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When it comes to easy, cozy, and budget-friendly meals, this 15 Bean Soup recipe is a forever favorite. A little smoky and surprisingly complex, it’s begging to be served with a hunk of crusty bread and big shavings of Parmesan.

easy bean soup recipe

Why You’ll Love This Bean Soup Recipe

  • Hearty, Not Heavy. Similar to this Crockpot Vegetable Beef Soup and Chickpea Curry, this 15 bean soup recipe is hearty and filling, without being food-coma-inducing.
  • Budget-Friendly. Humble, delicious legumes are incredibly economical, giving you more bang for your buck. Like Lentil Soup, this inexpensive recipe that will keep you full and satisfied!
  • So! Much! Soup! This bean soup recipe yields a generous portion, so it’s ideal for feeding a large crowd or eating a few days later on a night when you’re short on time to cook. Can you freeze it? You betcha!
  • Just Add Bread. Sure, you could make something to serve with your soup (I share some suggestions below!), but I usually just pair it with a loaf of crusty bread, which in every way speaks straight to my heart.
healthy 15 bean soup recipe

5 Star Review

“This was absolutely phenomenal on a cold day. It was a bowl of pure comfort.”

— Amy —

How to Make 15 Bean Soup

The Ingredients

What Beans are in 15 Bean Soup?

  • While the exact beans will vary from brand to brand, 15 bean soup typically contains some mix of navy beans, black beans, red beans, pinto beans, chickpeas, Great Northern beans (or white beans), kidney beans, baby lima and large lima beans. Black-eyed, yellow split peas, and green split peas can also be used.
  • Different brands may contain some variations of this mixture, so be sure to explore all the options if you have a preference. Honestly though, as long as you have a mix, your soup will taste great.
  • Bacon. Bacon adds to the soup’s rich, hearty flavor, and the drippings are perfect for sautéing the other ingredients. (I also love the smokiness bacon lends this Shrimp Corn Chowder too.)

Dietary Note

If you prefer to make this bean soup vegetarian without bacon, you can use olive oil instead of the bacon drippings.

  • Vegetables. For added flavor and nutritional value. I chose to add the golden soup trifecta of onion, carrots, and celery (a.k.a. mirepoix).
  • Ham Bone. Leftover ham bone in your future? Go ahead and add it here! Don’t have one? No biggie. You can make this 15 bean soup without ham bone too.
  • Broth. If you’re not using the ham bone, chicken broth will help add flavor to your soup.

Substitution Tip

If using a ham hock or ham bone, swap the broth for water since the ham will add saltiness to the soup on its own. Before serving, season with additional salt, to taste.

  • Spices. A blend of favorites to give the soup big-time flavor, including smoked paprika. It gives this soup (and this Vegan Potato Soup) bewitching smokiness that makes the soup taste complex and will have your spoon wandering back to the bowl for more.
  • Fire-Roasted Tomatoes. One of my pantry staples! The tomatoes add extra flavor and liquid to the soup.
  • Red Wine Vinegar. For a touch of acid and brightness. Don’t skip it; it brings the soup to life.
  • Parmesan Cheese. The perfect finish for a touch of creaminess. (It’s also a must for finishing a bowl of Minestrone Soup.)

The Directions

  1. Soak the Beans. Before you plan to make the soup: place the beans in a large bowl, and cover with water. Let stand overnight. OR see the quick soak method below.
  2. Drain and Rinse. When you are ready to cook the soup, pour off the water and give the beans a good rinse.
bacon for 15 bean soup recipe
  1. Cook the Bacon. Leave the drippings in the pot.
sauteeing vegetables for 15 bean soup
  1. Cook the Veggies. Add the beans, ham bone (if using), bay leaf, and broth or water.
simmering 15 bean soup
  1. Simmer. Bring the soup to a boil, then partially cover and simmer until the beans begin to break down.
15 bean soup recipe
  1. Simmer More. Stir in the tomatoes and spices, and let simmer uncovered to further develop the flavor.
  2. Finish. Adjust seasoning as desired, and serve hot with fresh parsley and Parmesan. ENJOY!
a pot of easy bean soup

