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**UPDATE The Well Plated Cookbook is now available for preorder!**

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I have a secret I’ve been DYING to tell you.

First, it was my answer to the What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Upessays that teachers like to assign in elementary school

Then, it turned into a grown-up dream, one that I prudently ignored. I pursued other “real jobs,” while it hung out in the back of my mind, first patiently…then, not so patiently.

Then, YOU came into the picture.

Even though you didn’t know it yet, your support—along with a lot of hard work, some good luck, buckets of coffee, and the unconditional support of Ben and my family and friends—that dream turned into the reality my eight-year-old self always knew that it would.

Erin Clarke sitting on a chair with a stack of cookbooks


A real-deal, hardcover, available at Amazon/Barnes & Noble/hopefully every bookstore near you cookbook.

I am roughly halfway through the recipes, and I can tell you without a doubt that writing a cookbook is both the best and the hardest thing I have ever done. The recipes (125+ of them) are NEW, meaning you can’t find them on my blog or anywhere else.

These are THE BEST RECIPES I have ever cooked. I can’t wait for you to have them in your hands!

Every single recipe in this book makes me dance around my kitchen. If it doesn’t, I haven’t rested until it is just right. The brownies? I’ve baked them six times so far, and I might do it one more time to make sure that they are perfect.

Making healthy recipes that are approachable, affordable, and, most important of all, delicious is long what I have wanted my cooking style and this blog to be about. My cookbook will be an extension of that philosophy.

I’ve stuffed the book not only with the kinds of recipes you’ve come to know and love from me here—go-to one-pan dinners, healthier baked treats, slow cooker recipes, and hearty salads that are anything but ho-hum—but also fun, unexpected twists that are designed to make preparing healthy dinners even easier.

All of the recipes are made from ingredients that you can find at an average grocery store, are budget-conscious, and if Ben, myself, and my friends didn’t all fall in love with them, they didn’t make the cut.

This book has occupied my every waking hour, and then some. I’ve felt stretched to the max creatively, in my relationships, and in my work here too.

Erin Clarke working at a desk on her cookbook

It’s been worth it.

I can’t overstate what a dream come true this is for me. I’ve wanted to be an author since I was a little girl, and when I think about the fact that it’s a) actually happening and b) happening in a way that unites authorship with one of my greatest loves, FOOD, my heart feels overrun with happiness and emotion. I am truly, truly thrilled.

Seriously messy kitchen during the recipe development process for a healthy cookbook

This book would not be possible without YOU. It is because of your strong support that I have reached this point.

THANK YOU for reading my blog, for making my recipes, for commenting, and for every encouraging message on Insta, Facebook, and email. You, my wonderful readers, are the reason that this book is happening.

Erin Clarke cutting the top off a cake layer

Some details!

The cookbook’s release date is still being set but current forecasts state early Fall 2020. I know it feels forever away, but I promise it will be here before we know it! I plan to share updates, so keep following along for all the important details.

I’m so lucky not only to be writing a book, but also to be doing it with an incredible team. My fantastic agent, Janis Donnaud, believed in my ideas and writing from our first call. Without her, I never could have found my book a home at Avery, my publisher.

Speaking of Avery: PINCH ME. Not only has Avery produced best-selling cookbooks written by bloggers I admire deeply—The Oh She Glows Cookbook, Minimalist Baker’s Everyday CookingLove and LemonsThe Vanilla Bean Baking Book, and more—but also my editor, Lucia, actually edited every single one of these! I could not be in better hands and am in awe of my company. It’s both inspiring and a reminder of just how great I want my book to be.

Erin Clarke frosting a cake

In addition to my amazing publishing team, I also have another key partner who took a job I am very, very happy she accepted: my photographer!

Lucky lady that I am, one of the photographers I admire most, Becky of The Cookie Rookie, happens to be one of my dearest friends. When I approached her with the job description of cookbook photographer, she said yes!

