Healthy Chicken Pot Pie

When Ben and I were first married, his mom gifted me his two favorite recipes: the family heirloom chocolate chip cookies and her chicken pot pie. After a series of failed attempts, I abandoned the cookies. (I maintain she left out an ingredient to thwart me—despite following the recipe exactly, mine never turned out like hers.) My pot pie efforts, however, have been a raging success. Say hello to Healthy Chicken Pot Pie, a triumph of comfort food!

Healthy Chicken Pot Pie. Easy, low calorie (only 380 calories for a huge, creamy serving!), filling, and delicious! Packed with juicy chicken, fresh veggies, and topped with a golden, flaky crust. An easy, comforting weeknight dinner!

My mother-in-law is one of the sweetest, most caring women on earth. She is either morally incapable of the kind of guile required to hide a critical component of one of her son’s favorite recipes to ensure his favor OR she is a mastermind of culinary sabotage. I will never know.

I openly admit defeat in the mom versus wife chocolate chip cookie arena (do you like how I just made that a competition?)—at least until my cookbook comes out, which has the best Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe EVER!!! But until it does, Ben can continue to love his mom’s cookies more. I’m okay with that, especially since they are hard and crispy, and who wants that anyway?

Not that I’m defensive about it in the least, of course.

Especially now that I have HEALTHY CHICKEN POT PIE.

This Healthy Chicken Pot Pie recipe goes far beyond a silly, lovingly intentioned mother-versus-daughter-in-law “who cooked it best” debate.

It represents what I strive to achieve with so many of my recipes: a lighter, better-for-you version of a favorite comfort food that is every bit as delicious and satisfying as the original.

I am often asked what recipes on my site are the most popular, which healthy recipes I make for dinner when I don’t know what to cook, and which recipes are Ben’s favorites. The answer to all of these is today’s recipe for Healthy Chicken Pot Pie.

Ben loves this healthy pot pie because it tastes like his childhood favorite, made more grown up. I love it because it is shockingly easy and healthy. I’ve also made this recipe for many friends and new moms, because it’s an excellent freezer meal.

In fact, when I cook it for myself, I usually go ahead and double the recipe, freeze one, then look forward to the day I’ll find a healthy chicken pot pie frozen and primed for baking for dinner!

Healthy Chicken Pot Pie. Only 335 calories for a HUGE serving! Creamy, decadent, and guilt free! {dairy free; clean eating} Recipe at | @wellplated

The Very Best Healthy Chicken Pot Pie

I know I’m occasionally prone to exaggeration (what? moi?), but I feel my superlative claim of this healthy pot pie’s “best ever status” has merit. This Healthy Chicken Pot Pie made its original recipe debut at a friend’s house, when I brought it over for an impromptu dinner party. Ben didn’t say much while we were eating it, but when we pulled back into our driveway, he put the car in park, looked deep into my eyes, and said the words every woman wants to hear.

“That was the best chicken pot pie I’ve ever had.”

The BEST healthy chicken pot pie. Only a fraction of the fat and calories and just as creamy and decadent as the original! {dairy free; clean eating} Recipe at | @wellplated

I wish I could pass you a bite of this chicken pot pie right through the screen. It’s rich, creamy, super satisfying, and (wait for it)…completely dairy free and clocks in at about 380 calories for an entire FOURTH of the pie dish.

Yes, that is correct. You get to eat an entire fourth of this Healthy Chicken Pot Pie for fewer calories than are in the average Subway sandwich. When is the last time you got to eat a quarter of a pot pie and feel fantastic about it afterwards?

Secrets to Perfect Healthy Chicken Pot Pie

My tips and tricks to creating a healthy chicken pot pie filling that is creamy and decadent without the use of butter or heavy cream comes from a few key ingredients.

  • Unsweetened Almond Milk. It’s only 30 calories per cup but is super creamy, so it makes an ideal base for cream sauces and fillings like that in chicken pot pie. If you need the pie to be dairy free (and thus have been looking for a milk substitute for chicken pot pie), almond milk is an ideal choice.
  • Lots o’ Veggies. Carrots, celery, peas, and pearl onions are classic pot pie vegetables. For the peas and onions, use frozen (no need to be a hero and put yourself through the prep of peeling dozens of tiny onions). If you want to speed up the recipe even more, you can swap the carrots and other vegetables for a bag of mixed frozen veggies, though I still recommend keeping the fresh celery. Despite the fact that it’s irritating to purchase an entire bundle of celery when you only need a few stalks, celery has a way of making pot pie taste like, well, pot pie.
  • Mushrooms. Due to a general lack of mushroom enthusiasm that one encounters when one posts recipes online, I realize mushrooms are a controversial ingredient, but THEY ARE SO GOOD IN HEALTHY CHICKEN POT PIE. They give the filling a rich, savory depth. Now when I eat pot pie, if it doesn’t contain mushrooms, I miss them.

