Kale Pineapple Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

Can you feel that? That twinge? That gentle hum of the atmosphere? It’s a fresh new year. Anything, ANYTHING is possible, including a healthy breakfast smoothie that actually tastes amazing! Take a great big sip of this Kale Pineapple Smoothie and believe with all of your being. This is YOUR year. Take a big sip, and let’s go get it!

Banana Kale Pineapple Smoothie — the BEST, most delicious green smoothie! Packed with protein, it keeps you full, so it’s great for weightloss or detox. Easy, healthy, and even kids love it! Recipe at wellplated.com | @wellplated

I realize that I *might* be dramatizing the impact that a breakfast smoothie can have on a person’s psyche, but this Kale Pineapple Smoothie truly makes me feel so profoundly good that, after a few sips, I believe I can do just about anything.

My to-do list? Child’s play.

Spin class? Extra hills, please.

A poorly timed run-in with an ex-[boyfriend/girlfriend/boss]? I am the picture of poise.

With its oodles of fruit, veggies, and protein, this healthy green smoothie makes me feel like a booty-kickin’ superhero ready to take on the world, from my wildest goals to the laundry I’ve put off for the past three weeks. Now THAT is power.

The most DELICIOUS Banana Kale Pineapple Smoothie. Even kids love this easy, healthy green smoothie recipe! Recipe at wellplated.com | @wellplated

If the idea of a vegetable as ferociously green as kale in your breakfast routine makes you wary, I am begging you to give this Kale Pineapple Smoothie recipe a try. I’ve made dozens of green smoothies over the years, and this one is truly the best of all the healthy green smoothies in the land.

Don’t believe me? Check out the comments! I (and, more importantly, YOU) love this Kale Pineapple Breakfast Smoothie so much that I decided to give it a little facelift with fresh photos, along with a new video, and share it again today.

Kick Booty Kale Smoothie. Just one sip of this green smoothie, and you'll feel ready to take on the world! Made with banana, kale, pineapple, and peanut butter, it’s easy, healthy, and filling. Great for weightloss and detox too! Recipe at wellplated.com | @wellplated

Secrets to This Kale Pineapple Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

My secrets to a kale smoothie that doesn’t taste like kale are pineapple, banana, and a touch of honey. These three sweeten and mellow the kale’s flavor so that (telltale green color aside) the kale’s taste is undetectable.

Follow up the pineapple and kale with peanut butter and Greek yogurt, and you have a creamy, filling breakfast protein smoothie that’s:

a) loaded with vegetables, but

b) doesn’t taste like vegetables, and

c) will keep you powered for hours.

Filled with good-for-you ingredients, this Banana Kale Pineapple Smoothie will keep you powered all morning long! Packed with protein and vitamins, it’s the perfect way to start your morning. Recipe at wellplated.com | @wellplated

I realize that kale smoothies are sooooooooo 2016 (or are they more 2013?) and that we are in a hot new year with hot new food trends. What will it be this year? Jicama pizza crust? Heirloom breakfast pasta? Brownie-batter-stuffed egg roll Nutella cheesecake bites with gooseberry drizzle?

Food trends may come and go, but this Kale Pineapple Healthy Breakfast Smoothie is your little black dress of morning meals. It’s flattering, all about the essentials, and designed to make you feel fabulous.

Many of my go-to breakfast smoothies happen to be this gorgeous green hue, so at least in my household, the green smoothie trend isn’t going anywhere! Check out this Cleansing Apple Avocado Smoothie, my Blueberry Banana Avocado Smoothie (OK, this one is purple but includes greens!), this healthy Shamrock Shake copycat Mint Smoothie, and my four-ingredient Mango Green Smoothie!

This is the BEST green smoothie recipe! Packed with protein and vitamins, it keeps you full and tastes DELICIOUS. Easy recipe with banana, kale, pineapple. Great for weightloss, detox, and healthy breakfasts on-the-go. Recipe at wellplated.com | @wellplated

Does that make the LBD my superhero uniform of 2018? BYP (Black Yoga Pants) is probably closer to the truth, but as long as we have this Kale Pineapple Breakfast Smoothie on hand, I know you and I can handle whatever the new year throws our way.

THIS IS YOUR YEAR. Drink up, and go get ’em!

Recommended Tools for Making This Kale Pineapple Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

  • High-powered blender. (This is another excellent and much more economical option.)
  • If you don’t have a high powered blender like the above, I recommend blending the greens and almond milk in the bottom first until smooth, then adding the other ingredients.

Banana Kale Pineapple Smoothie — the BEST, most delicious green smoothie! Packed with protein, it keeps you full, so it’s great for weightloss or detox. Easy, healthy, and even kids love it! Recipe at wellplated.com | @wellplated
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Kale Pineapple Smoothie

Yield: 1 large or 2 small smoothies
Prep Time:
3 mins
Cook Time:
1 min
Total Time:
4 mins
A delicious and creamy green kale pineapple smoothie with banana and Greek yogurt. Filled with healthy protein, nutrients, and will keep you full for hours!


