The story of these chocolate chip Peanut Butter Protein Cookies begins the way so many unplanned yet critically important purchases do: in the aisle at Target. I was shopping for protein bars (and nothing else that had mysteriously made its way into my cart) when I passed a huge display of shiny wrapped peanut butter protein cookies.

Healthy Homemade Peanut Butter Protein Cookies. Low carb and just 112 calories with 7 grams of protein each! Flourless, easy, gluten free recipe made with vanilla whey protein. Stop wasting money on Quest protein cookies and make this simple recipe instead!

Made with whey protein and covered in promises to be low carb, high fiber, and delicious, these protein cookies sounded too good to be true.

Upon closer inspection, I discovered that not only did most of these protein cookies contain nearly as many calories as a full meal (well beyond my needs for a cookie), they cost almost $3 each and the ingredient list left quite a bit to be desired. I couldn’t pronounce half of them.

Rather than spend a small fortune, I decided to see if I could come up with my own recipe for Peanut Butter Protein Cookies that delivered the same qualities promised on the wrapper—high protein, peanut butter packed, soft, chewy, delicious—but wouldn’t blow my grocery budget or eat up my daily calorie count if I decided to have more than one.

And I don’t know about you, but I usually want more than one cookie…

Say hello to my healthy homemade Peanut Butter Protein Cookies! They are just 112 calories each and contain 7 grams of protein. Eat two and you are up to 14!

These are also EASY protein cookies. One bowl, a spoon, and a little oomph is all you’ll need.

Easy Peanut Butter Protein Cookies. Gluten free, high in protein, and low carb. Perfect for high protein snacks!

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Protein Cookies—An Easy, Healthy Treat

These cookies are soft, chewy, and taste reminiscent of an old-fashioned peanut butter cookie. (These Peanut Butter Protein Bars do too!)

They’re sweet enough for dessert but wholesome enough to qualify as an acceptable post-workout snack. I couldn’t choose which occasion I preferred them for more, so I opted for both.

  • In addition to the peanut butter and eggs, the majority of the protein in these cookies comes from the use of whey protein. I use this brand of vanilla whey protein powder.
  • If you are in the market for a chocolate protein cookies recipe, I think these cookies would be delicious made with chocolate protein powder too.
  • I haven’t tried a plant-based protein powder yet, but a few readers have reported that pea protein powders have yielded delicious results. If you decide to play around with the recipe and test it out, I’d love to hear how it goes!
These peanut butter chocolate chip protein cookies are irresistible! Easy, gluten free, and packed with 7 grams protein each!

These Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies are naturally gluten free, as the whey protein and coconut flour replace the wheat flour. (Coconut flour is also high protein and high fiber too; you can read all about it in this post for Coconut Flour Cookies; this is the brand I buy.)

If you’ve never purchased whey protein powder and aren’t looking to (though I’d hope that any of these recipes with protein powder would convince you), you can check out my original Protein Cookies, which are made with peanut butter, quinoa, and banana.

They are more reminiscent of a healthy muffin-like cookie than an ooey-gooey peanut butter cookie but are still a yummy, relatively high-protein option.

How to Store and Freeze These Cookies

  • To Store. Store cookies in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 3 days.
  • To Freeze. You can also freeze them for up to 3 months, then thaw a few at a time. I don’t recommend microwaving the cookies, as this tends to dry them out.

Other Delicious Cookie Recipes

Healthy Homemade Peanut Butter Protein Cookies. Low carb and just 112 calories with 7 grams of protein each! Flourless, easy, gluten free recipe made with vanilla whey protein. Stop wasting money on Quest protein cookies and make this simple recipe instead!

Peanut Butter Protein Cookies with Chocolate Chips

4.76 from 108 votes
Soft and chewy homemade Peanut Butter Protein Cookies. Low carb, 112 calories, and 7 grams of protein each! Flourless, gluten free recipe made with vanilla whey protein. Stop wasting money on store bought protein cookies and make this easy recipe instead!

Prep: 15 mins
Cook: 5 mins
Total: 25 mins

Servings: 12 cookies


  • 1/2 cup peanut butter or nut butter of choice, I used shelf-stable natural peanut butter—see notes if using refrigerated/drippy nut butter
  • 1/4 cup  coconut sugar  or light brown sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 large egg white
  • 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 cup vanilla whey protein powder (36 grams)
  • 2 tablespoons  coconut flour
  • 3 tablespoons mini chocolate chips


  • Place a rack in the center of your oven and preheat the oven 350 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  • In a medium bowl, combine the peanut butter, coconut sugar, salt, egg, egg white, and vanilla extract. Mix briskly until ingredients are well blended. Sprinkle the baking soda over the top. With a rubber spatula, work in the protein powder and coconut flour until well combined. The will seem very dry first but will continue to come together as you stir and push. Fold in chocolate chips.
  • At this point, judge your dough, as the amount of moisture may vary based on the brand of protein powder and nut butter you use. It should be slightly sticky but not a total mushy mess. If you need a firmer dough, add a bit more protein powder. For a looser dough, sprinkle the batter with a bit of milk (or almond milk) and with a spatula, fold it in until the dough comes together.
  • With a small cookie scoop or spoon, portion the cookie dough by tablespoonfuls and drop onto your prepared baking sheet (you will have 12 to 14 cookies total). With your fingers, gently flatten the tops of the cookies, as they will not spread but will puff up during baking.
  • Bake for 5 to 6 minutes, until the edges are barely golden brown and dry to the touch but the middles seem fairly doughy. Do not overbake! Place the cookie sheet on a wire rack and allow the cookies to cool on the baking sheet for 3 minutes before transferring them directly to the wire rack to finish cooling.


  • The consistency of the dough may vary based on the brand of protein powder and nut butter you use. It should be slightly sticky but not a total mushy mess. If you need a firmer dough, add a bit more protein powder. For a looser dough, sprinkle the batter with a bit of milk (or almond milk).
  • No other flour can be substituted for the coconut flour. Coconut flour is incredibly unique and thus needs to be used in this recipe.
  • I haven’t tried this recipe with vegan or plant-based protein powders yet, but I have heard from readers that have had success with pea protein. If you decide to try them this way, I would love to hear how it goes!
  • Store cookies in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 3 days. You can also freeze them for up to 3 months, then thaw a few at a time. I don’t recommend microwaving the cookies, as this tends to dry them out.