Recipe Variations

  • Cajun 15 Bean Soup Recipe. Use a bag of Cajun 15 Bean Soup and seasoning instead of regular. Add 1 diced green pepper with the onion. You can also play around with swapping the salt and spices in this recipe with your favorite Cajun spice blend.
  • 15 Bean Soup with Ham Hock. If you don’t have a hambone but want similar richness and flavor, you can make this 15 bean soup with a ham hock instead. Be sure to wait until the end to season with salt and use water instead of broth, since the ham hock will be salty.
  • 15 Bean Soup with Chicken. Add 1 pound of cubed boneless skinless chicken breast, and sauté it with the onion until cooked through. Finish cooking the soup as directed. You could also stir in premade shredded chicken just before serving. Reference my post on How to Make Shredded Chicken or Baked Chicken Breast for tips.
  • 15 Bean Soup with Sausage. Add 1 pound Italian turkey sausage, and sauté it with the onion until it is cooked through. Finish cooking the soup as directed.
  • 15 Bean Soup with Hamburger. Add 1 pound lean ground beef, season with salt and pepper, and sauté it with the onion until it is cooked through. Finish cooking the soup as directed.
  • 15 Bean Soup with Kielbasa. Brown 3/4 pound sliced smoked kielbasa with the onions. Finish cooking as directed.
  • Vegetarian 15 Bean Soup Recipe. Omit the meat. Season the vegetables with extra virgin olive oil and additional salt to taste (this version is vegan as well!). If you’d like, you can also add kale or spinach.

Storage Tips

  • To Store. Store leftover bean soup in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.
  • To Reheat. Rewarm soup on the stove over medium-low heat until hot. You can also reheat leftovers in the microwave until heated through.
  • To Freeze. Place soup in an airtight freezer-safe storage container in the freezer for up to 3 months. Let thaw overnight in the refrigerator before reheating.

Meal Prep Tip

Heads up! The beans do need to soak overnight. If you forget, I have a quick soak method for you below in the FAQ section.

an easy recipe for 15 bean soup

What to Serve with 15 Bean Soup

  • Dutch Oven. A kitchen tool that will cook beside you for years.
  • Ladle. Perfect for transferring this soup to bowls and storage containers.
the best 15 bean soup recipe

Recipe Tips and Tricks

  • Don’t Forget to Soak the Beans! If you do forget, you can use the quick soak method described below, but even that will take about an hour, so it will add to your overall prep time. 
  • Canned Beans Just Won’t Cut It. There are many, many instances in which canned beans are ideal (Easy Baked Beans, Bean Tostadas), but I really prefer dried beans in this soup because they have a superior flavor and texture. The beans make the soup!
  • Cut the Veggies into Uniform Sizes. This ensures that they’re all done cooking at the same time. No one wants crunchy carrots in their soup!
  • Add the Parmesan Rind If You Have One. If your Parm has a rind, go ahead and throw it into the soup if you’re not using a ham bone. It will add another layer of umami flavor.

15 Bean Soup

4.85 from 73 votes
This rich and hearty 15 bean soup recipe is a healthy, inexpensive meal! Make it with a ham bone or serve as a filling vegetarian main.

Prep: 20 minutes
Cook: 1 hour 40 minutes
Total: 2 hours

Servings: 6 servings (about 10 cups)


  • 1 pound 15 bean soup mix*
  • 4 strips of bacon; optional cut into ½-inch wide strips or 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil (omit for vegetarian bean soup)
  • 1 large yellow onion diced
  • 3 cloves garlic minced (about 1 tablespoon)
  • 5 medium carrots peeled and diced
  • 3 ribs celery diced
  • 1 ham bone – fat removed; optional plus any leftover ham diced from the bone
  • 6 cups low sodium chicken broth use water or unsalted broth if using the ham bone (use vegetable broth for vegetarian bean soup)
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 can fire-roasted diced tomatoes in their juices (15-ounces)
  • 2 teaspoons smoked paprika
  • 1 teaspoon ground chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme leaves
  • ¼ teaspoon black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar
  • Kosher salt to taste
  • Parmesan cheese for serving
  • Chopped fresh parsley for serving


