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Every year when the weather turns warm, cooking grilled vegetables on our back porch becomes my side dish haven. When I’m standing outside sipping wine with one hand and flipping Grilled Portobello Mushrooms with the other, it feels as if whatever else happened that day, everything is going to be OK as long as I can still do this quiet, blissful thing for myself.

Grilled portobello mushrooms on a grill pan with fresh herbs

Ever since learning to make Grilled Cauliflower Steaks, I’ve been completely enamored by the delicious simplicity of grilled veggies. It’s the same way I feel about roasted vegetables in the winter—10 minutes of effort for a plate piled high with scrumptious, healthy satisfaction.

Grilled portobello mushrooms have a mega advantage over baked portobellos mushroom recipes: NO clean up at the end!

Grilled marinated portobello mushrooms on a plate with fresh herbs

Simple Grilled Portobello Mushrooms

To make these delicious marinated grilled mushrooms, you’ll need one main ingredient (ahem, the portobellos) and a few simple ingredients for the marinade.

  • Portobello Mushrooms. One of the things I love most about portobello mushrooms is their “meaty” factor. I realize that probably sounds a bit odd because HELLO we are talking about a vegetable, but in kingdom veg, portobello mushrooms are especially satisfying, especially when grilled.

You’ll definitely want to clean the mushrooms before making this recipe.

  • To Clean Portobello Mushrooms: Start by removing and discarding the stems. With a paper towel, gently rub off any dirt from the caps. With a small spoon, lightly scrape around the underside of the caps to remove the gills. The gills are edible but, well, weird and when you are sauteing with them, they’ll turn your recipe a dark, unappetizing hue. If the gills don’t bother you, you can leave them on.

The key to mega mushroom success is to enhance their flavor with a basic portobello mushroom marinade that plays up the portobellos’ earthy and (to use a word that’s both super foodie and super accurate) umami factor.

A baking dish with portobello mushrooms and marinade

Easy Portobello Mushroom Marinade Ingredients

  • Balsamic Vinegar. Tang. Depth of flavor. Delicious. (Also shines in Roasted Mushrooms!)
  • Soy Sauce. That umami somethin’ somethin’ (and a perfect touch for my Sautéed Mushrooms).
  • Spices. First, garlic powder. Because 1) minced garlic can burn and 2) sometimes I’m too lazy to mince garlic. Second, black pepper. Not enough to make these grilled portobello mushrooms spicy. Just enough to wake up their flavor and make you wonder why you can’t stop eating them. Third, cayenne. Optional but encouraged.
  • Rosemary. A hearty herb that can stand up to the mushrooms without overpowering them. Fresh thyme would be tasty too.

How to Cook a Portobello Mushroom

If this is your first time ‘shrooming it, fear not! You can cook these on an indoor or outdoor grill, and because we aren’t fussing with internal temperatures, you don’t need to stress over food safety.

A bowl with an easy and tasty marinade
  1. In a shallow dish, whisk together the marinade ingredients. Choose a dish large enough to hold the mushrooms in a single layer.
portobello mushrooms with soy balsamic sauce in dish
  1. Add the mushrooms to the marinade, coating both sides. A quick 10 minutes marinade time is all you need, though you can let them go for up to 30 if you are otherwise busy drinking wine prepping other elements of the meal. Don’t go longer than 30 or the portobellos will become too salty.
portobello mushrooms on a grill with basting
  1. Place the mushrooms on the grill, and brush them with the marinade as they cook.
portobello mushrooms on a grill
  1. Cook for 3-4 minutes on each side. BOOM. Dinner, done.
Marinated grilled portobello mushrooms with rosemary

You can serve these grilled portobello mushrooms on their own or with a hearty topping like the Herby Avocado Sauce used to top this Cauliflower Steak (SO GOOD).