Better than Weight Watchers Healthy Chicken Pot Pie. Only 335 calories for a HUGE serving! Packed with juicy chicken and fresh veggies. Your whole family will love this easy, healthy meal! Recipe at | @wellplated

  • Shredded Chicken. Hi healthy protein! You can speed the recipe up by using shredded store-bought rotisserie chicken, or check out my quick and easy method for how to cook shredded chicken.
  • Fresh Thyme. Absolutely worth it for this recipe. You can swap dried, but it simply will not be as wonderful, and wonderful is what I am hungry for when I crave chicken pot pie.
  • Cut the Crust. While I can’t envision a healthy chicken pot pie no crust scenario, I found that not only is sticking with the top one alone a significant calorie savings, but I preferred the pot pie this way!

Every bite if this Healthy Chicken Pot Pie has plenty of crust to feel comforting, and unlike the bottom crusts of every other chicken pot pie I’ve tried, it stayed gloriously golden and flaky.

Even when blind baked before the filling goes in, I’ve found that by the time the pie is ready, the bottom crust has turned soggy at best. At worst, its doughy taste can overpower the more nuanced chicken and vegetables. Sticking to one crust eliminates both problems entirely, and it saves you a little wiggle room in your jeans.

Bake This Recipe as Individual Healthy Chicken Pot Pies

  • Grab a few larger ramekins (whatever size you’d like), ensuring they are oven safe.
  • Roll out your pie dough into a single sheet. Flip a ramekin over and use it as a stencil to cut the pie dough into rounds large enough to cover, leaving about 1/2 inch of overhang on all sides. You will likely need more than one pie crust, as there will be more scraps.
  • Spoon the filling into individual ramekins.
  • Add the pie dough rounds on top, using the egg wash to seal as directed. Brush additional egg wash on top, then vent.
  • Bake as directed, checking a few minutes early to make sure your crusts do not overcook.

Healthy Chicken Pot Pie. Only 335 calories for a HUGE, creamy serving! Packed with juicy chicken, fresh veggies, and topped with flakey crust. Recipe at | @wellplated

I hope this Healthy Chicken Pot Pie brings you as much comfort and satisfaction as it did us and the many friends and readers who have tried it. Enjoy every flaky, creamy bite!

(And Danielle, if you are reading this, I don’t actually think you sabotaged the chocolate chip cookie recipe…at least most of the time.)

Recommended Tools to Make Healthy Chicken Pot Pie

Healthy Chicken Pot Pie. Just 335 calories for a huge, creamy serving! Packed with juicy chicken, fresh veggies, and topped with a golden, flakey crust. An easy, comforting weeknight dinner! {dairy free; clean eating} Recipe at | @wellplated
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Healthy Chicken Pot Pie

Yield: 4 servings
Prep Time:
10 mins
Cook Time:
45 mins
Total Time:
1 hr
Healthy Chicken Pot Pie. Just 380 calories for a huge, creamy serving! Packed with juicy chicken, fresh veggies, and topped with a golden, flaky crust.


  • 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
  • 10 ounces cremini baby bella mushrooms
  • 1 cup diced carrots — about 3 medium
  • 1/2 cup diced celery — about 1 large stalk
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons garlic powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1/4 cup all-purpose flour
  • 2 cups unsweetened almond milk
  • 2 cups cooked and shredded boneless, skinless chicken breasts* — about 8 ounces or 2 small breasts
  • 1/2 cup frozen peas
  • 1/2 cup frozen pearl onions
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh thyme
  • 1 prepared pie crust — dairy free if needed (I used my favorite whole wheat pie crust)
  • 1 egg — lightly beaten with 1 tablespoon water to create an egg wash


  1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F. Lightly coat a 9-inch pie dish with baking spray. Set aside.