  • Before you plan to make the soup: place the beans in a large bowl. Pick them over to remove any debris. Cover with cool water by at least 1 inch. Let soak overnight at room temperature or in the refrigerator.
  • When you are ready to cook the soup: drain the beans into a colander and rinse them well. Set aside.
  • In a large pot or Dutch oven over low heat, cook the bacon over medium-low, stirring it occasionally until the fat has rendered and the bacon is crisp, about 8 minutes (be patient; low and slow is the name of the game here!). With a slotted spoon, remove the bacon to a plate and set it aside, leaving the drippings in the pot. If using olive oil instead, simply warm the oil in the pot.
  • Increase the heat to medium. Add the onion and cook until it begins to soften, about 3 minutes. Add the garlic, carrots, and celery. Stir and cook until the carrots just begin to soften, about 5 minutes.
  • Add the beans, ham bone (if using), bay leaf, and liquid. If you are NOT using a ham bone, use the broth for the liquid; if you ARE using a ham bone, use 6 cups of water *or* unsalted chicken broth. (If you use regular or even low sodium broth along with a ham bone, your soup may be too salty).
  • Increase the heat and bring the soup to a boil. Once it is boiling, reduce heat to medium-low. Place a lid on the pot, leaving it slightly ajar. Let the soup simmer, stirring it occasionally, until the beans are tender and beginning to break down, about 75 minutes.
  • Stir in the tomatoes, paprika, chili powder, cumin, thyme, and black pepper. Simmer the soup, uncovered, for an additional 20 minutes to allow the flavors to marry. If the soup becomes thicker than you would like, add water to reach your desired consistency. Remove the bay leaf and ham bone (if using). Stir in the vinegar and reserved bacon.
  • Taste the soup and add additional salt and pepper as desired. The amount of salt you need will vary based upon your broth and/or hambone; I added an additional 1/2 teaspoon salt and a pinch of black pepper. Serve hot, sprinkled with Parmesan and parsley.



  • *INGREDIENT NOTE: 15 bean soup mix is a bag with a mix of different varieties of dry beans (and it doesn’t need to be exactly 15!); Hurst’s and Goya are two popular brands (one is 15 and one is 16); Bob’s Red Mill makes a 13 Bean Soup Mix that I like a lot as well. If your mix comes with a seasoning packet, discard the packet and use the beans only for this recipe.
  • TO STORE: Store leftover bean soup in an airtight storage container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. 
  • TO REHEAT: Rewarm soup in a Dutch oven on the stove over medium-low heat until hot. You can also reheat leftovers in the microwave until heated through. 
  • TO FREEZE: Place soup in an airtight freezer-safe storage container in the freezer for up to 3 months. Let thaw overnight in the refrigerator before reheating. 


Serving: 1(of 6)Calories: 435kcalCarbohydrates: 73gProtein: 29gFat: 4gSaturated Fat: 1gCholesterol: 5mgPotassium: 1600mgFiber: 3gSugar: 5gVitamin A: 9212IUVitamin C: 6mgCalcium: 58mgIron: 2mg

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Frequently Asked Questions

Help! I Forgot to Soak My Beans Overnight. How Can I Soak Beans Quickly?

Here’s how to quickly soak your beans. (1) Rinse and drain your beans. (2) Then, place in a pot and cover with 3 inches of cold water, and boil for 2 minutes. (3) Turn off the stove, place a lid on the pot, and let the beans sit for about 1 hour. (4) Drain, rinse, and cook according to recipe instructions. The above might not seem “quick,” since the beans need to soak for an hour, but it’s a much faster option than overnight soaking.