While I am happy to take the photos for my site and intend to continue to do so, my skill level for my blog photos isn’t at the level that I want for my book. It’s important to me that the recipes look as jaw-dropping as they taste. I also discovered that worrying about the photos looking perfect was taking away from my focus on making the recipes their absolute best.

So far, we’ve completed one of what will be a series of shoots at Becky’s home studio in St. Louis, as well as one here in Milwaukee. It was quite the production (nearly 50 recipes in 5 days!), but it went soooo well. Not only are the recipes incredible, but the beauty of the photos matches their stellar-ness just as I hoped that it would.

Can I say again HOW EXCITED I AM for you to have this book???

Well Plated by Erin Healthy Food Blogger holding a cup of coffee

It feels so good to share this news with you, as if I and my book are more complete now that you are officially in the know. Be sure to follow me here and on Instagram (@wellplated) for updates along the way.

Thank you♥. You are why this dream is possible!

The Well Plated Cookbook cover in 3D

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Behind The Scenes.

I’ve been sharing fun behind the scenes posts about writing the book! Here are a few:

  • This post describes how I develop recipes.
  • This post goes into detail about how I test the recipes.
  • You can view all posts about my cookbook here.
  • You can sign up to receive an instant email alert whenever I share a new cookbook post, recipe, or tip here.

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  1. Yaaaay, congratulations Erin! So well deserved. I have loved watching your blog evolve over the years and am pumped to see your cookbook!

  2. Congrats! I was literally saying yesterday as I was cooking one of your recipes how I wished you would write an actual hardcover cookbook and look what I woke up to!!!!! Can’t wait! 

  3. I am INSANELY happy for you, Erin!!! I’ll be the first to buy your book! You are such a talent and I’m so excited to see it :) Best of luck in finishing/editing!! 

  4. I’m so happy to read this! I have often wondered when you would be putting a cookbook out! :)
    I love this blog its one of the first things I look at in the morning! Your hardwork shows in every post & I’m so happy your dream is coming true!!!

  5. So excited for you Erin, I cannot wait to see it, I bet it’s going to be absolutely amazing!!! You were a born author, I love your writing so I know it will be a big hit!!

  6. Ahhhh such exciting news!! Congrats!! I can’t wait for it to come out, and know it’s going to be phenomenal. 

  7. This is such exciting news!! I’ve made many of your delicious recipes and look forward to purchasing your cookbook to continue making easy, tasty meals and yummy desserts for my family and I. Your recipes are always easy to follow using step by step instructions. Congratulations on the book deal; you’re very deserving! ??

  8. OMG!!! Congratulations Erin!! What an accomplishment and exciting time in your life! I can’t wait to follow along on Insta and get the book when it’s finally released!!

  9. I love your recipes. I am thrilled to hear this news. I am so happy for you. Sending prayers that everything will go beautifully for you with this project.

  10. Erin!! I am SO elated about this! I have kept index cards of the url of all my favorite recipes from you. Now a cookbook!! It will have a special place in my kitchen and will get much use!! Can’t wait!!!!!! Congrats and keep us posted!

  11. Congratulations. I think what makes your blog so good is not only the recipes (which I love) but you are a great writer! Keep up the good work.

  12. I am very happy for you and look forward to buying your cookbook when it comes out. I have had so much success with your recipes and wish you all the best.

  13. Yay!!!!! This is one my very favorite blogs. I feel like I’m always talking about it! I CANNOT wait to buy the book. Congratulations – well earned!!!

  14. Congrats! I’m very excited for you (and for your fans)! Do you have a title…will it be Well-Plated?  I’m lookinh forward to you having a book tour so I can hopefully  meet you. 

  15. Oh Yeah!! We were JUST WAITING, Lady …..

    !!!!Congratulations!!!! I hope they offer pre-sale!! Whoop Whoop

  16. I am so happy for you, Erin!! A grandma can still do happy dances and I’m doing that with you! :) I LOVE the pictures you shared today on your post – love seeing your JOY on each one! And, I already love your recipes so I will be looking forward to having one of your cookbooks in my home!! Congratulations!!

