How to Save Recipes

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How to Save Recipes

1. When browsing any recipe on the site, look for the “Save to Favorites” link at the top of the page or the “Save” button on the recipe card.

animate photo showing how to save recipes for weekly healthy meal plan
animate photo showing how to save recipes for weekly healthy meal plan

2. After clicking “Save” or “Save to Favorites,” you’ll notice the heart icon becomes filled in. Clicking again on the filled-in heart icon will take you to your saved recipes, or you can access them anytime by going to My Recipes.

Once you navigate to the My Recipes page, you can view all of your saved recipes by clicking the “Saved Recipes” box. Your most recently saved recipes will be at the top of the list.

animate photo showing how to save recipes for building out a customized meal plan

3. To view a recipe from your collection, click the recipe title or image. After clicking the recipe, you’ll see the recipe card.

You can return to your saved recipes anytime by clicking “Saved Recipes.”

Update Serving Size

To customize your serving size, use the plus and minus icons below the recipe to adjust how many people the recipe will serve. This will automatically update ingredients and nutrition information.

How to update serving sizes for meal plan recipes

Remove a Recipe

To remove a recipe from your Saved Recipes, once inside your collection, click the three dots menu next to the recipe and select “Remove Item.”

how to update meal plan to customize it for your needs


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