  • 2 cups lightly packed chopped kale leaves — stems removed
  • 3/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk — or any milk you like
  • 1 frozen medium banana — cut into chunks
  • 1/4 cup plain non-fat Greek yogurt
  • 1/4 cup frozen pineapple pieces
  • 2 tablespoons peanut butter — creamy or crunchy (I use natural creamy)
  • 1 to 3 teaspoons honey — to taste


  1. Place all ingredients (kale, almond milk, banana, yogurt, pineapple, peanut butter, and honey) in a blender in the order listed. Blend until smooth. Add more milk as needed to reach desired consistency. Enjoy immediately.
Course: Breakfast, Drinks
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipe, Kale Pineapple Smoothie

Nutrition Information

Amount per serving (1 (of 2)) — Calories: 187, Fat: 9g, Saturated Fat: 1g, Cholesterol: 3mg, Sodium: 149mg, Carbohydrates: 27g, Fiber: 4g, Sugar: 13g, Protein: 8g

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  5. Dude, Erin, you can make kale smoothies 2015 (although I still think they are wildly popular!) with this fabulous one!!! We all need our butts kicked a little and I want to start my mornings off with this!!! love!! and so happy to be hosting with you today!! thanks for bringing us all together!

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  20. Diane Siniscalchi Reply

    I am going back to breakfast smoothies, so that’s what I’ll make first. I never felt better than in the summer when I drank my kale and spinach smoothies. I even had my son Steven drinking and loving them! Here’s to a healthy (green) new year! :-)

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    Mmm, mmm! Smoothies are the healthy gods’ gift to man. And may kale never, ever go out of style.

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  31. 1st let me say thank you for the chance to win. I could really use a nice strong blender to prepare my meals. The 1st thing I would make is a vegan avocado hummus dressing that I would use to drizzle over my kale salad. I have been a vegan for 6 month strong. Now I’m trying to transitioning into going fully raw. If I win I would definitely put this baby into good use

  32. I think we should take kale smoothies into 2015 as a never dying foodie phenomenon – after all, I know I can use something that will make me feel “like a booty-kickin’ super hero who can handle anything” ANY and ALL the time!
    Delicious smoothie, Erin and thanks for the giveaway!

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    It sounds DELICIOUS.

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  87. Kale smoothies are the best! I’ve turned so many people on to them when they realize they can’t taste the kale or spinach! I like to add chia seeds, flax and sometimes a few nuts too. I’ve never tried kale with peanut butter but you can bet it’s going to be breakfast tomorrow! Thanks Erin – you rock!

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    Ok, you’ve convinced me, maybe I’ll give kale one more try! You did say it doesn’t taste like kale right?! I am on the hunt for some new healthy smoothies so I’ll have to try this one. The pineapple and peanut butter won me over!

  96. I last did laundry Dec 21…but tackled most of it today!
    I recently noticed that in the tskc Deb whips up the batter for a dutch baby in the blender, so that’s my plan. Also want to try your egg nog smoothie.

  97. I have been straight up OBSESSED with green smoothies lately. I feel like it’s the only sensible thing to do after all of my holiday grazing activities and all the chocolates/biscuits I’ve consumed over the last few weeks. Need this ASAP!

  98. I really want to try a Kale smoothie. I would probably try your recipe.

  99. Smoothie with frozen berries and bananas, vanilla whey protein powder, and milk… Occasionally peanut butter or oatmeal too. Best part of freezing fruit in advance is no added ice and resulting creamy texture!

  100. Colleen Boudreau (Collifornia) Reply

    I would make a strawberry banana smoothie.

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    I would love to win this blender…..

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  141. I’ve yet to take the time to make a smoothie but this looks fabulous. Time to pull out the blender!

  142. Make lots of smoothies

  143. My nblender just died yesterday! We love smoothies here and I make a mean blender cheesecake too!

  144. I will probably make a different type of pasta sauce. Instead of tomatoes, I am going to use roasted red peppers with some spices I think. I am quite sure I would have some great fun with this KitchenAid blender! Good luck to everyone. :)

  145. I would definitely make a green smoothie with that blender. I have an older Kitchenaid that is leaking now, so I need an upgrade!

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  153. id love to make a chocolate smoothie

  154. a banana milkshake!

  155. I would love to make my morning smoothies with my brand new KitchenAid blender!

  156. I would smooth up my potato soup

  157. Smoothies will always be in style because of the easy mix-and-match simplicity that makes them so amazing. I never know what my smoothie will be until I’m blending it since I’m just grabbing the ingredients I have on hand. Since most go together so well it’s nearly fail-safe too! 

  158. Made this for breakfast this morning with a baby kale mix and vanilla yogurt and it was amazing!! Im not sure if this is supposed to taste this good and be healthy for you!

  159. My girlfriend and I made this smoothie this morning and it was amazing! We both noticed an increase in our energy throughout the day by starting it out with a big serving of veggies! We loved the creamy consistency and how delicious it tastes. We will be trying out your Avocado Mint Smoothie tomorrow :)

  160. Just made your smoothie and that was awesome!!! ?

    Kale and pineapple are the perfect smoothie combo.

  161. After making this every single day for breakfast two weeks straight, I thought I should come back and leave a comment. This is so so sooooo good. The only green smoothie I ever make now, and it really does keep me full. Thanks for an awesome recipe!