  17. Congratulations on this exciting news, Erin! I’m so happy for you. I love how healthy, comforting and approachable your blog recipes are. I have no doubt the cookbook will be just as amazing and can’t wait for it to come out! :)

  18. I am not usually one to reply but I’ve been making recipes from your blog for quite some time! Congratulations ??! I look forward to your book coming out.

  19. Hi Erin
    Congrats on fulfilling another bucket kist dream in your journey! I can’t wait to have your “baby” in my home, need to have an online book club so we can share with each other.  This is working so well with jessica Merchant’s Pretty Dish cookbook!

  20. Congrats, Erin! What exciting news! I’m slowly become a more confident cook, and your recipes have been a huge help in that.

  21. Wow – such fantastic news! So very happy for you and for all of us who will be jumping to buy your cookbook! Your recipes are always awesome. This is so well-deserved. Congratulations!

  22. Erin, I am thrilled for you and excited to have a cookbook of yours in hand. Your recipes are my favorite, I know every time I try one I won’t be let down. Thanks for being willing to take so much time to make each one perfect. I can’t wait to see what all is in your cookbook! Congrats- so well deserved.

  23. Congratulations!! So happy for you and thrilled that you are living your dream! I am really looking forward to your cookbook, I love your recipes. Several have become favorites of mine to make and serve.

  24. Congrats, Erin!! I’ve been following your blog for a year or so now, and I couldn’t be more impressed and appreciative with your eye for colors, taste, and details! I recommend you AND your recipes to everyone I know. If there’s anyone who deserves something like this, it’s you! So happy your childhood dreams are coming to fruition :)

    Brb, marking the release in my calendar..

  25. I am so darn excited!!! Kudos to you for working SO hard, for devoting so much time and energy for us readers, and for never giving up on your dream. You are and will continue to do amazing things!! (Also, your office is adorable!) I’m really looking forward to owning your cookbook!

  26. Yay!!! I almost never buy books, but I will definitely buy your cookbook! I wonder how many will be recipes of yours I’ve tried and loved already :)

  27. Hi Erin,

    I have also followed your blog for a few years now … since you were the Law Student’s Wife :). I can’t even recall how I stumbled on to you! I recall you speaking about your career before blogging, in fact pretty sure when I started reading you were still working full time outside of the blog. My husband is a lawyer also but our university years are long past – lol!! I have since made (and shared)many recipes and my family has enjoyed them all. As well, I have always enjoyed your witty writing :). Great news about your cookbook, looking forward to it! Congratulations! ~Annette (Ottawa, Canada)

  28. I discovered you a couple years ago and many of your recipes have become staples in our household. When I’m looking for something new to put on the table, I ALWAYS head to wellplated first! So many options that are quick and easy and crowd pleasers for my two young kids! I’m really looking forward to having your cookbook on hand! 

  29. I am so excited to hear this! Your blog has the best recipes, and I’m not just saying that. I recommend your blog to people all the time, and soon I can tell them to buy your cookbook! I cannot wait until 2020. Congratulations!

  30. Additional congratulations, Erin! What a huge undertaking, but your joy shows. I always read your recipes.

    I manged to stop collecting cookbooks a while ago, but will get yours. Special people call for exceptions, right?

  31. Ive been making your recipes for about a year now, and myself, my hubby and 2 year old always enjoy what you have thought up! I am not creative, but I love to cook. So thank you for making it easy and delicious! I cant wait for the book…!!!

  32. I’ve been following your blog, because my children went to Notre Dame and my oldest meet the love of his life there. She is a Madison girl and as of July 21, 2018 my daughter in law. I love your stories as much as the recipes. I hope your cook book is like Trisha Yearwoods, I love how personable each recipe is. I will be keeping an eye out for your cookbook, and hope to come out for a book signing too – Sending best of Luck Wishes from San Diego, CA – Julie

  33. Such exciting news; congratulations!!! :) Also, I seriously cannot comprehend making and photographing 50 recipes in 5 days?! That’s insane!!!