  2. Heat a large Dutch oven or similar deep, heavy-bottomed pan over medium-high heat. Add the oil to the pan. Once hot, add the mushrooms and cook for 8 minutes, until mushrooms are beginning to brown, stirring occasionally. Add the carrots, celery, garlic powder,  salt, and pepper. Cook until the mushrooms have browned more deeply and the carrots begin to soften, about 3 additional minutes.
  3. Sprinkle the flour over the top of the vegetables and cook 2 minutes. Slowly pour in the almondmilk, adding a few splashes at a time, stirring constantly. Bring to a low boil, scraping any brown bits from the bottom of the pan. Continue to let bubble until thickened, about 3 to 5 minutes. Stir in the chicken, peas, onions, and thyme. Spoon the chicken mixture into the prepared pie dish.
  4. Roll the pie dough into a circle large enough to cover your dish. Brush the edges of the pie dish with the egg wash, then lay the dough over the top so that it overhangs the sides. Trim the overhang to a 1/2 inch larger than edge of the dish. Gently press the dough onto the sides of the dish so that it sticks, then brush all over with the remaining egg wash. With a sharp knife, cut 3 slits in the top.
  5. Bake until hot and bubbly on the inside and the crust is deeply golden, about 25 minutes. Let rest a few minutes. Serve hot.

Recipe Notes

  • *To cook the chicken in the Instant Pot instead, see this post for Instant Pot Chicken.
  • The filling can be prepared ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator for 3 days or frozen for up to 3 months (let thaw overnight in the refrigerator). Add the crust just before baking.
  • This recipe tastes best the day it is made because the crust is the most crisp, but you can store leftovers in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. Reheat gently in the microwave or oven.
  • To make the recipe vegetarian, substitute an additional 2 cups of chopped vegetables for the chicken. The pot pie will still be delicious and hearty.
  • To make gluten free, use your favorite gluten free pie crust.
  • To bake as individual pot pies, see suggested directions in blog post above.
  • The calorie count was updated on 3/5/19 from 335 calories to 380 calories to reflect new nutritional data. That said, it is meant to be an estimate and provided as a courtesy, so if you'd like more precise measurements, I recommend calculating it on your own using your online calorie calculator of choice.
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Easy Dinner Recipe, Healthy Chicken Pot Pie

Nutrition Information

Amount per serving (1 (of 4)) — Calories: 380, Fat: 18g, Saturated Fat: 6g, Cholesterol: 12mg, Sodium: 593mg, Carbohydrates: 41g, Fiber: 4g, Sugar: 5g, Protein: 8g

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  1. My wife loves chicken pot pie, and also uses Almond Milk in baking and cooking all the time! This recipe looks perfect, can’t wait to give it a try. Thanks.

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  4. Wonderful Recipe! Perfect for winter (:

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  12. Erin – do you think the recipe would be OK leaving out the mushrooms? Would you replace with more carrots/celery? We have a family of a mushroom-haters, but love Chicken Pot Pie! Also, any recommendations for a store bought pie dough so this can be made easily at the ski chalet this winter? Thanks for another great recipe!

  13. Well, this was AWESOME! Made shredded chicken in the crockpot ahead of time, and came together quick and easy. Perfect comfort food!

  14. What to use in place of mushrooms for people, like me, who do not like them?

    • Hi Lianne! You can leave out the mushrooms and add in additional vegetables that you enjoy, or add more carrots, celery, and peas. I hope you enjoy the recipe!

  15. This looks so good.  Do you think you could make it I. Individual 6/8oz casserole dishes and then freeze?  


    • Hi Marcia, I think that would work fine! I would still wait to add the pastry crust just before baking. Note that the baking time may differ from the recipe if it’s in individual containers rather than a large pie dish, so you’ll want to watch it. I hope you enjoy the recipe!

  16. Erin- Thanks for a fabulous recipe! This was my first time using almond milk and found the results to be quite delicious. Chicken pot pie is my favorite dish and usually so fattening. I do have a question though- how did you calculate the calories with the pie crust? I get a delightfully low calorie count for the chicken and veggie mixture, but lots in the crust. I wonder if you calculated with store bought or your homemade?i just can’t seem to get the numbers to work. Any tips? 

    • Hi JC, I used a single Pillsbury pie crust for calculating. I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed the recipe!

  17. OMG!I absolutely love that this is made with almond milk! I have no reason not to drink milk, but I have come to love almond milk and am loving the idea of using in savory cooking like this! Totally inspired :D

  18. My husband and I loved this. Incredibly easy and versatile. I added a few more spices and swapped out the almond milk for Lactaid (it was what I had on hand). I’ve loved every recipe of yours that I’ve tried, thank you! Did your sweet potato/black bean quesadillas for meal prep this week, too. Perfect every time.

    • I’m so excited to hear that you loved this recipe, Erin! Thanks for taking the time to share your tweaks and leave this wonderful review, and thank you so much for your kind words about my recipes!

