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Time to upgrade your pantry, snack and breakfast routine, your grocery budget, and (by extension) your best munchie life with the very best Gluten Free Granola!

A bowl of the BEST gluten free granola that's make with good for you ingredients like gluten free oats, nuts, coconut, and chocolate chips

Granola used to lure me at the grocery store. Attractive, smartly packaged bags in assorted flavors promised that if I bought them (and casually ignored their less-attractive price tags), I’d be fit, healthy, and sure to live the kind of active life I associate with REI commercials.

One look at the back of those same bags reveals a different story. Most store bought granolas contain an excess of added sugar and oil.

Sure, store bought granola is delicious, but 99% of the time, when I choose to eat granola, it’s because I want to snack on something that is both delicious and healthy.

That’s where DIY gluten free granola comes in!

This recipe is a spinoff of my core, go-to healthy granola recipe.

The BEST healthy gluten free granola with on a baking sheet that can easily be made vegan

This homemade gluten free granola recipe is:

  • Ridiculously Easy to Make. Can you stir a few things together in a bowl, and then spread them onto a baking sheet? GOOD. You can make granola.
  • Good for You. 100% whole grain goodness, plus healthy fats. This recipe is also refined-sugar free.
  • Easy to Adapt to Any Diet. As written, this granola recipe is gluten free and dairy-free. I’ve also included notes to make it vegan. Need nut free granola? Just leave out the nuts, and add more seeds or other mix-ins of choice.
  • OUTRAGEOUSLY DELICIOUS. Either plan to share it with everyone in the house or hide the container for yourself…I actually had to hide it from myself to get the batch to last more than a few days.

Ingredients for the best gluten free granola like gluten free oats, pecans, dried fruit, almonds, chocolate chips, and honey

Ingredients in Gluten Free Granola

  • Oats. I recommend rolled oats (also called old fashioned oats) for the best texture. Quick oats are more pulverized and not as conducive to giving your granola a fabulous, crunchy texture. Steel cut oats will be too tooth-crackingly hard. Rolled oats are the best for homemade granola.
  • Flaxseed Meal. Hello, omega-3s and vital nutrients! Be sure to use GROUND flaxseed meal, not whole flaxseeds, as your body needs the flaxseed ground to absorb the nutrients (or you can grind it yourself).
  • Pumpkin Pie Spice. In my baking lately, instead of individually measuring out cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and the other spices pumpkin pie spice contains, I’ve been using the classic blend. It’s a stellar shortcut that I wish I would have tried even earlier. This granola does not taste like actual pumpkin spice (it’s more classic). For a true pumpkin experience, check out my Pumpkin Granola recipe instead.
  • Coconut. The secret to this gluten free granola’s addictive properties. When toasted with the oats, it’s obsessively good.
  • Pure Maple Syrup or Honey. It was important to me that this be a gluten free granola with no sugar (the refined kind). If you are looking for the most budget-friendly option, gluten free granola with honey is less expensive. If you love maple, or you want the gluten free granola recipe vegan as well, use pure maple syrup.
  • Coconut Oil or Light Olive Oil. Both are fantastic. 1/3 cup is the magic amount.
  • Egg White. My secret to using less oil and still ending up with delightfully crunchy granola with crispy clusters. (I’ve also included a vegan gluten free granola option in the recipe below.)
  • Pure Vanilla Extract. A generous pour.
  • Mix-ins. Any kind you like! See below for ideas.

Healthy gluten free granola on a baking dish with the best ingredients like gluten free oats, nuts, and chocolate chips

Best Gluten Free Granola Mix-ins.

Homemade granola is a great way to use up the odd bits of nuts, dried fruit, and other items you have lurking in your pantry. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Nuts. Be sure to use raw nuts, as they will toast in the oven with the oats, and you don’t want them to burn. A mix of almonds and pecans is my favorite.
  • Dried Fruit. Wait to add this until the end so that the fruit doesn’t burn. If the fruit is small (like dried cranberries or raisins) you can leave it whole. If you are making gluten free granola with dates, or another larger dried fruit like apricots, chop the fruit into smaller pieces first.
  • Seeds. Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are both sooooo yummy in granola. Add them with the nuts.
  • Chocolate Chips. Obviously. Be sure to let the granola cool completely before adding them so that it doesn’t burn.

Gluten free oats, nuts, and honey being stirred in a bowl for the best healthy gluten free granola made with coconut and no refined sugar

Ingredient Intelligence: Are Oats Gluten Free?