This recipe also works well for a grilled portobello mushroom burger. Stack each grilled mushroom on a bun with a slice of cheese (I like provolone, fontina, or if I’m being really fancy, gouda), a juicy slice of fresh summer tomato, and a small handful of arugula. Go ahead and add avocado too because GRILLED VEGETABLES, BEST LIFE. For an extra gourmet version, give this stuffed, double-stacked Portobello Mushroom Burger a try.

What’s your favorite veggie to grill? I’d love to hear about it! And as always, if you try this mushroom recipe recipe, please leave a comment below to let me know how it turned out. Your comments and 5-star ratings give me life and are so helpful to other readers too.

Grilled Portobello Mushrooms

4.62 from 250 votes
How to make the best Grilled Portobello Mushrooms. Simple recipe that’s perfect for a portobello steak, grilled portobello mushroom burger, or easy side.

Prep: 10 minutes
Cook: 6 minutes
Total: 25 minutes

Servings: 4 servings


  • 4 large portobello mushrooms stems and gills removed, wiped clean
  • 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon low sodium soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh rosemary or 1/2 teaspoon dried
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper optional, plus additional to taste
  • Canola or vegetable oil for grilling
  • Optional for serving: Herby Avocado Sauce; these also make delicious mushroom burgers so you can serve them with buns, cheese, and your favorite fresh toppings like spinach, tomato, and avocado


  • In a shallow baking dish, whisk together the balsamic vinegar, olive oil, soy sauce, rosemary, garlic powder, black pepper, and cayenne. Taste and adjust seasonings if you like. Add the mushrooms and turn to coat. Let sit for 5 minutes on one side, then flip and let sit 5 additional minutes. While the mushrooms marinate, prep the grill and anything you’d like to serve with them. You can let them sit for up to 30 minutes, so feel free to take your time—the longer they sit, the more intense the flavor will be.
  • Heat a grill or a large skillet over medium heat (about 350 to 400 degrees F). Brush the grill with oil to prevent sticking. Remove the mushrooms from the bowl, shaking off any excess marinade and reserving the marinade for basting. Cook on each side for 3-4 minutes, or until caramelized and deep golden brown. Brush the remaining marinade over the mushrooms several times as they cook.
  • To serve, top the portobello mushrooms with the avocado sauce or any topping you like.



  • Grilled mushrooms are best enjoyed the day they are made but can last for a few days in the refrigerator. I like to cut up the leftovers, then mix them with scrambled eggs for a quick healthy lunch.
  • Nutritional information calced with 1/2 the marinade, since much is discarded. Nutritional information is provided as a good-faith estimate. If you’d like to make any changes to the calculation, you can do so for free at


Serving: 1(of 4)Calories: 60kcalCarbohydrates: 9gProtein: 3gFat: 2gFiber: 1gSugar: 7g

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  1. These are amazing! Thank you for all of your healthy & tasty recipes! Love love love everything that I have made so far, especially these! I actually baked these instead bc I didn’t feel like using the grill and they turned out great. Also the Avocado sauce that you recommended was delicious! Definitely making this part of my favorite dish list! 5 stars

  2. Do you think the sauce would still be good without the fresh rosemary? I don’t have any, but I have everything else!

    1. Hi Karen! Yes, I think it could still be tasty. (You can substitute a lesser amount of dried rosemary or even a bit of fresh/dried thyme if you have those.) If you decide to give it a try, I’d love to hear what you think.

      1. This was so good. Thank you for the receipe. I used dried parsley leaves instead of rosemary. Made some salmon and these receipe was awesome on the portabella mushrooms. Yummmmmmmy in my tummmmmmy5 stars

  3. Yum! Their meatiness is actually due to their fungi nature.  Mushrooms are in a kingdom all of their own. 

  4. This was a healthy and delicious recipe. I had never attempted to make my own portebellas. I used a panini press and it worked great. Thanks for a simple but wonderful recipe. 5 stars

  5. I followed the recipe exactly as described, but the result was disgusting portobello’s. This was probably due to the balsamic and soja. Unfortunately I had to throw them away and make something else. 1 star

    1. Hi Rik, I’m not sure what may have gone wrong, but I’m sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy the recipe! Many other readers enjoyed the recipe, but everyone has different tastes.

