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I’m Erin Clarke, and I could not be happier to have you here. I’m convinced that cheese and chocolate are the answer, that you can love sweets and veggies equally, and that delicious, satisfying food should be accessible to everyone. The recipes here are affordable, approachable, and delectable, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Erin Clarke - Healthy Food Blogger and Travel Blogger at the website Well Plated by Erin. Find her healthy, wholesome recipes at wellplated.com

The Story.

I began this blog back in 2012, when my husband Ben was in law school. I was in a new city where the one person I knew was in a serious relationship with the library, and I needed a casual hobby to keep myself occupied while he cuddled with his books. Years later, that little hobby had taken over my life in the best possible way. I now blog full time and am more passionate about this corner of the internet than I ever dreamed possible.

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The Scoop.

A food blog dedicated to making wholesome food taste incredible.

The recipes you will find here are mostly healthy, use minimally processed ingredients, and focus on incorporating seasonal produce, healthy fats, and whole grains. You’ll also find a few indulgent desserts, because a world without chocolate is simply not a world in which I am prepared to live.

The Author.

Erin Clarke, creator of wholesome recipes at the food and travel blog Well Plated by Erin

Food lover, bourbon drinker, awkward dancer, and wearer of plaid, I’m probably the loudest person in the room right now. It’s not intentional—I simply never learned to whisper. I sneeze like a mouse, am inappropriately competitive when playing Spoons, and my soul is comprised of 78% dark chocolate ganache. I love my friends, my family, and my food processor (even if I dread washing it). I’ve been holding bake sales since I was a little girl, the farmers market is my heaven on earth, and if I could, I would move into a French bakery.

I believe community grows where meals are eaten together, no matter the size of the gathering. Sharing nourishing recipes that are straightforward to prepare, yet still feel special is important to me. I hope you feel inspired by the recipes you find here and that they find life in your kitchen!

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Anything else? Just ask!

Erin Clarke - Wholesome recipe blogger at Well Plated. Find her healthy recipes and travel at wellplated.com


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