Serving: 1cookieCalories: 112kcalCarbohydrates: 8gProtein: 7gFat: 6gSaturated Fat: 1gCholesterol: 16mgFiber: 1gSugar: 5g

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    1. Wow just made these and they are delicious. Thank yo so much for the recipe. Question- mine are very very soft, I didn’t want to put them back in oven to over bake, will they become more cohesive when they cool?5 stars

      1. Vivian, I am so happy you enjoyed these!! They are a softer cookie, so as long as they aren’t raw in the center, it sounds like you made them just right.

    1. HOORAY, I’m so glad you enjoyed them, Demi! Thanks so much for giving them a try and reporting back!

  1. I’m eager to try this recipe but I don’t use protein powder what would you change in this recipe if you were to omit the protein powder?  

    1. Hi Amanda, unfortunately, protein powder is a key ingredient in these cookies and cannot be substituted. I’d recommend checking out this recipe for protein cookies instead!

    1. Hi Jean, no, there is no substitute for the protein powder. If you’re interested in a protein cookie recipe without the protein powder, you could check this one out!

  2. I made these this afternoon with a plant-based protein (Vega Sport) and no other modifications (aside from chunky, slightly drippy all-natural peanut butter). The texture turned out great!

    Thank you for providing me with a yummier way to use my protein powder and a healthier way to satisfy my sweet tooth!5 stars

    1. Thank YOU for giving the cookies a try and reporting back, Emily! I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed them!

    2. I was just wondering if a vegan protein powder would work! I can’t tolerate whey powders, and sometimes vegan powders don’t act similar in baking. Thanks so much for posting! I am off to try these now lol

      1. Yes Sara, vegan should be fine! If the bars aren’t holding together, add some additional peanut butter. If they are too wet, toss in a few more oats. Hope you love them!

        1. So I have done this with both vegan and whey powder, and while both are delicious, the vegan ones are my favourite! I found that the whey powder puffed up like a real cookie, like in your photos. But the vegan ones! They puff, but not as much, and once cooled, settle into a brownie-like texture that is AH-MAZING!! I even have my coached hooked on them hahaha. So thanks so much for this recipe!! It is a keeper for sure!

          1. YAY! I’m so happy to hear this, Sara! Thank you for taking the time to share this kind review!

          1. Hi Ashley! You could try using a high-protein peanut butter and protein powder to further increase the amount. I hope this helps!

  3. I love healthy version of a delicious treat! Chocolate chips and peanut butter? Yes please!

  4. I have never workd with coconut flour or sugar before, so I was nervous to try these. However, they turned out to be chewy and YUMMY. I will definitely make these again. Thank you SO much!5 stars

    1. HOORAY Shelby! Thank you so much for taking the time to review the recipe. I’m so glad you enjoyed the cookies!

  5. Made these with my toddler today for a healthy protein-packed snack. We both loved them! Thank you so much for this recipe. I subbed vanilla pea-based protein powder and they turned out!5 stars

    1. Elizabeth, I am so happy to hear that you and the little one both loved these! That’s a great tip on the pea protein powder too. I’ll note that in the recipe!

  6. I’ve made these several times now (I just love them!). Today I made a version with chocolate whey protein and it was mmmmmmm good. More chocolate is always better, right?!5 stars

  7. Hi Erin! Would you be so kind as to share what brand and type of peanut butter you used? Having a major cookie craving and want to make these today!! :o)

    1. Pam, I believe I made these with Jif Creamy Natural! It’s my go-to for baking. It’s shelf stable, so it behaves well in baked recipes. For my toast and snacking, I like using the truly natural drippy PB that you usually store in the refrigerator. I hope you loe these!

  8. Just made these today and they are just super!  Love the taste!!  Followed your recipe using light brown sugar and Jif Natural creamy PB.  Husband loved them!  Will definitely make them again!!  Thank you!!5 stars

  9. I made this recipe tonight. I used banana protein which tasted great too. My boyfriend is allergic to coconut so unfortunately had no other flour but regular white flour so used that instead. They did have to cook longer but they came out very good. thank you

  10. I was really excited to make this but it turned out too cakey for me. It tastes great but I have a problem with the texture. I wonder where I went wrong and the mixture I made is a mushy mess even if I followed the recipe. :(4 stars

    1. Marisse, my guess is that they are overbaked. I’d try pulling them out a few minutes earlier next time. Also, note that the recipe was developed with whey protein powder, so if you used a different brand, that might have affected it too.

  11. I did it! I conquered my fear of baking w/ coconut flour!! And the cookies are super yummy (or according to my 4 yr old, “very delicious”)! I think my cookie scoop is xsmall because I ended up with 27 cookies. But that just means I can eat 2x as many for the same calorie count, right?! Also, I used plant based protein and had to add a splash of milk to the batter because it was too dry for my liking. But they turned out great! Thanks for another great recipe!5 stars

    1. Jess, I think you deserve 3 cookies!! Thanks so much for sharing this lovely review. I hope you love baking with coconut flour as much as I do!

    1. Elizabeth, this recipe actually doesn’t need any butter at all! The peanut butter has all of the fat content that the recipe needs. If you add butter, the ratios will be off and it won’t come out as expected. If you give it a try, I hope you enjoy it!

        1. Hi Dbaker! I’ve never tried this swap, but other readers have used sugar substitutes with success. If you decide to try it, I’d love to hear how it goes!

          1. We had confectioners swerve on hand, so we gave it a try as we had everything else. I think that probably changed the texture a bit. I’d just made almond butter, so I did half almond, half peanut butter. Did half vanilla, half chocolate protein powder. With all those potentially odd choices and the sugar substitution, they still came out great! It’s possible this recipe can’t fail! Almond butter is a bit mellower flavor, so I think next time I’ll do just peanut butter to strengthen the flavor a bit. Thanks for a great recipe!5 stars

          2. Thank you for taking the time to report back, Dbaker! I’m SO happy that you enjoyed them!

  12. I try to eat as keto/low carb as possible but still like to have a treat now and then. These were fantastic!! I used the quest vanilla whey protein because it’s what I had on hand. I also used Lil’s chocolate chips so no extra sugar, yay! My ingredients gave me a net carb of 6 which is not bad for a cookie. Especially a cookie so delishious! The hardest part is not eating the whole batch? Thank you for the awesome recipe!5 stars

  13. I’ve literally never commented on a recipe before but I have to give you my praise. Excellent recipe. You can tell there’s protein in them but it isn’t bothersome at all, they taste great. I try to eat 1 gram of protein for every 10 calories and although this falls just short of that, the macro-ratio of these is really quite impressive. As someone who has made several similar attempts, this has got to be the most successful “healthyish sweet” project I’ve ever completed. I’ll be sure to visit again and check out your other protein-packed recipes!

