Make Ahead Breakfast Quesadilla with Cheese Spinach and White Beans

If I could go back in time and give my high school self one gift, it would be a freezer filled with these Make Ahead Breakfast Quesadillas.

How to make and freeze breakfast quesadillas. The perfect back to school breakfast for busy mornings!

OK, I’d throw in a date with the super cute lead guitarist in our school’s one respectable high school rock band. I’m sure he’d love a breakfast quesadilla too.

From the age of 16, my daily breakfast consisted of a two-pack of Brown Sugar Frosted Cinnamon Pop-Tarts, eaten cold right out of the foil packet while driving myself to school. They were fast, convenient, and I didn’t really pay any attention to ingredient labels back then, so the fact that I was starving by second period I attributed more to my metabolism than I did to the nutritional profile of my breakfast.

How to make and freeze breakfast quesadillas ahead so that you have a healthy breakfast on hand at all times!

Make-ahead freezer breakfast quesadillas

Nostalgia for the carefree Pop-Tart days aside, I now know enough about the human digestive system to realize that I could never have expected those sugary treats to hold me through to chemistry. For both kids and adults, the key to staying full and happy all morning long is to have breakfast with protein, a critical ingredient missing in Pop-Tarts (and most other foods that come in shiny foil packages).

My quest for healthy breakfasts that are high in protein but still offer the tidy convenience of a Pop-Tart led me to today’s make-ahead breakfast quesadilla recipe. After making an aggressively large batch of breakfast quesadillas a few weekends ago, I decided to see what happened if I tried to freeze the leftovers and was delighted by the results. Simply make as much filling as you like, stuff the tortillas, then wrap them in plastic and freeze. You can reheat them easily in the microwave from frozen if you are in a hurry, or let them thaw overnight in the refrigerator and cook them on the stove if time allows.

How to freeze breakfast quesadillas. Do this and you'll always have a healthy breakfast on hand!

This breakfast quesadilla recipe is ultra versatile, so feel free to change out the ingredients to suit your preferences. I chose the classic combination of white beans and spinach, along with garlic and a generous handful of sharp white cheddar cheese. The beans and cheese offer bonus protein and make each breakfast quesadilla rich and filling, and the spinach is a sneaky way to coerce your kids (or yourself) to knock out a serving of veggies before 10 a.m.

Breakfast quesadillas with white beans and spinach. Healthy and freezer friendly!

I’m sharing this breakfast quesadilla recipe in support of the Great American Milk Drive, via the American Dairy Association Mideast’s Back to School campaign . Although dairy is an excellent source of protein and eating breakfast has been shown to improve kids’ attendance and test scores, milk is scare in food pantries across the country. The ADA is sharing this breakfast quesadilla recipe on its Facebook page, and for every “like,” comment, and share the recipe receives, the ADA will donate $1 to the Great American Milk Drive.

Translation: you can help raise donations for the Great American Milk Drive by without opening your wallet or leaving your desk! Just visit the ADA’s Facebook page and click away.

How to make and freeze breakfast quesadillas. Do this and you will always have a healthy breakfast on hand!

Do ‘da ‘dilla.

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Make Ahead Breakfast Quesadilla with Cheese Spinach and White Beans

For a healthy breakfast you can have on hand in an instant, try this freezer-friendly breakfast quesadilla with white beans, spinach, and cheddar cheese. Perfect for busy mornings or a quick dinner.

Yield: 8 quesadillas

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 20 minutes


  • 10 large eggs
  • 1 tablespoon milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1/2 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 5 cups lightly packed fresh spinach, roughly torn or chopped (about 4 ounces)
  • 1 (15-ounce) can reduced sodium white beans, such as cannellini, Great Northern, or white kidney, rinsed and drained (I typically use cannellini)
  • 1 1/2 cups freshly grated cheese: cheddar, Swiss, mozzarella, or another similar melty, cheese (about 5 ounces; I love sharp white cheddar)
  • 8 medium whole wheat tortillas (taco size; about 7 inches)


