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I’m not sure if I subconsciously selected my friends based on their willingness to share bites of whatever they ordered for dinner with me, but THANK GOODNESS a good girlfriend let me taste her Chinese pepper steak when we went out for Asian last week. Were it not for her generosity, this Crock Pot Pepper Steak might never have come to be, and our lives would be worse off without it.

A bowl of crock pot pepper steak with Worcestershire sauce, peppers, and rice

Pepper steak is a classic Chinese American dish that’s named for its two primary ingredients: peppers (bell peppers, specifically) and strips of steak (often sirloin, flank, or round). It’s in a thick, almost gravy-like sauce made with ginger and soy sauce; the sauce coats every morsel with its rich, savory flavor. No dry grains of rice here!

Pepper steak is typically served as a fast, stir-fry style dish, but I wanted to see if I could adapt it for the slow cooker.

We absolutely love Asian crockpot recipes like Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken and Crockpot Beef and Broccoli. Since everything is prepped in advance, by the time the meal is ready, it feels a little like someone made dinner for me.

Using the slow cooker to make pepper steak gives you the immediate reward of ordering takeout (hey look! I walked into the house, and dinner is magically ready), with the nutritional and cost-saving benefits that come with cooking healthy food at home.

After sampling several bites of my friend’s pepper steak (TBD if she’ll ever go out to eat with me again), I determined we all needed an easy version of the recipe to make at home.

I tooled around with the sauce a bit, adding more ginger to give it a fresher flavor and sweetening the sauce naturally with honey instead of the brown sugar often used in restaurants.

Forever a lover of a good veggie sneak, I also packed in extra bell peppers, so you can enjoy this recipe as a healthy, all-in-one meal.

A slow cooker with beef and vegetables in a sticky Asian sauce

How to Make Crock Pot Pepper Steak

Once everything is in the crockpot, this is a set-it-and-forget-it meal. Your future self is already thanking you.

Key Stir Fry Ingredients

  • Beef. You have options here! The best cuts of beef for the crockpot usually are tough, because the slow cooker breaks them down slowly and makes them tender, without drying them out. Chuck roast, strip steak, and round roast are all popular, and because the cuts are tougher, they are very affordable too.
    • For pepper steak, I love to use sirloin. It is a bit more expensive, but it’s leaner and is easy to cut into pieces of the appropriate size.
    • You can also make this crockpot pepper steak with beef stew meat, which is a mix of cuts. I don’t love stew meat in the slow cooker *as* much because the cuts will finishing cooking in different amounts of time (so some may overcook), but it’s a fast, budget-friendly option that yields decent results.
  • Bell Peppers. ALL THE COLORS! Bell peppers are one of my favorite vegetables, and why I often use them in stir fries like this Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry. They’re high in Vitamin-C, potassium, and folate.
  • Sautéed Onions. Browning the onions in the same pan used to brown the beef is a major upgrade to this recipe. It’s worth it (as is the time spent browning the beef, I promise!).
  • Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes. While these might seem like an odd addition, they help thicken the sauce and add a subtle smokiness. The acid in the tomatoes also helps balance the pepper steak sauce’s sweetness.

Key Pepper Steak Sauce Ingredients

  • Soy Sauce. A salty, delicious umami bomb. Soy sauce is the perfect base for an Asian stir fry sauce (just check out all the recipes I’ve used it in!).
  • Worcestershire Sauce. Making crockpot pepper steak with Worcestershire sauce helps to deepen the flavors of the dish. It works well with the beef and gives another umami note.
  • Honey. I love to naturally sweeten my Asian recipes with honey. It provides the perfect touch of sweetness and stickiness that the dish needs.
  • Ginger. Adds fresh, zippy, slightly sweet notes to the sauce.

The Directions

  1. Toss the beef with the spices then sauté it on all sides until lightly browned. Add it to the slow cooker.
  2. In the same pan, sauté the onions until they are lightly browned. Hello, FLAVOR. Add them to the slow cooker too.
    A slow cooker with beef, peppers, and onions for making pepper steak
  3. Add the peppers to the slow cooker.
    A slow cooker filled with peppers, tomato, onions, and beef for making a stir fry
  4. Add the tomatoes to the slow cooker. Whisk together the sauce ingredients and cornstarch in a small bowl, then pour the mixture into the slow cooker. Cover and cook on LOW for 6 to 7 hours, until the beef is tender.
  5. Whisk together the cornstarch slurry, and stir it into the slow cooker. Let cook uncovered on HIGH for 10 minutes to thicken. Serve hot with brown rice and green onions. ENJOY!

