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Thai Peanut Stir Fry Recipe

I’d like to flatter myself and credit my comely figure, irresistible charm, and supreme wit, but let’s be honest: I’m fairly boney,  giggle when nervous, and have an unusual love of bad puns and good grammar.  No consolation needed—I married Ben for a chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Normally, I’m all about sharing the family secret recipes. The more people making my Grammy’s Prize Peach Cobbler and Strawberry Super Pie, the greater the world’s aggregate joy. I simply cannot, however, tell you anything about these chocolate chip cookies. The recipe has been guarded in Ben’s family for generations, and one must marry in to receive it. An astute reader, you no doubt have already observed that they contain chocolate chips.  I’ve given away too much already.

Thus, back to the stir fry. It is simple to make, but packs surprising depth of flavor. My secret ingredient: Thai red curry paste (sounds fancy, but is super easy to find–see ingredient note below). The other must-have for the right taste is plenty of ginger. I typically use powdered because I always have it on hand, but fresh is even more fantastic. Whatever veggies you have around will do, and you can easily go vegetarian by omitting the chicken or subbing tofu.

The first time I made this dish for Ben, he flipped and finished the entire pot. Two weeks later, he bought a ring. Coincidence? I think not.

This recipe has moved! CLICK HERE to view it (and see more appetizing photos too.)