  1. In a large bowl, whisk together eggs milk, salt, garlic powder, and pepper. Set aside.
  2. Add 1/2 tablespoon olive oil to a large nonstick skillet over medium heat until it is hot and shimmers. Swirl to coat the pan, then add the spinach and cook stirring often, until it begins to wilt, about 1 minute. Add the beans, reduce the heat to medium low, then carefully pour in the eggs. With a rubber spatula, cook the eggs low and slow, using the spatula to move them around the pan often. Continue cooking until the eggs are scrambled just until set, about 5 minutes. Taste and season with additional salt or pepper as desired. Remove from the heat.
  3. To make the quesadillas: Sprinkle a tortilla with 1/8 of the shredded cheese, leaving a small border all the way around the edge. Spoon 1/8 of the egg mixture on top, then fold in half. Repeat with remaining tortillas.
  4. To cook immediately: Carefully wipe out the skillet. Increase the heat to medium and lightly coat the skillet with nonstick spray (or brush with a bit of additional olive oil). Cook the assembled quesadillas on both sides until golden and the cheese is melted, about 5-6 minutes total. Cut into wedges and serve warm.
  5. To freeze: Let the egg filling cool completely to room temperature. Once cooled, form the quesadillas as directed above, then wrap each assembled quesadilla individually in plastic wrap. Arrange the quesadillas in a single layer on a baking sheet or similar flat surface that will fit in your freezer. Place the sheet in the freezer until the quesadillas are firm, then transfer them to a freezer bag or airtight container. Freeze for up to 2 months. To cook from frozen: Remove the plastic wrap, then warm the quesadilla in the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes until heated through. Alternatively, you can let them thaw overnight in the refrigerator, then cook in a skillet as directed above.
  • See recipe directions for notes on freezing the quesadillas. You can also store the egg filling separately in the refrigerator for up to 3 days, then assemble the quesadillas just before cooking. I do not recommend storing assembled quesadillas in the refrigerator, as the tortillas can become mushy.
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  1. I was a brown sugar Pop Tart girl too – this just zapped me back to my childhood, and for one minute I really wanted one – and then I read the quesadilla recipe, which looks SO good.  Pinning!  :)

  2. I LOVELOVELOVE make ahead breakfast, to the point that I kind of want to marry you for those.  Although those pop tarts were SO good, these quesadillas look like they definitely rival them…AND they’re healthy. WIN. Pinned!

  3. I would never think to do a quesadilla for breakfast. LOVE this. My kids are going to love it too!!

  4. We had breakfast quesadillas this past week, so at the moment that’s literally ALL I’m craving! Looooove the make-ahead option on these, so I can pop one in the microwave the minute I get a craving!

  5. I love this idea, especially with the way the economy is where they are cutting breakfast for needy student. I remember when I was in school and we went to 1st & 2nd periods, had nutrition which was about a 30 minute break, 3rd & 4th periods, had lunch then 5th and 6th periods and went home. At least this we know kids are getting a good meal to start the day and maybe hold them over until lunch. 

    But I like this for me for those days I want something quick and wholesome

  6. Hey girl- Very interesting! I love breakfast burritos for breakfast sometimes! Scrambled eggs with cheese in a tortilla with  taco sauce on top! Yummy!

  7. Make ahead breakfast is clever idea! LOve the beans in these quesadillas:)

  8. I cannot wait to make these for me and my boyfriend! They will be perfect for a quick workday breakfast.

  9. What a great idea! I make breakfast burritos all the time for my family, I’m sure they would love this idea! MMMmm. BTW my husband loves brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts straight from the package too! 

  10. Saw these on insta and died- all my favorites in a lovely quesadilla- what a perfect way to start the day! Pinning :)

  11. I need to jump on the breakfast prep bandwagon! Plus, ‘dillas…!

  12. Yummm.Looks awasome and tasty.Will give it a shot as the next dinner ;-) Btw,im a big fan into paleo  cooking at this moment.Need to lose some weight after having my baby :-) Losing alot weight with it :-) Here is a inspirational cookbook for all of you There are hundreds of amazing recipes in it,so give it a shot ;-)

  13. Veggies before 10:am!!  That deserves a fist pump!  I LOVE that these are make ahead too!  Brilliant for busy families!

  14. I love the texture of white beans! They are so creamy. Never though to pair with eggs, but I eat  black beans with eggs all the time, so why not?!

  15. These sound amazing! I would never have thought to make these ahead  – but I am so going to!

  16. Breakfast quesadillas always leave me feeling perfectly satiated. Love the white beans & spinach in yours– gotta get those nutrients! 

  17. I wish I had these back in high school as well. Actually I wish I had these in high school, college, and all of last week…Who knew? 

  18. These ‘dillas are perfection! I love your idea of adding white beans, too. 

  19. Like you, I started every morning the same way back in high school. Those and the s’more pop tarts were my favorite. This is a far better choice for my adult self. I’ll take any excuse to have a quesadilla for breakfast. 

  20. Made these for my friends’ camping trip. They were able to thaw them out a couple hours before hand and I heard they grilled up great on a cast iron skillet with some oil over a campfire. Thanks for the great recipe! 

  21. first of all, S’mores pop tart girrrl right here and I legit ate them everyday for a decade, it’s a miracle I don’t have diabetes lol.  Secondly I love this healthy, make-ahead breakfast, it’s what ever busy life needs!! pinning now :)

  22. Have you tried this recipe with corn tortillas?  The recipe needs to be gluten free for me.    I would think there would be no problems with the swsp.  Thoughts?

  23. I made these for my husband to take to work, and he loves them.  I left out the beans, because he doesn’t like them, and just added a couple of extra eggs to the batch.  It’s a great grab-and-go for him to eat in the morning.

    • I’m so happy to hear that Meredith! And with or without beans, these are a great way to start today. Thank you so much for trying the recipe and letting me know how it turned out for you both.