  14. Hi Erin, I subbed out the coconut sugar for 1/4 cup Rice Malt Syrup and they worked out just fine. I also used natural crunchy peanut butter which has added a nice texture. Also, great tip about the 5-6 minute baking time, as I noticed they continue to harden up after you take them out of the oven. Thanks for the recipe. The protein powder certainly makes them a filling snack! 4 stars

  15. Mine turned out very good but very dry; the store was out of coconut flour so I used wheat, might that be why? Otherwise any suggestions? Will definitely be making again!
    Also used MusclePharm whey, worked great4 stars

    1. Hi Charlie, yes, substituting the flour could have made a big difference as coconut flour behaves completely different than wheat flour. If you do give the recipe another try, I’d love to hear how it goes!

    1. Mika, I don’t bake with erythritol, so I’m afraid I can’t say (I’ve only made the recipe as written). If you’d successfully made swaps in similar recipes, you could certainly experiment with this one (though again, I’m afraid I can’t give you specifics!)

      1. Love this recipe the only recipe I  will stick too. I make 5 giant cookies out of this batch with chopped up dark chocolate, sometimes I add in nuts etc. definitely goes well with the PE Science snickerdoodle flavor – yum! Thanks for the recipe! 5 stars

    2. You should be able to sub erythritol, although it may give it that cooling effect. Freezing them often takes care of that problem. I plan on making these with brown sugar erythritol(swerve)

  16. This recipe is so fantastic! Easily the best protein cookie recipe I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried a lot). I used vegan vanilla protein powder (Purely Inspired brand) and I substituted the coconut sugar for Pyure sweetener. These will be my go-to treat now when I’m craving something sweet! And there’s nothing better (in my opinion) than peanut butter and chocolate together. The recipe made 18 cookies at 64 calories a piece. Yum!! 5 stars

  17. I made these last night, and followed the recipe exactly, but was disappointed with the results. The peanut butter I used was natural/drippy, but I didn’t add any additional coconut flour, and they still turned out very dry. I only baked for 5 min. Also I found the vanilla whey protein powder overpowered the peanut butter flavor. My quest continues for a delicious moist protein cookie!2 stars

    1. Hi Erin, I’m sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy the cookies. The consistency of the peanut butter could have made a difference, as could have the brand of protein powder. It may still have needed a bit of additional milk as mentioned in the recipe notes or to come out of the oven a minute earlier. It’s hard to say what may have happened without being in the kitchen with you, but I know it’s disappointing to try a new recipe and not have it come out, so I truly wish you would have loved these!

  18. Random question… How do you calculate the nutrition facts? If you don’t mind sharing. 

    Thank you, great recipe as usual. 

  19. I love this recipe – thanks so much for sharing it! I have made it many times and use plant protein powder (Plant Fusion Vanilla) and they turn out great. I do like to lower the fat content a bit when I am trying to reduce my fat intake so I substitute half of the peanut butter (1/4 cup) with 2 tablespoons of regular butter. It yields the same amount but does affect the consistency of the cookie a bit… but they are still delicious!5 stars

    1. Hi Noemi, yes, you can definitely freeze unbaked! You’ll want to keep a close eye on cooking time as it may take a minute or two extra from frozen.

  20. Hi, how many grams is half a cup, I have no idea what half a cup of peanut butter would weigh and I’m making these for my protein obsessed son tonight. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Jackie, I didn’t measure the weight of the peanut butter in grams, so I can’t say for certain. This resource on measurements and weights from King Arthur may be helpful for you! (Click the “Ingredients” tab.)

    1. Hi Zack, unfortunately, I think you may have to search for another recipe—these cookies are naturally soft and spongy since they don’t have butter.

  21. Yummy!,we tried them tonight and they were so good,, texture was perfect.i will try different flavor protein powders next time ! ??5 stars

  22. Gave these a go with a cinnamon whey protein powder and that really added an extra bit of spice. A quarter of a square of Lindt on top of half and a pecan on the other half! So delicious! Thanks for a beautiful recipe! 

  23. I made these cookies with pea protein and sunflower seed butter…I had to bake them a bit longer, but they came out fantastic! However, I didn’t follow the direction to put them in an airtight container and I put them in a Ziploc in the fridge…I also put some in a Ziploc in the freezer…I are a cookie today and… It was green inside ? I guess the green is mold? I looked at the cookies in the freezer and they are a little green on the inside as well… This occurred over night… How can I make these cookies and have this not happen please? Thanks5 stars

    1. Hi Paige! The green is most likely due to the sunflower seed butter. It has a reaction with the baking soda that causes the green color. It shouldn’t affect the taste, but if you want to avoid the green color in the future, you’ll need to use another nut butter. I hope you still are able to enjoy the cookies!

    1. Hi Ivan, I’m sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy the cookies. The consistency of the peanut butter could have made a difference, as could have the brand of protein powder. It may still have needed a bit of additional milk as mentioned in the recipe notes or to come out of the oven a minute earlier. It’s hard to say what may have happened without being in the kitchen with you, but I know it’s disappointing to try a new recipe and not have it come out, so I truly wish you would have loved these!

  24. I’m having to go dairy and gluten free, I tried these cookies and they aren’t bad! I feel like the could be slightly sweeter but I’ve been eating them instead of breakfasts (I used to drink a slimfast but they have dairy) so it works!
    I replaced the mini chocolate chips with mini semi sweet chocolate chips.4 stars

  25. Your protein mix has 24g, your nutrition info says: Protein: 7g, am I off here? That would mean with the powder and ingredients that it might be 31g of protein? just curious…

    1. Hi Lynard, the nutrition info is an estimate, and it’s calculated per 1 cookie out of 12 total. If specific numbers are important, I would recommend using a free online resource like MyFitnessPal using your exact brands of ingredients to get a more precise estimate. I hope that helps!

