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How great would it be if we could all hang out in my kitchen and you could taste the recipes I post here in person? It’s one of my fondest wishes, especially when I’m making bold, borderline-suspect claims…like the fact that today’s Beet Smoothie recipe is completely delicious, and you should try it even if you don’t like beets.

Blueberry Beet Smoothie. Sweet, creamy, and packed with fiber, protein, and antioxidants! This healthy breakfast smoothie is perfect for weightloss or for kids. Other beet smoothie benefits include reduction of blood pressure, detox, liver cleanse, and more. Recipe works with both raw or cooked beets and can be made in a Vitamix or regular blender.

A sip! Just a sip. Pretend we are in the kitchen together, and I’m offering it to you. You’ll be a Beet Smoothie believer too, I can feel it.

Since I don’t have this luxury, I’m going to call on our virtual circle of trust and assure you that this Beet Smoothie is creamy, sweet, and scrumptious.

Like their cousins sweet potatoes and carrots, beets have a natural sweetness that makes them a good choice for dessert and breakfast endeavors (in addition to the classic Beet Salad). After having success baking with beets to make a Pink Cake (SO YUMMY), a smoothie felt like the next step.

After all, I love this  Carrot Smoothie. Why not try something similar with beets?

Creamy Beet Smoothie Detox Recipe

How to Make the Best Beet Smoothie

To make this smoothie plenty sweet and not so (how do I put this delicately?) beet-y, I added plenty of other fresh ingredients:

  • Blueberries. Sweet, fruity, and a delightful pairing with our lovely beets.
  • Pineapple. The magical smoothie fruit. No matter what other, erm, questionable, ingredients you add to a smoothie, pineapple sweetens and smooths their flavor. Need proof? Check out the reviews on this Kale Pineapple Smoothie.
  • Greek Yogurt. Creaminess + filling protein. If you’d like the Beet Smoothie vegan, you can omit it or use a dairy-free yogurt.
  • Honey. If you are a diehard beet-lover you may be happy without it, but for those who like a sweeter smoothie, feel free to add to taste.

Are you ready?

Raw beets for a beet smoothie recipe

In case you still need convincing…

Beet Smoothie Benefits

  • Beets are low in calories and a great source of nutrients, including folate, potassium, vitamin C, and more.
  • Beets may help lower blood pressure.
  • Antioxidant party! Beets and blueberries are both high in antioxidants, so you are getting a double dose of these super stars. Beet Smoothie detox time.
  • Beets are high in fiber, so this smoothie will keep you satisfied. If you are considering a Beet Smoothie for weightloss, this recipe could be a good option for you.

Plus, you are receiving the wonderful benefits of the pineapples and blueberries at the same time (more vitamins! extra nutrients! anti-inflammatory! digestive support!).

Healthy Raw Beet Smoothie Recipe with Blueberries. Easy and delicious!

A Note on Blending This Smoothie

To make the smoothie as fast as possible to prepare, I developed it as a raw Beet Smoothie recipe, so you don’t need to cook the beets first. I find cutting the beet into a rough dice works fine if you are using a Vitamix or similar high-powered blender.

If you are making this smoothie in a lower-powered, regular blender, I’d suggest chopping the beets more finely and adding them a little at a time.

For easy blending guaranteed, you can also make a cooked beet smoothie. Cut the beet into large chunks and steam or lightly boil the pieces until they are tender, then chill them so that your smoothie stays nice and frosty. Cooked beets last several days in the refrigerator, so you can certainly prep a few servings in advance.

I haven’t experimented with a canned beet smoothie yet, mostly because I’m not wild about the flavor of canned beets. If you are a fan, you can certainly play around with that route.

Beet Smoothie. Our favorite healthy breakfast smoothie recipe!

More Favorite Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

  • For the smoothest blending, I recommend a high powered blender like a Vitamix, Blendtec, or KitchenAid Proline.
  • If you do not have a high powered blender, see “A Note on Beet Smoothie Blending” above.

Beet Smoothie

4.70 from 50 votes
Blueberry Beet Smoothie. Sweet, creamy, and packed with fiber, protein, and antioxidants! This healthy breakfast smoothie is perfect for weightloss or for kids. Delicious, fruity, and the beets aren’t too strong.

Prep: 4 minutes
Cook: 1 minute
Total: 5 minutes

Servings: 2 small or 1 large smoothies


  • 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk or milk of choice
  • cup mixed frozen blueberries or mixed berries
  • 1 small beet peeled and diced (about 8 ounces)
  • 1/4 cup frozen pineapple
  • 1/4 cup plain nonfat Greek yogurt use non-dairy yogurt to make vegan
  • Optional sweetener: 1-2 teaspoons honey plus additional to taste (use agave to make vegan)
  • Optional mix-ins: chia seeds hempseed, and/or ground flaxseed (I like mine with a sprinkle of chia or hempseed; hempseed is what you see pictured in the photos); I also like to add 2 tablespoons oatmeal to make the smoothie even more filling.