    • What spices did you use?

  19. This was a fabulous one!! Thank you for sharing ❤

  20. Just made this last night for dinner and what a winner!!! We loved it. The Almond Breeze made for a very creamy sauce without oozing all over the place. Never tried it before but will keep some on hand in my pantry.

    • Chris, I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed the recipe! Thanks for giving it a try and for taking the time to share your feedback!

  21. Thanks for another deliciously flavorful and healthy recipe! I had honestly never thought of using almond milk in place of dairy milk, but the result was a very creamy and tasty sauce. I will definitely try substituting almond milk in the future, based on the success of this recipe.

    • You’re welcome, Erin! Thank YOU for giving it a try and taking the time to report back and leave this awesome review!

  22. This is one of the best and easiest pies I have ever made.  It came out creamy as promised and was a hit with while family!  Absolutely  will make again!

    • Julie, I’m so happy to hear the recipe was a winner! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this fabulous review!

  23. Sorry about that Don! It should be 1 1/2 teaspoons, per the printer recipe box.

  24. Great, thank you! I made it last night and it was delicious. My kids wanted pot pie despite it being well over 90F out yesterday and your recipe was a winner and will definitely be our go-to. Much appreciated!

    • I’m so glad to hear the recipe was a hit, Don! Thanks so much for taking the time to share this review!

  25. I love this! And I think I will love following this blog now, too! I found this recipe via Pinterest and identify 100% with your mission (and description of how this recipe came to be). My husband and I both loveee food (okay, who doesn’t?). But it can be so hard to find healthy foods to replace the cheese-filled, butter-covered, full-fat delicious recipes we’ve grown up with, especially the ones my mother-in-law makes. Your recipes look awesome and I can’t wait to follow along to make amazing and also healthy foods :) Thanks!

    • Kayla, welcome! I’m so glad you found this recipe and my site, and I hope you find many new favorites! Thanks so much for this kind comment. :)

  26. Hello.  In recent years have discovered I’m lactose and whey intolerant. I have sooooo missed chicken  pot pie as it was a Saturday night staple growing up.  The store bought kinds though.   Almond milk would work for me so I’m excited to try this.  Been all over the Internet searching for a recipe.  But I always liked having that bottom crust.  I fear only the top crust won’t satisfy my taste buds.  I’ll try it your way but just in case… could I possibly put 2 top crusts on?  Hope that’s not a silly question.   ;-)

    • Cecelia, I hope you enjoy this recipe! You could certainly make the recipe with a bottom crust as well if that’s how you prefer pot pie. Two crusts together on top may be too thick, but another idea is to bake an additional crust separately (rolled out flat, brushed with extra egg wash, and baked on a cookie sheet til golden) and break off pieces of that to dip into the pot pie…that would be delicious too!

  27. Could I use coconut milk instead of almond? My daughter has issues with milk and I’m allergic to almonds. I’m also allergic to peas, can I substitute something else or just leave it out?

    Thank you

    • Hi Sarah, yes, I think you could if you don’t mind more of a slight coconut flavor coming through! I would omit the peas and bump up the amount of another one of the vegetables. I hope you enjoy the pot pie!

  28. I have this pot pie in the oven right now, and it smells amazing! Neither my husband or I like peas, so we used broccoli instead. And I forgot to pick up a pie crust at the store, so I just made one from scratch! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe – looking forward to digging into it once it’s finished!

  29. Just made this recipe…it was so simple, tasty, and satisfying! Love the healthy twist on a classic comfort food :) 

    • Alexa, thanks so much for taking the time to make the recipe and report back! I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed it.

  30. This is absolutely delicious (my teenaged sons agree), and you will never miss the high fat version (butter and milk). I will definitely make this recipe again.

    • Susanne, I’m so happy to hear you loved the recipe! Thank you so much for giving it a try and taking the time to report back!

  31. keep the healthier recipes coming!

  32. This was wonderful! Never made chicken pot pie, but the individual frozen ones used to be a favorite of mine for dinner when I was a teen.

    Followed the recipe to a T, except that I left out the pearl onions as I did not have any on hand. Meant to add regular onions in with the carrots, but it did not happen.

    It was so creamy. Almond milk FTW! My Pillsbury crust cracked a little; I think I needed to make the vents larger.

    Just found your blog and I plan to explore. Thanks for the awesome recipe!

    • Melissa, I am so so happy that you found my blog and loved this recipe! Thanks so much for trying it and taking time to come back and leave this glowing review. It means so much!

