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At the risk of making a broad, sweeping, semi-dramatic statement that I may retract at a later time (broad? dramatic? MOI?), this easy Instant Pot Paleo Chili might just be the perfect fall and winter food.

The BEST Paleo Chili, made quick and easy in the Instant Pot! With ground beef or turkey, sweet potato, no beans, and fresh veggies, this healthy chili recipe is Whole 30 and Paleo-compliant, low carb, and absolutely delicious! If you do not have an Instapot, recipe includes crockpot and stovetop method.

It’s hearty and healthy, freezes to feed two or scales to feed 20, is packed with hidden veggies (I won’t tell your kids if you won’t), and, best of all, is the kind of meal that leaves everyone full, happy, and asking for seconds.

I love asking people about their favorite chili recipes, because no two are exactly alike.

On this website alone, I must have at least four different recipes for it (this Healthy Turkey Chili  and this Crockpot White Chicken Chili being the two reader favorites; this Green Chili recipe and Slow Cooker Turkey Quinoa Chili being mine), and I’ll happily keep adding.

NOW, just because I’ve posted a litany of healthy chili recipes does not mean I’m not particular.

In fact, I’ve cooked and eaten so much chili over the years, I’ve become rather, erm, opinionated (dare I say maniacal?) about what makes a chili recipe the BEST chili recipe.

When it comes to chili, the recipe universe offers a plethora of options.

Don’t settle.

Instant Pot Paleo Chili. Easy, delicious, and Whole30 compliant. This low-carb chili is made with ground beef, sweet potato, and fresh veggies. Includes stovetop and crock pot instructions!

Instant Pot Paleo Chili—A Winning Recipe

Here’s what makes a great pot of chili. (And you best believe this easy Paleo chili recipe meets them all!)

  • Thick, Warming, and Hearty. This is not soup. This is Paleo chili. Chili should stick to your ribs, keep you full, and warm you to your core. It’s one of the reasons I love and make it so much in the colder months.
  • Healthy. Chili is one of the easiest recipes to make both rich and satisfying AND healthy at the same time. For example, this beef Paleo chili is loaded with lean protein. I used 90% lean ground beef, and you can certainly swap a different meat if you prefer a Paleo turkey chili or chicken chili. It also packs some serious hidden veg (more on that momentarily).
  • Easy. Chili should not be fussy. My general chili policy is that once the initial chopping and browning is done, I want to set the chili and forget it. Making this Paleo Chili in the Instant Pot keeps it totally hands free. (More hands-free Instant Pot recipes abound in this post, 15 Healthy Instant Pot Recipes!) No Instant Pot? I have tips for a Paleo chili slow cooker method and stovetop method listed in the recipe for you too.
EASY Paleo Chili. The best recipe for quick, easy chili made in the Instant Pot! This Whole30 chili recipe is made with ground beef, sweet potato, and lots of veggies. A family favorite!

  • Bring on the Veg. I’m a sucker for all-in-one meals, and this Paleo Chili is the perfect contender. In addition to being a Paleo chili with sweet potato (one of my favorite veggies to add to any chili), the ingredients include an entire head of cauliflower (Yes! Really! Once you sauté it with the beef, you can’t tell the two apart), bell peppers, and…a can of pumpkin.

Don’t run from the pumpkin!

Like the cauliflower, its flavor is completely neutralized once it cooks with the other ingredients (I also used it in this Pumpkin Chili).

I sent this recipe to my sister, who was highly skeptical, and both she and her kiddos approved!

The BEST Paleo Chili, made quick and easy in the Instant Pot! With ground beef or turkey, sweet potato, no beans, and fresh veggies, this healthy chili recipe is Whole 30 and Paleo-compliant, low carb, and absolutely delicious! If you do not have an Instapot, recipe includes crockpot and stovetop method.

  • Spiced So Nice. I like my chili with complex flavor and a bit of a kick. This Paleo Chili also has a bit of cinnamon, which gives it extra warmth. It doesn’t overpower the chili, and, I must say, it makes it especially addictive.
  • Toppings. Choose your own adventure! Avocado and fresh cilantro are mandatory around here. Since this is a Paleo chili, I avoided dairy, but if you aren’t following a Paleo diet, you can add cheese (or plain Greek yogurt, my favorite swap for sour cream) if you’d like.
Instant Pot Paleo Chili. This delicious Paleo beanless chili recipe will become a family favorite. Hearty, warming, and ready in under 1 hour!