  34. Congratulations!!! That’s fabulous! I wish we could pre-order now!  2020 seems like forever but I’ll be patient! Very happy for you!! 

  35. Ahhhhhhhhhhh congrats! :D Looking forward to hearing when it’s up to order, your recipes are some of my favorites! <3

  36. How I love your site! always come here to get a dose of inspiration! You are so real, nice, interesting and almost native. I am pleased to read every article. You are my mentor!

  37. I am so excited for you!!! Reading your post today made me almost tearful, your joy is so evident. Now I know what my Christmas gift for 2020 for my cookie buddies will be ;)
    Looking forward to it!

  38. You are my favorite blogger who I always turn to for a good, homemade meal. I cannot wait to get your cookbook! Congratulations!!! Keep it up!!!! 

  39. I am so happy for you. Congratulations! You mean we all don’t have the dream of being a published author someday? I can’t wait to hear about ALL the updates. I love the behind the scenes of writing a cookbook. Good luck, I hope your recently trip to Italy provided you with some much need R&R and inspiration.

  40. Erin! I can’t tell you how excited I am to hear this! You’re my favorite food blogger and this is like a dream come true for me!  Good luck with it! I know it will be a huge success!

  41. For some reason, I didn’t have the cookbook news come up on my computer Monday…way cool for you !!!
    And for the rest of us as well. I’m a recipe junkie and love getting interesting cookbooks to add to my collection. Yours will go right on the shelves next to Ina, Valerie, Trisha and many others. Best wishes for you in your travels to “amazing cookbook author”.

  42. Such fabulous news! I love your writing style and know that your cookbook will be awesome. When is your travel book coming? Your posts about your travels allow me to experience things I will never do in person and I live vicariously through your descriptions and pictures.

    Can’t wait to get a copy! Way to go Erin!

    1. Tami I think I need to survive this book first ;-) In all seriousness though, THANK YOU! I am so touched and so pleased you enjoy my travel posts too!!

  43. Erin,
    I’m late to this party, but please accept my sincere congratulations on your endeavor. I enjoy your recipes for many reasons … they’re delicious, they don’t require hard-to-find/expensive ingredients, and they’re healthy (or at least “healthy-ish”!) I also appreciate that they are (in my experience) clearly written, easily understood, and error-free … even without your Avery editor. Your photography is excellent (I’m always amazed at how difficult it is to take a photo of things I make that looks even appetizing.) I can only wait in anticipation of this completed “work of love.” Again … congratulations.

    1. Dean, this is SO MEANINGFUL. All thing things you described are so important to me and what I am working for with my recipes, so it’s really affirming to hear that it is translating. Thank you, so much!

  44. Congratulations Erin, I am so happy for you! When people ask me what kind of food I like to cook, I have a hard time describing it – but I usually end up mentioning “like the stuff on Well-plated”. Your food is the perfect blend of comfort, freshness, healthiness, variety, and downright deliciousness – your book is sure to be a hit!

  45. I’m so happy for you Erin! I’ve always wanted you to write a cookbook! I still can’t figure out how you find the time to even do your blog, especially now with your great videos, and the photography and now this HUGE cookbook project! I’ve enjoyed your blogs since you were “The Law Student’s Wife.” I laugh quite often when I serve one of your dishes for dinner, thinking about poor Ben, patiently waiting for you to finish photographing dinner,  all the while getting colder and colder! Dreams do come true, though preparedness, persistence, creativity and lots of hard work are playing a big part!

    1. Laurie, your encouragement and support mean so much. Thank you so much for following along and making the dream possible!!

  46. Congratulations on the cookbook! And, hope the move went well. Just from reading your blog, I feel like I know you a bit. Life with the internet is amazing.

