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THE WELL PLATED COOKBOOK is just 1 month away! Today, I’m sharing a sneak peek inside the book, including a VIDEO trailer so you can catch a sliver of the deliciousness that awaits.

The Cover of the Well Plated Cookbook

Now that I’ve seen the final book in print—and am, no joke, cooking from it every single week—I’m even more excited for you to have your copy.

Remember that if you preorder the book before publication day (August 25th), I’ll email you an exclusive recipe bundle with extra recipes that went through the same rigorous testing process as the ones in the cookbook.

These recipes aren’t in the book or on my blog. The only way you can get them is if you preorder. It’s my way of saying thanks for your support. Find out how to get your bonus recipes here.

And the cookbook itself? It is INCREDIBLE.

The Well Plated Cookbook is 320 pages of 130+ NEW recipes, not blog repeats. It features my signature lightened-up spins on family favorites and includes recipes for every meal.

Sheet Pan Tandoori Chicken from The Well Plated Cookbook

The biggest section by far is the healthy dinners. I have LOTS of one-pan meals (like the Sheet Pan Tandoori Chicken, pictured above) and quick-fix dishes to help you land a wholesome meal on the table any night of the week.

The recipes are designed to be affordable and practical. I keep budget in mind, have eliminated annoying leftover orphan ingredients (no half-empty cans of beans, please), and you can find the ingredients at an average grocery store.

Cheesy Southwest Breakfast Casserole from The Well Plated Cookbook

Sticky Asian Cauliflower Wings from The Well Plated CookbookAnd best of all? These recipes don’t simply taste good. They are fantastic. Hands-down, my book has the best recipes I’ve ever created.

Every single one of the recipes makes me dance around the kitchen and earned glowing reviews from family, friends, and independent recipe testers. If a recipe didn’t, it didn’t make it into the book.

Ridiculously Addictive Maple Quinoa Granola from The Well Plated Cookbook

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Brownies from The Well Plated Cookbook

Not only does this book give you great recipes, it is USEFUL. I took the recipes a step farther by including helpful information such as:

  • Leftover Love. How to store, reheat, and even repurpose leftovers into a fresh new meal.
  • Market Swaps. How to adapt the recipe to ingredients you have on hand.
  • Next Level. Easy ways to elevate the recipe, should you be in the mood.
  • One Recipe, Multiple Ways. This is one of the parts I’m most excited about! For many of the recipes, I give you a great base recipe (like Ultimate Creamy Mac and Cheese), then include separate recipe spinoffs so that you can use that base to create something new (Tomato Basil Mac or Spicy Cajun Mac, anyone?).

Ultimate Creamy Mac and Cheese from The Well Plated Cookbook

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes from The Well Plated Cookbook

Every Night Roasted Vegetables Master Guide from The Well Plated Cookbook

AND I’ve even got you covered with “no recipe” recipes for the nights you barely have time to cook like 4 Unboring Ways to Use Shredded Chicken and Stuffed Sweet Potatoes (5 Ways!).

Every recipe has a gorgeous photo, taken by Becky (you can read all about our wild photoshoot weeks here).

Ready for a closer look? Watch the cookbook video trailer below!

YouTube video

You can order your book from anywhere books are sold. Below are quick links for easy reference.

Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Hudson / Indiebound / Target


Book Depository / Amazon.UK

Thank you again so much for your support. I spent nearly four years working on this book, and I know that you are going to love it! ♥

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  1. Congratulations, Erin! The cookbook looks absolutely stunning. Question for you — does the cookbook include a good number of vegetarian/pescatarian recipes or substitutions? No worries if not, I know that wasn’t the goal, but I stopped eating meat a few years ago and was curious on what to expect. I have followed you since The Law Student’s Wife days, and know how talented and hardworking you are! I’m sure the book will be phenomenal.

    1. Hi Melissa, THANK YOU so much for your kind words and long-term support! You can find vegetarian options in the book, and there are a good amount of delicious meatless mains.

  2. Congratulations, Erin! I cannot wait to receive your cookbook next month. Thank you for the wonderful recipes and meal inspiration. 

  3. Congrats, Erin! Been following you from the beginning! I have learned so much; enjoyed so many recipes; had to make so many family staples. I look forward to adding the cookbook to my shelf – and that says a lot since I recently downsized/purged many I no longer use/your recipes have replaced. I recently noticed that you are also including more than one yield size on some of your recipes (ie: chicken tikka masala) and I want to give you a special thanks for that; my household has changed sizes and I was concerned that I would have to buy too large a quantity of ingredients/make too big a batch in order to enjoy your recipes – but I don’t have a worry now! Keep up the good work; I am so glad to see small business people succeed, and have a way to support them too…..5 stars

    1. THANK YOU so much for your kind words and support, Maryann! I can’t wait for you to have your copy of the book!

  4. Congratulations, Erin!
    I started following you when you were The Law Student’s Wife. My dear husband Jim made me your (Ben’s ?) balsamic salmon recipe for Valentine’s Day in 2015. I treasure that memory. My husband passed away in 2019. I shared so many of your blog posts with him, and he enjoyed you, too.
    I noticed you have at least one recipe with strawberries in your book.? I will be purchasing a copy. I am so happy for you. ❤️

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss, Diane. Thank you for your kindness and many years of support! I can’t wait for you to try recipes from the book!

  5. pre-ordered mine, can’t wait to try some recipes. I always think I have plenty of cookbooks (>100) and then I see one I can’t pass up, like yours.

  6. If your book is anything like the recipes you email in your blog then we are in for a real treat. Cannot wait for your book!
    Just a heads up, I ordered it through and with prime I will get it August 25.5 stars

  7. Hi Erin,

    is there a way to find out the nutritional information of the recipes in the your book. I just received it and thought it would be included like the website recipes. Thank you.

    1. Hi Ashley, unfortunately we had to make the hard decision to leave them out. Ultimately, we didn’t have the space on the page and sometimes nutrition facts can vary wildly depending on the brand that you use, so I was worried about including it in print because it is so permanent. will be a great resource and is free!