  6. These are just perfect!  These big juicy hunks of fungi are just awesome on the grill. I make these most every weekend and serve a turkey breast burger with a packet of ranch seasoning,  jalapeño and garlic. They also accompany steaks on the grill nicely.  I never clean out the gills as they don’t bother me at all.  Thanks for sharing the marinade. It is my go to recipe for these grilled babies.  They are very forgiving if you happen to leave them on the grill too long. Maybe I’ll try the avocado sauce with them!  Thank for sharing such wonderful tasting healthy recipes.  5 stars

    1. Diane, thank you so much for sharing this wonderful review! I’m so glad to hear the recipe is a hit.

  7. Made these last night and my husband and I loved them.   For a quick sauce, I blended some homemade cashew milk with avocado …. delish. Thank you for a great recipe.

    1. Hi Robert, I’m sorry to hear you had trouble printing the recipe. Every popup should have a highly visible “Close” or “x” button to dismiss, and if you encounter one that doesn’t, please let me know!

  8. Delicious! Do you cook them on the cast iron skillet on the grill or directly on the grill? I placed them directly on the grill and melted mozzarella on them at the end. Served with tomatoes and drilled zucchini. 5 stars

    1. Hi Elyse, this recipe calls for the mushrooms to be placed directly on the grill. I’m SO happy you enjoyed it!

  9. Thanks SO much for this recipe. I’m excited for my family to try it.  I would highly recommend changing the recipe to olive or avocado or coconut oils.  Vegetable and canola oils are not the healthy choice due to GMO’s and pesticides
    I’m excited to try it with the exception of avocado oil!  Thanks again !

    1. The recipe does call for extra virgin olive oil to be used in the marinade. The recipe states, that vegetable/canola oil is for grilling –as in it’s meant to be brushed on the grill grates (or other cooking surface) simply to prevent the mushrooms from sticking. Vegetable and canola oils have a higher smoke point than olive/avocado oil. That’s why vegetable and canola oils recommended for that purpose.

  10. The rosemary topped it off just right, as did the black pepper. Next time I’ll be more adventurous and try the cayenne. Thanks for a great recipe. It was my first time and it worked out well! I used my cast iron pan on the stove and it was delicious. 5 stars

    1. Matt, I would not recommend this, as they two have very different flavor profiles. I’d really suggest sticking with the balsamic. I know that might not be what you wanted to hear, but I want this recipe to turn out for you!

  11. The marinade makes the mushrooms it gave them a great taste.  Thank for the recipe my husband loved the mushrooms 5 stars

    1. Thank you for taking the time to share this kind review, Barbara! I’m so happy to hear that the recipe was a hit!

  12. DElish! Love that marinade. Made extra and put the mushroom and marinade over sautéed cabbage salad. Thanks!5 stars

    1. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the recipe, Margaret! Thank you for sharing this kind review!

  13. This turned out way better than I was expecting, it was amazing! I would give it more stars if I could…5 stars

  14. Sooooo tasty! And the suggestion for the herby avocado  sauce (chunky guacamole) made it all the better!! We ate the extra with tortilla chips…YUM!! This will be my new go-to recipe for summer BBQs where people want a healthy alternative to hamburgers. My guess is no one will want a hamburger once they try this portobello marinated delight!! While typing this my husband just commented, “My mouth is still watering with pleasure after that great dinner!!” ?
    Thanks for sharing!! 5 stars

  15. This was sooooo tasty. My husband and I became vegetarians at the beginning of the year. I get a produce box from a local co-op and they had Portabello caps I needed to figure out something to do. So glad I stumbled across this recipe!!!
    I did burgers, so bun, roasted beets, balsamic portobello cap, tomatoes, bleu cheese dressing, and lettuce. My husband doesn’t say much about my cooking, buy couldn’t stop talking about these!5 stars