  • Bean-Flexible. Like my Whole30 Chili, this recipe as written is for a Paleo beanless chili (and it is a compliant Whole30 chili recipe too)

If you are not following a Paleo or Whole30 diet, you can go ahead and add beans if you’d like, or you can check out my recipe for classic Instant Pot Chili, which does include beans.

How to Store and Reheat This Chili

  • To Store. Store leftovers in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.
  • To Reheat. Gently reheat leftovers on the stove in a large pot over medium-low heat until hot. You can also rewarm this chili in the microwave until warmed through.
  • To Freeze. Place chili in an airtight freezer-safe storage container in the freezer for up to 3 months. Let thaw overnight in the refrigerator before reheating.
The BEST Paleo Chili made in the Instant Pot! This chili is packed with ground beef, sweet potato, veggies, and has no beans. Hearty, delicious, and Whole30 and Paleo compliant!

What makes YOUR perfect chili? This Instant Pot Paleo Chili is my latest fave, and I’d love to hear about yours in the comments section below!


If you enjoyed this Paleo Chili, try this Turkey Chili Recipe (Instant Pot). Just remove the beans, sub in more sweet potato or chopped cauliflower, and top with your favorite paleo-friendly toppings for a paleo version of this other delicious chili.

Recommended Tools to Make Instant Pot Paleo Chili

Instant Pot Paleo Chili

4.88 from 65 votes
The best Paleo Chili recipe, made quick in the Instant Pot! With turkey, sweet potato, and fresh veggies, it’s healthy and totally delicious!

Prep: 20 minutes
Cook: 30 minutes
Total: 50 minutes

Servings: 6 servings


  • 1/2 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1 pound 90% to 93% lean ground beef ground turkey, or ground bison (I used 90% lean ground sirloin)
  • 1 small yellow onion diced
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon dried oregano
  • 3 tablespoons chili powder
  • 2 tablespoons smoked paprika
  • 2 teaspoons ground cumin
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/4-1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper use more if you prefer your chili on the spicier side
  • 1 large sweet potato cut into 1/2-inch chunks
  • 1 green bell pepper diced
  • 1 red bell pepper diced
  • 1 small head cauliflower stemmed and finely chopped
  • 1 can pumpkin purée (15 ounces)
  • 1 can fire-roasted diced tomatoes (15 ounces)
  • 2-3 cups low-sodium chicken broth or vegetable broth or water
  • Sliced jalapeno avocado, chopped cilantro, red onion, and/or nondairy plain yogurt, for serving


  • Set an Instant Pot to sauté and add the coconut oil. When the oil is hot and melted, add the beef, onion, salt, and pepper. Cook, breaking apart and browning the meat, until the beef is no longer pink and the onion is beginning to soften, about 7 minutes. Add the oregano, chili powder, smoked paprika, cumin, garlic powder, cinnamon, and cayenne. Let cook until fragrant, about 30 seconds.
  • Add the sweet potato, red and green bell peppers, cauliflower, pumpkin, diced tomatoes and 2 cups chicken broth. Stir well. Cover, seal, and set to cook on high pressure for 10 minutes. Quick release to vent the remaining pressure immediately. If the chili seems too thick, stir in additional broth to reach your desired consistency. Taste and adjust seasonings. Serve hot with desired toppings.



  • Store leftovers in the refrigerator for up to 5 days or freeze for up to 3 months.
  • If your Instant Pot is 6 quarts (this is the standard size), do not try to multiply this recipe. As written, it will fill the Instant Pot almost to the max line.
  • To make this recipe in a slow cooker: Sauté the meat, onions, and spices in a large nonstick skillet on the stovetop. Transfer to a lightly greased 6-quart or larger slow cooker. Add the remaining ingredients in the order listed. Cover and cook on low for 5 to 6 hours or high for 3 to 4 hours, until the sweet potatoes are tender.
  • To cook on the stove: Sauté the meat, onions, and spices as directed, and then add remaining ingredients. Let simmer, uncovered, until the sweet potatoes are soft and the chili is thickened, about 45 minutes.


