Lavender Lemonade

I’ll gladly award a tall, cool glass of Lavender Lemonade to anyone capable of transforming me into a hat person.

Lavender Lemonade. Easy, beautiful and refreshing!

I’m not sure if it’s my deceptively large head (blame the hair! and the brains!) or the fact that I am just decidedly unhip, but I have never succeeded at properly rocking a hat. Sure, I showed up to my 8 a.m. undergrad management class in a beanie 95% of the time, but this was due to the inhumane collegiate hour, rather than conscious choice on my part. In my three years working at our on-campus pizza/burger/ice cream joint, I rarely wore the food safety-required baseball cap, opting for the more forgiving bandana instead. Hats and I—we’re not a cute couple.

Fresh Lavender Lemonade

Although my heart will move on from never hitting up a sleek urban market while sporting a fedora or swaying at a summer concert in a cowboy hat, I will forever feel a pang of longing to wear a floppy sunhat with style and poise. The ones I’ve tried thus far have left me looking more gangly than Grace Kelly.

Homemade Lavender Lemonade

It’s a pity really, because a floppy hat is just what I picture each of us wearing as we enjoy refreshing glasses of this homemade lavender lemonade. Beneath our wide brims, we’ll take long, lazy sips of this fresh, floral drink from cute, stripy straws. We’ll be the picture of casual elegance, never once smudging our perfectly applied lipstick. We could even fit in at the Hamptons, if only I didn’t down my first glass of lavender lemonade in a decidedly unladylike 3.6 seconds. Please excuse me while I raise a pristinely-manicured finger to call for a refill.

Lavender Lemonade Recipe. Simple and refreshing

If you’ve never made homemade lemonade, you are in for a true treat. It’s only three little ingredients—water, lemon juice, and sugar—and is perhaps the most iconic thirst quencher on a summer afternoon. I beg you, leave the powdered stuff behind and use real fruit. You deserve it, and the taste improvement is exceptional.

Homemade Lavender Lemonade

Homemade lemonade begins with simple syrup, which is a fancy of saying sugar and water that are heated together briefly on the stove. To make lavender lemonade, I added dried lavender flowers to the sugar before I mixed it with the water, then let the lavender hang out in the simple syrup for about a half hour before straining. This method is almost entirely hands-off, and it works for making many other flavors of lemonade too (check out last summer’s line up of blackberry, ginger, and basil lemonade).

How to make Lavender Syrup and a Lavender Lemonade Recipe

I suspect this lavender syrup would be lovely mixed with club soda (vodka optional but encouraged), snuck into champagne, drizzled over vanilla ice cream, or used to soak a sponge cake, and it is especially good when used to sweeten homemade lemonade. The resulting drink is both bewitchingly floral and deeply soothing.

Lavender Lemonade Recipe

Though I plan to enjoy homemade lavender lemonade all spring and summer long, I can see it being especially fitting for a Mother’s Day brunch (friendly reminder: this Sunday!). Place a big pitcher at the center of your table, garnish it with a few fresh lavender springs, then relax with a refreshing glass while the lavender perfumes the room. Enchanting.

I might even be inspired to wear that floppy hat.

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Lavender Lemonade

An easy recipe for refreshing lavender lemonade. It’s so simple but so elegant! The perfect drink for summer, Mother’s Day, or a baby or bridal shower.

Yield: 6 cups lavender lemonade


  • 1 tablespoon dried lavender flowers
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 5 cups water, divided
  • 1 1/2 cups freshly squeezed lemon juice (5 to 8 lemons, depending on size)
  • Additional lemon slices, optional for garnish
  • Fresh lavender sprigs, optional for garnish


  1. Place the lavender and sugar in a small saucepan. Off the heat, rub them together with your fingers for a minute or so, until the lavender smells very fragrant. Add 1 cup water to the sugar and bring to a boil over high heat. Stir to dissolve sugar. Remove the pan from the heat cover, and allow to steep for at least 30 minutes or up to 2 hours. Strain the syrup into a serving pitcher.
  2. To the pitcher, add the fresh lemon juice and remaining 4 cups water. Stir together, then chill until nice and cold. Serve over ice, garnished with additional lemon slices or fresh lavender springs.

Lavender syrup can be stored in a tight jar for several weeks in the refrigerator. Feel free to double the lavender syrup in this recipe, then use the extra in all kinds of fun ways: mixed with club soda (with or without vodka), drizzled over ice cream, to soak a pound cake, or in champagne.

