100 Things for Which I Am Thankful

100 Things to Be Thankful For - with blessings large and small, this list of small gratitudes is sure to make you smile and might inspire you to write a "thankfulness" list of your own!

Happy Thanksgiving! In the 4th grade, my homeroom teacher assigned our class to write down 100 things for which we were thankful, and I’ve repeated the exercise everything Thanksgiving since. Back in 2013, I published my “Thankfulness List” here on the blog, and it was so uplifting to be able to share it and to hear from you that I’ve published it every year since.

Truth time: every year I think about not writing this list. The week leading up to Thanksgiving is categorically hectic. The nagging, doubting voice inside my head also likes to insist that no one will notice if I skip it.

Then another, stronger voice reminds me that if I can’t take some extra time to express gratitude on Thanksgiving, it’s time to reprioritize.

It doesn’t matter if anyone reads this list or not. It matters that I write it.

But, guess what? YOU ARE READING IT, and it makes me SO HAPPY. Let’s pretend that we are all squeezed together at a big table filled with our favorite sides. We can go around in a circle, and each of us can share something for which we are thankful this year. Deal?

I’ll go first.

Thank you for keeping me accountable and for allowing me to share these blessings with you year after year. If you’d like to share one of your blessings (I LOVE YOU PLEASE DO), you can leave it in the comments section below the post.

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