Serving: 1(of 6), about 2 cupsCalories: 256kcalCarbohydrates: 20gProtein: 21gFat: 11gSaturated Fat: 4gCholesterol: 50mgSodium: 1053mgFiber: 8gSugar: 8g

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    1. Hi Erin,
      Like all of your recipes, I can’t wait to try this! I’m wondering if you think I could add quinoa to it? I’m finding many of the Chili recipes I try in the Instant Pot come out runnier than I’d like, and wonder if adding quinoa might help absorb some of the additional liquid. 


      1. Thanks for your kind words about my site! I have not tried this recipe with quinoa, and I’m not sure how it may affect the dish. It is quite thick as written. If you want to utilize quinoa in your chili, you could try my Slow Cooker Turkey Quinoa Chili!

  1. This chili is INCREDIBLE! Its a little non-traditional but I liked that about it! 

    So I have to tell you my story… My 7 wk old breastfed daughter is having major tummy issues. So I cut out a bunch of foods to help. And it DOES help but my diet is severely limited now. One of the things I cut out is tomatoes and with just a few more weeks of winter I was SO SAD to have to skip chili because chili is basically meat and tomatoes, right? So when i saw your recipe, I thought maybe – just maybe – I could tweak those diced tomatoes out and get away with it. AND I DID! I made the recipe exactly (except I forgot to buy cauliflower) and i subbed some beet puree for the tomatoes and it was wonderful! I might possibly have shed a tear over dinner ? Thanks for the great recipe! Its going into my regular rotation!5 stars

    1. Kim, this comment is so meaningful to read! I can’t say enough how happy I am to know that you enjoyed it and that it’s allowed you to reintroduce chili into your diet. Thank you for trying the recipe and taking time to leave this wonderful review!

  2. This was a winner with me and my very-picky fiance! I have to admit I was SUPER wary about all of the veggies that went in (especially since it looks like more veggies than beef before its cooked) but by the time it had simmered on the stove for 45 mins, it had all cooked down and blended together very nicely. I could barely notice the veggies, except maybe the sweet potatoes which taste great with beef anyways.5 stars

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this review, Rose! I’m so glad to hear the recipe was a hit for both of you!

  3. Really delicious! My favorite Whole30/Paleo chili recipe so far. Others I’ve tried felt like I was just eating a bowl of ground beef. The veggies receded into the background enough to not get rejected by my kids but made the bowl feel lighter in my belly. The spice combo was really nice! (I reduced the amount of chili powder for my kids). Will definitely make again!5 stars

    1. YAY! I am so so happy to hear that Laurel. Thank you for letting me know and taking time to leave this wonderful review! It really means a lot.

  4. YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU. This was delicious!! So warm, flavorful, & comforting! I love the unique spices with the pumpkin & cinnamon. And that it is loaded with veggies!! My husband is getting seconds as I type:)5 stars

    1. Hooray! I’m so glad to hear the chili is a success, Hilary. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this review!

  5. My first Instant Pot chili recipe and I have to say I was a little worried about the recipe. Pumpkin in chili? Trust the recipe and make it as advertised. Fast, easy and tasty chili. This will be one of our regular go to recipes with maybe just a little tweak here and there. Next I’m going to try making it with ground turkey instead of beef.4 stars

    1. I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed the chili! Thanks so much for giving the recipe a try and for taking the time to share your review!

    1. Hi! I’ve never scaled it for a 5 quart so I can’t give exact proportions, but I would just suggest using a little bit less of everything and making sure that you don’t overfill the pot. I hope you enjoy the chili!

      1. I made this chili in my 5-quart, and it was so incredibly delicious. I made the following changes: one bell pepper instead of two, one-half a head of chopped cauliflower instead of a whole head, used the smallest sweet potato I could find, and used only half the can of pumpkin puree instead of the whole can. Otherwise, I followed the recipe exactly. A resounding success, and definitely a recipe I look forward to making again.

        1. I’m so happy to hear the chili was a hit! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your tweaks and leave this wonderful review!

  6. I was so unsure of cauliflower and sweet potatoe. Omg! Delicious! Little more earthy and warmth from the cinnamon. Definitely one of my new favorite chili’s! I was also nervous not having beans, as paleo is new for me. Didn’t miss them one bit! The sweet potato takes care of that! I also love that the recipe sneaks in pumpkin since it’s a super food! This recipe nailed it! Thanks! 5 stars

    1. Oh and also, I don’t have a instant pot. Cooked it on the stove top as directed. And it was perfect! 

    2. Makelle, YAY! I am so pleased to hear this! Thanks for taking time to leave this review and for the note on the stovetop too!

