I’d like to gallop towards you in slow motion (through a field of daffodils, naturally), throw my arms wide, and swoop you into an enormous virtual bear hug. THANK YOU everyone who completed my First-Ever Ultra-Fab Reader Survey! I heard from more of you that I could have hoped for, and your responses have been so valuable.


I debated whether or not to share the results (it seemed kind of boring/all about  me), but I opted for yes because—as I mentioned when I first sent out the survey—I really care about your feedback! I want you to know what I learned and how I plan to put your thoughts into action. Continually making TLSW a more fun, valuable place for all of us is one of my biggest goals.

I don’t hear from “regular” readers as often (most comments are from blogger friends—thanks, I love you!), so it can sometimes be hard to gauge the overall feeling towards the content I’m providing. To that end, I’m so happy/relieved that for the most part, you like things the way they are! You also had some fantastic ideas for improvement and a few clear directions too. Pull up a cup of coffee (or better yet a Chocolate Chunk Coffee Muffin), and let’s talk about some of the most important things you had to share.

A little about you.
I loved learning about how long you’ve been reading TLSW, your cooking habits at home, and how often you stop by this here corner of the internet. For the curious, here’s a visual. (Sorry some of these are a little hard to read—PowerPoint and I got into an argument, and PowerPoint won.)

Facebook is a big deal!
Aside from email subscriptions (34.65%) and RSS readers (22.28%), Facebook (19.31%) is the largest way you learn about new posts on TLSW. I’m both happy (Yay! People read my Facebook posts!) and worried about this. I am worried because Facebook doesn’t show my updates to most of you, even if you have already chosen to like my blog on Facebook. Facebook picks and chooses what to place in your newsfeed, and many of my updates reach less than 6% of you. Sad!

If you would like to see Facebook updates from TLSW (this includes those of you who have already liked TLSW on Facebook), here’s what to do:

How to receive Facebook notifications for a page you've liked

  1. Go to TLSW Facebook Page
  2. If you haven’t already, click “Like” (Thanks! I like you too!)
  3. Click on the “Like” button again (It should now say “Liked.”)
  4. Select “Get Notifications.”
  5. DONE! Now we can hang out and talk about yummy food and fun finds.


Recipes: You want more 30-minute or less and slow cooker recipes.
I asked what types of recipes you’d like to see more of, and 30-minute or less was the clear winner, with slow cooker in second place. I’m pretty pumped about this because, guess what? As much as I love to cook, on your average Tuesday I want quick recipes too! (PS. I’ve already this feedback into action: See last week’s Slow Cooker Honey Pulled Pork and this week’s 30-minute Mediterranean Roasted Vegetable and Chickpea Salad. Both are heeeeeavenly.)


Recipes: Part II.
You appreciate a mix of healthy and indulgent baked goods. I knew we were friends for a reason. I’ll keep it up, and I suspect that you are going to love tomorrow’s recipe!


You want to hear about a few of my faves.
I asked what other types of posts you’d be interested in seeing on TLSW, and many of you mentioned that you’d like to see some of my favorite finds, be it a product or a link from around the web. I’ll start incorporating these from time to time, but not at the expense of recipes (which are your favorite!)


Don’t change too much.
Overall, you are happy with TLSW the way it is, and I’m so, so excited to hear it. I’ll be focusing on new additions here and there, but I promise to keep the things you told me you love, because I love those things too! A mix of lightened-up comfort food, approachable entrees that still feel special, and stealthy-healthy baked treats—with the occasional Irish Whiskey Brownie Pie tossed in because we deserve it—are here to stay.


I am so grateful to each of you who took time to send your feedback and help me improve TLSW. Thank you being a reader! I love sharing a bit about myself, my cooking, and even my embarrassing habits with each of you. Even more, I love getting to know you, so don’t be a stranger! Feel free to email me anytime at lawstudentswife{at}gmail{dot}com, reach out via my Contact Page, or leave a comment below any of my posts (maybe for the first time!)

In conclusion, you are the best best best ever. Now, can we do our whole field-of-daffodils slow-mo hug thing?