Strawberry Jam Bars

These Strawberry Jam Bars are for the big kid inside of all of us. Two layers of soft, buttery peanut butter cookie with a sweet layer of strawberry jam in between, they are everything I grew up loving about PB&Js (and quite frankly, still do), turned into a pick-up-with-your fingers, lick-them-once-you’re-finished dessert affair. They’re equal parts nostalgic and new and will have you craving a cold glass of milk, episode of your favorite after-school cartoon, and, of course, a second helping!

Soft and buttery healthy Strawberry Jam Bars. Easy and DELICIOUS! Two layers of peanut butter shortbread cookie with a layer of sweet strawberry preserves in between. They taste like a thumbprint cookie but are much easier to make! One of the best healthy strawberry dessert recipes. Kids love them too!

If it’s been a while since you’ve had peanut butter and jelly together, let me tell you something right now: it’s even better than you remember.

A few weeks ago, a friend brought me some strawberry jam, and I decided to use it for what may be jam’s ultimate purpose: an old school PB&J. HEAVEN.

In addition to making me feel like a kid again, I was reminded of the beautiful simplicity of this notorious combo: salty and sweet. Fruity and nutty. Sticky and creamy.

Peanut butter and strawberry jam might not be fancy-restaurant worthy (or even unfancy-restaurant worthy), but it’s the kind of well-rounded flavor experience that never ceases to surprise and delight.

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