Mushroom Tacos

I’m back with another clean-out-the-fridge experiment turned dinner staple, Mushroom Tacos. Made with shiitake and baby portobello mushrooms, hearty cabbage, and spicy tofu cooked in a sweet and spicy Asian sauce, these healthy tacos have been a hit at not one but TWO casual dinners I’ve hosted in the last two weeks.

Vegetarian Mushroom Tacos. Healthy and flavorful vegan tacos made with tofu, baby bella, shiitake, or oyster mushrooms and cabbage in a sweet and spicy Asian sauce. Pin it on Pinterest!

If the ingredient combo in this mushroom taco filling sounds odd, that is because the first time I made them, I was in the process of trying to use up every possible odd and end in the refrigerator to clear space for a giant grocery trip I was preparing to make the next day. The refrigerator in our new house is smaller than a standard size, so it happens frequently.

Our prior home had not one but two refrigerators, and even though the second dated from the late 1980s, it worked. When the time came to transition to having only one small one, I knew we were destined to starve.

KIDDING. It was an adjustment at first, but I’m slowly learning to buy things in smaller quantities as we need them. And if I over buy? Well then the leftovers meet unexpectedly delicious ends.

Which brings us to Mushroom Tacos.

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