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I realize that Sautéed Cabbage isn’t the sort of recipe that’s known to elicit romantic gushing, but this 20-minute side dish is love at first bite.

Sauteed Cabbage that's good for you served in a skillet for dinner

Tender and caramelized with obsessively tasty brown bits, you’ll be twirling this cabbage on your fork, nibbling it right out of the pan, and wondering when it was that you became the sort of person who is this enthusiastic about a vegetable.

Prior to making Sautéed Cabbage, I would describe my overall attitude towards cabbage at large as, “hmmm…is that the thing that’s in coleslaw?”

When I did consider cabbage, it was in the context of other recipes; a necessary step towards a greater end (Winter Slaw; Cabbage and Sausage Skillet).

OH MY. I have been missing out.

Good for you Sauteed Cabbage in a skillet that can be served for dinner with onion and carrots

Like these Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts (which are a relative of the cabbage, go figure!), raw cabbage is fairly ho-hum and usually serves as a vehicle for greater goods (ahem, dressing).

Sautéed Cabbage changes all of that. Add a bit of olive oil, butter, heat, and a surprise final ingredient, and the cabbage is transformed into something I would serve to the best of company.

If you don’t think you like cabbage, if you consider it bland, and even (perhaps, especially) if you don’t consider it at all, give this Sautéed Cabbage recipe a try. It’s going to surprise and delight you in the most wonderful of ways!

Good for you Sauteed Cabbage in a skillet made with apple cider vinegar for dinner

How to Make Sautéed Cabbage

This recipe has FOUR ingredients, along with salt and pepper. Don’t question it. It’s a textbook case of simple ingredients that yield superior results.

  • Cabbage. 1 small head weighs about 2 ½ pounds and will yield just the right amount for four to six people, depending upon how much everyone loves vegetables. I used green cabbage, but you can use this same recipe to make sautéed red cabbage if you prefer.
  • Olive Oil. The sautéed-anything workhorse.
  • Butter. I like to use butter AND olive oil in this Sautéed Cabbage recipe. The olive oil can stand up to the heat, and the butter provides great flavor. One tablespoon of each is all you need for the whole head of cabbage! If you’d like to make the Sautéed Cabbage Paleo, you can use ghee. To make it dairy-free, use entirely olive oil.
  • Salt and Pepper. Season, season, season. Be sure to use kosher salt, which has a much more pleasant flavor than table salt.

And now, the secret ingredient…

  • Apple Cider Vinegar. Cabbage craves acid. Just ½ tablespoon will completely transform this sautéed cabbage and bring it to life. For fun, taste it before and after.

One of my favorite parts about cooking is learning about how simple changes—like adding vinegar to sautéed cabbage—can transform a dish from something good enough to something truly special. That is the case here!

Healthy Sauteed Cabbage served in a bowl for dinner that's low in calories

An Easy, Healthy Side

Start to finish, this Sautéed Cabbage takes 15 minutes, and much of the cooking is fairly hands-free.

  • To prepare the cabbage for frying, cut it in half from its top down through its core. Place the cut-side down on your cutting board, then slice it as thinly as possible around the core so that you have fine ribbons. Discard the core.
  • Add the butter and olive oil to a fairly large, deep sauté pan.
  • As soon as the butter melts, add the cabbage. The cabbage will take up a lot of room and barely fit at first, but it will cook down fairly quickly.
  • To saute, stir the cabbage every now and then, but don’t obsess over it. You want the cabbage to turn golden brown and get a little caramelized and crispy. That magic happens while the cabbage is sitting undisturbed (a.k.a. while you are relaxing, sipping a glass of wine, and/or prepping the rest of the meal).

As soon as the cabbage is tender and browned like the photos, it’s ready to serve!

This healthy Sautéed Cabbage is low in calories (just 77 per serving!). It also offers tons of vitamin C and fiber. Plus, it’s rich in antioxidants, which may help reduce inflammation.