A bowl of crock pot pepper steak and rice with bell peppers

Tips to Thicken Pepper Steak Sauce

This recipe uses cornstarch to thicken the sauce, and we were happy with the resulting texture. If you’d like your sauce even thicker, here are a few tips:

  • Add Time. Leave your slow cooker uncovered on HIGH for about 20 minutes instead of 10 to give the sauce additional time to reduce.
  • Add Additional Cornstarch. You can add a second round of the cornstarch slurry; don’t go too crazy or you may change the flavor, but I would say you can comfortably add 1 additional tablespoon cornstarch, whisked together with 1 tablespoon water, then stir it into the slow cooker.

How to Store, Reheat, and Freeze Crock Pot Pepper Steak

  • To Store. Place leftover pepper steak in an airtight storage container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.
  • To Reheat. Gently rewarm leftovers in a large skillet on the stove over medium-low heat. You can also reheat this dish in the microwave.
  • To Freeze. Store pepper steak in an airtight freezer-safe storage container in the freezer for up to 3 months. Let thaw overnight in the refrigerator before reheating.

A bowl of crock pot pepper steak with peppers and white rice

What to Serve with Pepper Steak

  • Rice. Keep it simple and serve your pepper steak with rice. You’ll have plenty of sauce to make sure every grain is coated. I like to use brown rice for its whole-grain benefits like extra fiber and nutrients.
  • Cauliflower Rice. For a more low-carb option, swap the rice for steamed cauliflower rice.
  • VegetablesUp the veggie content even more by serving this recipe with a side of Roasted Frozen Broccoli or Roasted Brussels Sprouts.

More Healthy Asian-Inspired Slow Cooker Recipes

Crock pot pepper steak served in a bowl with white rice and peppers

Recommended Tools to Make Crock Pot Pepper Steak

  • Slow Cooker. I love that this one is programmable, so it will switch to warm after the cooking time has ended.
  • Small Whisk. This one is the ideal size for preparing sauce ingredients.
  • Large Skillet. This is a great size for browning the beef.

Put down the takeout menu, and let’s make better, healthy pepper steak right in the crockpot!

Crock Pot Pepper Steak

5 from 27 votes
Crock pot pepper steak is an easy homemade version of the classic Chinese American dish. Bell peppers and tender beef in a rich, thick sauce made with ginger, soy sauce and honey.

Prep: 15 minutes
Cook: 6 hours 15 minutes
Total: 6 hours 30 minutes

Servings: 5 servings


  • 2 pounds sirloin cut into 2-inch, by ½-inch strips
  • 2 teaspoons garlic powder
  • ½ teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon canola oil grapeseed oil, or a different neutral oil
  • 1 large yellow onion
  • ¼ cup plus 2 tablespoons water, divided
  • 2 green bell peppers cored and cut into ½-inch strips
  • 2 red, yellow, or orange bell peppers cored and cut into ½-inch strips
  • 1 15-ounce can fire roasted diced tomatoes in their juices
  • ¼ cup low sodium soy sauce plus additional to taste
  • 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger
  • ¼ teaspoon red pepper flakes plus additional to taste
  • 5 tablespoons cornstarch divided
  • Prepared brown rice quinoa or cauliflower rice, for serving