  26. The first time, I subbed garbanzo flour for coconut flour (despite the specific warning not to), whole egg for egg white, and Truvia baking blend (Stevia + white sugar) for the coconut/brown sugar, and I left them in the oven for about 7 minutes, until there was some visible browning on the sides. The result was a set of tasty but dry, rubbery blobs with the texture of a kitchen sponge. Yuck. The second time I used real coconut flour, separated the second egg, and added some molasses to the Truvia blend. I left the dough very wet and sticky, so I had to keep my fingertips wet with water to shape the cookies, and I took them out of the oven at exactly 5 minutes, even though they still looked underbaked (they weren’t). What a difference! When I followed the recipe, the result was FANTASTIC – soft, moist, delicious! Protein powder cookies will never taste as good as flour-butter-sugar cookies, but this recipe comes pretty darn close! Thank you!5 stars

    1. Hi Jill, I’m glad to hear you enjoyed that second batch of cookies! Thanks for taking the time to report back and leave this review!

  27. These were an absolute hit! So hard to find protein powder based recipes! I found them a touch dry but I think that was my fault in not timing the oven to exactly 5 minutes (I left them a bit longer to brown on top).

    I made them with Carob nibs instead of chocolate chips for my boyfriend since he’s allergic to chocolate and he loved them! Glad you were able to come up with this recipe because like you said, all those protein brownies and cookies in the nutrition stores are like 500 calories!5 stars

  28. These are freaking DELISH! Thank you so much for the awesome recipe. I made it using Justin’s Classic Peanut Butter and a vanilla protein powder that I am not very fond of. Even with the protein powder, they came out sooooo good.5 stars

  29. Delicious and perfect!  6 min bake time as I have a lighter colored cookie sheet.  Used “Whey Factors” brand Grass Fed French Vanilla powder and shelf stable PB called Smooth Operator by Peanut Butter & Co.   No moisture issues.  Made a solid dozen.  Just hope I can make the last all week as I could eat them all in a day.5 stars

  30. Just made these and they are great! I used chocolate protein powder and used shredded coconut in place of the chocolate chips. Fantastic!5 stars

  31. This is good.. although it says not to substitute the flour I did substitute it for oat flour. I also used the chocolate whey, and I used almond butter. It taste great..but I think the way I made it would have been great as a sweet roll bread…but very..very good. I will be trying it with the coconut flour :-)

  32. Just made these! Followed the recipe and didn’t have any trouble with the dough being too wet or dry. Tastes like a regular cookie! Thanks! 5 stars

  33. Awesome recipe! Sub. Coconut flour for almond flour. And the vanilla whey protein for vegan chocolate protein and it was perfect! Thank you!5 stars

    1. Hi Brenda! No other flour can be substituted for the coconut flour as it’s incredibly unique. I haven’t experimented with other flours in the recipe, but you could check out these cookies instead!

  34. I am baking these in the oven right now :) can i freeze some of the dough for later use and for how long?

    Thanks so much!


    1. Hi Brenda! You can definitely freeze unbaked! Frozen baked cookies will last a few months, and I’m guessing unbaked will as well. You’ll want to keep a close eye on cooking time when baking from frozen, as it may take a minute or two extra.

  35. They’re great! Everybody loves them! We have been using brown sugar and peanut butter plant-based protein (Orgain). I really hated the protein on its own, but now that we’ve been making these, I almost want to buy more! I found this recipe because I was looking for a way to use the protein and I found a new favorite recipe. Thanks!

  36. These are so yummy! When I calculatedly mine I got 139 calories per cookie (obviously due to different protein powders and peanut butters) but I’m pretty stoked with that amount compared to a lot of protein cookies you buy at the store. Mine didn’t look too much like the picture and ended up a bit cakey but I probably didn’t squish them down enough. Not a problem but I will squash them more next time as they pretty much don’t spread out at all like a normal cookie does.
    Thanks so much for this recipe, it’s one of the easiest and lowest cal ones I’ve been able to find that are super tasty too! Will definitely be making them again4 stars

        1. Brook, I am afraid not. Since it is a dry powder vs. a creamy nut butter, it will make the cookies dry and they won’t hold together.

  37. These are delicious! I used half regular and half vegetable (trying to use it up because I don’t like it) vanilla whey.5 stars

    1. Suzanne, not yet! But I think you could switch up this same recipe by adding different mix-ins (dried cranberries and white chocolate chips would be delicious!)

    1. Vanessa, you can use any kind you like! Vanilla is my favorite for this. Bob’s Red Mill makes a great pea protein based one. For whey, I often use Optimum Nutrition.

  38. These were awesome!
    I subbed stevia sweetener instead of normal sugar, used white chocolate peanut butter, cocoa powder, and only 2 tbsp of chocolate chips. They are SO yummy! Mine came out to 94 calories each with 5g protein5 stars

  39. Just made this recipe and cookies are fresh out of the oven. They taste great and help with my sweet tooth! I used Orgain peanut butter protein powder with definite success! Thank you for sharing your recipe!5 stars

  40. I used powdered PB instead of protein powder, runny style natural PB, and added about 1/4 cup rolled oats to counteract the runny pb.
    Still only cooked for 5 minutes and they are chewy and yummy. I’m storing in fridge for my own quirky preference for cold baked goods.

    1. Hi Sammy, I haven’t tried using anything besides eggs. You could try two flax eggs, but it’d be an experiment. Coconut flour needs a lot of moisture, which is why I use eggs here. If you give it a try, I’d love to hear how it goes.

  41. I have made these a few times now with vanilla pea protein, and powdered peanut butter. They are ‘cakey’ in texture, but still work well. Even done them as hot cookie dough as a dessert.5 stars

  42. Definitely making these tonight!! Thinking of omitting the sugar, hopefully the texture is still similar!
    Thank you!

    1. I hope you enjoy the cookies! (Omitting the sugar can definitely alter the texture, but I’d love to hear how it goes if you decide to experiment.)

  43. Is there anyway to have the measurements (in addition to the protein powder) in metric? how many grams is 1/2 cup peanut butter?


    1. Hi Jos, unfortunately I’m not able to provide metric measurements. There are several online conversion sites—one good one is from King Arthur! Here’s the link: If you click the “Ingredients” tab you can look up all sorts of things, including peanut butter.