Sauteed Cabbage served in a skillet that's good for you and can be served with onion and carrots

What to Serve with Sautéed Cabbage

Sautéed Cabbage goes with a variety of dishes. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Recipe Spins + Other Favorite Easy Vegetable Side Dishes

  • Sautéed Cabbage and Onions. Add 1 thinly sliced yellow onion to the pan with the cabbage.
  • Sautéed Cabbage with Bacon. Add 6 strips of uncooked bacon to your pan before adding the cabbage. Once the bacon is almost crispy (about 3 minutes), add the cabbage, and sauté according to the recipe directions. If you love bacon and veggies, you’ll adore these Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts.
  • Sautéed Zucchini. Another quick and always delicious addition to your repertoire.
  • Roasted Zucchini. EVERYONE loves this recipe (must be the Parmesan on top).
  • Sautéed Cabbage and Carrots. Different and delicious.
  • Fried Cabbage. A similar take to sautéed cabbage, but pan fried.
  • Roasted Frozen Broccoli. EASY and so tasty!

Healthy Sauteed Cabbage in a bowl made with apple cider vinegar and served for dinner

Dearest cabbage, I’ll never overlook you again.

Sautéed Cabbage

4.93 from 298 votes
Sautéed cabbage is an easy, DELICIOUS vegetable side that's healthy and goes with so many dishes! Vinegar is the secret ingredient to making it taste great.

Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 10 minutes
Total: 15 minutes

Servings: 6 Servings


  • 1 small head green cabbage about 2 1/2 pounds
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon unsalted butter
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • ½ tablespoon apple cider vinegar plus additional to taste
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh thyme optional


  • Cut the cabbage in half from its top down through its core. Place the cut-side down on your cutting board, then slice it as thinly as possible around the core so that you have fine ribbons. Discard the core.
  • Heat a large saute pan or similar heavy-bottomed pot over medium-high heat. Add olive oil and butter. Once the butter is melted, add the cabbage, salt, and pepper. Saute for 10 to 15 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the cabbage is tender and begins to brown. Don't feel like you need to constantly stir it. Leaving cabbage undisturbed for a minute or two as you go is what will allow it to develop brown caramelized bits (aka FLAVOR).
  • Remove from the heat and stir in the apple cider vinegar. Taste and add a bit of additional salt and pepper if you like, or a splash more vinegar if you'd like to add more zippy and acidic flavors. Sprinkle with thyme. Serve warm.


  • TO STORE: Store Sautéed Cabbage in an airtight container and place in the refrigerator for up to one week. 
  • TO REHEAT: Place Sautéed Cabbage in a microwave-safe bowl or on a plate and reheat gently until warm. You can perk your leftovers up by adding another sprinkle of salt and a splash of apple cider vinegar after reheating. 
  • TO FREEZE: Sautéed Cabbage can be frozen if placed in a freezer-safe container. The texture of the cabbage may change slightly while frozen, but will still taste delicious when thawed. 


Serving: 1ServingCalories: 77kcalCarbohydrates: 9gProtein: 2gFat: 4gSaturated Fat: 2gCholesterol: 5mgPotassium: 264mgFiber: 4gSugar: 5gVitamin A: 262IUVitamin C: 57mgCalcium: 65mgIron: 1mg

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  1. I love sautéed cabbage!  I’ll definitely give this a whirl.  Have you ever tried broccoli slaw sautéed in a bit of bacon fat and seasoned with a roasted garlic and red pepper seasoning (Costco) a wee bit of salt and then mix in the bacon bits?  My husband and I will eat a two pound bag of slaw if I cook it this way!

        1. Thanks for trying the recipe, Lyz! You can certainly reduce the amount of salt as needed for your preferences.

    1. Sauteed cabbage is my go-to for a noodle substitution that’s healthy and delicious! Try it with red sauce and meatballs. :-)

          1. Hi Anna! This swap will change the flavor profile slightly, but I think it will be delicious. I hope you enjoy it!

      1. Agreed, it’s a fantastic noodle sub, it has a bit of a chow mein texture to it. Kohlrabi is really good sautéed, too, I haves julienne slicer that does really small slices, it makes it a good sub for rice. :)

    2. Ooooooooooooo, I wish I would’ve thought of the bacon fat instead of butter & OO!!! We save all bacon fat, b/c ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING is better fried/sautéed/roasted in that shimmery yumminess of bacon fat (same with duck/goose fat, but most people would hafta buy it – myself included – but most could/would/do have bacon fat around at some point!!!!)!!!!! Thanks for suggestion!!! ABSOLUTELY, bacon fat switched out for other fats/oil, PLUS cut up bacon, PLUS apples would take this ABSOLUTELY OVER THE TOP!!!!!