  33. I made this with leftover roasted turkey breast that I had on hand and it was fantastic! Used your whole wheat crust recipe, which was delicious and stood up perfectly to the filling–the perfect crust for the dish really.  And the use of almond milk and having crust on the top only are genius to make it a bit healthier. Thank you! This is definitely a keeper. 

    • Elaine, thank you so much for taking the time to write this awesome review! I’m happy to hear this recipe was a hit. Great idea to use leftover turkey!

  34. Hi Erin!

    Just found this on a favorite blogger of mine’s insta story! Plan on trying it this weekend. I had a question though.. could I use chicken from a store bought rotisserie? Of course I would not include the skin but just trying to make it even easier than it already seems haha.


  35. Hi! So excited to try this recipe :) I’m wondering if your nutrition information for this recipe includes the pie crust? Thanks!

    • Hi Molly, yes, the numbers in the nutrition estimate include the one whole wheat pie crust recipe I mention in the ingredient list!

  36. Have you ever made this using a cauliflower crust? I try to avoid flour at all costs, whether it’s whole wheat or the Pillsbury crust. If not cauliflower, any other ideas? 

    • Hi Anne, I haven’t tried it with a cauliflower crust, and I honestly wouldn’t recommend it because I’ve never seen a cauliflower pastry-style crust. You could look for an almond flour pie crust recipe, though I don’t have a specific one that I’ve tested out myself. I hope that helps!

  37. Wow, great recipe! I was really impressed with how the almond milk made such a rich sauce for the pot pie. My daughter has a dairy allergy, so it’s perfect. I did add a splash or two of cooking wine (aprox. 1/4 cup). You can use red or white, I had red on hand. I think it gives a richer flavor to sauces. I added a tablespoon of fresh chopped parsley, and fresh sage. I used chopped onions with the mushrooms instead of pearl onions (I couldn’t find any at the store), and a clove of crushed garlic.

    • Lydia, thank you so much for this lovely review! And thanks for taking the time to share your tweaks to the recipe—I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed it!

  38. Hello, do you have a suggestion for a substitution for the almond milk, other than dairy or coconut milk? (My son is allergic to all nuts, dairy, and coconut.) Do you think soy milk would work and, if so, would you recommend regular soy milk (which is slightly sweetened but not sweet) or completely unsweetened soy milk?

    • Hi Vivian, I haven’t tried it with any other substitutions, but I would go with unflavored and unsweetened. It’d be an experiment and will likely affect the flavor of the sauce. If you do decide to give it a try, I’d love to know how it goes!

  39. We enjoyed a pot pie using your recipe for a ladies’ meal last night. It was delicious!! Our hostess tripled the recipe which made two 11″ x 13″ pans. She did put a crust on the bottom and sides of each pan and utilized a lattice crust on top (she used 3 double-crust recipes for the large pans). As another reviewer mentioned, she used diced onions and sauteed them with the other vegetables. This is a winner, and I will be using it for my own extended family meals in the future.

  40. What are you thoughts about cooking all of this in a deep cast iron skillet? Could I make the filling on the stove top then cover with the crust and finish in the oven all in the skillet? I gave all my pie tins to my sis-in-law. Your thoughts are appreciated.

    • Hi Melanie, yes, I think that could work provided your skillet is bigger than 9 inches! I would probably skip putting any egg wash on the dish itself before putting the pie crust on (mentioned in step 4). If you do give it a try, I’d love to know how it goes!

  41. Hi! Do you ONLY put the crust over the top? Not a full pie crust on the bottom? If so, why? :)

    • Hi Melissa, yes, I only do the top crust. I actually explain in depth my reasons why in the second half of blog post—hopefully that will help answer your question!

  42. Hi Erin! This sounds delicious and I am excited to try it. I have two questions. I don’t have a Dutch oven, will a large pot with a tight fitting lid work okay? Would this recipe be good to make the night before, and bake the next day? Thank you so much :)

    • Hi Sue, yes, a larger pot similar to a Dutch oven will work just fine! As for prepping ahead, I’ve got you covered in the notes section just below the recipe. I hope you enjoy it!

  43. I made this last night and  it was by far THE BEST CHICK POT PIE recipe I’ve ever made! I also used your whole wheat crust and wow! Light and flaky. The flavor all around was so creamy and cozylicious! The mushrooms made it so hearty and filling. I did dice up a 1/2 cup sweet potato and 2 handfuls of spinach.  Thank you so much for this wonderful keeper! 