    1. Rachel, I think that would be fine! It might have a softer consistency and result in a slightly thinner chili, but if that doesn’t bother you, please feel free.

    1. Christy, for a smaller Instant Pot, I would do half. This recipe yields a large amount and I don’t think it would fit.

  7. This was SO delicious! I was skeptical when making it but it turned out so well. My whole family (even the kids) really enjoyed it. Thank you!5 stars

  8. I made this last night and it is delicious! I have an 8qt pot so I doubled the recipe. It actually was a little too liquid-y, though, so next time I’ll back down the amount of stock I use. The other tweak I made was to add about a tablespoon of cacao powder (not cocoa, but real cacao powder), because I add that to my regular chili too. I love all the vegetables in this chili and did not miss the beans one little bit. I am having leftovers at my desk right now and it is even better today. So happy I found this recipe, thank you!5 stars

  9. I’m not sure what went wrong based on everyone’s recipe but this recipe definitely was a bit of a let down. It just seems really bland to me and I’ve had to continue to put more chili powder and cayenne to give it some flavor. I feel like it’s hard to mess chili up too much but this missed the mark for me. :( 

    1. Hi Jennifer, I’m sorry to hear the chili wasn’t to your taste. I know it’s disappointing to try a new recipe and not enjoy it, so I truly wish you would have loved this!

  10. This recipe is FANTASTIC! No kidding. I love chili – and try different versions – but always with beans. Hands down – we all – and I mean even my 11 and 9 year old kids – loved it. Some extra spice for the adults and toppings like jalapeno, hot sauce, shredded cheese, sour cream and a salad on the side is all it takes! Way to go Erin.5 stars

  11. This recipe was outstanding! I did have to substitute the sweet potato with butternut squash (didn’t want to run to the grocery store) – but it still was wonderful! Another bonus is that its a one dish meal. Am excited to try other recipe’s on your blog!5 stars

  12. Absolutely loved it. I was a little worried about the pumpkin part so I didn’t add the whole can. As for the spices I used them all but cut them in half thereabouts because some ingredients can give me a headache.  I was delighted when I sat down to eat. I served it with some grain free lime tortilla chips (the Siete brand) and sliced avocados. Oh my gosh it was delicious!  Thank you for the wonderful new way to have chili. So healthy and satisfying with the cauliflower in it. In my old days many years ago it was a quick meal to have but with these ingredients you knocked it out of the park!  Yay!  And it’s still a quick meal!5 stars

  13. Thank you, Erin! This chili is amazing! 
    I love the cinnamon, pumpkin puree, and everything about it. 
    I used turkey meat and did not have cauliflower, so I left it out, but it was one of my favorite chili recipes. Keep up the good work and thanks for livening up our kitchen with healthy recipes. 5 stars

  14. Just want to confirm for the spices where it calls for tablespoons, is that correct or should it be teaspoons? 

  15. I like chili but don’t like spicy/hot. Do you suggest a substitute for the Chili Powder? I don’t want to just eliminate it, I am afraid it would take away from the whole recipe?


    1. Teri, I wouldn’t eliminate it because the chili will be lacking in flavor. I’d suggest cutting the chili powder in half, the cumin in half, and omitting the cayenne. I hope you enjoy it!

  16. Thank you for this great recipe Erin! I received an Instapot for Christmas and this was the first recipe I tried in it. I made it just as directed(used turkey) and it came out perfect and was a hit with my family. I’m looking forward to trying your other recipes.5 stars

  17. I made this last night and followed the recipe nearly to a T– I forgot that we ran out of cayenne, so I omitted it. It still had a pleasant spice, but the cayenne would have given it a nice kick. Made it with ground turkey. It was so good and hearty! You really can’t taste the veggies at all…and what an easy way to get a ton of fiber!

    So tasty. Thank you for this recipe… I’ll definitely be bookmarking your website!5 stars

    1. Jenna, thank you for taking the time to leave this wonderful review! I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you find some other new favorite recipes too!

