French Onion Chicken

Put the words “French Onion” in front of just about any recipe, and I’m pretty much guaranteed to like it. This French Onion Chicken? True amore. Hunks of crusty sourdough bread, sweet onions, and juicy chicken tossed in melted butter then baked until caramelized and tender, this tasty recipe transforms the flavors and ingredients of French onion soup into an easy weeknight one pan dinner.

Easy French Onion Chicken. A healthy, one pan sheet pan chicken dinner with crispy, buttery bread, caramelized onions, and juicy chicken breasts or thighs, all baked on a single pan. Tastes like French onion soup, but so much less work!

Whole roast chicken isn’t something I make often, but when I saw a recipe for a French-onion inspired roast chicken in a recent issue of Cooking Light, I couldn’t put it out of my head. I cooked other things in the meantime, but it kept coming back to me.

The true reason I avoided the recipe was that it seemed overly fussy. It called for caramelizing the onions and fixing a sauce on one pan, scraping it onto a second pan to bake, and butterflying a chicken, which no matter how many times I watch Ina do it on TV, is not something that I relish the idea of tackling. Worst of all, it did not include the best part of any French onion anything: the crusty bread.

Still, the idea stuck. Surely I could come up with an easy French onion chicken, I assured myself, one that would be equally scrumptious but require less effort.

This recipe is it!

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