I have some BIG EXCITING news, and I need your help! I’m looking to make changes to The Law Student’s Wife so it can be a more useful, fun, and interactive place for us to hang out and talk about food, boys, and the weird stuff we’ve eaten out of our fridges at midnight. I see my blog as a piñata of possibility, but before I start whacking at it blindly in the hopes of showering Snickers upon us all, I’d love to get your feedback! Would you please fill out a reader survey for me?


I really do listen, and your feedback means so much to me. I’ll be using this survey as a guide for the content I post and the changes I make, because I want TLSW to be relevant to YOU.

The survey is anonymous, mostly multiple choice, and will only take a few minutes. Be as honest as you can and know that you are helping make TLSW a better place!


THANK YOU for your time and feedback. Sending you 25-million virtual brownie points, all of the positive juju I can muster, and my undying gratitude.

And as always, if you have any thoughts, questions, or other nuggets to share, feel free to use my contact page or email me anytime at lawstudentswife{at}gmail{dot}com. I love hearing from you!