  18. Huh… This turned out extremely watery and bland. No idea what went wrong. Glad it’s chili so I can just load it with cheese and hot sauce and can’t tell but I’m disappointed. For a recipe that calls for so many ingredients the lack of flavor seems surprising.2 stars

    1. Hi Kian, I’m sorry to hear the chili wasn’t to your taste! It’s hard to say what may have happened without being in the kitchen with you, but this is the first I’ve heard of the chili being watery and bland. I’m glad you were able to doctor it up, but I know it’s disappointing to try a new recipe and not enjoy it, so I truly wish you would have loved this.

  19. Hi, i made this by the book and it was awesome! I’m going to try it again with turkey as i’m trying to limit beef consumption (begrudgingly…)…i got a beautiful bunch of celery at the farmers market this morning and curious if you’d think it would be good to add that?5 stars

    1. Hi Orli, I haven’t tried that myself, but you’re welcome to experiment! I’d add it in with the onions in the sauteing step if you decide to give it a try.

  20. Wooooow this is delicious!!! Just finished eating it on a cold, snowy Friday night and now my insides are warm and happy :D Thank you for another winner, I have been addicted to your recipes recently! Even if the ingredients seem questionable (an entire can of pumpkin??), I’ve learned to trust you. You know what you’re doing! Can’t wait to have these leftovers for more meals to come.5 stars

  21. Good day

    I’m so excited to make this today. I do not have pumpkin on hand and can’t run to the store as I have a sick lil one at home. Can I just eliminate that completely or will it ruin the chili. Any suggestions???

    1. Vicky, you could try adding tomato sauce! The pumpkin provides some liquid in the chili. I hope you enjoy it and that everyone is healthy soon!

    1. Kriss, canned products like tomatoes unfortunately do come with some sodium, as does the chicken broth. You could make your own chicken broth or use unsalted. That should help some!

  22. Erin,
    I’ve made this once before as written and we liked it. This time I have a butternut squash languishing in the house so I’m wondering if I could roast 1/2, sub it for the pumpkin…and cube the neck for the sweet potato? I don’t want it to be squash overwhelming. What do you think?

    1. Hi!! I think it depends how much you like squash to be honest. I love it, so don’t think that would be overwhelming since I’m a fan of that flavor, period. Since the pumpkin is pureed, you’d need to puree the roasted squash and measure it to make sure you have roughly the same amount (1 can of pumpkin is nearly but not quite 2 cups). If you decide to experiment, I’d love to hear how it goes!

  23. Dee-lish! Pumpkin = terrific addition in making it a hearty meal. Veggie-packed, nice! Spice is perfect. Even my 8 year old ate & enjoyed. This made enough to freeze some for later. I always freeze in quart ziplocs, flat in freezer for easy stacking & storage. Will def make again. BTW- I subbed turkey.5 stars

  24. Tried it today and it is delicious!  Very good chili kick!  The only thing I would change is to adjust the pressure cooking time to 15 minutes so the sweet potato cooks a little longer.  At 10 minutes, some of the sweet potato pieces not tender enough.  5 more minutes should do the trick.5 stars

  25. I made your almond flour pumpkin muffins last week and had leftover pumpkin.  Tonight I made  your Instant Pot Paleo Chili. I don’t eat meat and used a plant based meat instead. I didn’t have a cauliflower and used kidney beans in place.  This was once again a real hit in our house. Thanks Erin.5 stars

    1. I’m so happy to hear that this recipe (and the muffins!) was a hit, Cookie! Thank you for taking the time to share this kind review!

  26. this is a household favourite and the best chili I’ve ever made and eaten. I’ve recommended it to everyone I know with an instantpot!5 stars

    1. I’m so happy to hear that this recipe is a hit, Sarah! Thank you for taking the time to share this kind review!

    1. I hope you enjoyed the flavors of the recipe, Miles! You could try slightly reducing the amount of liquid if it was too watery.

  27. Hi! I just made this and it came out super thin, more like a soup. I used the same exact measurements! What can I do to thicken it up? 

    1. Hi Abby, it’s hard to say what may have happened without being in the kitchen with you, but you could try mashing up more of the vegetables to thicken it up. I hope you enjoy the chili!