  2. Sauteed cabbage is my go to when we tire of all the other green veggies (which we like) and I always add the onions. And EVERYTHING is better with bacon! Have a nice weekend…

  3. Erin,such a simple but oh so yummy dish! Thanks for reminding me how delicious this overlooked veggie can be! Any tips on how to cut down the accompanying unpleasant aroma? When is your book coming out? Thanks for your creativity.

    1. Hi Lisa! I’m so happy you enjoyed this recipe! For the bad odor, you could try adding a little lemon juice to the pan before you start cooking the cabbage to try and neutralize the smell. Otherwise, you could try opening the window while you cook or some nicely scented candles are always nice! My cookbook comes out next spring! I’ll share an update once I know more!

  4. I loved this.  I thought it would be really strong, but it had a lovely mellow flavor.  My husband even took two helpings.5 stars

    1. Hi Sandy! I used a fairly large and deep saute pan. I recommend using one of your largest saute pans to ensure there is enough space. I hope this helps!

  5. thanks for adding the freezing directions. I want to cook as much from our local farm as possible which closes in October.  this looks delicious.5 stars

  6. I am not a great cook but I just read and tried this for the first time. it was easy to prepare and taste great. It gave me a different out look on cabbage.5 stars

  7. Love your recipes, very similar to the foods that I cook, also, enjoy your extra tid bits on mixing flavors up!

  8. I followed the recipe exactly and had to cook longer than 15 minutes- probably closer to 25 minutes for it to brown but it was super yummy. Will definitely make again.5 stars

  9. I made this last night. So easy and tasty. I added cooked lentils to make it a complete meal.  I can’t wait to buy another cabbage!5 stars

  10. This recipe looks amazing, I can’t wait to try it! Call me crazy, but I may sprinkle in some sauerkraut as well. Thanks for sharing!5 stars

  11. I Just made this cabbage and its delicious, simple and healthy. Ive made cabbage in past with the bacon etc not so healthy. thanks 5 stars

  12. We absolutely loved this recipe! We had with a baked potato. This recipe is definitely a keeper. Thank you for sharing.5 stars

  13. Wow! This cabbage dish was wonderful… and the vinegar made it even tastier. My daughter even enjoyed it…and she doesn’t like vegetables.5 stars

  14. Made it last night…….ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!! LOVED IT!!! And SHOCK OF ALL SHOCKERS, SO DID •B•O•T•H• my teenage boys!!!!! 5 stars

  15. Wow! I just made this to go with my Corned Beef and is it ever delicious!! I usually don’t like cabbage unless it’s in cole-slaw, but this has changed my opinion. I’ll be making this again!5 stars

  16. This was really simple and delicious. One thing that did not work well for the rest of my family was the amount of pepper. I have a small child and a boyfriend that are not big fans, but 1/2 a teaspoon did not sound like too much. For some reason the end result combined with the other flavors really makes the pepper stand out. No one in my family liked it except for me. I will make it again but with 1/2 of the pepper called for … or maybe even less.
    Thanks for the recipe! I enjoyed the vinegar addition :)4 stars

    1. I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed this dish, Bethany! You can certainly adjust the seasoning next time to better suit your family’s tastes.

    2. I was just gonna boil my cabbage & ran across this I added a little bacon I had left over from breakfast oohhhh sooooo gooood. I will eat left overs tomorrow for lunch !! & can hardly wait !! Thank you ?5 stars

  17. Yum! I just made some last week but just a little different. I cooked some bacon first, removed it and continued to cook cabbage with a little onion. I also add a Tbsp or 2 of sugar. I’m going to try ACV next time.?

  18. So, the only fresh green thing at the store last week was a 69 cent head of cabbage. So, how to eat it? This recipe (I used 3 strips of bacon) was SO DELISH! It was my lunch and maybe I’ll get a second meal out of it. I’ll be buying more cabbage.5 stars

  19. I just made this and it is amazing! I sliced up a kielbasa sausage and cooked that with the cabbage and it’s delicious. Next time I’m going to fry bacon and use that grease to cook the cabbage. I can’t wait to eat it again.5 stars

  20. Can i sub white wine vinegar?
    Also I think I’m going to fry up some Turkey sausage links and then cook the cabbage in the fat from the Turkey sausage links but I’ll probly add a little butter as well.

    1. That sounds delicious, Tracey! The vinegar swap will change the flavor profile slightly, but I think it will be tasty. I hope you enjoy it!