  • Place the beef in a bowl and sprinkle with the garlic powder, salt, and black pepper. Toss to coat.
  • Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium high. Add the beef and cook on all sides until the beef is lightly browned, about 5 minutes (no need to cook it all the way through). Transfer the beef and any cooking juices to a 6-quart slow cooker.
  • To the skillet where you were just cooking the beef, add the onions. Increase the heat to high. Carefully pour in 1/4 cup water, stirring to scrape up any browned bits stuck on the pan. Sauté until the onions begin to soften and lightly brown and the liquid has cooked off, about 3 minutes, then transfer the onions to the slow cooker with the beef.
  • To the slow cooker, add the green and red bell peppers (see recipe note) and tomatoes. In a small bowl or a large liquid measuring cup, whisk together the soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, honey, ginger, red pepper flakes, and 3 tablespoons cornstarch. Pour into the slow cooker.
  • Cover and cook on LOW for 6 to 7 hours, until the beef is tender (you can also make this recipe on HIGH, cooking it for 3 to 4 hours, though I find the beef comes out more tender on low heat).
  • In a small bowl, whisk together the remaining 2 tablespoons cornstarch with the remaining 2 tablespoons water to make a slurry. Stir the slurry into the slow cooker. Turn the slow cooker to HIGH and let cook, uncovered, for 10 minutes to further thicken. The pepper beef will still be saucy, but it should resemble a thick, rich gravy. Stir once more. Taste and add additional salt, soy sauce, and/or red pepper flakes to taste. Serve hot with prepared brown rice and a sprinkle of green onion.


  • The bell peppers will become quite soft during cooking; if you prefer them more crisp, wait to add them a little more than halfway through the cook time.
  • TO STORE: Place leftover steak in an airtight storage container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.
  • TO REHEAT: Gently rewarm leftovers in a large skillet on the stove over medium-low heat. You can also reheat this dish in the microwave.
  • TO FREEZE: Store pepper steak in an airtight freezer-safe storage container in the freezer for up to 3 months. Let thaw overnight in the refrigerator before reheating. 


Serving: 1(of 5); about 1.5 slightly heaped cupsCalories: 396kcalCarbohydrates: 29gProtein: 42gFat: 11gSaturated Fat: 3gCholesterol: 111mgPotassium: 928mgFiber: 3gSugar: 14gVitamin A: 2036IUVitamin C: 103mgCalcium: 99mgIron: 5mg

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  1. Really fantastic !
    I didn’t want tough steak so I only cooked on low for about 4 hours and the peppers are soft but not mushy and the steak is perfectly cooked through!
    Thanks so much for an awesome recipe! Will be using again!5 stars

  2. Ohhh my goodness, this is sooo good. I have two college kids, a spare college kid, and my husband home for our crazy world right now. Feeding everyone starts to get a little old and mundane. I made this for dinner one night and the happy, satisfied, this-is-amazing sounds that followed were quite impressive. We all agreed you needed to know this recipe is outstanding and we loved it! Knocked it out of the park (man, I miss baseball…) with this one! : )5 stars

  3. I made this yesterday with Carne Picada i got from Walmart. Let me say it was so good. I had 1.5 servings and have enough for leftovers the next couple days. I definitely will be making this again.5 stars

  4. I am making this today. First time in a crockpot. One question….are we supposed to mix the ingredients once everything is in?

    1. Hi Deb! You’ll add the onions, beef, and peppers to the slow cooker, then you’ll top it all off with the pre-whisked sauce. I hope you enjoy the recipe!

      1. This was so good. I did trade out the fire roasted tomatoes for plan can of diced tomatoes. The gravy was delicious. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.5 stars

  5. This is one of my favorite recipes on your blog! I recently upgraded to an instapot. Do you think there would be any changes if I made it in the instapot on the slow cooker setting. PS I just purchased your cookbook yesterday and I AM SO EXCITED to get it!!

    1. THANK YOU so much for your support of my book, Caitlyn! As long as you use the slow cooker setting (using LOW or HIGH), it should work great. I hope you enjoy it!

  6. Well that was delicious ,four clean plates will definitely be making this again perfect for meal for this cold weather,thankyou for sharing?5 stars

  7. Delicious and easy. Follow the notes regarding putting the peppers in later in the cooking process – I recommend an hour before serving for a little crunch. A winner!5 stars

  8. I made this today. I added a can of pineapple chunks. It’s a wonderful recipe. It cooked in the crockpot and l quilted.
    Thank you5 stars

    1. Hi Chrystalz! I’d recommend prepping the ingredients separately the night before, then refrigerating them in separate storage containers until morning. Then, you can add everything together and cook as directed. I hope this helps!