  44. I have made then 2x and going to make them again.    I dont have coconut sugar so use light brown sugar.   I had RNY almost 10 years ago and when I drive to CA to see family I like to snack with every onecelse.   So I pack my treats….   With fresh fruit, these cookies and another homemade treat…  Im good!5 stars

  45. I bought coconut flour and coconut sugar just to try this recipe- and I’m so glad I did! I LOVE them. I used Vega protein and greens chocolate protein powder. I baked them for 5 minutes and they are perfectly soft and slightly chewy. 5 stars

  46. I am very particular about cookies and these came out so good! My favorite cookie texture is with crispy edges and an almost under-baked center and this came pretty close. I followed the recipe using light brown sugar instead of coconut sugar, subbed a 3 1/4 TBS flax egg for the whole egg, omitted the vanilla extract since I am out, and added a tablespoon of milk for a better consistency and baked for closer to 6 minutes. You can just barely taste the protein powder (I used pescience gourmet vanilla). Great flavor and texture for a protein powder based cookie. I’m impressed!5 stars

  47. These are amazing. Dough needed a little more moisture (used quest vanilla and Trader Joe’s raw almond butter) so I added some Trader Joe’s cold brew coffee concentrate to mix ?. Very addictive5 stars

  48. I have made these numerous times and they are delicious! Great recipe for getting extra protein in a snack.5 stars

  49. These are great!!! I look forward to having them as a snack. I was curious, I would like to use the coconut flour and sugar in other cookie recipes, I was wondering if I’d be able to substitute the peanut butter for oatmeal? 5 stars

    1. Hi Lance, I’m so glad you enjoyed the cookies! Peanut butter and oatmeal cannot be swapped in this recipe. I’d recommend checking out my other recipes with coconut flour and coconut sugar for more ideas!

  50. These were amazing. I had some protien powder that was hard to drink, but it baked beautifully.
    I used Mha Vegan organic hemp protein.5 stars

  51. Doubled the recipe bc I had faith these would turn out AMAZING! I wasn’t disappointed! They were true to your claim of being soft and chewy…and they tasted so delicious! I used chocolate protein powder since that’s all I had at home and stayed true to the rest of the recipe. I hope my husband gets home soon bc my kids and I may eat them all!5 stars

  52. Thank you very much for this recipe. I made them with almond butter and they turned out great.
    Quick and easy tomake AND delicious!

  53. Do you roughly how many grams your cookies were? I made mine 27 grams each and I’m trying to get the most accurate nutrition facts.

    1. Hi Sylvia, unfortunately, I don’t have the information for this recipe in grams. I suggest trying using a tool such as Myfitnesspal to get the most accurate nutritions estimates based on your specific ingredients. I hope you love the cookies!

      1. Super Easy recipe. Was nervous baking them for only 5 minutes, but they were perfect. (We used vegan substitutes and skipped the chocolate chips) Exceeded both my boyfriends and my expectations5 stars

  54.  This recipe was super easy and the cookies are delicious !!! All three kids and both grownups love. I need to double or quadruple the batch next time! Thank you thank you!!  Cookies for breakfast !!!5 stars

  55. Great recipe, I used soy protein powder and self raising flour instead of coconut flour. Baked them for slightly longer and they came out great. This is my favourite high protein recipe to date.5 stars

  56. Thank you for this recipe. It’s wonderful. I made them with Bob’s Red MIll Protein and Fiber nutritional booster. This is an unsweetened pea protein with chia seeds and inulin (which added a bit of texture). The cookies didn’t rise much and have a denser consistency than I imagine they would with whey protein. I will definitely make them again…a great way to get some extra protein. Thanks again!5 stars

    1. Thank you for taking the time to share this kind review, Mere! I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed the recipe!

  57. I wasn’t expecting these to be so delicious, but they are! Light, fluffy, with just the right amount of peanut butter and chocolate taste. I think the key is only cooking them for 5 minutes (the edges were just barely golden brown and the middle still definitely looked doughy), or they could easily get very dry. I’ll be making these a lot. Thank you for a great recipe! 5 stars

    1. Hi Morgane! Unfortunately, I don’t have the information for this recipe in grams. I suggest using a tool such as Myfitnesspal to get the most accurate estimates based on your specific ingredients.

  58. Hi! I am making these for my boyfriend who has a severe age allergy to tree nuts- including coconuts. Therefore, I cannot make it with the coconut flour. He is a gym junkie and the only reason he will eat these is because they’re protein packed. Is there anything I can do to
    replace the coconut flour? 

    1. Hi Delaney! Unfortunately, no other flour can be substituted for the coconut flour as it’s incredibly unique. I haven’t experimented with other flours in the recipe, but you could check out these cookies instead!

  59. I made these cookies a little differently and they came out great on the first try!

    I used vanilla flavored hemp protein powder. It was a dark green-brown color which I wasn’t expecting, so I used 1 TBSP of cocoa powder to make it look nicer as well as to add more flavor.

    I also didn’t use an egg white as I do not buy egg whites and didn’t feel like having a random yolk leftover. So I found a suggestion to use 1 TBSP of flax seed meal and 3 TBSP water, then let it simmer. For me this entailed blending 1 TBSP of flax seeds with about 4 TBSP of water to help it be thin enough to come out of the blender. I just barely warmed it over the stove before using it.
    I also didn’t use vanilla extract, didn’t feel like paying for it and vanilla ‘flavor’ was in the protein powder. I added splashes of homemade hazelnut milk to thin out the dough a little and added some pinches of stevia. I baked for about 6-7 minutes and they came out great. At first my 4 year old son said they looked ‘too soft’ but after one bite he loved them. I am so happy to have found a sweet, chocolatey treat that has ample protein and won’t give us a sugar rush. I can pack these for him for school too as I made mine nut free with Sunflower butter! They were somewhat cake like inside but that’s okay. They were much better than I expected. I was worried at first that with the differences in my recipe they might come out bad but they were good. I also added a dash of cayenne which I put in almost everything (great for blood circulation, blood sugar management, the immune system). Thank you for posting this. I agree that the Quest cookies are junk! I never bought one, never had one, the ingredients are just too inferior. I’d much rather make these. While the coconut flours and sugars are a little pricey, I can make many more batches with what I bought. I probably ate at least 5 of these cookies and do not feel the typical sugar rush from a refined, cheaply made cookie. I highly recommend these, especially to anyone with little ones!5 stars

    1. I’m so pleased to hear that these cookies were a hit, Nellie! Thank you for sharing this kind review!

    1. Hi Upasana! Unfortunately, I haven’t tried either swap myself, so I can’t make any specific recommendations. If you decide to experiment with it, I’d love to hear how it goes!