  21. I’ve just made this and you’re absolutely right. The best cabbage ever!! I’ll never have boiled cabbage again!5 stars

  22. My husband’s favorite is sautéed cabbage. However, mine is a bit different. I also grate in some carrot, gives good color, some onion. Then instead of adding vinegar, I add “cream”.  Yum

  23. My husband and I LOVED your Sauteed Cabbage! I, like you have stated, felt exactly the same way about cabbage. Not anymore! Thank you so much for sharing this delicious recipe! Stay safe! ?❤️?5 stars

  24. Made this tonight. Wasn’t sure when to throw in the apple cider vinegar as I missed that in the recipe directions so I added it after the cabbage started wilting. I also added leftover Easter ham. This was so easy and yummy. My whole family loved it. I’ve had a cabbage on my counter for a month not knowing what to do with it- I got it in a Farmer Box delivered to our house. From here on out, I will purposely buy a cabbage! Thx for sharing the recipe 5 stars

  25. Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe, Erin! We like apple cider vinegar so I doubled the amount to be able to taste it more. I like that you’ve incorporated some healthy fat (butter and olive oil) also to keep us full longer.5 stars

  26. This was awesome! We added onion. We don’t discard the cabbage core though. We toss into a slow cooker or Instapot with other veggies. Tastes great! Nobody even notices it’s the core. ??5 stars

  27. We eat sautéed cabbage similar to this recipe  all the time but tonight I tried it with the vinegar. I was afraid the kids would freak but they all noticed something slightly different and loved it!! What a nice subtle change!! Thank you! 5 stars

  28. Oops, is is bad I ate the whole thing in one sitting? I only used half a head as it’s just me but I still think that was more than one serving!5 stars

  29. Why is this soo good! I needed to use a head of cabbage that has been in my fridge too long. It’s actually 10 o’clock in the morning, but I cooked it thinking I would put it in the fridge and eat it later. I had to force myself to stop eating it! I just put much less in the fridge for later. 
    Thanks for a very tasty and simple side. ?5 stars

  30. I was given a small head of cabbage but had never cooked cabbage before… I knew Erin’s recipe would not disappoint! This recipe is so easy and makes flavorful cooked cabbage with just a few ingredients. I will definitely make it again! 5 stars

  31. I just tried this recipe for the first time. I also added onions and instead of salt, I used Mrs Dash onion and herb seasoning. I was a little skeptical of adding the Apple  cider vinegar, but I have to say, it was delish. Also, I first sautéed the dark green leaves of the cabbage for about 10-12 minutes stirring this a few times, then I added the rest of the cabbage with thinly sliced onions.  Will make this again and again. Simply delicious ? 5 stars

  32. Hi – thanks for this fantastic recipe, which I made last night. All I could think of after tasting it was, I can’t believe I’ve been cooking cabbage incorrectly for 50 years, yes that long. This was by far the best cabbage our family has eaten! Will definitely be a regular in our home. So quick & easy to prepare too. Thanks again :)5 stars

  33. Have not yet cooked the sautéed cabbage but we are salivating and will cook it this evening. We have fallen in love with the incredible sounding other recipes you mention and can hardly wait to try them all. So happy you have a newsletter which I have just signed up for.  We so much want to be part of your lifestyle. Thank you so much.

  34. Add sausage green onion and egg to this. Put a little Teriyaki sauce on it. You have an egg roll in a bowl

  35. I’ve had a cabbage sitting in my refrigerator for 3-4 weeks because I couldn’t find any good recipes that feature cabbage as the main ingredient that wasn’t kim chi (my husband can’t eat spicy foods). But then I found this recipe and it was easy and delicious! I thought the fresh thyme really added a wonderful fresh flavor to the dish. Thank you for the recipe!5 stars

  36. Hello! Thank you for this recipe. I want to try making it tomorrow. However, I don’t have apple cider vinegar. Do you think I could use regular vinegar instead?

    1. Hi Diana! I’ve only tested this recipe with apple cider vinegar, but other readers have reported success with white wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar. If you decide to experiment, I’d love to hear how it goes!