Is Bean Soup Good for Weight Loss?

I’m not a dietician so I encourage you to speak to your health professional for specific questions regarding diet and weight loss. However, generally speaking, bean soup can be part of a healthy diet. Loaded with fiber and protein and coming in at less than 450 calories per serving, this easy bean soup recipe is both filling and healthy.

What Thickens Bean Soup?

If you would like to thicken bean soup, there are a few options available for doing so. One is to add a slurry of a few tablespoons of cornstarch mixed with water during the final 10-15 minutes of cooking. You could also remove 1 cup of the beans before serving, puree in a blender, and then stir them back into the soup for a thicker consistency.

Is 15 Bean Soup Healthy?

YES, this 15 bean soup recipe is healthy! Beans are high in protein and fiber, meaning this soup will keep you full. This recipe also includes an ample amount of carrots, which are high in beta carotene, antioxidants, potassium, vitamins, and fiber.

Related Recipes

Beans are a fantastic source of plant protein, and they’re budget-friendly too! Here are some more recipes to try:

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  1. Thanks for the reminder to make some bean soup! We like it alot and I usually make this at least 2-3 times throughout the winter season. It’s a great way to use some of the tomatoes from our garden that I roasted and froze last August. While it becomes a full time job at the time, I’m always so glad to have them ready to go. I’ve never thought to add bacon – will definitely do this in my next batch.

  2. I made this vegetarian style using olive oil to soften the onions. It is delicious! And yes, the cornbread is perfect with it. I left mine a little “soupier” to soak into the corn bread. :) Thank you, Erin. Your site has become my favorite.5 stars

  3. SO so good! Grocery store didn’t have the ham bone, but I used the Italian sausage add in suggested. Followed the recipe for all other ingredients. This might be my new favorite soup. I’m already looking forward to eating it often this winter.5 stars

  4. I have always made this soup maybe once a year, because it’s so healthful, but it’s been pretty blah.  This time I mostly followed your recipe and made it with the Christmas ham bone and a bit of ham … didn’t even use the bacon … and some green beans in place of half the carrots.  My husband and I have both been eating it ravenously … It is amazing!  I think the difference is that you really nailed it on the spices!  Great recipe!5 stars

    1. YAY! I’m so happy to hear that this recipe was a hit, Daria! Thank you for taking the time to share this kind review!

  5. This was the best 15 bean soup that I have ever made! And I loved not having to use the seasoning pack! It was so delicious!!!5 stars

  6. I’m taking this to my Super Bowl watch party. Made it a day ahead because soup *always* benefits from an overnight in the fridge.

    Soaked for 24 hours. Make sure you rinse thoroughly.

    Didn’t have a hambone , but did have an 8 oz pack of “Country Ham Trimmings” that I’d bought for a buck. I did the olive oil thing (more olive oil than you suggested, didn’t measure just glumped it out of the bottle.) Olive oil is good, and more can be better – but use good olive oil. (best less than a year old from harvest). I diced up the ham and dumped it in at the first stage – I started dicing the ham as I was waiting for the beans/chicken stock to start boiling, and dumped in as I finished dicing each piece. I didn’t start timing the 75 minutes until after I added the last of the ham.

    After I finished with the ham and started the timer (“Alexa, set timer for 75 minutes”), I got each of the spices mentioned (I had thyme seeds not ground), and measured each one, dumping it into a shot glass.

    Then I took out one of my summer mistakes – my “dried” farmers market tomatoes that weren’t dried (first time with a dehydrator). I’d has enough sense back then to freeze them. Diced them up, and when the 75 minutes were up, dumped in the tomatoes (which had plenty of liquid -note I said “mistake”) and the shot glass with the spices. By eyeball, that was equivalent to the canned tomatoes in the recipe.

    I let it simmer for another 40 minutes before I stopped it and had a small bowl to taste. It’s delicious! And it’ll be better after a night in the fridge.