  28. Hi! I’ve made this recipe several times as written and loved how it’s turned out.  I recently started buying bags of riced cauliflower so I don’t have to chop up a head of cauliflower.  Also, for some reason I get a BURN error every time and I’m not sure why – usually I’m able to add more broth and transfer to my spare inner pot.. but I wish I didn’t have to do this!  Any suggestions on how to avoid the burn error?5 stars

    1. Hi Joe, I’m sorry this happened! I’ve made this recipe a few times and never had that issue. That said, I’ve heard some of the newer Instant Pots trigger a burn warning more easily than others. My advice for avoiding the burn is to make sure you get all the stuck on bits off the bottom of the pot before sealing it and bringing it up to pressure. The recipe has worked great for me and other readers as written, but I know it’s disappointing to run into problems, so I hope it goes better next time!

  29. I found this recipe towards the end of 2018 and I have cooked it several times over this past year! At least once a month all year long…actually I am cooking it right now! Which made me feel I needed to leave this review. I haven’t gotten tired of it yet! I’m really picky when it comes to cooking. It has to be easy enough to throw together, safe enough I don’t feel like I’ll burn the house down, and hearty enough to be a complete meal on its own for when I’m on the go. Bonus points if I can easily freeze it for later. This is a true winner and I will continue using this recipe into the next year. Thank you so much for posting this!5 stars

  30. Omg this was so delicious and I’m not paleo! I used my old fashioned pressure cooker and followed the recipe, omitting the sweet potato because I didn’t have any. Soooo good and even better the next day!5 stars

  31. Tried three times after getting everything in the IP and got a “burn” error every time. tried thinning it out all 3x and stirring but could never get past the “burn”.
     it is now simmering stovetop…

    Guess that pumpkin is making it settle on the bottom?

    1. Hi Elisia, I’m so sorry this happened! I’ve made this recipe a few times and never had that issue. That said, I’ve heard that some of the newer Instant Pots trigger a burn warning more easily than others. My advice for avoiding the burn is to make sure you get all the stuck on bits off the bottom of the pot before sealing it and bringing it up to pressure. I know it’s disappointing to run into problems, so I really hope it goes better next time!

  32. Made it and it was hearty, not too watery and taste out of this world.   The only issue I had was the sweet potato was still crunchy and I let it natural release and keep warm for 15min before serving.  I also added a bay leaf for taste. 5 stars

    1. I make this all the time and it’s wonderful. My 86 year old mother doesn’t eat red meat and can’t have beans. Couple of tips for some instant pots. Wait a bit after browning meat and sweating onions. Remove them from pot and use chicken stock to scrape bits off bottom. Let pot cool down while your chopping everything up. Then add rest of liquid and all ingredients and don’t stir. This has saved me from getting a burn warning half way through he pressure cook. Also, I use ground turkey meat. So there chili looks a little pale. So ontop of pureed pumpkin, I add pureed beets. You can puree your own from canned. This adds some redness and held thicken more.5 stars

  33. Excellent! Had trouble getting my instant pot to seal, but once it did, it came out great. I used 2 Beyond burger patties, defrosted in the microwave, then chopped up with the onions in the IP to a ground meat consistency. You seriously couldn’t tell that there’s no meat in it. We used some sour cream and a bit more salt in our bowls. Thank you!5 stars

  34. So delicious. Honestly, I was afraid the recipe called for TOO MUCH spice when I started making it, but not at all, it turned out delicious. I’m an old hand at instant pot “BURN” notifications, so I got around this by sauteing the onions and meat first on the stove and then I transferred them to the instant pot. I have a 2018 instant pot and it’s pointless using “Sautee” because it always gives me a “BURN” message whenever I first sautee. My only suggestion is to increase the meat. I didn’t think the original recipe had enough meat chunks so on my second try, my only change was to increase the meat to 1 lb ground beef and 1 pound ground turkey. I increased the spices accordingly. For those who love layered mexican flavors, you could try adding some chipotle ground pepper and ancho ground chile. But the author’s original spice profile is excellent so kudos to the cook!5 stars

  35. Delicious!!! I have just made this dish to start my paleo plan, and WOW amazing. So flavorful. I used minced garlic instead of powder because i make my own garlic mix for sauteing (I blend garlic with a bit of water) .5 stars

  36. I am not Paleo but wanted to try a new chilli recipes. This was delicious – a huge hit, even with my four year old – and that’s saying something.