  37. Had half a head of cabbage to use up and found this recipe—it’s delish! I’m not even a huge cabbage fan but this was fantastic and easy to boot! Thanks!5 stars

  38. I didn’t use Thyme as I was Thymed out from last nights dinner.  I did throw in some caraway seeds.  Delicious and easy!  So much healthier than making coleslaw every time I have leftover cabbage.  I love vegetables and had this for breakfast as I cooked it at 5AM.  Thank you for a tasty recipe!5 stars

  39. You know what takes this recipe to the next level? Adding in crumbled bacon and Boursin cheese at the end!5 stars

  40. Delicious,  I followed directions without alterations 
    This will definitely be a weekly addition.
    And cabbage is good for immunity 5 stars

  41. Thank you! After looking for a healthy caramelized cabbage recipe, yours was one of the few that fell into that category. (Most had tons of butter or bacon fat.) Looking forward to making it today.5 stars

  42. I was SHOCKED at how good this was. So simple and so spectacular. Never did I think the words “cabbage” and “spectacular” would go together. Great recipe. Thank you!5 stars

  43. Tried this today for Labor Day cookout. Very tasty! I only liked cabbage in coleslaw, but this is very good. Husband LOVES any type of cabbage.5 stars

  44. Do you have another way to follow you? I’m not on Instagram, but your recipes sound deldelicious and I’d like to have notifications whenever you publish one.

    1. Thanks so much for your interest, Susan! You can sign up to receive emails whenever I post a new recipe here:

  45. I made this with red cabbage and dried thyme, because that’s what I had, and it was good and easy. I will make it again. Thanks!5 stars

  46. This was absolutely delicious! Thank you! I made the recipe exactly as is, and I would not change a thing. 
    I’ve used the sautéed cabbage to add to stovetop beans & rice, in addition to chicken and roasted veggies, and even with some fried eggs, toast, and sausage! It’s a great, healthy addition to any meal – breakfast through dinner! 5 stars

  47. I have sauteed cabbage like this for years, although I generally use bacon drippings and add lots of onions and some garlic too. Very thinly sliced colorful sweet peppers are a great addition to cabbage and onions. For a sweet change of pace, add some apples and you will be happy you did!

  48. Prior to eating this my husband said, “Why are you trying to destroy my colon?”
    While eating this he said, “Wow this is really good!”

    We added cubed chicken. Thanks for the great recipe!5 stars

  49. Used a very large, well-sided copper pan. So so so much water from the cabbage! It never browned, just steamed. And steamed cabbage is not great. No brown bits, no carmelization, nada. Added 5 minutes to the 15. Drained some of the water, turned the heat up more. Nope. A great big side of steamed mushy cabbage. Where did I go wrong?

    1. Hi Becky, I’m sorry to hear that you had trouble with this recipe. Did you wash your cabbage just before starting the recipe by chance? I (and many other readers) have truly enjoyed the recipe, so I wish it would’ve been a hit for you too!

    2. I don’t know if you covered your pan, but do not… if covered, you will most certainly get a lot of cabbage juice and probably no carmelization… I made this mistake the first time I tried making french onion soup and wondered by I had been cooking the onions for about 2 hours and they were still not carmelized. If you have a high sided pan, it might take longer for things to carmelize because of the steam, but they should eventually.

  50. I was so tired of my roasted cabbage that I stopped buying it. Saw this recipe and decided to try it. It is delicious. Thank you. Also tried it with purple cabbage took a little longer to cook and I did add a little homemade bone broth to it Fantastic.5 stars

  51. This blog post is true to its words! I received a CSA box with a head of cabbage and didn’t have any ideas how to incorporate it into our meals. I made half the recipe as a lunchtime experiment and it was so delicious and simple and easy. It was great as the recipe directs.

    I think another option I will try in the future is to swap either the butter or olive oil for sesame oil, then add some green onions and sesame seeds as garnish. And if I have a red or orange pepper, I’ll throw that in as well. Lots of ideas are coming up now. Thanks for a great lunch (I ate half a head of cabbage by myself)!5 stars

  52. I made this tonight for my family and we really enjoyed it.
    I added some onions, red and green peppers. I also added a little Apple cider from the orchard. Yum! While I added some extra ingredients, this was a great base to start with! Thanks!5 stars

  53. Game changer! Thanks so much for sharing this method of preparing cabbage to accompany your corned beef! YUM!!!!5 stars

  54. I made mine with a twist. Cabbage and onions are SO good together, alas I didn’t have fresh onions… but… Dehydrated onion work GREAT! Rehydrated about 1.5 Tbsp onion with equal part water in microwave for 30 seconds and added to the cabbage. Let’s just say I had several noses poking around the kitchen corner to see/smell what was cooking. Lol. We loved it! The apple cider vinegar really DOES do the trick too! Thanks for the recipe!5 stars