Adapted from my recipes for basil, blackberry, and ginger lemonade

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  1. Hats never fit over my head anymore so I don’t rock them as much sigh so I understand the hat woos but this lemonade right here is everything.  I want a tall glass right now.

  2. Haha! I totally feel for ya girl, because I am definitely not a hat person either. I’m a lavender lemonade kinda person is what I am. ;) This looks so refreshing and soothing!

  3. Oh man, I am definitely a hat person! I have two baseball hats that I can’t live without. 

  4. This lemonade sounds terrific. I like the idea of lavender.  I’ve RT, SU’d, YUM’d and PIN’d your pitcher of deliciousness! :) Have a great weekend! 

  5. Lovely, Erin! I’m all for anything with lavender. Hope your mother can enjoy this with you on Sunday! I’ve never felt comfortable wearing a hat, except once at the races at Santa Anita (where hats are de rigueur!) Another reason not to wear a hat is the resultant “hat hair!” 

  6. Hahahahahha! I am definitely not a hat person either. I’ve never tried a lavender lemonade! Have to try! This looks so refreshing and soothing!

  7. Ugh I can’t wear hats either… they make me look like a 5 year old boy…  it’s just terrible, and yet I too dream of someday wearing a floppy hat with grace.    
    I love the addition of lavender to this lemonade recipe, perfect for Mother’s Day indeed (and so, so much better than the powdered stuff)!

  8. How pretty! My mom says I can pull off hats, but I’m never sure if I believe her. I’ve got a fairly large head, too…these drinks look lovely, though!

  9. Hmm This sounds very interesting!! I do love lemonade. but I have never tried it with lavender!    

  10. What a beautiful drink! It makes me so excited for summer! I can just imagine myself sipping on it in the warm sunshine with a cool breeze on my skin and a floppy hat on my head. Although I suffer from the same disproportions as you do with my gigantic head. I look completely ridiculous in a fedora but floppy hats are a must, no matter how silly it looks! :)

  11. i looove lavender lemonade! a cafe near me makes it every summer and it is so good!

  12. Hats are my buddies. I use them to go incognito when I’m out and about so students don’t recognize me. It’s surprisingly effective!
    Love putting lavender in lemonade. I’ve never tried that before, and now, I’m gonna!

  13. I don’t believe you, I think you could totally rock a floppy hat. I thought I wore hats wonderfully until my husband bluntly told me I look ridiculous in a baseball cap, apparently it’s “uncool” to fold the bill and have it almost completely cover your eyes??? Whatever, if I was sipping on this lemonade I really wouldn’t care what I looked like. Because this, is the epitome of summer, and summer makes me blissfully happy.

  14. That lemonade looks so heavenly! And I love the added lavender flavors – sounds so delicious!! Pinned :)

  15. I’m not sure I can help you become a hat person, but I will gladly look equally ridiculous wearing a floppy hat and sipping some of this lemonade with you! :)

  16. What a beautiful cup of lemonade. I never tried a lavender lemonade before. Your blog convinced me to give it a good try. I’ll do it. Thank so much sharing this.

  17. This looks great for this warm Southern California weather we’ve been having! Does the lavender give a calming effect after drinking this?

  18. Dispense with the dried lavender and just cut a few from the yard.  Boil your sugar/water until the sugar dissolves, turn off the heat, toss in several flowers (stems and all), let them steep for 5 or ten minutes.  Using fresh lavender, my simple syrup doesn’t look as murky as yours and I suspect it packs a more powerful lavender taste.

    • Brenda, I wish I could grow lavender in my yard (sadly we have a lot of shade and family of deer that aren’t the most cooperative with plant life). If I am ever able to get my hands on some fresh though, I will definitely try it. I bet the flavor of the syrup is lovely that way!

  19. I hear your plight of the shade and deer.  For what it’s worth, lavender is apparently deer resistant and very hearty and drought-resistant as well.  Around these parts it’s planted in the median of roadways even.  I planted a lone sprig in an arid patch of dirt between two driveways.  I never water it and it has no protection from deer or other critters… it persists despite myself and the occasional car that tries to run it over.  I chop it back with hedge clippers and neglect it for months on end.. and still it produces lovely fragrant flowers that adorn my bathroom and lavender sodas throughout the year.  If you have a tiny patch of sun someplace.. see what happens.. you might be surprised!

  20. This sounds sooo yummy. I could see using lavender infused syrup on all kinds of things.

    And I hope you don’t give up too quickly on hats, I’m sure they right one is out there just waiting to find you.

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