The holidays pose serious challenges: making elastic-waisted pants look classy enough to win your mother-in-law’s approval; sneaking off for a nap to avoid dish duty; restraining yourself from eating all of the Mini Fig Goat Cheese Bacon Phyllo Bites before dinner begins. The struggles are real.

Mini Fig Goat Cheese Bacon Bites. Premade phyllo dough cups make for an easy but impressive appetizer!

Although I’ve solved the first issue via baggy sweater dress and am thinking slipping away for a snooze in my car might manage the second, I have yet to develop a strategy to resist these mini fig goat cheese bacon phyllo bites to avoid appetite ruin.

How to Make MIni Fig Goat Cheese Bacon Bites, step-by-step

About These Phyllo Cup Appetizers Goat Cheese

Delicate phyllo dough filled with creamy whipped goat cheese, red wine-poached figs, and crunchy bacon, this simple but impressive appetizer recipe is guaranteed to disappear from your holiday table.

Although the flavors are complex, the preparation is easy, thanks to a key ingredient: frozen mini phyllo shells.

The mini phyllo shells are fully baked before they are frozen, so all you need to do is remove them from your freezer, wait 10 minutes, then fill them as your heart desires.

They are lightly crispy, delightfully flakey, and perfect for an array of both sweet and savory fillings.

For today’s appetizer recipe, I chose the trio of sweet figs, salty bacon, and tangy goat cheese.

Their flavors balance one another beautifully, and because I tend to enjoy these three even more beside a glass of red wine, I decided to involve the red in the recipe too.

Red Wine Goat Cheese Bites with Bacon. The best ever goat cheese appetizer!

I opted for dried figs, which are much easier to find than fresh. To keep the figs from being overly chewy, however, I knew I needed to rehydrate them first to make them plump and succulent.

Now, I could have simply covered the figs in boiling water, then patted them dry, but why do that when we can simmer them in red wine instead?

The wine reduces to a sweet, sticky glaze that infuses the figs with rich flavor and makes these mini fig goat cheese bacon phyllo bites feel extra festive too.

Once the figs have simmered, all that remains is assembly.

Pipe or dollop the goat cheese into the shells, top with figs and bacon, then sprinkle with fresh thyme. If only avoiding the dishes were this easy.

Easy Fig Goat Cheese Bacon Bites in Phyllo Dough

More Delicious Party Appetizers

Easy Mini Fig Goat Cheese Bacon Bites in Phyllo Dough. Premade phyllo dough cups make this the easiest but most impressive appetizer recipe!

Tools Used to Make These Bites

Wishing you roomy pants, a successful sneak-nap, and as many Mini Fig Goat Cheese and Bacon Phyllo Bites as you dare to finish!

Mini Fig Goat Cheese Bacon Bites. Premade phyllo dough cups make for an easy but impressive appetizer!

Mini Fig Goat Cheese Bacon Phyllo Bites

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An easy but impressive appetizer recipe! Store bought phyllo dough shells filled with creamy whipped goat cheese, sweet figs, and salty, crunchy bacon.

Total: 45 mins

Servings: 30 bites


  • 4 slices thick-cut bacon cooked*
  • 1 1/2 cups dry red wine
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 5 ounces dried mission figs, about 15–18 total
  • 2 boxes mini fillo shells, 30 shells total
  • 8 ounces goat cheese at room temperature
  • 2 tablespoons half and half or heavy cream
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh thyme
  • Fresh ground black pepper


  • If necessary, cook the bacon according to these easy steps. Once cool, dice into small pieces.
  • Meanwhile, stir the wine and honey together in a medium saucepan. Add the figs, then bring to a boil over medium heat. Reduce the heat to a simmer, then let the figs cook until plump and tender, about 15 minutes. With a slotted spoon, transfer the figs to a cutting board. Once cool enough to handle, cut into 1/4-inch slices.
  • Remove the Athens Mini Fillo Shells from their box and place on counter, keeping the phyllo shells still in their protective tray.
  • In a small mixing bowl, beat the goat cheese together with the half and half or cream until smooth and fluffy, about 2 minutes. Place the mixture in a piping bag fitted with a large tip (or a ziptop bag with the corner cut off). Pipe a dollop of the mixture into the bottom of each phyllo shell. If you do not wish the pipe the mixture, you can also use a small spoon to dollop it into each shell.
  • Top the goat cheese with a few pieces of figs and bacon crumbles. Sprinkle with fresh thyme and ground pepper. Serve immediately or refrigerate for up to 4 hours.


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  1. I need those phyllo sheets in my life stat. They make it too easy to make bites out of whatever I want!

  2. Love the simplicity of this recipe, it sounds super delicious, and who doesn’t love mini phyllo bites filled with all this goodness?!? Need these in my life!

  3. I LOVE those little phyllo shells, I use them all the time! And of course, I adore these little bites, red-wine poached figs, ummm I can’t think of anything that sounds more delicious right now. 

  4. Bring on the classy stretch pants!! Why can’t these be considered proper attire especially during Thanksgiving?? Now, pass me a dozen of these bites!

  5. These bites look absolutely delicious! Love the fig and goat cheese combo all wrapped up in that flaky phyllo :)

    1. Hi Cassandra! It sounds like you bought a different type of fig (probably a turkish fig) instead of the mission figs called for the in the recipe. The flavor will be slightly different (as will the color), but I think they will still taste great!

  6. Hi Erin, 
    Thanks so much for the recipe! I modified it because I didn’t have mission figs….but I did have dried cranberries! Soaked the cranberries in nouveau beaujolais overnight and assembled the next morning to bring for a Thanksgiving picnic with MIL (in a rehab center for stroke; no holiday meal due to staffing issues.)  I had to have portable foods as not even a microwave to heat things up! Actually forgot to put the bacon on these in my rush!  It was a beautiful day here in LA…..We had chardonnay,  these appetizers, toasted pecans, cheese straws,  and red grapes;  followed by ham sandwiches with sweet potato salad, and then mini pies from a local baker.   MIL was very impressed -especially with these appetizers! So, these will become part of my repertoire, thanks again!  Happy Holidays!5 stars

  7. I’d-love-to-make-these-for-Thanksgiving-this-year,-but-we-have-one-or-more-family-members-who-won’t-or-can’t-eat-anything-with-even-a-hint-of-alcohol-in-it-and-I-personally-hate-wine-anyway..(I-know-I’m-unusual-haha)…I-was-thinking-of-substituting-the-wine with our-favorite-Knudsen-organic-100%-apple-juice-in-the=same-way-until-boiled-down-to=a-glaze..and-wondering-if-you-think-that-would-turn-out-well-or-no?–I-think-it-comes-in-a-pear-juice-too-if-you-think-that-would-work-better?-Since-the-juices-are-naturally-sweet-would-I-leave-the-honey-out-or-no?

    1. Hi Yvonne! I actually think that apple cider would be your best bet as a substitution for the wine. It will take longer to reduce, so be prepared for a longer cooking time for the reduction, and you may need to alter the amount of cider versus the amount of wine originally called for in the recipe. And yes, you can leave out the honey, as it will naturally be sweeter! I hope you enjoy the recipe!

  8. Thank-you-s0-much-Erin!—I_was-wondering-that-too….I-LOVEEEEE-apple-cider-anyway!-

    1. Jess, for this I’d stick with dried as the fresh will be too soft and I think they’d make the pastry soggy. I hope that helps!

    1. Hi Linda! I’m afraid the phyllo dough may become soggy if the bites are assembled ahead of time. If you want to prep these early, I’d recommend preparing the filling ingredients, and then you can put them together and bake right before serving. I hope this helps!