  60. I’ve used homemade coconut flour, so probably that was the wrong turn as the dough never quite got doughy… I continued adding protein powder (added at least another 36g), but it did not get any more easy to handle the dough. As a result cookies are tasting very strange. More like a protein and egg mixture :(
    Do you think all this was beacuse of the grainy coconut flour? I must have used more of it I guess..

    1. Hi Gabriele, I’ve never tried using homemade coconut flour in this recipe before, so that could’ve been the issue. It’s hard to say what may have happened without being in the kitchen with you, but I know it’s disappointing to try a new recipe and not have it come out, so I truly wish you would have loved these!

  61. Best protein powder recipe I’ve tried in a long time! I used a plant-based protein powder and 1/4 cup monk fruit instead of coconut sugar.They are delicious! 5 stars

  62. I’m still learning to bake using alternative flours. Can these be made using almond flour without significantly adjusting the other ingredients? I ask because a member of the household has a coconut allergy.

    1. Hi Michael! While I’ve never tried substituting almond flour in this recipe, another reader has reported success with it. If you decide to experiment with it, I’d love to hear how it goes!

      1. Baked these tonight using almond flour. Texture and appearance, they remind me of lebkuchen from Germany when I was a kid.

        I didn’t have light brown sugar so I used an organic Himalayan whole cane sugar. I appreciate this sugar because it has the same nutritional stats as light brown sugar, but is less overpowering in sweetness. I seriously cut back in sugar consumption a couple years ago so it doesn’t take much to overwhelm me. Needless to say, most of my baking is consumed by my family. Isn’t that what it’s about though, sharing the love?

        The batter looked too wet to me so I added an additional 2 Tbsp of flour and 1/4 cup of protein powder. I added these to a double recipe.

        I was surprised how they are simultaneously light and dense. Can I expect the same experience from coconut flour? I’ve never used it so I’m not sure if my experience was the result of substituting almond flour or perhaps the increases I implemented. I want to taste the result of your recipe because I love, love, love coconut!

        Regardless, I am pleased with these cookies and I know my family will love them because they’re cookies!4 stars

        1. Thank you for sharing this kind review, Michael! I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the cookies! I haven’t tried making these with almond flour, so I’m not sure how it might’ve affected the results. Coconut flour needs a lot of moisture, so that might’ve been why your batter looked wet when using almond flour. I hope you enjoy them with coconut flour too!

  63. I made just a few adjustments to make it keto friendly! I used almond butter in place of peanut butter. I used erythritol for the sweetener. I used a vegan vanilla protein powder by Thorne. I love this recipe, and will definitely make it again. It had great texture, and tasted amazing!5 stars

  64. Hey! I changed the recipe up a bit but got great tiny protein cookies to snack on before my workouts. I used a True Vegan 85 protein (mocha flavoured), I had an “everything peanut butter” with pumpkin seeds and hemp hearts etc. in it so I didn’t want to use it all – I also added cashew butter and tahini to the peanut butter to make the full amount, I halved the coconut flour and used almond meal to make up the difference, same with the coconut sugar – I used dates in the blender to grind them down and mix with the sugar so I got a bit of fruit in there, a splash of almond milk and I used chopped up almonds instead of chocolate chips. My adjustments came out 5g carbs, 5g protein and 3.5g fat, really happy with this balance, they’re the perfect little low carb high protein snack that is great for before/ after exercise or to stop you from reaching for the normal cookie jar ?5 stars

  65. Well, I did a lot of substitutes and wanted to share. This is where I usually get in trouble with baking, but it worked out pretty well. I think next time, I’d add a little applesauce (maybe) as they ended up a little dry. But dipped in milk, still pretty good!! Super fluffy and a little crumbly.

    I used a plant based pea protein powder. Haven’t been very happy with the chalky substance in smoothies, but worked well for baking. (Garden of life.)

    I used almond meal instead of coconut powder and doubled the amount.

    I used two whole eggs bc I didn’t know what else to do with the other yoke.

    I didn’t have chocolate chips. ? So I used what I had leftover of dried bananas immersed in dark chocolate. TruFru brand from Trader Joe’s. Worked perfectly!!

    I missed the part about needing to flatten before putting them in the oven! ? But after 5 min and seeing whole balls, I realized my mistake, took them out and flattened with a fork and then out them back in for a minute.

  66. I replaced the coconutsugar with golden sugar and I used almond flower instead of coconutflour, they turned out perfect!5 stars

    1. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the recipe, Sha! Thank you for sharing this kind review!

  67. I made these this afternoon. Swapped out choco protein for vanilla and used PB2 peanut butter powder (lower cals). Mine came out rounded, almost like a blister at the top. much more cakey in texture than chewy and soft like a cookie…i feel as though its because of the baking soda…i usually use baking powder. Maybe will try next time??

    1. Hi Leo! I’m sorry you had trouble with these cookies. Using powdered peanut butter and the brand of protein powder could have made a difference. The batter may have needed a bit of additional milk too. It’s hard to say what may have happened without being in the kitchen with you, but I hope you still enjoyed these!

  68. made this today with pea protein and it was delicious! I also subbed with oat flour and it worked wonderfully. Thank you for the recipe!5 stars

  69. These were excellent. Easy to make and super yummy. Not crazy sweet but definitely satisfied my peanut cookie craving. I may or may not have inhaled half the tray…. Kids approved.5 stars

  70. Love these!! Just made them with Optimum Nutrition Vanilla Isolate Protein Powder and they turned out amazing (added a few extra chocolate chips too). Mine definitely spread a good amount – I will for sure be making these again.

    Thoughts on substituting maple syrup for the coconut sugar?5 stars

    1. I’m so happy that you enjoyed the recipe, Charlotte! I haven’t tried maple syrup myself, so it would be a complete experiment. If you decide to play around with it, I’d love to hear how it goes!