  55. My family loves it. I sautéed onions, green pepper, and fresh minced garlic in the olive oil/butter before adding the cabbage. It was delicious.5 stars

  56. This was delish! I started by cooking up chopped bacon, removing when done, then added sliced onion and the cabbage. So good! Thank you!5 stars

  57. Delicious! My husband and I loved this dish, even my two year old daughter ate some! I added cooked chicken at the end. Yummy!5 stars

    1. Hi Kathy! You can find all the ingredient amounts in the recipe card at the bottom of this post. If you click the “Jump To Recipe” button at the top of the page, it will take you directly there. I hope this helps!

  58. Wow! I made corned beef last night and wanted to try to find a better way to make cabbage. I can’t believe how tasty this was! Who knew I could be such a fan of CABBAGE!!! Thanks for the recipe. I now have a reason to eat cabbage even when I’m not eating corned beef!5 stars

  59. I love this recipe, I have made it twice now.. I
    am having a bowlful for lunch today.. So simple and so delicious thank you!!!5 stars

  60. Great recipe. I just made it and it was a hit. I cleaned the pan out myself and could have just kept eating if there was more. Thank you. Just how cabbage should be in my opinion. Simple, delicious.5 stars

  61. This recipe was everything it was promised to be !!! Unbelievable in its simplicity and its taste! I was looking for a different way to cook cabbage and THIS IS IT! I used the small cabbage we had and my wife and I devoured the whole dish in one sitting. I normally don’t review recipes however this one gets 5 stars from us. It goes in our permanent recipe file!5 stars

  62. Absolutely delicious! SO easy and the splash of vinegar elevated my cabbage to a whole new level. Thanks for sharing!5 stars

  63. I was shocked at how good cabbage could taste and this is so easy! Thank you – this will be making the rounds!5 stars

  64. I made this today followed the exact recipe,it was delicious,served it with leftover meatloaf and perogies. Thank you for posting a simple easy cabbage recipe. :)5 stars

  65. I love this recipe SO much – thank you! I make this now at least once a week. I eat it with stovetop beans and rice for dinner, under fried eggs with some wholegrain toast for breakfast, and just alone as a side dish. It’s a perfect accompaniment to so many dishes. And so cheap! And quick!
    I live by myself, so I make a big batch and then stick the rest in a large mason jar, and eat if for several days. Delicious!5 stars

    1. Hi Shawna
      Does its taste change over time?
      I made a similar red cabbage recipe and it tasted best on day 3 = It was okay on the day I made it but delicious after that. Anything similar happening here?
      (I made this recipe today but I was hungry and accidentally ate it all)

  66. I had half a head of cabbage [2 cups] to use, I started making this only to realize I apparently had ran out of apple cider vinegar! Anyway, I halved the recipe and also added half of a walla walla sweet. In place of the ACV I added about a quarter teaspoon of white vinegar/lemon juice combination. It was delish! My 3 & 4 year olds tore it up. Thank you!5 stars

  67. I made exactly to the recipe. I would have removed it before it got so brown, but it was perfect. Served it with leftover turkey, a baked sweet potato and cranberry salad. YUMMY5 stars

  68. I love this. It reminds me of a dish my mom made. Great choice for New Years Day! Thank you for the memories.5 stars

  69. Made this last night and it was a big hit. Only change I made was adding 1 thinly sliced leek. Definitely will make again.5 stars

  70. Amazing! The best and easiest cabbage recipe ever. So moist & full of flavor. I also add some crushed garlic to the oil & butter.5 stars

  71. I made this. My whole family really liked it. The suggestion was to maybe add some bacon next time. Will make again for sure.5 stars

  72. I just found this today… had it on the side with sticky pork ribs OMG! The vinegar just lifts this so well, a firm fave from now on. I might try it with some bacon bits next… Thank you :-)5 stars

  73. Really delicious! Thank you. Super easy and quick for days you need a short turnaround. I used all olive oil — no butter — and still loved the flavor with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.5 stars

  74. Hi Erin! Thanks for posting a cabbage recipe without bacon! I’ve made this several times with the addition of different items from my fridge and it always turns out well.5 stars