    • Ang, I’m so happy to hear this was a winner! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your review and the tweaks you made!

  44. Made this the other night (using the whole wheat crust recipe) for my BF and my niece and we all loved it! My niece declared it “the best chicken pot pie she’s ever had.” Very easy to make, also. I did use whole milk instead of almond milk, so the calorie count was bumped up, but certainly better than a lot of the other recipes out there. The crust was very good, as welll

    • Terry, I’m so glad to hear the recipe was a hit! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this wonderful review!

  45. Hi Kathie, I’m sorry to hear the recipe didn’t come out to your liking. Many other readers have made it and enjoyed it, but I know everyone has different tastes. I know it’s disappointing to try a new recipe and not enjoy it, so I truly wish you would have loved this!

  46. I’ve been using Almond Breeze Almond Milk for awhile now and this recipe is a great use for it. My sweetie/food critic agreed that this was the best chicken pot pie ever, especially since it’s healthy.  I added half of a chopped sweet potato and 1/4 cup more peas.  I also split the filling into two white 500ml ramekin like dishes and one 750ml ramekin for my sweetie.  Good job Erin.

    • Cheryl, I’m thrilled to hear this recipe is a hit for you! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this review!

  47. LOVE this recipe!! Came out perfect! I did add 2 tbsp. of butter to the filling, but I think I will try without next time because I think it will be great without it. Very good!

  48. I don’t have a Dutch oven. What would you suggest for baking instructions   ?  I do have a pie plate!

    • Hi Kim, if you don’t have a Dutch oven, you can use another pot that’s deep/large to cook the filling. I hope you enjoy!

  49. Amazing chicken pot pie recipe! I used a whole wheat crust with butter with this and it was absolutely fantastic. My husband and I’s favorite recipe!

  50. Yinka Adegbenle Reply

    I have made this several times and i is delicious. I will suggest following the recipe to a T.

    • Yinka, thank you so much for taking the time to leave this wonderful review! I’m so happy to hear you enjoy the recipe.

  51. I made this Chicken Pot Pie recipe yesterday and have to admit it’s scrumptious, but have one comment: At the top of the recipe, it says “Cook time: 45 minutes” but in the directions under step 5, it says to cook 25 minutes. I stopped cooking at 35 minutes because the crust was browning and almost getting burnt. What is the correct timing?

    • Hi Linda! You should bake according to the directions as written in the step by steps (25 minutes). The cook time listed at the top is the TOTAL cook time, meaning it also includes when you are making the filling on the stove. I’m glad you saved it in time!

  52. I made this tonight and had to use dried thyme because I didn’t have any fresh. I substituted 1 teaspoon of dried for the 1 tablespoon of fresh. Unfortunately that was way too much thyme and overpowered what would have been a delicious meal. Looked perfect but the taste was not good as it tasted kind of soapy.

    • Faith, if you try the recipe with fresh thyme next, I think that you’d have a totally different experience! Dried thyme is really really strong. If you need to use dried, I’d suggest only 1/4 teaspoon. Then you can taste the filling and add a bit more if you like. I hope it goes better next time!

  53. This was my first time making any sort of pie…but it was easy to make and delicious to eat! I ended up using about a cup and a half of skim milk instead of almond milk and it still has a creamy texture!

  54. We LOVE this recipe and have made it several times – it’s the only one I’ll make now that I know it’s possible to have delicious Chicken Pot Pie without feeling guilty about it. But… I’m sorry to say that the calorie count of 335 per serving (1/4 of the recipe) is not quite right. By my (extremely careful; I did my math 3 times!) calculations, the recipe using 1 Pillsbury prepared pie crust comes to 394 calories per serving. Using Erin’s piecrust recipe that is linked above, it’s…well, let’s just say, not low-cal. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but just a heads up – if you’re counting calories, you might want to do your own math.

    • Allison, I am so pleased you enjoyed this recipe! Thanks for the info on the calorie count too. I do my best to provide it as a good faith estimate, but I always recommend that those with dietary needs or who do count calories do their own to double check. Good to know!

  55. This was so delicious! I was looking for a different recipe to use up my rotisserie chicken and had a few things left in the fridge to use up as well before going away. I actually only used carrots, corn off the cob, peas and diced onions. This turned out DELICIOUS! I didn’t have a store bought crust so I made one quickly. My husband loved it and I can say this will be a ‘make again’ recipe. Thanks for sharing a lighter version of a classic recipe.