  71. Wow! I never leave reviews for recipes, but this one is a total winner!! Honestly I didn’t really expect to like this Healthy cookie, but I gave it a shot because I already had all the ingredients on hand and I’m shocked!! These cookies are delightful!! Not to mention they came together super quick, and from cookie craving to cookie eating was maybe only 10-15 minutes! So awesome, thank you for this recipe!5 stars

  72. Genius !!! These cookies come out literally perfect. Thank you SO much! Now I can stay in my daily calories and macros and still feel like I’m eating whatever I want:)))5 stars

  73. Tried these with both chocolate and vanilla protein powder. Both turned out great. I made these for my two boys that work out regularly and need the protein. They love them. So do I, but I don’t work out, so I need to be careful about those calories!5 stars

  74. Loved these cookies! I didn’t have any vanilla whey, so I used the Orgain peanut butter protein instead and will do that again in the future. They were very peanut-buttery and delicious. I am also allergic to eggs, so I substituted 3/4 cups of applesauce for the egg and egg whites. I had to cook them for about 3 minutes longer but they ended up wonderful. Definitely a hit in my house and will make these a staple 5 stars

  75. Yummy cookies! Great texture and so easy. They aren’t terribly sweet, but I like them that way. Just enough sweet to hit the spot. I will definitely do these again!5 stars

  76. These cookies exceeded my expectation! I used Coffee ice cream protein powder because I didn’t have any other whey protein available. I also subbed the coconut sugar for swerve brown sugar, 1/2 the required peanut butter for Pb Fit reconstituted with water and the other half natural PB and used Lily’s sugar free dark chocolate baking chips. So yummy! Thank you!5 stars

  77. what is temperature to set it on to bake, please? I did the mixed but i couldn’t find what temperature in the video or the recipe, :).

  78. These look and sound like the perfect cookie. I just printed it out and now I am going to bake them for my husband. Love protein recipes. Please share more like this.5 stars

  79. I used VEGA VEGAN VANILLA protein powder and these came out so yummy. My cookies were definitely raw on the inside however. Would you recommend higher temp/longer bake time? Thanks!!!!4 stars

    1. Hi Madison! It’s so hard to say what might’ve happened without being in the kitchen with you. You could try baking them a little longer next time to see if that helps. Thanks for trying the recipe and reporting back!

  80. I did thoes today. I did with almond flour instand and stiva as a sugar.. Still was aplanded! Thank u
    Hani from Israel?❤️5 stars

  81. These cookies are simply delish! Everytime I make them I get worried because of how thick and sticky the dough is but don’t fret! Switch to a silicone spatula at the end to work those chocolate chips in and plop them in little even dough balls on the pan. They can be rustic looking but they turn out so fluffy and delicious. They are a fav in our fam!5 stars

    1. I’m a Worship Leader & Youth Pastor doubling as a personal trainer. I don’t bake ever ?? Made these tonight for a Christmas party tomorrow and they are awesome!!! I have to stay away from them and not touch them lol. Thank you!5 stars

    1. I’m sorry to hear that these cookies didn’t turn out for you, Olivia. I (and many other readers) have truly enjoyed them, so I wish they would’ve been a hit for you too!

    1. Hi Sabrina! Since coconut flour and regular flour react very differently in baking, I wouldn’t recommend this swap. You could try my Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies instead, which use regular flour. I hope this helps!

  82. The only protein cookies I ever make are these! They are the best! I have used a variety of different flavored proteins and they all taste great! So don’t let that stop you from making them!!5 stars

  83. I made these yesterday… they were so good, if they’re too soft just wait until they cool off a bit. But I’m worried I like them too much and since they’re around 1400 calories for all 12 cookies…5 stars

  84. Awesome recipe! I’ve tried many protein cookie recipes but haven’t been able to find a good one until I came upon this. Thanks for the great recipe! The texture came out great.5 stars

  85. These are so good! I’ve made them 3 times now and use half almond butter and half peanut butter and chocolate protein powder and put a pecan on top !…cook for only 5 minutes … so delish !5 stars

  86. i’m so excited to try this recipe out! hard to find recipes that use only coconut flour with protein powder – thank you!! do you think you could make this recipe and use it as a base for other cookies? e.g. if you removed the peanut butter would you have to alter the other ingredients?? thank you!5 stars

    1. Hi Alex! I think you could swap the peanut butter for another nut butter, but I wouldn’t recommend omitting it altogether. I hope you enjoy the recipe!

  87. Love these protein cookies! Wanted to make something that was a sweet but not too sugary desserts substitute. I used Orgain organic plant based protein powder for my cookies – turned out great!5 stars

  88. These are fantastic. Have been trying to find better ways to quell the endless hunger that is pregnancy, and these have been great. Thank you!5 stars

  89. These turned out pretty good, more like muffin tops with how soft they are! They are nice and moist and puffed up like merengues, even after I flattened them. I used Optimum Nutrition chocolate whey protein powder, and the chocolate flavor doesn’t come through, but I personally prefer it that way. Thank you for posting this, Erin!4 stars

  90. I used whole wheat flour instead of coconut. Came out line pancakes which I was into! Overall great flavors doing it that way.5 stars

  91. Bought all the ingredients

    Cannot figure out how to change cup to grams

    Google is giving so many different answers5 stars

    1. Hi Angela! This website has some helpful information: I hope it helps and that you enjoy the recipe!

    2. If it helps I just measured mine out using cups. 115g peanut butter and 30g of soft brown sugar.

  92. These are amazing!! I ordered a big expensive tub of protein powder only to find I can’t stand the taste. I tried mixing it with oats, yogurt, and in smoothies but nothing would mask the flavor. I made these cookies today and they are absolutely delicious — yay! Thank you :)5 stars

  93. Thank you for this recipe. I’ve been trying different protein cookies.
    I replaced the sugar with erythritol and they taste great. I used plant protein and it was also good. Not sure if the plant protein made the cookies a bit dry though. Not sure what to do about that…Maybe add a bit of butter or oil to the recipe? Your thoughts?4 stars

    1. I’m so happy that you enjoyed them, Kathleen! Other readers that have used plant protein found a little extra milk was necessary to keep them from being too dry. I hope this helps!

      1. These have become a staple in my house. I make these at least once a month. However, sometimes they come out so cakey: which I really don’t mind but I’m wondering if baking powder instead of baking soda would do the trikc

        1. I’m so happy that you’ve enjoyed them, Angelica! I’ve only tested the recipe as written, so you’d be experimenting. If you decide to play around with it, I’d love to hear how it goes!