  16. It was delicious! I added some white wine to the marinade and baked the mushrooms instead of barbecuing. They were amazing served like burgers with homemade baked beans in barbecue sauce. My husband made sure that I pinned this recipe :)5 stars

  17. I enjoy they way you explained how life brought about the details. You talk the way I hear my brain thinks.
    Thank you

  18. My partner loves mushrooms and I have never eaten them or cooked them and when I saw this recipe on them it help me out a lot because it is so hot in he works long hours and this is quick and easy chip repair it’s a wonderful quick and easy dinner for him that I can actually cook.5 stars

  19. Absolutely delicious! We followed the recipe to the T. We even had fresh rosemary. So so good, the portobellos were perfect. We served them on a plate and ate them like little steak filets, cut with a knife and fork. mmmm. Thanks for the recipe. We are going to use this one again. Yum.5 stars

  20. After making this recipe and according to my personal taste, I feel that there is too much vinegar in this recipe. I am not sure what I would replace it with, but if I try making this again, I will definitely have less vinegar in the recipe. Not sure if an apple wine vinegar would be lighter.3 stars

    1. Hi Åsa, I’m sorry to hear that this recipe wasn’t to your tastes. I (and many other readers) have really enjoyed the flavors in this dish, so I wish it would’ve been a hit for you too!

  21. THIS! So amazing. I only used the recipe for the marinade and WOW it was so worth it! I put the grilled portobello on a bed of mixed greens and added a serving of cooked farrow on the side as a healthier substitute for the bun. Topped it with guac and tomatoes and a sprinkle of hemp heart seeds. I could eat this every week! My meat eating husband loved it too!5 stars

  22. I followed recipe with a few small additions and they were very flavorful and delicious
    The best portobellos ever. The house was filled with the aroma of STEAK; Can’t wait 
    to try em again! Gail5 stars

  23. Easy, quick, and delicious. For the seasonings, I used Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute and the garlic powder. The 10-minute marinade time is right on. Cooked on a gas grill. I’ll make it again. – thank you5 stars

  24. My husband was very skeptical about the mushrooms but he he tried them and is actually a big fan! Thanks for the fun new recipe!5 stars

  25. I was looking for a grilling idea for my son’s vegan girlfriend and I while ‘the boys’ ate meat. We both LOVED them so much that she asked for the recipe to share with her vegan mother. Thank you!5 stars

  26. This caught my attention tonight. I had never followed any given recipe before, but as an avid fan of mushrooms, I was eager to make the leap and give this one a go. And I’m delighted I did. Paired with a glass of burgundy, this has become my favorite savory dish here and there in the weeks between each steak dinner.5 stars

  27. Erin,

    Absolutely delicious! I followed your recipe exactly. I made portobello mushroom burgers with them and I topped them with Swiss cheese, tomato, spinach leaves and your Herby Avocado Sauce (also a 5 star recipe). Then I saw that you have a portobello mushroom burger recipe and you stack 2 portobellos! I can’t wait to make these again, but stacked!!! Double delicious!

    Thanks!5 stars

  28. I tried this recipe this morning, sans the cayenne, for breakfast. Super delicious!! Thanks! I’ll do it again!5 stars

  29. I enjoyed this recipe but my kids found the marinade too strong. Next time I would use a little less marinade on the mushrooms. I topped it with the avocado sauce and paired it with a bit of rice and leftover black bean and sweet potato mash. Husband and I really enjoyed it.4 stars

  30. I kind of followed your recipe but cannot eat all of those Ingredients. My marinade ended up being lemon juice, maple syrup, dried rosemary, and fresh grated garlic clove. I had to use the stove top but (OH MY!), these caps were amazing. It’s a keeper! I would even bet that my non vegan friends will fall in love with these!! Thank you!5 stars