    I don’t post here much, but do pick up a few good recipes from your blog occasionally. Our favorite is the chicken tomato skillet. When I was faced with an oven that we couldn’t get to work while staying for three weeks in a medieval village in France this summer, I had to come up with a variety of stove-top meals, more than normal. Your chicken tomato skillet was enjoyed twice — the second time as leftovers. It is so flavorful.
    Fortunately, the secret to the oven was discovered and was used a bit later, but sparingly because the outdoor temps were so high.

    Again, congrats. Look forward to the cookbook.

    1. Cindy, thank you so much! And I love hearing that my recipe was cooked in a medieval village in France—I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  47. OMG, 5-star news!!! So beyond thrilled for you- you have been so deserving of such an amazing deal with phenomenal publishers. Can’t wait to pre-order your book!!! I already have OSG and Minimalist Baker and am beyond positive how amazing your cookbook will be. Congrats a million times!!!

  48. I can not wait that long! Very exciting news. I recently discovered your blog and am obsessed with it. My daughter is a student at UW-Madison and we love sharing recipes. She just texted me that she’s making dinner for her roommate’s birthday tonight using your recipes. I made your Ginger-Apple muffins for a girls weekend recently and they loved them. My daughter and I are also obsessed with your orange poppy seed muffins. Can’t wait for the cookbook so I can buy it for all of my friends. Congratulations!

  49. Congratulations to you! Your cookbook should be a great success just judging from the recipes you share with us on your blog.

  50. Erin,
    Love, love your recipes, your blog posts and your scintillating personality! I’m so happy to have found you, and I await impatiently for your cookbook!

    1. Stephanie, this makes my day!! I am so happy you found my blog <3 And I know you are going to LOVE the book. My best recipes ever!!

  51. Hello Erin,
    I was under the impression that by signing up and leaving my email I was going to get your cookbook for free.
    I hope the cookbook will not be sent by email for it will clog my computer. I’m very excited to learn about healthy recipes that will aide in losing weight. Thanks for taking the time and offering to help others.

    1. Hi Richel! Thank you so much for my interest in my cookbook and recipes! By leaving your email, you will receive updates about my cookbook and other recipes. Unfortunately, I will not be sending my cookbook out for free, but you will receive a link where you can pre-order the book once it’s available! Thank you again for your interest, and I’m SO excited to share the book with you!

  52. Brilliant – Can’t wait to get your book all the way to Scotland. It will save me printing, printing and more printing your recipes. Well Done.

  53. I’m so glad your dream is coming true. As a dreamer myself, I have to honestly say none of mine have come true over the years. I am sooo happy for you for yours?

  54. Awesome thank you!!  I cannot wait and I am so happy for you.  It’s a lot of hard work.  I wish I could just look at ingredients and whip something up but I need a recipe so I am looking forward to getting yours!!  Happy Cooking I love your recipes ❤️

  55. I have loved all your recipes that I have tried, and am thrilled for you to see that you are going to publish a cookbook. Thinking I will definitely be buying this one! Thanks for answering my question about the nutritional information on your site, and now wondering the same thing for your upcoming cookbook you are publishing… Will recipes include the nutritional information in your cookbook? Just curious. Thanks for great recipes!!

    1. Hi Erin, thank you for your kind words! We packed the book with so many resources and extra recipe tips like how to swap ingredients to suit what you have on hand, store and reheat leftovers, and more that nutritional information didn’t fit on the page. Also because nutritional information can vary so much from brand to brand depending upon the products you select, and because even the science used to calculate nutritional information can change, I didn’t end up printing it in the book, because I didn’t feel comfortable with its accuracy. Also, while the recipes are healthy, I also wanted to send a message that health is about much more than just a number. The great thing is you will absolutely be able to calculate it online for free with the exact brands of ingredients you select via or a similar service. The recipes in the book are truly wonderful, and although that might not be the answer you were hoping to hear, I hope you can understand. The recipes and resources I do provide will more than make up for it I promise!