  56. Could you make this recipe without the mushrooms??? Looks so good!

  57. I made this for the second time. I have substituted leftover mashed potatoes for the pie crust. Also substituted Whole Wheat Pastry flour for the white flour and used regular 2% milk. By making the substitutions, it saved a few calories and fat. Excellent recipe Erin!

  58. I’m not that fan of almond milk but with using it in this recipe can you taste the almond milk through the recipe ? 

  59. No matter how you slice it, this pie is fantastic!
    I used this recipe once before and the only complaint I received was that there was not enough crust. So, this time I rolled out a “bottom” crust and baked it on a heavy aluminum pizza pan, (for about 20 minutes when it was the right golden color), while baking the pie.  I immediately took a pizza  cutter and sliced into “squares” and let cool. 
    When we served the pie, the flaky “bottom “ crust was there for those who wanted it. 
    A couple of changes to the recipe that proved successful: I didn’t have any pearl onions so I used 1/2 cup chopped onions. No fresh thyme so I added 1/4 tsp dried oregano, 1/2 tsp dried rosemary and a pinch of dried peppermint. 
    Our guests asked for the recipe and I gave texted them the link. 
    Will definitely make this again. 

  60. This recipe is deeeeeelicious! I decided to try this as my man loves him some chicken pot pie. He loves chicken pot pie but is also very sceptical when it comes to changing an already perfectly amazing full fat recipe into something….. HEALTHY. I tried to do things stealthy without him noticing the almond milk but I was busted and he was convinced it wouldn’t be up to his standards. It was almost as if he was scared, lol. I convinced him to try it and his socks were knocked clear off! He loves it and reminded me to save the recipe. Thanks for the win Erin! Oh, I wanted to say that I added a boullion cube and half of a potato at hubby’s request. 

  61. OMG. i have never before written on a bloggers recipe but but HAD TO for this one. I literally stopped mid  meal to say how’s delicious this recipe is. 

    WOW!! The flavors. The consistency. Amazing. You would never know this has almond milk. 

    Thank you for posting such a great recipe!!

  62. I have been craving Chicken Pot pie for some time now. As someone who is lactose intolerant AND wants a heaping portion without destroying my calorie count for the day, I’m really excited about this!!

    Can’t wait to try it this weekend!

  63. I was so excited to find a dairy-free Chicken Pot Pie recipe and this one did NOT disappoint! Thank you!

  64. This was the perfect recipe for the week after Thanksgiving! I used leftover turkey in lieu of the chicken. I typically have Almond Breeze Unsweetened on hand but was fresh out after the holiday. Instead, I whisked what leftover gravy I had with enough skim milk to make total 2 cups. I got some sweet spousal kudos, too! Thanks for sharing, Erin!

  65. Melanie Guilbault Reply

    I made this for dinner tonight. We only had the Almond Milk that is sweetened so that’s what I used. It tasted a little bit different but by the time I was diving in for seconds, I’d grown accustomed to the sweetness. I’ll buy some unsweetened the next time I make it but there will for sure be a next time. This was really good and I didn’t miss the bottom crust at all. I really think it was better without. Thank you for the terrific recipe.

  66. Is it alright if I sub the almond milk for oat or rice? I’d use coconut but it’ll overpower and I’m allergic to almonds :(

    • Hi Mary, I haven’t tried it that way myself, but it should work! Some brands of oat milk are really sweet, so if yours is a sweeter version, I’d hesitate to recommend that here. I hope you enjoy the pot pie!

  67. Hi Erin,

    I am so excited to try this recipe.
    I am wondering how you would modify this if you wanted to make a handful of mini pot pies? My two year old is obsessed with pot pies so I’d love to make this in bulk. The chicken and veggies I can eyeball, but what about the liquid portion? Any suggestion? Thanks so much!

    • Paige, I’d leave the recipe just as is (or double the filling if you want to make it in bulk), then spoon it into individually sized oven-safe ramekins. Cut the pastry to fit over the top of each (you can actually flip over and trace around an empty ramekin to do this, leaving an extra pastry border so that you have some overhang), then slice to vent and bake as directed! You’ll need to reduce the cooking time (I’m not sure by how much as I’ve never done this myself, so just start checking early and eyeball it). I’d also suggest putting the ramekins on a rimmed baking sheet in case the filling bubbles over a bit. If you decide to experiment, I’d love to hear how it comes out!

  68. Was so delicious and comforting! Next time I’m going to make double filling and freeze for a second round.

  69. This turned out amazing. I accidentally left out the mushrooms and cooked the pie crust separate and just stuck it on top but the flavors were all there. Very easy and delish!! 