    The “advanced” recipe on Giant Food’s bag of 16-bean soup (throw out the flavor packet) was pretty minimal – onion, and tomato at the start, salt & pepper spicing. I knew I wanted more, and my google-fu led me to your recipe. Why did I pick it?

    You split adding stuff into three stages – the veggies at the beginning, the beans, liquid and meat second, and spices and tomato products third.

    Also, you had a sophisticated spice list, which, nevertheless had nothing weird in it (I had to go out for the thyme)..

    I’d like to thank all the women who create these recipes, and comment on them. Unless you’re Lithuanian, you might not catch from my name that I’m a guy, not a girl. I *never* see guys talking about cooking on these recipe sites, and it’s so much fun!5 stars

    1. I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed the recipe, Tadas! Thank you for taking the time to share this kind review!

    2. Best soup i have ever made. Used the bacon, didn’t do the ham, left out the tomatoes, added chicken. Delish! Everyone went back for more!5 stars

  7. I accidentally dumped in the tomatoes and now I’m reading that the beans may not break down because of the acidity. I’m a little worried. 

    1. Hi Linda! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to respond to this earlier. I hope the recipe turned out well for you!

    1. Hi Karen! This recipe yields about 6 servings, so you would likely want to double it for that many people. I hope this helps!

  8. I made this recipe and the bean soup was fabulous. Followed recipe with the exception of celery I used celery salt instead. I made 1 mistake I put the tomatoes and vinegar in immediately I missed the instruction to cook beans first. The acidity kept beans from real tenderness. My fault. Killer recipe they were still great

  9. Didn’t add as much of the seasonings but all the other ingredients. Used a ham bone. Excellent. Didn’t realize it was dense in calories and carbs but guess the protein is the upside 5 stars

    1. Hi Brenda! I’ve never tried this recipe in the Instant Pot, so I’m afraid I can’t offer any specific advice. If you decide to play around with it, I’d love to hear how it goes!

  10. Hi Erin:
    I wanted to thank you for posting this recipe. I have had it bookmarked for several weeks and finally got around to making a batch.

    Since I have a vegetarian in my house I didn’t go the bacon and ham bone route and used a vegetarian packaged broth.

    I wanted you to know that the soup was very tasty and I found your instructions clear and easy to follow. I found that it was a very generous 6 portions and if served with something else, like a grilled cheese and soup lunch, could easily stretch to many more portions.

    The next time I make it I am going to add rice as I felt that it’d be good to have something like a rice or bread mixed in. I also really want to try it with bacon and will likely make a batch for the other family members as it would really be tasty.

    Thanks again.

  11. How can this recipe be adapted for canned beans? I have so many i dont want to run out and buy dried bean.5 stars

    1. Hi Rebecca! I have only tested this recipe with dried beans; however, I think you can experiment by using a mix of canned beans and reducing the amount of liquid in the recipe since dried beans absorb much more liquid. You also won’t need to simmer it nearly as long. I’d say 20 or so minutes of simmering should do the trick. If you decide to play around, I’d love to hear how it goes!

  12. I have made this soup twice now, with double smoked sausage and my husband can’t stop raving about it! The second time I made it, I used homemade vegetable stock and it tasted that much better!5 stars

  13. Had a bag of mixed beans and decided to look up a recipe. I was unsure if this would turn out flavorful because of adding the tomatoes and herbs during the last 20 minutes but somehow it came out wonderful and well balanced! Tried the recipe as you’ve written it, with the exception of FIRE ROASTED diced tomatoes. I only had a regular can of diced tomatoes so, in it went, with the juices! Also, I threw in extra ham because my fam is happiest with protein! lol Amazing flavor and I could only imagine how much more flavorful it would have been with that extra smokiness! Yum! Thank you for sharing this! It’s a keeper!!!!5 stars

  14. How long is an overnight soak considered? I’m an early riser, wondering if I have enough time to start early and make later for dinner? Bought all the ingredients, can’t wait to have this later in the week. Your recipes never disappoint.