  94. I’m sorry but these did not work for me! They come out as a cookie dough texture and I baked them far longer than the recommended time. Plus rather than smelling like chocolate chip cookies baking, your kitchen smells like protein powder. :/ Will be on the lookout for a different protein cookie recipe.1 star

    1. I’m sorry to hear that these cookies didn’t turn out for you, Catherine. I (and many other readers) have truly enjoyed them, so I wish they would’ve been a hit for you too!

  95. I have tried this with vegan protein and they have turned out amazing. A family staple and lunchbox treat5 stars

    1. Hi Gian! I stopped including sodium info because it can vary so much depending upon what products you used, and I found a lot of conflicting info online, so ultimately I didn’t feel comfortable publishing it because sometimes it wasn’t even in the ballpark. If you’d like to calculate it yourself, there are lots of free tools online ( is popular). I hope that helps!

  96. Hi thanks for the recipe they are amazing. Can I just check they should be slightly brown on the outside and doughy on the inside. ? These taste amazing I made with banana protein powder ! Kids love them5 stars

    1. I’m SO happy that you enjoyed them, Rachel! Thank you for sharing your results! They should be soft and chewy.

  97. It’s noted to only use coconut flour. Not even almond flour? I’m curious why. Anyone know. Coconut flour is now on the grocery list though.

    1. Hi John! Since coconut flour and almond flour react differently in baking, I don’t recommend swapping the two. I hope you enjoy the recipe!

  98. I halved the recipe. I used 1/4 cup peanut butter, 1 egg 1/4 cup brown sugar, no egg whites and then 1/8 tsp baking soda and ghost whey protein powder and only a tablespoon of regular all purpose flour and they turned out pretty good. They were very fluffy but pretty good for a whey cookie! Kinda reminds me of a crisper pancake.

    1. Thanks for trying the recipe and sharing your results, Chloe! I’m happy that you enjoyed them!

  99. These are great. It’s hard to find good recipes with protein powder. These cookies give off a cookie dough feel. The protein powder we used gave it a slight weird after taste but other than that perfect recipe!5 stars

  100. Hiya, can’t wait to try these but I don’t eat egg.
    I have a vegan egg replacement powder, or could try oil / Flaxseed / apple vingear – just wondered what you thought might work best?

    Thanks a bunch!

    1. Hi Rj! I haven’t tried using anything besides eggs, so you’d be experimenting. You could try two flax eggs, or another reader has reported success with aquafaba. If you give it a try, I’d love to hear how it goes.

    1. Hi Andy, I’m sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy the cookies. It’s hard to say what may have happened without being in the kitchen with you, but I know it’s disappointing to try a new recipe and not have it come out, so I truly wish you would have loved these!

  101. From my experience using naked whey you should take it out at around 4:30 seconds, otherwise the cookies become far to dry. Just as the first cracks start to form on the surface take it out.

    I also add a tea spoon of cinnamon and Starbucks Pike place blend coffee. It adds a more mocha coffee crisp style taste to the cookie without hurting the nutrition. I do this because I cut the recommended amount of sugar in half. Doing so obviously makes the cookie less sweet, the mocha taste offsets the lower sugar content. I’m also using 90% dark chocolate chips to further reduce overall sugar content. Finally, I’m using 50 grams of whey protein powder instead of the suggested 36.

    All in all doing this makes the cookie a good bit healthier without making it taste worse. You will also need to use a half teaspoon of baking powder given the extra protein content.5 stars

  102. Tried these cookies in my never ending bid to get my kids to have healthier options to store bought sugary …. they are super fussy and have a very sweet tooth. They are not completely sold …. YET!! And said they were more like a thin cake or fat pancake 🤔🤔
    However, I think they are super yummy and not too sweet. I made my own cashew and walnut butter, and daisy dom dark choc ‘smarties’ then used misfits vegan vanilla protein powder

    I’m going to try adding ginger spice and make them flatter so get something crispier that resembles more of a biscuit….

    Glad to have found your site- Mission find something that the kids will like continues. 🤗

    1. Thank you for your feedback Crystal! Have you tried my Trail Mix Cookies or Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies? They might be more kid friendly and they are always a hit! If you try them, let me know!

  103. i swapped the coconut flour with regular white flour before seeing the note about coconut only haha…. they turned out pretty normal though! i also swapped the eggs with a ground flaxseed substitute so im not sure if that had anything to do with it. great yummy cookies!!4 stars

  104. I made these cookies for a road trip to have a “healthy” snack rather than candy and potato chips, and wow these are good! They’ll probably only make it through the trip up haha. Instead of vanilla, I used chocolate hazelnut whey protein powder (since I already had that), and it compliments the peanut butter really nicely!5 stars

    1. Hi Steph! These ARE perfect for snacking! So happy that you enjoyed them and thank you for the kind review!

  105. It’s really easy to make and they are SO good! I eat them for breakfast or as a snack and its just amazing.5 stars

  106. I used regular flour because that’s all I had on hand, chocolate peanut butter protein powder, and 2 whole eggs because I forgot to separate out the second yolk. The mixture I ended up with was too sticky/gooey, so I added some oats and extra flour until it was the right consistency. They turned out perfectly! They taste great and are soft.5 stars

  107. This recipe is great, but I’ve been wanting to make it have even more protein. If I added another 30g (1 scoop) of whey protein powder to the recipe, what would I need to change to make sure that the cookies still came out well? I tried adding the extra 30g and the cookies came out a little cakey. Any tips would be very helpful!

    1. Hi Preston! I’ve only tested the recipe as written, so I’m not able to give you any specific directions on adding additional protein powder. What I do recommend is for a looser dough, sprinkle the batter with a bit of milk (or almond milk). Hope this helps!

  108. I wonder if I could sub Powdered Peanut Butter for regular PB to increase protein and reduce calories? I’m not sure if doing this would ruin the recipe though. I looked at the comments to see if anyone had already mentioned this but no one here I am! ;) I’m gonna try making this today either way, so I’ll see what I end up doing but from the reviews it seems these taste great! Thanks

  109. I made these 2 weeks ago for my boyfriend as he is a health freak! They were a hit!! He even bought some to work to share with his co workers and they enjoyed them! Thank you !! He asks me whats the recipe, I won’t tell him 😂😂. I’m going to make them again tomorrow 08/26/2021 to surprise him ! I even tried the cookies myself and they are sooooo good!!

    I used crunchy peanut butter ! And I will be adding some crushed macadamias nuts to them tomorrow!5 stars