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What is your Favorite Thing to Make?

The million-skillion dollar question! If you were expecting me to say a fancy souffle or 10-layer chiffon cake, I fear I will disappoint you. The truth is, the recipes I love most are simple, comforting, and celebrate the seasons.

What’s Your Favorite Part about Blogging?

My readers. Seriously. Thank you for every comment, every social share, every recipe you try—you keep me blogging.

Outside of y’all, I adore the recipe development, the writing, and of course THE FOOD.

Is Blogging Your Full-Time Job?

YES! I have been blogging as a full-time job since 2014. In 2020, Mr. Not So Well Plated left his law firm to join me full-time. Prior to blogging, I worked as a product manager at a Fortune 50 company, then as a consultant. I blogged for more than two years while working full-time job when I was first getting started. In 2020, I published my first cookbook, The Well Plated Cookbook, which has sold more than 100,000 copies.

I can’t say enough how much my readers’ support means to me. I could not have gotten here without you.


Can I use Your Recipes or Photos on my Blog or Website?

  1. Recipes: No. At this time, I do not allow republication of my post or recipe text without prior consent in any format, be it a website, social media platform, video, or in print. This means that you cannot copy and paste any part of my recipe or blog post and republish it. This type of action negatively impacts how Well Plated is viewed by search engines and is bad internet practice. Also, it causes copyright issues. Please be respectful. If you make a recipe inspired by one from my blog, I’m so, so happy that you did. Please link directly to my blog post as the recipe source and ensure that nothing has been copied. If you have a specific question about the best way to cite a recipe, please feel free to email me at hello@wellplated.com.
  2. Photos without recipes: YES! I would be honored for you to share one of my photos, and you do not need to email me to ask. Please credit any photo you use to Well Plated. You must include a link back to the direct recipe post on wellplated.com.

Do you Really Eat Everything on Your Blog?

Yes. I test every one of my recipes, and I would never publish anything here that a) I wouldn’t serve my grandma and b) I wouldn’t want to eat again. For any savory recipe, Ben and I eat the leftovers throughout the week. Tragically Ben isn’t much of a sweets guy, so for baked goodies, I typically save several for myself to enjoy, stash a few in the freezer for later, then gift the extras to friends and neighbors.

My Recipe Didn’t Come Out Like yours. What Happened?

Oh, I how I wish I could answer this question for you. Truthfully, any number of factors could have contributed to the recipe not turning out as intended: the temperature of the ingredients; if any ingredients had expired (especially baking powder); measuring technique; the temperature of your pan; the way your specific oven bakes; altitude; human error. I test my recipes multiple times and, as I mentioned, never publish anything here that I wouldn’t be proud to serve my grandma. And I really love my grandma.

Can You Give Me the Nutritional Information for the Recipes on Your Blog?

As of mid-January 2016, I am working to add nutritional information to new recipes going forward. This information is calculated on some recipes by using the free nutrition calculator available on myfitnesspal.com and on others via a new recipe plug in I started using in summer of 2019 called Wordpress Recipe Maker. For each recipe, I estimate to the best of my ability based on the information available in the calculators themselves. These numbers are meant to be a guide, not a statement of fact. Many elements can cause the dish I make at home to vary nutritionally from the iteration you create, including brands of ingredients, measuring styles, and final serving size. Further, the accuracy is limited by the information available in the MyFitnessPal and Wordpress Recipe Maker databases. I am not a registered dietician and am providing this information as a service only. I am not giving or implying any kind of dietary advice.

Unfortunately, due to time restraints, I am unable to go back and add nutritional information to my older recipes. If you would like nutritional information for a recipe that does not currently include it or if you’d like a recipe calculated in a particular way with a specific ingredient, I would suggest using MyFitnessPal, Calorie Count, or another free online service that you are comfortable with (a simple Google search will give you options).


Do You Work with Brands?

I do! I value and am always open to new partnerships that are mutually beneficial to your brand as well as to my Well Plated readers. Please see my Work with Me page for more.

Are You Accepting Guests Posts?

No. I am the only author of this site, and I do not accept guest posts. Please do not ask.

Do You Sell Advertising Space or Links?

At this time, I am not looking to join any new ad networks. I also do not sell web links. Any links on my site are shared because I feel they are valuable, or they are a part of a sponsored relationship, and I will disclose them as such.


Well Plated by Erin Healthy Recipe and Travel Blogger Erin Clarke

Any Parting Words of Wisdom?

  • Don’t be afraid to start over. I loved my post-grad life in the Twin Cities, but when Ben and I were married, I moved with him (kicking and screaming) to his home state of Wisconsin. Flash forward to the present. I adore it here in Milwaukee, have the most incredible group of friends, and if you haven’t visited this hidden gem yet, you are seriously missing out.
  • Express gratitude. You will be more aware of your blessings, and I truly believe appreciation is essential to healthy relationships.
  • Unplug. Over the years, I have been much more conscious about how attached I am to electronic devices. I’m not sure I’ve improved much, but it’s at least something of which I am now more aware.
  • Ask questions. 99% of what I know about blogging, I’ve learned by asking others, and I’ve made some fabulous friendships in the process.
  • Eat chocolate every day. You’ll just be happier (and you can quote me on that).