Instant Pot French Onion Soup

I’ll never forget the first time I ordered French onion soup. It was at an old-timey café and pie shop in my Kansas hometown, the sort of place where groups of retired ladies meet to sip sherry at noon and giggle about their husbands. I thought it was fancy, and I LOVED it. My grammy treated my sisters and me for lunch on special occasions, and when I spotted a bowl of what appeared to be thick-cut bread magically floating beneath a golden lid of toasted, gooey cheese, I immediately needed to know what this mysterious, glorious substance was.

Instant Pot BEST French Onion Soup! Classic French onion soup recipe that tastes like Julia Child and Ina Garten recipes but is easy and more healthy! The pressure cooker makes it quick and you’ll love all that cheese on top!

This recipe is sponsored by McCormick.

My grammy informed me that it was classic French onion soup. Though I cannot remember this part word for word, as the woman who had cooked me homemade macaroni and cheese for my birthday by my personal request for 10 consecutive years, my hunch is that she added something along the lines of “You’ll love it.”

I was a picky eater as a kid, and I have a feeling that back then, the concept of onion soup would have made me skeptical. My love of toasted bread and cheese must have triumphed, because order French onion soup I did, and to this day, I still remember it as the best French onion soup in the world.

Prior to making this homemade Instant Pot French Onion Soup recipe, I could not tell you the last time I had it. I don’t often see French onion soup on restaurant menus, and if I did, I must have ordered something else.

As delicious as French onion soup can be (and it is delicious—even my persnickety elementary school self adored it), it is also a commitment. Butter, cheese, and bread are used without any manner of restraint, and while that is a tasty prospect in some ways, the amount in most classic recipes (think Julia Child or Ina Garten) is too much for me in a single bowl of soup.

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