  • Yes, oats are gluten free. The oat grain, on its own, does not contain gluten.
  • What causes gluten issues with oats is that there is often cross contamination in factories where the oats are produced. If you are making this gluten free granola for someone who cannot have any gluten whatsoever (someone with celiac, for example), be sure you are using certified gluten free rolled oats like these

Storing Gluten Free Granola

One of the best things about making a big batch of granola is how long it lasts! If you can keep your hands off of it anyway.

  • To Store: Your gluten free granola will keep for 1 to 2 weeks, if placed in an airtight container in a cool, dry spot.
  • To Freeze: This granola can also be frozen for up to 3 months. Place it in a resealable freezer bag, and push out any excess air before placing in the freezer.

 More Fantastic Homemade Granola Recipes

A bowl of the best healthy gluten free granola recipe with oats and honey served over yogurt

Crispy, crunchy, and sweet, but not too sweet, this stellar gluten free granola is here for healthy, happy snacking! Enjoy it for breakfast with yogurt, sprinkle it over ice cream for dessert (it’s phenomenally good on top of Baked Peaches), and be sure to snitch generous handfuls in between meals.

Gluten Free Granola

4.88 from 16 votes
The most crispy and delicious Gluten Free Granola. This easy, healthy recipe is made with simple ingredients and is great for breakfast and snacking! See notes for a vegan option.

Prep: 10 minutes
Cook: 20 minutes
Total: 1 hour 15 minutes

Servings: 20 servings (about 6 3/4 cups)


  • 4 cups old-fashioned rolled oats use certified gluten free oats to ensure the granola is truly gluten-free; see blog post above for more info
  • 1 cup raw nuts of choice I use a blend of pecans and almonds
  • 2 tablespoons flaxseed meal
  • ¾ teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • ½ teaspoon ground pumpkin pie spice optional; or try a pinch ground cardamom
  • 1/2 cup pure maple syrup or honey
  • 1/3 cup melted coconut oil or light olive oil
  • 1 large egg white whisked until frothy (see notes to make vegan)
  • 1 ½ teaspoons vanilla extract
  • ½ cup unsweetened coconut flakes or swap an additional ½ cup raw nuts
  • 1/2 cup dried fruit optional; chopped if large (I used dried cranberries)
  • ½ cup chocolate chips optional


  • Place a rack in the center of your oven, and preheat to 350 degrees F. For the easiest clean up, line a large, rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper.
  • In a large mixing bowl, combine the oats, nuts, flaxseed, salt, cinnamon, and pumpkin pie spice. Stir to combine.
  • Pour in the maple syrup, oil, whisked egg white, and vanilla (do not add any of the coconut, dried fruit, or chocolate chips yet). Stir well until every part of the mixture is lightly moistened. Pour the granola onto the prepared baking sheet. With a large spoon or the back of a rubber spatula, spread it in an even layer, and lightly press it down.
  • Bake for 12 minutes, then remove the pan from the oven. Stir in the coconut flakes. With the back of your spatula, spread the granola back into an even layer, and lightly press it down. Return to the oven, and bake 10 to 12 additional minutes, until it is very lightly golden and smells irresistible.
  • Let the granola cool completely on the pan, undisturbed (at least 45 minutes). The granola will continue to crisp as it cools, and this will help the clumps set. Once cooled, top with the dried fruit and optional chocolate chips. With your fingers, break the granola into clumps (if you aren’t in to the clumps, you can simply stir it). Munch away!


  • TO MAKE GLUTEN FREE: Make sure you're using certified gluten free oats.
  • TO MAKE VEGAN: Omit the egg white, and increase the amount of oil to ½ cup total.
  • TO MAKE NUT FREE: Use seeds, such as pepitas, in place of the nuts.
  • TO STORE: Store leftover granola in an airtight container in a dry, cool place for 1 to 2 weeks.
  • TO FREEZE: Place in a sealed freezer bag in the freezer for up to 3 months.


Serving: 0.5cup (without mix-ins)Calories: 177kcalCarbohydrates: 19gProtein: 4gFat: 10gSaturated Fat: 5gPotassium: 139mgFiber: 3gSugar: 5gCalcium: 25mgIron: 1mg

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    1. Thank you, Rhea! I used honey and coconut oil in the version photographed, but I’ve tried each option, and they’re both equally as delicious! If you want a more neutral flavor, I’d suggest trying the coconut oil instead of olive oil. I hope you love the recipe if you give it a try!