  15. This is the best bean soup I have ever eaten! Even my son-in-law—a gourmet cook—said it was one of the top 5 things he had ever eaten!

    I followed the recipe as written, except I didn’t use any bacon (didn’t have any). I’ll be making this all winter long!5 stars

  16. Oh this is SO good and was an economic meal over 3 nights for the two of us. I didn’t have celery so substituted a beet / I think this may have made it even better. Thank you for the recipe.5 stars

  17. I made the vegetarian/vegan version of this without the bacon or ham bone. I realized after going to the grocery store that my celery had liquified in my fridge, so I left that out. At the end, I added 2 sliced and sauteed vegan chipotle sausages to give it a little extra smokey flavor. I used a 10-bean mix. Aside from that, I followed the recipe. It tastes great now, and will probably taste even better later as the flavors continue to meld. This made a boatload, so I plan to freeze some for later. Thanks for the recipe!5 stars

    1. Hi Nan, I’m so sorry to hear that this was too spicy for you. I know it can be frustrating to try a new recipe and not have it turn out, so I really wish you would’ve enjoyed it!

    2. It sounds like you may have gotten either fire roasted tomatoes with chilis or your chili powder wasn’t the mild type. It might be worth trying again, making sure to avoid those two things.

  18. Excellent and healthy if you sub out the pork with liquid smoke ( the only thing you’ll miss is the grease) and use Better than Bullion vegetable – absolutely superb – thank-you!5 stars

  19. My family loved this recipe and all agreed it was the best soup I’ve ever made! Reminded us of the bean soup we enjoyed in Italy.5 stars

  20. Add a can of tomato paste to the beans and replace up to half the water with chicken broth. Makes it even more delicious.The canned tomatoes and some of those seasonings or cheese seem nontraditional5 stars

  21. This soup was SO SO SO good. I made it with a ham bone that had a little meat left on it. Followed the recipe to the T and use the bacon instead of the olive oil. Removed the ham from the bone and added it back to the soup. It was a “meaty” soup and very filling.5 stars

  22. Very nice, except that some of my beans were too crunchy despite following the recipe for quick cooking the beans. I’m hoping they will soften up or I might purée. I made this with turkey kielbasa and I did include the smoky seasoning from the bean mix bag at the end since I didn’t have smoked paprika. I sautéed the kielbasa, removed it, and cooked the onions and the soup in the same pan but I saved the kielbasa out since I don’t like how the texture changes in soup.4 stars

  23. This recipe, as written, is excellent! The soup is one of the best and my new favorite! It’s so flavorful and delicious.5 stars

  24. I made a pork bone broth that I used with this soup and it was one of the best soups I have ever eaten. I used the bacon and a few leftover ham pieces. However, I would probably skip the bacon the next time as this soup has so much flavor it is not needed. Other than the homemade bone broth I followed the recipe exactly. I will save this and make it again for many years to come.5 stars

  25. Excellent soup to make especially with flavor of Bacon. Used pork shoulder butt for the last 20 minutes. Loved it so much I made it twice already.5 stars

  26. Thanks for a delicious soup. I bought a package if the 15 bean soup but didn’t want to use the included spice package. I found your recipe. It was perfect.5 stars

  27. I read the comments and someone said they couldn’t eat it because it was spicy. I don’t want to make the same mistake. Can I ask on a scale of 1 to 10 just how spicy is it? The soup looks great and I always like to see lots of positive reviews (which there are) when I try a new recipe. However, I can’t take spicy! I plan on making your recipe anyway, but would like to make adjustments to alleviate the issue. Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Hi Rose! Honestly everyone’s taste are so different this will be based on what you are able to handle. If you can’t take spicy then you will need to adjust the amounts of the smoked paprika
      and ground chili powder. Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Amy! I’ve only tested this recipe as written, so I wouldn’t be able to advise specifically how to make this soup in the slow cooker. If you decide to experiment, let me know how it goes!

