home :) All these gorgeous sangrias I’m seeing right now are killing my pregnant self – so fresh and fruity and I’m so excited for rhubarb season again!

    1. Anna, it is fun, but totally overwhelming. So far, I want to cherry pick different features from all different houses, and then combine them into one. You deserve a glass of sangria post baby, and I think I’m going to have a glass post house!

  6. I would love a big ‘ol glass of this sangria while working through a stressful situation! We’re in the midst of planning a big move and while we’ll be renting, not buying, for starters in our new city, there is SO. MUCH. to think about. Before picking up the planning again tomorrow, I think I need to first stop by the store and pick up some rhubarb and apple butter. :)

  7. Hi Erin
    Congrats for your new house.
    The kitchen is really important for me too!
    I like Sangria, and your recipe looks so good.

  8. What a great post, Erin! Love the idea of your alternative rhubarb-apple sangria, but I also hear you totally on the porch thing. Over here in Greece we have balconies mostly, not porches, but it has the same effect. I’m about to leave Greece and settle in the UK and I KNOW that is the thing I’m going to miss the most. No balconies or porches in Britain unfortunately, for the most part, although we do sometimes have roaring fires. I’ll have to content myself with hunting for one of those instead! And maybe a cute little garden with a corner taken over by rhubarb so I can make one of these drinkies!

  9. Good luck on the house hunting! It’s stressful but worth it in the end : ) And then we can celebrate with a few glasses of this sangria! I love sangria and how fun to make it sparkling!

  10. I am equally as indecisive as you. Probably more actually. Good luck on the house hunting! This looks super refreshing!

    1. Thank you so, so much! We had a very busy, exhausting, but fun weekend. Wayyyyy too many options, lol

  11. As someone personally addicted to the Zillow app on my phone and iPad – I wish you luck grasshopper. I can’t wait to see the perfect place that you find as your new HOME!!!

    1. Thanks Megan!!! It has been totally taking over our lives, and we have a ways to go to figuring out what we want, but I’m feeling very excited too!

  12. This sounds amazing! Sangria is bomb, but your version looks 10000000000000 times better! Also, good luck on the house hunt. I’m sure you’ll find something you adore with a bright and big kitchen and a lovely porch.
    Have a nice week Erin! xx

  13. Congrats on starting your home search! I love looking for houses, even now. :) I love this sangria too, I’m addicted to it!5 stars

    1. Thanks so much Dorothy! It’s been a crazy, fun adventure so far (though I secretly wish I could just build my own from all of my home Pinterest boards, lol)

  14. Not only do we both love asparagus season…we share a love of Prosecco AND nibbling the fruit bits out of our drinks?? I’m inviting myself over to these porch parties :)

  15. Oh yaaaay!How exciting is it to be embarking on a house hunt! I definitely understand the anxiety though. Mort-gage. Oh boy. Aaron and I are too scared to make the commitment but then… whenever we pass a ‘for sale’ sign, I get all sentimental about the idea of having a back yard for entertaining, a big kitchen with a decent bench… ah, it’ll all be worth it when you’ve moved in!! So excited for you!! Anyway, back to this sangria. It’s gorgeous. Love the idea of the apple and rhubarb syrup… yummmm. I definitely agree that cinnamon and rhubarb are best buddies xx

  16. Love how refreshing this sangria looks! Good luck on the house hunting and hopefully you can celebrate with a big ole glass of this soon once you find your house :)

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