  1. This is a lot like the recipe I use. I use a combo of maple syrup and honey and melted coconut oil. What I was wondering is what the egg white does. A little almond extract is also really yummy!

    1. Thank you for sharing, Susan! The egg white helps the granola keep a crunchy texture and allows you to use less oil in the recipe. Almond extract sounds like a delicious addition!

  2. Homemade granola tastes so much better than the store-bought one, right? I must try your recipe with less oil and egg white. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. Great and easy recipe! I love the hint of flavor the spices and coconut oil give to it. The only thing I will do different next time is add a little more honey since I like it somewhat sweeter. I do not like the chocolate chips, so I replaced them with pumpkin seeds. Will print it to have it handy!5 stars

    1. YAY! I’m so happy to hear that this recipe was a hit, Carmen! Thank you for taking the time to share this kind review!

  4. This was my first time making my own granola and your recipe was so quick, easy and DELICIOUS! It’s sweet but not too sweet! I can’t wait to try it with some blueberries and yogurt!5 stars

  5. The taste was good but I really like clumpy granola and this didn’t clump at all! Very disappointed☹️

    1. Hi Karen, I’m so sorry to hear that this recipe wasn’t to your tastes. I (and many readers) enjoyed the granola, so I really wish it would’ve been a hit for you too!

  6. Is this recipe in your cookbook? Will we find all of your other recipes shared in here too, or some of them?

    1. Hi Melissa, my cookbook has almost exclusively new recipes, and they are the best recipes I’ve ever created! If you enjoy the recipes on my site, you’re going to LOVE the ones in the cookbook!

  7. Hi Erin !

    I’m writing from the United Kingdom and I don’t think I have ever seen pumpkin spice in a shop here. Do you have a recipe for me to do mine, or do you think it’s easier I just use ground cardamom as your notes suggest ?

    Have a nice day!

    1. Hi Matthieu! You can omit it, try the cardamom option, or try making your own pumpkin pie spice. I think the granola will be delicious with any of these options!

  8. This was so easy to make and came out great. 
    I did not have Maple syrup or Honey so used Karo syrup.


  9. Second time making this, and my goodness is it ever EXCELLENT! Endless uses, so much cheaper and more nutritious than store bought, and super easy. Thank you for such a wonderful recipe :D5 stars

  10. First time making my own granola at home. Wow ?….. it turned out awesome. I omitted the egg whites, but added almond flour, half brown sugar, & half splenda. I also sub’d sugar free syrup for the maple syrup/ honey. Because I added the flour i had to cook it a bit longer but it still turned out great. If I may make one suggestion pls? I added some of my dried fruit during 5he last 5-7 mins of my 12 min intervals. ( I had to do 3(12min) and 1 (10min). The cooked fruit actually doesn’t burn if u set a timer & watch it ..this fruit comes out with a slightly softer texture and gives the granola a better mouth feel. After I added the fruit ( cooked and added uncooked fruit to the granola while it was still pippin hot ?..that heat cooked the raw fruit. ?5 stars

  11. I used 3 T whipped aqua faba in place of the egg to make it vegan. With the time and temperature in this recipe, I found it under baked: coconut and nuts were still raw. Nuts were chewy and not crunchy. No clumps. I eventually baked it an additional 10 minutes to baking time 34 min (after cooling 45 min to allow clumps to form) This additional time helped immensely but still no clumping after waiting another 45 min. I have looked at other recipes that promise clumps. Pulverizing part of the mixture and adding this to wet ingredients is part of the procedure. I wonder if pulverizing is what this recipe needs?3 stars

    1. I’m sorry you had trouble with this recipe, Kathy. I’ve only tried the recipe as written, so I’m not sure how the changes may affect the outcome. I hope you still enjoyed it!

  12. Blooming delicious! It cost me $15 (New Zealand) for 50 portions – sooooo much cheaper than the standard 10 portions for $7! Thank you 😊5 stars

  13. Hello! Do you think this recipe would work with substituting almond putter or peanut butter for the fat in this recipe? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jeanne! I’ve only tested the recipe as is. If you decided to experiment, let me know how it goes!

  14. I’m not a cook and I don’t leave reviews. But this was SHOCKINGLY delicious! I seriously cannot be more enthusiastic about this. Apologies; didn’t take a photo, but will do w/ next batch I make.