      1. Decided to cook it on Sunday and heat it up monday night for dinner. Wow was it good. Thank you for the recipe. I cant wait to make this again.5 stars

  9. To help stretch the budget, I used a couple cans of drained sliced mushrooms. I used the mushroom liquid in place of the recipe’s water. Added 1 clove crushed garlic.
    Thanks for a great recipe.5 stars

  10. This is such a great recipe. Even while you are cooking it the smell of it makes you hungry. It even tastes better.5 stars

  11. This is the third time that I’ve made this recipe and it’s always a huge hit. My only issue with the recipe is the extremely misleading prep time of 15 minutes. It’s not possible to Julian/peppers chopping onions properly find some steak sautéed the steak followed by the onions andget it in the crockpot. 45 minutes minimum not 15 and it would be fine to list prep time at 45 minutes, it’s worth the time, the recipe is so awesome5 stars

    1. Hi Len! Thank you for your feedback on the prep time and thank you for this kind review! So glad you enjoyed the recipe!

  12. This was delicious! I used beef stew meat because that is what I had on hand. I will be making this again and again. Thank you!5 stars

    1. Hi Melanie! Yes! I do in-depth a little more under the key stir fry ingredients section of the blog post. Hope you enjoy it!

  13. Hi Erin

    I don’t know where I went wrong although I followed the recipe precisely. It was very salty and my family felt the flavor of tomatoes, acid, was overpowering. It kind of had an after taste. I even looked up how much 15 ounces of tomatoes = 425g, but somehow my dish didn’t taste anything like wht the other reviewers said.

    1. Hi Astrid! Sorry to hear that. Did you use kosher salt or table salt? Fire roasted tomatoes definitely have their own unique smoky flavor. You can substitute for any canned tomato if those don’t work for you. Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Ckk! I stopped including sodium info because it can vary so much depending upon what products you used, and I found a lot of conflicting info online, so ultimately I didn’t feel comfortable publishing it because sometimes it wasn’t even in the ballpark. If you’d like to calculate it yourself, there are lots of free tools online ( is popular). I hope that helps!

  14. I made this today …. So delicious. I added mushrooms because I needed to cook them and a splash of organic beef stock. The best pepper steak I have ever had. I used brown rice and had a side of kimchi. Excellent dinner!!!5 stars

  15. I made this last weekend for my hubby’s b-day dinner. He absolutely loved it! He talked about it for days afterward about how good it was! My 12 year old son loved it too! I will make it again soon.5 stars

  16. Your recipes are always delicious. Thank you. I work at Swingin’ Door Exchange in Milwaukee. Stop in for a wonderful dinner sometime!5 stars

  17. I made it today! Just waiting for the rice to be done. I used chuck steaks. And at the end I didn’t add more cornstarch. Instead an added a can of camp bells beef gravy. We don’t like really thick gravy. My kids took a taste and said OMG….that’s really good. So thank you for this recipe!!! Will definitely be made again!!!

  18. I’ve been looking for new slow cooker recipes to use and followed this to the t. It was delicious! Perfect for a cold Chicago night! Tasty and savory! I used presliced angus beef strips much easier and bought the precut pepper batch sold at my local Jewel store. Will make this recipe again!5 stars

  19. good evening, tried this recipe (first time making pepper steak) in a word delish! Instructions were right on que. I used braggs Amino soy substitute, worked out good. Served with mashed potatoes and coleslaw. Hubby loved it. Thank you5 stars

  20. Hi! This recipe looks great though, I’m wondering whether I can omit or cut back on the cornstarch / just add 1- 2 tbsp towards the end of the cooking time. Do you think this would work?

    1. Hi Lauren, it might. I’ve only tested the recipe as is, so if you decide to experiment, I’d love to know how it goes!

  21. This is delicious! I added a couple cloves of garlic when I whisked the sauce and skipped the additonal cornstarch at the end. Came home to my boyfriend eating it right out of the crockpot. 🤣5 stars

  22. Just made this today and it was delicious!!

    I have been eating a lot of chicken/ turkey and was ready for a change in the rotation.

    The only change I made was using a can of Rotel because after I thought I had everything, I realized I didn’t have a can of diced fire roasted tomatoes.

    As a result, I didn’t add any red pepper flakes-waiting to see how it was with the Rotel. Only slightly spicy, but it was the perfect compliment to the sauce/the dish (I served it over long grain brown rice).

    Really good! A definite keeper!5 stars

  23. Uncut my steak into strips and it was shredding less than 2 hrs in. Used sirloin and cut into 1/2 inch strips. Definitely only need an hour or so on low for the steak only