Peach Crisp

If you are of the attitude that too much topping on a fruit crisp is simply not a situation that exists in real life, then my friend, this is the Peach Crisp recipe for you.

Healthy Peach Crisp. Naturally sweetened, packed with fresh, juicy peaches, with the most irresistible oatmeal topping! Perfect for fresh peaches or frozen peaches. One of the best easy and healthy dessert recipes I’ve tried!

This easy Peach Crisp flirts with the topping-to-fruit ratio in the most dangerous of ways.

Use a big spoon when you eat it. You’ll be glad you have the extra scoop space by the time you’ve made it through the golden, lusciously buttery topping to reach the juicy, honey-sweetened slices of peaches waiting underneath.

I’m usually a moderate topping-to-fruit lover, even sometimes erring on the side of more fruit (I KNOW. Thanks for being friends with me anyway). I was thisclose to scaling down the topping somewhat, thinking that I had managed the impossible. I had baked a Peach Crisp with too much topping.

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