This campfire recipe for Cheesy Ham and Pineapple Sandwiches takes me back to a sweeter, simpler time, when success was measured in Girl Scout badges, “office supplies” consisted of my Lisa Frank trapper keeper, and Snapchat did not exist.

Cheesy Ham and Pineapple Sandwiches. Wrap in tin foil and bake in the oven or beside a campfire for easy camping food!

Oh Snapchat, the Girl Scouts did not prepare me for you. Last Friday, I lured you all to follow me on Snapchat (WellPlated) with promises of seeing Blueberry Pie Smoothies in action and footage so embarrassing, my younger sister texted me to inform me that she needed to give me a Snapchat lesson. As it turns out, no one could follow me until Monday night, when I realized my settings had my username hidden. Oops. I’ve fixed that little issue (apologies everyone), so feel free to scope it out and let me know if my sister is right, which, as she will tell you, she usually is.

Although my troop leaders could not have foreseen my need to master social media (where is the Twitter badge?), Girl Scouts did teach me a lasting lesson I’ve carried into adulthood: how to prepare scrumptious campfire food with few ingredients.

Cheesy Ham and Pineapple Campfire Sandwiches. An easy foil recipe that is our family's favorite campfire food!

Our favorite easy campfire food recipe: Cheesy Ham and Pineapple Sandwiches. Wrap in foil and cook with the campfire!

I have incredibly fond memories of Girl Scout campfire dinners, which consisted of recipes and techniques that, when named out of context, don’t sound like actual foods at all: “moose lips” and “pie irons” and “banana boats.” Today’s easy camping recipe was my favorite main dish.

For easy camping food that the entire family will love, try these Ham and Pineapple Sandwiches, cooked in foil packets beside the campfire #camping #campfirefood

A pillowy potato bun spread with Dijon mustard, then layered with deli ham, a pineapple ring, and gooey cheddar cheese, it’s both simple and satisfying. We’d assemble the campfire sandwiches, wrap them completely in foil, then set them as close to the flames as we dared, until the pineapple became hot and caramelized, the cheese oozy, and the bread majestically warm and soft.

Easy Ham and Pineapple Sandwiches with Cheese. Perfect campfire recipe or quick weeknight dinner!

Although these Ham and Pineapple Sandwiches were my camping foil-packet favorite, no fire is necessary to enjoy them. If you like, you can assemble the sandwiches just as if you were in the great outdoors, then cook them in the oven, and a charcoal or gas grill is an excellent option too.

Camping is not yet on our summer agenda, but I’m glad these memory-filled sandwiches have at least made it to our dinner table. Maybe we can pitch our tent—a cozy little number sized for two (according to the box), or one + a second beagle-sized occupant (according to reality)—in the backyard and have a campfire meal just the same.

Love this easy campfire food recipe- Wrap ham and pineapple sandwiches in foil, then warm with the campfire

Banana boats for dessert.

Campfire Recipe: Cheesy Ham and Pineapple Sandwiches

Yield: 4 sandwiches
Prep Time:
10 mins
Cook Time:
20 mins
The best of all easy campfire recipes! Cheesy ham and pineapple sandwiches made in a foil packet.


  • 4 potato buns
  • 10 ounces deli sliced ham
  • 4 pineapple rings
  • 4 slices cheddar cheese
  • 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard


  1. Tear 4 pieces of aluminum foil that are large enough to encircle each sandwich. Place on a flat work surface.
  2. On top of each foil piece, stack a bottom bun, 1/4 of the ham, a pineapple ring, and 1 slice of cheese. Place the top bun on top. Wrap the sandwich completely with foil. Repeat with remaining sandwiches.
  3. To cook, place the sandwiches on a hot stone near the fire, or over hot coals or a grill rack until hot, about 20 minutes depending upon the temperature of your fire. (Alternatively, you can bake these sandwiches directly on top of the center rack in a 400 degree oven for 15 minutes.)
  4. Let cool slightly, unwrap, and enjoy!
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Campfire Recipe: Cheesy Ham and Pineapple Sandwiches, Gourmet Sandwich Recipe

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