  162. OK, I never thought I would say this: This kale smoothie is DELICIOUS. Even my picky husband likes it (once he got over the green color anyway!) Thank for your an easy yummy breakfast!

    • The green color can be deceiving Lorie! I am so glad you liked it and that your husband did too. Thanks so much for trying the recipe and taking time to leave this lovely review!

  163. I was in a bit of a smoothie rut and this definitely broke me out of it this morning! It was absolutely delicious (and sweet enough for me without adding any honey).

    • Awesome, Jamie! I’m glad this recipe was able to help you break out of the smoothie rut. Thanks for taking the time to leave this nice review! I really appreciate it!

  164. Definitely need a smoothie that will kick my booty in the morning (;

  165. This smoothie is very, very good! There is no time limit on good taste. We don’t say potatoes are pre-2017, we enjoy them because they are good and good for us. Same with kale. This smoothie is filled with healthy ingredients and tastes delicious.

    This is an excellent combo! Thanks, Erin!

    • Suzy, veggies will never go out of style for me either! I’m so happy you loved the recipe. Thanks for taking time to leave this wonderful comment and rating. It means a lot!

  166. Can you please clarify on the calorie break down. As per my calculation it is close to 480 calories for 1 big serving as opposed to your calculation of approximately 380 calories.

    • Hi Amisha! I provide calories based on what I calculate using My Fitness Pal to the best of my ability, but it is a guide and a service, not a guarantee. (You can read more on the FAQs page if you’d like.) Your info may vary if you use different brands, sizes of bananas, etc. If exact calorie counts are very important, I recommend you do your own to make sure it matches what you used exactly. I hope that helps!

      • Christina Natoli Reply

        The smoothie is delicious, but I agree with Amisha, your calorie count is way off.  All brands of peanut butter have 200 calories for two tablespoons, which is the amount in this smoothie.  Your blog says the whole smoothie has 187 calories, so that’s obviously way off.  In my opinion, f you can’t get the calorie count accurate, you shouldn’t publish it.  

        • Hi! The nutritional information is actually calculated for two smoothies, not one. If you want to double-check any recipe on my site, you are always welcome to plug the recipe to http://www.myfitnesspal.com. You can tweak it to however you like.

  167. I forgot to mention how much i love this smoothie. I have a morning craving for this smoothie. Love the fresh taste of kale and combination with pineapple. Since I consume it almost every day, I just wanted to make sure that I was getting my calories  correct. 

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to leave this wonderful review, Amisha! I’m so happy to hear you enjoy the smoothie. :)

  168. This smoothie was simply amazing!  It was easy to make and it also taste great.  Thank you for this recipe. I did however substitute the unsweetened almond milk with regular almond milk.  I also used almond butter instead of regular peanut butter. Thanks a bunch?

    • Nikki, I’m so glad you enjoyed the smoothie! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your tweaks and leave this great review!

  169. Very delicious and sweet and rich with flavors!

  170. Looks delicious! Is that a Norwex straw?

  171. This is one of my favorite smoothie recipes!

  172. I’ve just started to make Kale smoothies. I get a CSA box every two weeks and early in the season, inundated with Kale. So, I thought “why not?” Tried this recipe this morning. My only change was using vanilla flavoured Greek yogurt (it’s all I had). It was absolutely delicious.


  174. Was wondering if there is anything I can replace the banana with-not a fan and all the smoothie recipes I find include a banana ?

    • Mary, banana has a pretty unique way of making smoothies sweet and thick. I think it depends on the smoothie to know what flavor would work well. For this one, I’d try mango!

  175. Wow! This is so tasty! I had some kale to use up and now I wish I had more kale to make more smoothies. I used almond butter instead of peanut butter due to personal preference and it is so smooth and well balanced. Normally I don’t like bananas in my smoothies but it is not overpowering here. Bonus: my 4-year-old son loved it too!

  176. I needed to change my diet to eating more healthy foods for health reasons. This was the very first ever green kale smoothie I ever had. You were right it’s delicious. I’m not used to cooking from scratch so this is a big change for me. I don’t like cooking for myself. My family and I have different tastes.Thank you

  177. Oops, forgot the greek yogurt. Does this recipe still have it’s same charm without? Can I maybe just add a little more milk?

  178. Lady Carolyn McCabe-Joy Reply

    Love this!!! Starting my New Year of trying to be more healthy. DELISH!!

  179. This is delicious. I made it yesterday for the first time and had to make it again today. I love kale but wasn’t sure how I would like it in a smoothie, but it’s awesome. It will definitely be added to my smoothie rotation recipes. Thanks!

  180. I love these, I would recommend: kale, spinach, pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, banana, carrots, salt, cinnamon, greek yogurt, honey, ice cubes, and water.. I make them a lot and change the fruits around, sometimes I’ll put in an apple, pear, or blackberries.

  181. Sounds delicious, but I’m vegan. What substitutions would you suggest for the yogurt and honey?

  182. This is the best Kale Smoothie recipe I have found. Having it for lunch right now it is delish! I used vanilla yogurt and cut out the honey,

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