With a full heart and sincerest gratitude, I wanted to take a moment today to say thank you.

A special thank you message to my readers - from Erin Clarke of Well Plated by Erin

I am beyond grateful for your support and the community we’ve created here. When I started this site, I never imagined that this little corner of the internet would grow to become a place where we would all come to talk about, enjoy, and share one of the best parts of Thanksgiving Day and every day: FOOD!

Like a recipe, the experience of food is so much more than a list of ingredients. It’s the way those ingredients transform and better each other, the hands that prepare them, the people with whom we share them. Food shows caring and love.

Thank you for the caring and love you’ve shown me by coming to this site, making my recipes, leaving comments and sending messages, mentioning my blog to others, following along with my life updates and silly musings, and so much more. It’s an honor to have a space in your kitchen and your busy life. Because of you, I have a job about which I am truly passionate and can pursue dreams like writing a cookbook.

This blog will always be far more to me than a recipe website, and that is possible because you have been a part of it. Thank you. I am humbled by and grateful for you today.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Wishing you a beautiful, wonderful holiday that leaves you filled to the brim with good company, good food, and a shower of blessings.


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  1. Thank you for having a great website with awesome recipes and your witty comments and stories! I always smile when I see an email from you in my inbox! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ben!

  2. As a fan of yours, I am also grateful to you for all the wonderful recipes that make me look like I can cook!  And make what I cook taste delicious!  Also grateful how you always take time to respond to your subscribers.  I feel like I know you, Erin, you’re a sweet friend!

    1. Alan, this is so kind and so meaningful to read! I can’t say how much it means to me. Wishing you the happiest Thanksgiving!

  3. You are a gem. I, too, always smile and can’t wait to open your email. Your style of writing is from the heart. Happy Thanksgiving from a Canadian neighbour. 

  4. Ever since I found this blog you have been my go-to resource for recipes. They are simple, easy to follow and always turn out flawless! I’m even taking one of your appetizers to Thanksgiving today. I also love your travel stories and shopping tips. I’m so glad this is as fulfilling to you as it is to your readers. Can’t wait for the cookbook! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ben!

  5. Thank you, Erin.  Your website is one of my favorites for great recipes that my family loves.  This Thanksgiving we made your macaroni and cheese with brussel sprouts – huge hit.  Also made the winter kale salad with the pomegranate seeds and feta.   Beautiful and hit the spot.  Truly, your site is full of amazing recipes that are my favorites.  

  6. Hope your day was nice yesterday – there were 9 of us and we really enjoyed ourselves. Your Healthy Sweet Potato Casserole was a huge hit. There was only a tiny bit left. I think it was appreciated that there were no marshmallows. So tomorrow I plan on roasting the baby pumpkin that’s been living on my front porch for the fall season. I do it every year and it’s always so good…and why be wasteful. One thing I need to do though is find a way to use up the leftover almond milk seeing as how it says not to freeze it. Anyway, have a good rest of the weekend.

  7. Well said!  I’m grateful for your food blog full of proof that food can taste just as good (and better) as the not so healthy stuff.   Your hard work shows!