Crockpot Stuffing

Never have I thought about my oven and refrigerator more than the last 48 hours. On Sunday, I’m hosting Friendsgiving for 30 (our biggest turn out yet!), and as I strategized how to negotiate the placement and cooking of two 18-pound turkeys, accompanying sides, desserts, and my pitcher of survival sangria, I came to one and only one conclusion: I need to outsource. The oven is maxed, so it’s Crockpot Stuffing to the rescue!


a slow cooker with wild rice stuffing being stirred
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If your oven will be similarly stuffed during the upcoming holiday festivities, let the crockpot be your faithful friend. Make this Crockpot Stuffing for Thanksgiving or anytime you need a stellar dinner party side but don’t have space in your oven.

This slow cooker stuffing can be cooked in advance and is made with cozy, feel-good holiday ingredients like wild rice, cranberries, and thyme.

It is also naturally gluten free, dairy free, and vegan (the creaminess of the stuffing comes from the starches in the rice, so it’s unique as a slow cooker stuffing without eggs). If you have guests with different dietary restrictions or are bringing the stuffing to a party and aren’t sure of everyone’s preferences, this Crockpot Stuffing recipe is an ideal choice to make sure everyone can enjoy a serving.

Even if you don’t have guests with dietary restrictions, I highly encourage you to try this wild rice-based Crockpot Stuffing anyway.

Every forkful delivers the euphoric feelings of carby indulgence that make Thanksgiving great *but* it won’t weigh you down nearly as much as classic bread-based stuffings. (Translation: more tummy space for Slow Cooker Scalloped Potatoes.) It’s part rice pilaf, part classic Stove Top, and entirely scrumptious.

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