  28. My husband loves this soup. I love that you can omit some ingredients if you don’t have them in hand like the ham bone or bacon and red wine vinegar. In my case i didn’t have any of those but it still came out great!

    My only request is how can I make this in the instant pot?5 stars

    1. Hi Alicia! So glad you enjoyed the soup! I’ve never tried this recipe in the Instant Pot, so I’m afraid I can’t offer any specific advice. If you decide to play around with it, I’d love to hear how it goes!

  29. This also works great in a slow cooker…you can skip presoaking the beans. I used the Hurst 15 bean mix, put in my New Years Day ham bone (and left out the bacon) and let it cook on high for 6 hours. Yum!5 stars

  30. This was absolutely phenomenal on a cold day. I added some turkey kielbasa and goodness, it was a bowl of pure comfort.5 stars

  31. This tastes great. Didn’t have fire roasted tomatoes so I just used a bit of tomato paste. Will definitely make again. Thanks!5 stars

  32. Does not taste at all like the original Hambeen soup. I was disappointed also at how much it tastes like chili, but without the meat. Maybe less cumin would help?2 stars

    1. I’m sorry to hear that the recipe wasn’t to your tastes, Kelly. I (and many other readers) have truly enjoyed it, so I wish it would’ve been a hit for you too!

  33. Absolutely fantastic. I changed and used a pound of bacon, a cup of wine and 1.75 lbs beans and two boxes of Vegetable broth5 stars

  34. I bought these beans on a whim and searched google for a good recipe to go with it. Thank you for having one! So delicious, it does not disappoint! Skipped the Parmesan cheese but I had some homemade tomatillo salsa that I mixed in! YUM5 stars

  35. This recipe was tasty, will make again. The only thing I will do different next time is to taste the beans for doneness halfway through, it was too soft after 75 min.

    I only used 8 of the ingredients, beans, chicken sausage (instead of bacon), onion, 1 tsp garlic powder (instead of fresh garlic), carrots, celery, chicken broth and bay leaf. Couldn’t find most of the spices in the store, didn’t miss it. It was so flavorful I skipped the diced tomatoes. I reduced the recipe to half and 1/3 lb of beans, but still needed 3 cans of chicken broth since it evaporates.5 stars

  36. I’ve been making mixed bean soup for years (no recipe needed at this point) when I needed more iron in my diet, but decided to try a new one to see what spices I might like. Your recipe is just right. Enjoyed especially the paprika and red wine vinegar. I usually do a vegetarian method , unless I happen to have some ham on hand. But mostly I want to share that a couple of years ago I turned it into a rice bowl. Brown rice (plain is fine) and somewhat drained soup. It’s wonderful and healthy and cheap!5 stars

  37. This tasted great!
    I did not change a thing to your recipe.
    I made this for our dinner this evening.
    I served corn muffins with this and my entire family loved the meal!

    I have made many of your recipes, and I have never been disappointed.5 stars

  38. Thank you for another great recipe! With hurricane Hillary approaching, I thought that should be perfect to make this morning to hold us over just in case.
    My entire family loved this soup’5 stars

  39. Hi Erin:

    I made this soup for dinner a few days ago and we’ve had several servings since then for lunch.
    DELICIOUS! Even our youngest (who is bean hater) enjoyed it.

    I had a pound of dried 15 beans that I cooked in the IP ahead of time. I omitted the ham (High Blood Pressure and have to watch the sodium) and instead used several sliced chicken sausages which I browned with the onions. Finally, instead of the boxed chicken broth I used a mixture of homemade chicken stock and leftover broth from cooking the beans. With those exceptions, I followed the recipe.

    I WILL make this again (and again)

    Michael5 stars

  40. This turned out great. I used the quick soak method for the beans that you provided and they turned out perfect. I used some smoked uncured bacon ends. I didn’t have cumin so I doubled the chili powder. I also added a 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper for a little extra pop. Would definitely make this again.5 stars