    1. I’m so happy that you enjoyed the mushrooms, Cathy! Thank you for sharing this kind review and your adaptations!

  31. Grilled Portobello Mushrooms were absolutely delicious! I followed the recipe with the exception of the fresh Rosemary. I just ran out but the mushrooms could not have tasted better. Simple to put marinade together, only 10 minutes and bam! On the grill and in minutes, this amazing meal was waiting. Thanks! Highly recommend!5 stars

  32. My mushroom steaks turned out GREAT!!! They were so delicious. Served them with garden side salad and balsamic grilled veggies.5 stars

  33. OMG! So good!!! I too enjoy the meaty flavor of
    Mushrooms. This will be a recipe I make at least once a week! Thank you!5 stars

  34. I tried these and they were very delicious. I only made 2 mushrooms for my husband and I since it was the first time trying the recipe. I should have made 3 he would have eaten them both if I had fixed another one. I shared one with him, he wished I had fixed him 2. I also like that the nutritional information is included. It’s a keeper.5 stars

  35. I was not successful with this follow up. Plus there wasn’t much detail. Like one what temp to cook it at. 10/10. Don’t recommend.

    1. Hi Sarah! Did you refer to the recipe card at the bottom of this post? It has a detailed ingredient list and recipe instructions. If you click the “Jump to Recipe” button at the top of the page, it will take you directly there. I hope this helps!

    1. I’m sorry to hear the recipe wasn’t to your taste, Cheryl. I know it’s disappointing to try a new recipe and not love it, so I truly wish you would have enjoyed this!

  36. i loved this recipe. I used some of the leftovers on an marinated veggie sandwich and it was even better on the second day.5 stars

    1. I’m sorry to hear that this recipe wasn’t to your tastes, Warren. I (and many other readers) have really enjoyed the flavors in this dish, so I wish it would’ve been a hit for you too!

    1. I’m so happy that you enjoyed the recipe, Nadine! Thank you for sharing this kind review!

  37. I made this for my Mom who will try anything I cook. She loved it and didn’t think it was too salty (and she always wants me to use less salt). I made it with the avocado topping which I did use less salt in that recipe and less lime too and it was delish with the mushrooms. Thank you!5 stars

  38. I made it, my husband and I couldn’t wait to try it. We had heard from everyone how wonderful these mushrooms are. I took a little bite, ugh. At the same time my husband took a big bite, he immediately spit it out! I will never make them again. I couldn’t even give it one star.

    1. Hi Lorie! I’m not sure what may have gone wrong, but I’m sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy the recipe! Many other readers enjoyed the recipe, but everyone has different tastes.

    2. Your husband spitting it out seems a bit dramatic, but your review didn’t give any clues as to why it was so bad. Too salty? Too acidic? To much rosemary? Too spicy (cayenne or black pepper)? —anything to help us if we should try the recipe?5 stars

  39. Wow these were way better than I had expected. Will definitely make again. So juicy and flavorful.5 stars

  40. These were excellent and so easy! We all enjoyed. Next time I will add the cayenne pepper. I left the gills and just gently cleaned up the under belly. So good. Stacked on a bun and added the fixings. No cheese or oil, perfect plant-based dinner! Thank you Erin5 stars

  41. This recipe is delightful. All the flavors stand out so nicely. All the flavors from the balsamic to the tamari (I don’t have soy sauce) to the rosemary…. what a delightful bunch of goodness. This will be a go-to for our grilled mushrooms. Cheers!5 stars

  42. Hi Erin,

    I like to fry an egg and also grill a couple of cherry tomatoes while I am making toast for breakfast. Had a spare Portobello mushroom in the fridge so just put a little butter on top and grilled it with the toast and tomatoes. Delish. Thank you for page and advice.

  43. Love the recipe and your sense of humor about drinking the wine! Life doesn’t have to be so serious all the time :)4 stars

  44. Yum! First time I added them to a salad and then next on pizza. On pizza they are next level good! Very quick and easy. Thanks5 stars


  46. God I love mushrooms and this recipe further cemented my feelings! :) I am glad that it was not overly spicy and I am also glad that I took your advice to add the cayenne…man that was tasty. Thank you for this one Erin!5 stars

  47. My mom tried making this…It was saltier than the world’s oceans and no amount of rice or anything that could quench my thirst afterwards.