  24. These are wonderful! We just made them and had one for dinner and will freeze the rest for breakfast. I’m freezing ours in tin foil and I’ll see how it goes to put them in the toaster oven or conventional oven still in the foil. Anyway, thank you so much for the wonderful recipe! I love the egg/spinach/white bean combo. 

  25. Thank you for the yummy recipe! I made these last week and stashed them in the freezer at work. They are savory and light, and reheat well. I plan to make them again when I run out, but I think I’ll add some salsa or hot sauce for a kick.

  26. These are delicious, I am loving my breakfasts this week! Any suggestions on other combos you’ve used in them? In other words, how can I make them again next week but you know just slightly different? :)

    • Carolyn, you can swap any beans, cheese or veggies you prefer—the sky is the limit! Black beans with Mexican spices and cheddar would be tasty, or roasted broccoli and cheese would be yummy too.  I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed them!

  27. Erin, these sound so yummy.  One question though….what size are medium tortillas?  8″, 10″, 12″ ???

  28. Pinned this recipe quite a while ago…many, many, many repins.  Decided to try it this morning.  Finally had all the ingredients at the same time .  It is very good and quite easy to prepare.   I did make some additions/changes.  I used 2 cloves of fresh garlic and 4-5 green onions that I sautéed in some olive oil until slightly soft.  I took that out of the pan and added the chopped spinach.  When that was soft, I added the onion/garlic mixture.  I did not add salt or pepper and I did not add milk to the eggs.  Instead I used coconut oil.  I find the coconut oil makes the eggs fluffier.  For beans, I used cannelli.  I will definitely add this recipe to my “keepers”. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe for a healthy breakfast I can make ahead.

    • Lynn, I’m so happy to hear this was a success for you! Thanks so much for trying the recipe and taking time to share your review. Enjoy every bite :)

      • Erin, just wanted to let you know that as I was enjoying my quesadilla this morning, my husband wanted a bite and he enjoyed it too!  Lynn

  29. Made these over the weekend, and they are pretty fabulous! They are definitely easier to make than burritos since all you have to do is fold them over. I can’t wait to try other variations! Pretty sure these are going to be a staple in my freezer from now on :)

  30. Oh my gosh, these are AMAZING! And so simple, too! I had a whole batch cooked and in the freezer before 8.30 this morning…. Such a perfect breakfast. I added a little creole seasoning, for a little kick. Seriously. This is going to be a staple from now on.

  31. I made these this morning with corn tortillas in a quesadilla maker and they are amazing! Perfect for my. Busy mornings. I don’t like a heavy breakfast but I like to eat savory, nutrient rich foods in the morning. These are perfection. I made two extra to take for my lunch today! 
    I added hot sauce to mine. I love how versatile they are. Next time I’m going to add some roasted broccoli too! 

  32. I would love to have the nutrient / calorie information included in your recipes!!!
    I would share some info with clients looking for yummy recipes that meet their specific dietary needs.
    Some people keep track of that stuff!

    • Hi Tamra! Regarding nutritional info, this is something that I’ve actually started adding to all of my new recipes, effective January 2016 (you’ll see it in the recipe box at the bottom). Unfortunately, it’s pretty time consuming, so I’m unable to go back and add it to past recipes. If you’d like the nutritional info for any of my older recipes (or really any other recipe or food), you can actually calculate it yourself for free at (this is how I calculate the new recipes on my blog). I’m sorry I don’t have the information for this specific one, but I hope that My Fitness Pal will be a helpful resource for you.

  33. I absolutely adore these! I usually like to add a little bit of chopped sausage and maybe some hot sauce. You can even boil them straight out of the freezer if you get tired of microwaving!

    • I’m so glad to hear you enjoy these quesadillas, David. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave this nice review!

  34. I tried your recipe today and it is sooo delicious.I love spinach and beans and this recipe is so easy and tasterful…I am actually doing second batch for filling my freeezer with these tortillas to quick working lunch or nice breakfast.

    Rating: 5
    • YAY Radka, I’m happy to hear you enjoy these breakfast quesadillas! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this wonderful review.

  35. Do you happen to know the nutritional values?

    • Hi Lisa, nutritional info is something that I’ve actually started adding to all of my new recipes, effective January 2016 (you’ll see it in the recipe box at the bottom). Unfortunately, it’s pretty time consuming, so I’m unable to go back and add it to past recipes like this one. If you’d like the nutritional info for this (or really any other recipe or food), you can actually calculate it for free at (this is how I calculate the new recipes on my blog). I’m sorry I can’t give you the information for this specific one, but I hope that My Fitness Pal will be a helpful resource for you.

  36. Holy goodness! The wife made these this weekend and they are AMAZING!!!! Thank you for sharing this recipe. I’m always looking for something quick for breakfast as i leave the house about 4:15 am so can’t really cook something as the fam is still sleeping! Easy to make and freeze and transport and reheat! Well done!!

    Rating: 5
    • Mike, I’m so happy to hear this recipe is a winner for you! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave this awesome review!

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