  • Place the almond milk, blueberries, beet, pineapple, and Greek yogurt in a high speed blender such as a Vitamix (if you do not have a high speed blender, I’d suggest microwaving, roasting, or lightly steaming the beets before using so that they are softer and puree more smoothly).
  • Blend until smooth. Taste and if you desire a sweeter smoothie, add a little honey or date and blend again. Enjoy immediately or refrigerate for up to 1 day.



  • While I wouldn’t describe this smoothie as being too “beet-y,” you can detect the flavor of the beets. If this is a concern, you can try reducing the amount of the beets and increasing the amount of berries. I like using either all blueberries or a mix of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Adding 2 tablespoons oatmeal also mellows the beet flavor.


Serving: 1gCalories: 95kcalCarbohydrates: 19gProtein: 4gFat: 1gCholesterol: 2mgFiber: 4gSugar: 13g

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**Beet smoothie benefits cited primarily from this article and this article and are meant to be a guide and reference. I’m not a registered dietician or nutritionist and can’t make specific dietary recommendations. For specific weightless or other recommendations, I definitely checking with a doctor or specialist. I am, however, and experienced beet smoothie drinker and can certainly recommend it as a wholesome and satisfying start to your day!**

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  1. Tastes amazing with a vanilla alpro yoghurt. Tinned pinnacles and Beet it juice. Got an iced berry mix. Almost a thick dessert but damn best berry / beet smoothie ?5 stars

  2. Delicious! I’m working this one into my regular smoothie rotation.
    I add in 1 date, 1 tbsp hemp seed, 2 tbsp oats, 1/4 tsp tumeric and pinch of black pepper. I want to try adding in a handful of spinach next time..5 stars

  3. I am new to making smoothies and just got a reasonably high powered blender (Ninja Supra) that works to make this raw, the smoothie is still textured (compared to, say a beet puree at a restaurant). Since the ingredients are uncooked, will this always be less than silky smooth? I don’t want to cook the beets because they lose some of their healthful compounds.

    1. Hi Andrew! This will be creamy but not smooth due to the ingredients. You can always try to run it through a sieve of some sort to get the desired texture you are looking for. Hope this helps!

  4. I found your web site today while searching for an Instant Pot chicken taco recipe (which I will make later) and was drawn to the beet smoothie recipe. Made it just now. Delicious! I had a can of diced beets on my shelf so that’s what I used. Using frozen pineapple is great and I added a small diced knob of fresh ginger. This is a versatile recipe that I will be making again, maybe sneaking in a bit of greens and oatmeal. Love your YouTube Channel!! Yes, I “liked” and “subscribed.” The video’s are well-made and the web site photographs are excellent. Keep up the good work!!5 stars

  5. Hi Andrew & Erin , I just purchased a Ninja Supra myself…Black Friday. Will the beets stain the blender?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Marsha! I’m sorry but I have no way of knowing if this is going to stain your blender or not. Hope you enjoy the smoothie if you give it a try!

  6. This is delicious! I added a dash of cinnamon and a few drops of vanilla to alter the taste though. I do that rather than add sweetener for almost all my smoothies. I also used a measured cup of raw beets, rather than a weighed 8 ounces of raw beets. 8 ounces of beets by weight is more than a small beet, and by far much more beets than all the other ingredients IMHO. So I thought it would be out of balance.
    I will definitely make this several times when I harvest my beets! Thanks for the great breakfast recipe!5 stars

  7. I actually tried this over using beet root powder. I LOVE it! I found that adding little things you like helps.The fiber was very strong for my gut so I will prob need to drink water between ounces or strain the beets. But I can’t get over the taste. But this was a terrific idea. Thanks for sharing!5 stars

  8. If I can’t have pineapple, could I use mango instead? And if I don’t do yogurt at all, is there something to replace that with?

    1. Hi Chelsea! I’ve only tested the recipe as written, so I can’t say for sure how mango will taste in the smoothie or what else could be used instead of yogurt. The pineapple helps sweeten the smoothie and the yogurt helps make it creamy, so you want to use ingredients that will help do this in your smoothie. Hope this helps!

  9. This smoothie recipe is wonderful. The first time that I’ve used beets, but they are great; have a good taste and a give the smoothie a super color.5 stars

  10. Hi.. I love beets. Glad I found u! I do have a vitamix, but I just purchased a Ninja Blast.. I’m gonna try this recipe in that .. easier to use. Bad weather here on the east coast.. I’ll let u know how it turns out as soon as I can get out and get some beets. 🫶🏼

  11. Good smoothie! Tastes good I put ice in my cup at end after the drink is made and it tastes refreshing and not to say super healthy! I added hemp seeds which is so healthy cus it has so many nutritional benefits (fiber, protein, omega 3 & 6, so many vitamins too check it out on google or smthg). I would make this smoothie consistently because it tastes good and has numeral benefits! I did add some oats & water but dont worry it does not change taste.4 stars

  12. This is a great recipe. I make it in the mornings and it powers me through out the day. I’m looking forward to trying more smoothies from your page.5 stars

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