    Just maybe it’s because she tripled and recipe, and tripled the soy sauce…and maybe because she use and oven, and gave the mushrooms the opportunity to soak up every last bit of sodium.

    Next time, just simple olive oil, salt, pepper on a pan.1 star

    1. Hi Kevin, it’s hard to know what went wrong without being in the kitchen with your Mom. Did she use low sodium soy sauce as recommended in the recipe? Also cooking it differently then how it was written in the recipe will always give a different result.

      1. Hi Erin,

        I spoke with my mom, and she did use regular soy sauce (Pearl River Bridge Superior Light Soy Sauce), and used regular vinegar (we don’t traditionally have have balsamic on-hand).

        I’d imagine it would’ve been better with less/lighter seasoning, as mushrooms are really good at absorbing all the sauce/oil/juices. Also, I agree that having it in the oven is definitely different than a grill, as we don’t have anything that constitutes a grill. Next time I’d try out using a stovetop?

        Apologies for the sarcastic remarks from my initial comment…I had just got home from work that night and was looking forward to trying what she made upon seeing it, which turned out to be a sodium-filled disappointment. Hopefully next time it’ll be better executed in the future.

        Fortunately, the leftovers were used as part of a quick noodle stir-fry for lunch the next day.



        P.S. My dad thought it was fine, lol.

  48. Caramelize the shrooms a full 4 minutes per side. Makes an awesome bun for your favorite filling. Excellent with dark caramelized onions and burgers.5 stars


    1. I’m sorry to hear the recipe wasn’t to your taste. I know it’s disappointing to try a new recipe and not enjoy it, so I truly wish it would have been a hit for you.

  50. Made this recipe with the following changes: marinade for 2 hours, and did not brush off marinade before cooking. Sautee on medium with frequent turns. Did not brush on anymore marinade (the longer marinading was enough).

    Excellent taste, everything was well-balanced; whole family enjoyed.5 stars

  51. I am making the recipe now, so I can’t say how it turned out. But I wanted to comment that the recipe says to remove the gills, but the photo shows them intact throughout the cooking process.

    1. Hi Sheila! Yes, you can do them either way. I laid this out in a little more detail in the blog post, hope this helps!

  52. Made these along with grilled beer brats, peppers, and onions. They were fantastic! My husband (who hates mushrooms) said “I don’t know how, but you somehow made these mushrooms taste good”. If that ain’t a compliment, I don’t know what is.5 stars

  53. It’s a mushroom, not a vegetable, fungi realm, as much different as we, animals, are from either fungi or plants…
    Anyways, the recipe looks delicious, I’m gonna try

  54. So delicious!!! Made for breakfast. Kept the gills, and also cooked stalks separately. Slightly reduced garlic powder. Will definitely make again (and again…)5 stars

  55. Amazing! I ran out of balsamic vinegar, but used a balsamic glaze from Sam’s Club. It was tasty!!!5 stars

  56. Lose the gills lose half the flavor… cook with top down so the cap will stew in the marinade and its own juices…

    1. Fried these on the stove top but they didn’t turn out for us. The only flavour was vinegar. The juice coming out of the mushrooms was pure vinegar taste.1 star

      1. Sorry to hear that you had trouble with the recipe, Melanie. The amounts, flavorings and timing have worked well for myself (and others) so I wished it would have been a hit for you too! I know it can be so disappointing to try a new recipe and it does not turn out for you.

    1. Hi Bennie! I’ve only used the homemade marinade that is in the recipe. If you decide to experiment with something different, I’d love to know how it goes!

  57. I made these tonight – they were amazing! So much flavor! I topped them with blue cheese crumbles and fresh spinach and put them on buns.

