Curried Cauliflower Melts

Curried Cauliflower Melts. Sweet, spicy and satisfying!

I won’t lie to you—I planned 99% of Ben and my side trips from Paris based on regional cuisine. Even though we are lucky enough to be spending four weeks in France (and have been eating enough pastries to fuel a World Cup soccer team, as my Instagram feed will demonstrate), I feel like there is so much more I want to see (and eat!) before we leave. My original plan for today was to hop a train to Burgundy, a region we selected based on Rick Steves‘ (a.k.a. writer of our trip Bible) analysis that, “The rolling hills of Burgundy gave birth to superior wine, fine cuisine, spicy mustard, and sleepy villages smothered in luscious landscapes.” With a write up like that, how could we not go?

Unfortunately, the SNCF (France’s central rail and primary form of in-country travel) decided to have a long-running strike, and it’s impacted several parts of our trip. Many trains are cancelled throughout the country, and riders are forced to find an alternate route on later trains (or to cram onto the trains that are running in a manner that looks something like this.) The strike caused us to miss our side trip to Burgundy completely, but we’re embracing the opportunity to spend more time in Paris, a city that is stealing my heart more and more each day I am here.

Today’s guest poster, Stephie of Eat Your Heart Out is a lady whose creativity with ingredients sparks my appetite, and I am smitten with the recipe she’s sharing today. Stephie and I first “met” because she was leaving such hilarious comments on my blog, I simply had to email her! Since then, I’ve had the pleasure to meet this fine lady in person at the BlogHer Food conference in Miami this May.

I’ve long suspected that Stephie and I are star-crossed recipe soul mates, and today’s post for Curried Cauliflower Melts proves my hypothesis. (As a woman who routinely eats Eggplant Ricotta Grilled Cheese and Roasted Carrot Grilled Cheese, I am allllll over this tasty application of roasted veggies.)

To tell us all about this gooey veggie goodness, here is Stephie!

Hellooooo, friends! I am so happy to be visiting with you over in Erin’s beautiful internet-home while she is gallivanting around Europe! To celebrate, I brought you a sandwich made from veggies.

Curried Cauliflower Melts. A delicious vegetarian grilled cheese sandwich.

Wait. Let’s back up a bit.

If you are unfamiliar with­ my site, I spend a lot of time making foods that use natural ingredients and looking for ways to recreate dishes that might normally use preservative-laden ingredients. That being said, I also spend a lot of time baking – but always from scratch! Baked goods are my love language.

So when I went out to lunch for a coworker’s birthday recently and had my mind blown by a sandwich, of all things, I was surprised to find myself recreating it in my own kitchen that very weekend.

Meanwhile, my boyfriend was suspicious of that fact that I was making a sandwich that contained zero meat.  Ladies, if you live with a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy like I do, this makes for a perfect single-lady dinner. ;-)

So here’s the situation: Roasted cauliflower is the star of this sandwich. Have you ever roasted cauliflower? Roasting imparts a caramelized flavor to the cauliflower that is divine. We’re going to complement our star with a curry mayo, thin slices of tart apple, melty havarti cheese (swoon!) and sandwich it all between come multigrain bread. Toast it up to melt the cheese and devour.

Curried Cauliflower Melts Recipe

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that cauliflower doesn’t belong on a sandwich. They’d be wrong, friends. Very wrong.


Don’t forget to check out Stephie’s other recipes at Eat Your Heart Out and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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  1. i have been stalking your IG and saw your last pic on train delays :( hope its all sorted out but again you are still in Paris so it shouldnt matter..

    and the recipe looks so interesting, never thought of utilizing cauliflower this way..

    • Yes, and I never thought much of using curry with cheese, but I suppose it would go well, since it is kind of oily like coconut. Wait, is havarty cheese on the oily side? Haven’t used it before, so will have to try.

  2. Yum! I’m celebrating my 1st anniversary today with a melty cheesy sandwich.
    Love the addition of cauliflower!

  3. oh my gawd, I LOVE this!!! Pinned! and yes, embrace the extra time in Paris. . that’s where we honeymooned. . I wish we got to spend more time there! enjoy it!

  4. This sounds and looks very delicious with roasted cauliflowers!

  5. Thanks so much for having me and for embracing my weird sandwich ways! Sorry to hear about your travel issues, but I am sure you’ll make the best of it with a plethora of baked goods. :-) xoxo

  6. Perfect single lady dinner – thank you for an excuse to make this.all.the.time. Stephie, I am so impressed with all your sneaky veggie recipes! Mixing it with melty cheese – who can say no? We miss you Erin, and am so glad the trip is going well!

  7. I’m quite tempted to say that this sounds like the most delicious sandwich I’ve ever read about, but then you might think I was exaggerating. It does sound amazing, though. I love the curry mayonnaise and cheese you’ve added – what a fantastically creative sandwich idea!

  8. consuelohoneyandfigs Reply

    Ahh the strike thing sucks. I hope you’re really enjoying your time in Paris though!
    And waht a brilliant sandwich oh wow! That curry mayo sounds unreal yum!

  9. Well I would never have considered popping cauliflower or curried mayo on a sambo, but I’m thinking I prob should. Looks a treat. :)

  10. What a super creative and unique recipe!!! Looks great!

  11. Stephie, I never would have thought of putting cauliflower on a sandwich. But come to think of it, I have EATEN it on a sandwich in the English ‘piccalilli’ mustard pickle… and that is divine with cheese, so I can imagine how good this would taste! Yay for eating more veggies in unconventional ways. I will try this asap! And Erin, I did catch your cramped rail carriage photo on Insta! I do hope that no more difficulties cross your path! xxx

  12. Must be delicious!

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