Is it just me or does last week feel like a lifetime ago? Many of us are at staying home, doing our part to flatten the curve. Our locations are intentionally separate, but we are still working together. Over the last few days, I’ve heard from many of you who are scrambling to adjust your meal plan to cook from shelf-stable ingredients and freezer items. During this time of disruption and uneasy feelings, I hope this post will be a resource to help you find healthy, delicious recipes that use pantry staples and freezer-friendly ingredients.

A bowl of lentil soup
While putting together this post, I was pleasantly surprised to find that DOZENS of my existing easy, healthy recipes use mostly (if not only!) pantry, basic refrigerator, and freezer items. Further, many recipes that don’t rely heavily on these items can be easily adapted to use what you do have on hand.As we adjust to this new, unfamiliar phase of life, I’m happy to report that making yummy, healthy recipes that the entire family will love is still attainable. I hope these recipes help alleviate some stress and enable you to find comfort in the kitchen with those nearest to you.

Below, I’ve grouped recipes by common pantry and freezer ingredients. You’ll find dozens of healthy dinners and lunches. Because there are few happy distractions like baking, I also included a selection of my favorite wholesome baked goods and easy desserts. I think we could all use a warm, cozy muffin and a matching cookie right about now, don’t you?

Healthy Recipes from Pantry and Freezer Ingredients

I’ve grouped the recipes by common pantry and freezer ingredients, but you’ll find some overlap (many recipes use ingredients from multiple categories, for example). Don’t be afraid to make adjustments based on what you have on hand. You can often swap one vegetable for another, use frozen vegetables instead of fresh, or change up the type of beans the recipe calls for, to name but a few examples.

When in doubt, you can always leave a comment on the corresponding recipe post, and I’ll do my best to respond within a day.

Scoped out this list and can’t find what you are looking for? Feel free to use the search bar at the top of the page, or browse my full recipe index, which groups the recipes into dozens of helpful categories. You can also search recipes by specific ingredient.


The World's Best Homemade Fried Rice in a Skillet with Vegetables and Eggs

Rice is one of the most versatile pantry staples. Rice can be used to make stir fries, burrito-style bowls, casseroles, soups, and so much more!


A bowl of vegetarian chili

Beans are a powerhouse when it comes to healthy pantry recipes. They’re filled with protein and fiber, which help keep you full, and taste deliciously creamy once cooked. Most of the recipes below call for canned beans. You also can the beans yourself from dried, then swap them in for recipes that call for canned beans.


Two bowls of healthy lentil soup

If you’re looking for a pantry staple that’s low in calories and high in protein, lentils are your answer! Lentils add wonderful body to soup and curry recipes and bring hearty, filling protein to vegetarian recipes. They’re also quick cooking.


Healthy penne alla vodka with chicken on a white plate

A classic pantry staple that the entire family loves! These pasta recipes include mainly simple and shelf-stable or frozen ingredients, but they’re also easily adaptable to whatever you have on hand. I like to use whole wheat pasta for maximum nutritional benefits.

Frozen Vegetables

A white plate with roasted frozen broccoli and lemon slices

Frozen veggies are one of my favorite items to stock up on and use in healthy recipes. This list has ideas for using them in pasta, pot pies, soups, or roasted on their own.

Pantry Baking: Simple Breakfasts and Desserts

white plate full of healthy banana muffins surrounded by walnut pieces

During these anxious times, nothing warms my soul quite like a scrumptious baking recipe. I especially love when that recipe is also filled with wholesome, simple ingredients that I already have in my pantry. I hope you’ll try one of these comforting recipes soon and that it will bring a smile to your face!

Freezer-Friendly Recipe Ideas

In addition to searching for recipes by specific pantry or freezer ingredient, I know many of you are also seeking all-around recipes that you can generally make ahead and freeze.

Below, I’ve compiled a list of meal categories that are generally very freezer-friendly. Click on any category to view the recipes within it. From there, choose a recipe that looks good to you. In that recipe’s post, wherever possible I’ve listed specific tips on freezing and reheating it.

I’m here to be a resource for you! Be sure to join The Well Plated Community Facebook Group, where we will be sharing even more healthy pantry recipe ideas. If you have a specific request, feel free to leave it in the comments section below.