    Will def do again! Thx!5 stars

  58. We all loved them. The rosemary in the marinade added that special flavor. So easy and sooo good! Thank you.5 stars

  59. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never had Portabella zmushrooms before. Because I love love LOVE balsamic vinegar, this recipe was absolutely fabulous! I was surprised at how juicy the mushrooms were. If you don’t like balsamic vinegar, omit that and the recipe will still be top notch!5 stars

    1. I’m sorry this recipe wasn’t to your tastes, David. I (and many other readers) have truly enjoyed it, so I wish you would’ve too!

  60. Erin, just tried your grilled portabello mushrooms, I loved them …not my dogs the best part was your instructions. You nailed it girl! Please this is not a hit on you, I could be your grandfather. Just enjoyed the instructions as much as the receipt!5 stars

  61. Hi, I will be grilling portobello mushrooms on outside charcoal grill. Do you place them on the side or on the hot side of the grill? I have done grilled cauliflower steaks and they came out well. Thank you.

  62. I made this recipe using dark fig balsamic vinegar and it was delish! As I couldn’t use the avocado sauce (allergic) I topped mine with swiss cheese melted during the last minute on the grill. Served with cilantro/lime rice and a warmed baguette and we had a very nice meal. I will definitely make this again! Thank you…5 stars

  63. These are amazing. The recipe is so simple yet the mushrooms have such a depth in taste. We topped them with grilled veggies and goat cheese so decadent!! New favourite summer meal!5 stars

  64. Excellent! The most flavorful grilled mushrooms l have ever made. Marinated for almost an hour and they were so good.5 stars

  65. This was awesome – thanks so much. Even my mushroom-hating 8yo liked it, which is a miracle!! Thanks!5 stars

  66. I followed recipe exactly (fresh rosemary) and they came out great with deep flavor and a nice kick from the cayenne. I was concerned that short marinating time would result in poor flavor saturation, but about 22 minutes was perfect. An easy last minute side.5 stars

  67. This recipe is fantastic! Mine turned out so juicy and delicious! I added sour cream and dill to the grilled mushrooms, which was so yummy. If you don’t care about eating meat, when paired with fresh salad, this is perfect for a light summer meal.5 stars

  68. Grilled directly on grill grates @400 for about 10 min. Absolutely delish & sprinkled grated Manchego cheese! Loved this recipe! Thanks5 stars

  69. Easy recipe to follow. Marinating is very important. The marinade gives a unique flavor to the mushroom. Will use this recipe again and again.5 stars

  70. While my marinated mushrooms are grilling, I pan fry crab cakes , I stuff the grilled mushrooms with a crab cake I serve a spring salad with chopped tomatoes with the marinated juices sprinkle shredded parm on salad and squeeze of lemon on the crab cake in the grilled mushroom

  71. Very disappointed with the results . It robbed the taste of my mushrooms , it could have been marshmallows or cotton wool, never again – taste much too strong.

    1. I’m sorry to hear the recipe wasn’t to your taste, Patricia. I know it’s disappointing to try a new recipe and not enjoy it. I (and many other readers) have enjoyed it, so I really wish they would’ve been a hit for you too!

  72. The best! Had these in a burger w/ red pepper flakes subbed for cayenne. So delicious and even my H didn’t miss the meat.5 stars

  73. This is my favorite marinade. I made a big batch and keep it on hand in the fridge. It’s so good. I use it on more than just portabellos. Tonight we are having puffball mushroom steaks in this marinade. So, so, yummy.5 stars

    1. Hi Lora, there really aren’t any substitutes for the balsamic vinegar in this recipe. Hope you still give it a try!

  74. I followed the recipe directions w/out the cayenne.Absolutely delicious! This recipe is a keeper. I also used the marinade on grilled zucchini as I had extra—also very good! Easy, well written-out instructions. Recipe is a keeper!!5 stars

  75. Sounds interesting. I rub some olive oil on the outside, then pour a little olive oil on the inside and then a little montreal steak inside and put on the BBQ or air fryer. On a bun with red onion, avocado