    I made it on the stove top and it took about an hour on medium heat. I used half the cinnamon that was recommended and a full tsp of cayenne.5 stars

  37. Cooked this on the stove using ground Turkey and a bit of poblano instead of jalapeño… took my time stirring occasionally… it was absolutely delicious…. the cauliflower and sweet potato made it thick and delicious…. the seasoning is spot on!!!! Will make again and again… can’t wait to use some leftover for chili cheese omelets!!!! <35 stars

  38. Delicious! I made this on the stovetop with ground chicken and chicken bone broth and it worked beautifully. Will definitely be making this again.5 stars

  39. I love everything about this chili! Filled with vegetables and good spice. It’s a family favorite in our house❤️5 stars

  40. I made this chili the other night and it’s delicious! I followed the recipe exactly and honestly I wouldn’t change a thing ! The cauliflower in it is perfect because it makes it thicker and you can’t even tell it’s in there , just kind of blends together , in a tasty way haha5 stars

  41. The best chili. I have made with Turkey and with Beef. I like the beef better, but the sweet potatoes are killer in this recipe. I use chicken bone broth with instead of plain chicken broth. I also only had green peppers but otherwise it is amazing. My definite go to chili recipe!!5 stars

  42. This recipe is delicious but literally every single time I make it in my InstantPot, I get food burn errors. I’ve tried putting the food into a spare pot but then I still get burn errors. I ultimately end up simmering the chili for 40 min. It’s super annoying even if the chili itself is delicious.4 stars

    1. I’m so happy that you’ve enjoyed it! I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had trouble with the burn warning though. Have you tried scraping the bottom of the pot before sealing it to remove any bits of stuck-on food?

  43. This chili is unbelievable. There are so many phenomenal vegetables that just blend in and if anything they add to the chili texture. I use the slow cooker method I make a batch of this for over a weeks worth of meals during my intermittent fasting. The first time I made it I made the recipe verbatim, perfect. The second time is when I started to add more:

    -Instead of just beef I cooked some bacon (two thick cut slices) and cooked a pound of turkey and a pound of Italian sausage along with the onion and spices.
    -I added a yellow and orange bell pepper, mostly because I just tend to do that with recipes asking for bell peppers
    -Instead sweet potato I used a turnip
    -1 full jalapeno gets put in with the bell peppers
    -Stock (or bone broth) because that’s just my preference in general

    This chili is a phenomenal recipe, thank you very much for posting it.5 stars

  44. I doubled this for our family of six and it fit with no trouble in the 8 qt instant pot. We all really enjoyed it – thank you!5 stars

  45. Made this for dinner last night, what a WIN! Guilt free comfort food! So many healthy veggies, such complex flavor. Planning to make this on the weekends to have for lunches during the week! Thank you, Erin :)5 stars

  46. This looks delicious! I have to make a gluten free meal for a friend’s family. Would this by chance be gluten free?

    1. Hi Sheila! This will depend on the the seasonings and broth you use. You should be able to find all of the ingredients gluten free. Hope this helps!

  47. This one of the best meals I’ve ever made. I use ground turkey and have made this a meal a few times. I don’t even miss the beans! Thank you for this recipe!5 stars

  48. I’m going on my third fall/winter of making this ALL. THE. TIME. for my family. Although theres a decent amount of prep, it’s very easy. I always make two batches at a time so we have a freezer meal or tons of leftovers (one batch in instant pot and one on the stove since they won’t fit together). I LOVE that its packed with veggies and my kids still love it, especially with a sprinkle of cheese and some corn chips.5 stars

  49. Delicious recipe and a great way to use the instant pot. Flavors and salt were spot on and don’t omit the pumpkin adds a great texture to the chili. My husband loved it too!5 stars

  50. This is our new favorite family chili recipe. The balance of meat and veggies is perfect, though sometimes I will double the meat and only add 1.5 times the amount of veggies.
    Either way it’s delish, and doubled it feeds our family of 8 big eaters with leftovers!5 stars

  51. I love this chili!!! I made it with ground bison and it was so good. I unfortunately had the burn error on my instant pot twice but I guess that was enough time to cook it perfectly lol. I cut back on chili powder and left out cayenne because some people in the house can’t handle the spicy.5 stars

  52. I have been making this recipe over and over again. While it is a lot of prep, it is always a favorite…I don’t add as much cayenne pepper, yet add siracci sauce to taste.5 stars