  70. Loved this recipe, easy and delicious. I used cashew milk (what I had available) and halved the amount with chicken stock. I also used puff pastry as a topper with no bottom crust.

  71. Where did you find the whole wheat pie crust? Having trouble finding it! Can’t wait to try this recipe! Thanks! 

  72. I see your recipe for the wheat pie crust now! I must have overlooked it the first time, whoops! 

  73. Hi there! I want to make this for a friend who just had surgery! She is on a health kick and loves chicken pot pie so this will be perfect! I don’t have much experience making pies or working with pie crust. Can I use any store bought pre-made pie crust for this recipe??? Thank you for sharing!

  74. This was amazing, I just did the chicken pot pie here but used a crust that was somewhere else that I wanted to try. The pot pie was amazing! I even substituted GF flour from Trader Joe’s instead of the regular flour and it turned out great! My kids and hubby loved it as well. This will be in regular rotation!

  75. I’ve been cooking with almond milk for over two years and this recipe is going into my rotation full time. The half crust was a great hack and turned out fantastic. My wife loved the idea of so much food for so little calories, lol.

  76. We have made this recipe before and it has been amazing. Now that we are counting calories again, we decided to come back and try it again. However I am a bit stumped. You have above that 1/4 is only 335 calories, but the crust itself is way over this. Was the crust counted in this calculation?

    • Kalenah, I’m so happy you like this! Did you make sure to only count 1 crust instead of two? Counts can vary by brand (and what I’ve listed here is meant to be a helpful estimate vs. iron clad), so if you want to be 100% sure, I recommend calcing it yourself. You can do so for free at

  77. This is now one of my favorite dishes to cook. I make it about once a week or two! Everyone loves it! Especially me!

  78. Genius way to lighten up chicken pot pie! It’s my husband’s favorite and now I will make it more often!

  79. Made this last week! So delicious! Such great comfort food!

  80. Love that I can enjoy comfort food guilt free!

  81. Tastes so good you won’t even notice it’s healthy!

  82. This was absolutely amazing! Everyone in my house loved it!

  83. I will make this but as individula pies (I have some pot dishes baought especially). Somewhere else I saw them use a circle of pie dough on the dish edge for the top to adhere to. Your method makes more sense. I will be freezing the individual pies and if you have advice on the choise of Foil or cling film I would be gratefut. I noticed that your pie seemed to be about 6 portions. Fortunately I have 6 pot dishes. :-)

  84. This looked so good.  Since I can’t make a pie crust, could I use the pillsbury pie crust for my top? 

  85. Give me the entire plate, plus a GOT binge marathon and I’m a happy girl.

  86. Jennifer Woodall Reply

    This is absolutely delicious!

  87. We are Seattle “NATIVES”… rare, nowadays! Your review of our beautiful city, Ballard and Fremont neighborhoods is SPOT-ON!! We enjoy EVERY place you mentioned…as often as possible! We are so happy you love our city and its people. Visit the International Nordic museum next time…get your Salt and Straw cone, short walk, finish cone…you’re at the front entrance!! COME BACK SOON! Karen&Bob

  88. Christine Rainey Reply

    I was surprised to see that no one had left a review because this dish is delicious! It’s one of my familie’s favorites. My husband prefers a double crust so I add 5 min to the cook time and it comes out perfect. Love, love, love this for dinner 😊 thank you for posting! 

  89. This was delicious and I’ve long sought a healthy recipe for the usual high-in-fat chicken pot pie. I made a modification for a nut sensitive eater. In place of almond milk, I used 1 cup low-fat, low sodium chicken broth and 1 cup n/f milk. The recipe got raves. Thanks so much.

  90. How long and at what temperature should you bake if pot pie is frozen? I just made this for a new mom and want to give her specific instructions.


    • Hi Janet! I have not cooked it from frozen myself, but I’d guess it would need at least 20 more minutes. If the crust starts getting too brown before it’s done, you can cover it with foil. I would suggest lowering the temp too, perhaps to 375 degrees F. I hope that helps!

  91. I never knew that taking out the bottom crust would be so delicious! I used soy milk instead of almond milk, I didn’t add meat, and I didn’t have most of the vegetables but it tasted better than the high fat/sodium one I used to make:)

  92. How do I get a copy of this recipe to mail to myself?

    • Hi Linda! You can copy the URL link to the webpage and paste that in an email, or there’s a “Print recipe” button by the recipe card if you want to print it out for actual mailing.

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