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Well Plated Every Day Cookbook Cover

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No one is more surprised I wrote a second book than I am

I gave every ounce of my heart, sweat, and sanity to make my first cookbook the best cookbook ever—and your nearly 4,000 ★★★★★ reviews agree (I am still so grateful and humbled!). I thought I was done.

BUT THEN…idea after idea kept coming to me.

2020 happened, and we all had to keep cooking whether we wanted to or not.

I found myself looking for recipes that made me feel excited to cook again…and also that required me to wash a lot fewer dishes.

And that’s what’s in this book! 110 of the best NEW recipes to make cooking meals easier and more exciting.

I didn’t think I could love any recipes more than I love the ones in my first book….but (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) the recipes in Well Plated Every Day are even better.

It would mean the world to me if you would PREORDER a book today!

Erin Clarke with a copy of her cookbook Well Plated Every Day

Why Preorder?

Preorders Make ALL The Difference

The number of preorders determines things like…

  • If I do a book tour (and how many stops…and I’m REALLY hoping to do one; I’m dying to meet you!)
  • How/If Amazon shows my book in searches (and thus how many people buy it)
  • How many copies retailers stock online or put in stores
  • If retailers decide to put the book on their shelves in the first place
  • …I could go ON and ON!

I didn’t know how important preorders are until I wrote my first book. Now, I preorder books from my favorite authors whenever I can!

I’ll Send You Free Stuff!

Hang onto your preorder receipt or email. Coming soon, I’ll send you early access to some of the book’s recipes, and more surprises too!

You’ll Make My Day ♥

Your preorder is one of the most important ways that you can support Well Plated and this cookbook, and it would be deeply, personally meaningful to me too!

If you think you want a copy of this book at any point, PLEASE preorder it today. You won’t regret it, and it REALLY helps me out!

recipe photos from the cookbook well plated every day

Some of the Highlights

  • 110+ NEW RECIPES. You can’t get them on my blog or in the first book. They are only available in Well Plated Every Day!
  • SO MANY Quick & Wholesome Mains. In fact, I included so many healthy dinners, we had to break them into three full chapters. There’s an entire chapter of one-pan meals!
  • A Photo for Every Recipe. The photos in this book are GORGEOUS! I spent 2 weeks with a photography team so you’d have a visual for each recipe.
  • Recipes for Every Meal of the Day. Breakfasts, sides, apps, salads, soups, sweet and simple desserts, and beyond—this book has everything you need!
  • No Weird Ingredients. If you can’t find an ingredient at an average grocery store (I used my Milwaukee Kroger), I didn’t put it in the book.
  • RECIPES THAT WORK. Every recipe was tested 4+ times, including by independent recipe testers. If one didn’t work like a charm and knock our socks off, it didn’t make the cut.
  • Tips & Substitutions Galore. Ways to use leftovers, ingredients you can swap, ways to fancy-up a recipe (or even more importantly, ways to speed it up even more)—I’ve got you.
  • Inspiration to Cook Daily. Whether you feel like cooking today or not, this book has a recipe that will make you feel energized to be in the kitchen.

This is a book you leave out on your counter. You’ll want to cook from it Every Day!

Erin Clarke with a copy of Well Plated Every Day Cookbook

Writing this cookbook took me 3 years and was WORTH IT.

I can’t wait for you to hold it in your hands, and I really can’t wait for you to taste these deeeeeelicious recipes!

THANK YOU for so enthusiastically supporting my first book (it’s why I wrote another!), as well as for supporting Well Plated as a whole.

When I started my blog 12 (!!) years ago, I never dreamed it would grow to be the beautiful community it is, let alone write TWO cookbooks and manage a team, WOW.

None of this would be possible without YOU. I appreciate you, and I hope you will preorder today. It would make my heart explode with gratitude, really! I wrote this book for you.♡

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  1. I just preordered your new cookbook and am so excited. I bought your first cookbook and have made your website one of my favorites. I live in Kansas City and am so happy to see other midwesterners looking for and cooking wholesome and non-processed meals.

    Thank you for you continued work! I am really looking forward to October now!

  2. Congratulations, Erin! I loved your first book and use it regularly. I can’t wait for this one to arrive on my doorstep in October!

  3. I have enjoyed your website for a while and purchase your first book. The minute I read your email about a second book I preordered it. Bad news? It doesn’t release until October. Really, just kidding. I know it will be great and I can’t wait.

  4. Your first cookbook is one that we use nearly every week at my house. My kids live off the tomato orzo recipe! I was excited to pre-order your second book.