    As a “non-cook,” was concerned about separating and whipping the egg whites, but checked out some youtube tutorials and it was easy as could be. I made it with 1/2 c. honey and coconut oil rather than olive oil. Used a cup of sliced almonds and a mix of raisins and unsweetened cranberries.

    I think what really made this great was the mix of spices: I used REAL vanilla (think that’s key), pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, and–again key IMO–perhaps a tad more salt than called for (I was grinding it so estimated, but I think the salty/sweet turned out really well!).

    ONE QUESTION: how to reduce honey (or maple syrup) while still keeping it “clumpy.” Your recipe only calls for half a cup of honey (one other paleo called for a total of 1 1/4 c. of different types of sweeteners, with less oats/material content than yours), which is great. But I think it would be just as delicious w/ even less sugar (and I’m seeking to eliminate as much added sweetener as possible–doing an AIP diet).

    My concern is that the honey is definitely the main thing that makes it “clump,” and even with just 1/2 c., there’s not really enough to fully saturate the dry material. Do you have any suggestions if I try to cut it back to 1/4 c.? Here’s some ideas I’ve poached from elsewhere on the internet, would love your feedback:

    *Adding more egg whites (this article from Bon Appetit suggests using MULTIPLE egg whites as a binder:
    *Adding more ground flaxseed (or chia) along with some sort of moisture–oil or even just water (the article above is not paleo, and suggests using wheat germ to increase binding, so thought that maybe using ground flaxseed in the same way would be good)? This article ( suggests a variety of subs for eggs for binding; among these, using either 1 T. of ground flaxseed or chia whisked with 3 T. water and allowing it to sit 20 min before using to sub for the binding properties of an egg… though I’d be just as happy using egg whites if it’d be effective.
    *The same article suggests mashed banana, applesauce, avocado, gelatin, xanthan gum

    I would love your opinion. I’m thinking about cutting the honey back to 1/4 c, using 2 egg whites, and whisking the flaxseed called for in the recipe with 3 T of water as suggested above (would using 2x the flaxseed meal–4 T, whisked w/ 6 T water be detrimental to the flavor?).

    Anyway, again–this knocked my socks off. Hoping to making it with a little less sugar–if you have any ideas, would love it. Thanks for this amazing recipe. :)5 stars

    1. Hi Jessica, so glad you enjoyed the granola. Thank you for this kind review. I am not really able to advise on what other articles say, just on what I know can be done with this recipe. I’ve only tested this recipe as written so any substitutions would be an experiment. I don’t believe you can reduce the honey (or maple syrup if used) due to it binding all of the other ingredients together. Hope this helps!

      1. Erin:

        Thanks for your response. Actually, was so yummy couldn’t wait, so I experimented, and found you can cut the honey down–if not in half, at least considerably–and get a great flavor.

        I cut the honey down to 1/4 cup by using two egg whites and, even more importantly, doing something different with the flaxseed meal that I found on another site. Mixed the 2T with 6T of water, let it sit for about fifteen minutes, and it puffed up into a gluey consistency. Was more than enough to thoroughly coat everything. This is listed as a good egg substitute for vegan recipes elsewhere, and it worked very well.

        For anyone interested in cutting back net sugar even more, it’s definitely worth it. A teensy bit less clumpy, but still better than store bought.

        Thank you again for this incredible recipe, wow!5 stars

  15. I love this recipe, granola is one of my favourite foods. GF options in the supermarket are way too expensive and often not very nice. I had to play around with cooking to get all the oats crunchy, but I think its because I put in too many nuts hahahah. It’s delicious. Recommended. I’m going to try reducing sugar this time, see what happens.5 stars

    1. Hi Anna! So glad you enjoyed the recipe! Thank you for this kind review! Glad you were still able to enjoy it despite the extract nuts!

  16. I made your gluten-free granola today and your directions are easy to follow, the recipe is extremely easy to make and the granola tastes fabulous! I will definitely be making it again.5 stars

  17. Hi Erin , love the recipe. Just wish the ingredients wasn’t measured in cup sizes !! Being from the uk 🇬🇧 I’ve just can’t get to grip with what a cup size is! Various different ideas on the internet. Please help. 😀🤞

    1. Hi Mike! I only have experience with cup sizes but I believe there are lots of websites online that can convert the amounts easily for you. Glad you enjoy the recipe!

  18. Delicious and easy!! Added some Pepitas (pumpkin seed). Makes a good amount of granola. Thank you for the recipe!5 stars