  75. I never throw away the stalk (cole) it is delicious eaten raw after cutting it down to jus the cole. I love cooked cabbage. will try this out tomorrow

  76. When I tried it I was sceptical it is so delicious I served it with pork chops and pap humm tummy ??5 stars

  77. Thank you for sharing this easy and most delicious recipe! I agree, I was laughing reading your story because I felt the same about cabbage and now after making this, I too will never overlook cabbage again. So yummy!5 stars

  78. Made it last night with a pork tenderloin and it was really good and so easy which is right up my alley.5 stars

    1. Hi Jess! Other readers have used balsamic vinegar with success. A vinegar swap will change the flavor profile slightly, but I think red wine vinegar would still be tasty. I hope you enjoy it!

  79. I hate cabbage, never been a fan. But today I made this recipe with corned beef for my Irish boyfriend and we both loved it!! My only complaint was that I should have made more. I was so skeptical about apple cider vinegar, but I think that’s what made it so good!5 stars

  80. My husband who is old enough to behave better than a finicky toddler about vegetables….well….. he liked the cabbage! I would say “Hey!Mikey liked it”!
    I fried a chopped onion first, tossed in the cabbage and a few chopped celery greens.
    Salt, Pepper, and Viola. He liked the splash of A.C. Vinegar also. Quick, very easy and a
    nice change. Thanks.5 stars

  81. This recipe was easy and did not take a lot of time to cook. I never used the ingredients that were suggested before. It taste good with flavor. I added a little chicken broth!5 stars

  82. Yes, I made this with cabbage and onions. And added the apple cider vinegar. It was excellent. We enjoyed.5 stars

  83. I was surprised at how yummy this was. Had almost a sweet flavor. Don’t skip the vinegar at the end. I have thyme in my garden and that definitely was a great addition as well. Will make again5 stars

  84. Hi Erin,
    I made this tonight! I love cabbage, but I cannot eat it raw- it hates me. So, I used a bagged salad kit that I had in the refrigerator (I saved the packet of dressing and toppings for a lettuce salad). It was mostly cabbage, but it also had some shredded carrots and kale. I added some small-diced zucchini, followed your instructions to the letter, and it was scrumptious!5 stars

  85. So only 4 ingredients but 5 ate given. One being the secret ingredient which seems pretty omportant but no instructions. Please explain

    1. Hi Denise! Did you refer to the recipe card at the bottom of this post? It has a detailed ingredient list and recipe instructions. If you click the “Jump to Recipe” button at the top of the page, it will take you directly there. I hope this helps!

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    1. Hi Dawn! Did you refer to the recipe card at the bottom of this post? It has a detailed ingredient list and recipe instructions. If you click the “Jump to Recipe” button at the top of the page, it will take you directly there. I hope this helps!

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    1. Hi Kelsey, I do not have this measured out in those measurements due to every head of cabbage being a different size. I would suggest when you cook it, to divide it evenly into 6 portions so you can weigh it or measure it to get an accurate measurement. Hope this helps!

      1. Hi Erin. I just eyeballed the amount of cabbage and fold the recipe from there on. Thank you so much for such a simple and delicious recipe. My wife loved it.

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    1. Hi Laura, this is the first I’ve heard that the cabbage was too salty. Did you happen to use kosher salt as the stated in the recipe? We all have different taste, so you should definitely adjust to your liking.

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        1. Hi Aditi! Other readers have used balsamic vinegar with success. A vinegar swap will change the flavor profile slightly, but I think white wine vinegar would still be tasty. I hope you enjoy it!

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    1. Hi Jacque, I don’t understand your first question, but for ghee you can find it at your local grocery store or online. Hope you enjoy it!

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    1. Hi Olive, according to Google cider vinegar is the same as apple cider vinegar, but I couldn’t tell you for use without seeing the product you have. Hope this helps!

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      1. You didn’t mention the apple cidar vinegar in your awesome blog/ description in the beginning. I was confused too. But you say it in the “card” as you called it, towards the end. I found it.

        1. Hi Jami! It’s under the third photo after the title “and now, the secret ingredient…” And it’s the #6 ingredient out of 7 ingredients.

  112. Made this for the first time today, as our New Year’s lucky cabbage. It was rich and buttery. I kept the heat lowish because I like my cabbage a bit al dente and bright green. I use Sherry vinegar, because we love that stuff. It might be the best cabbage I’ve ever had. But I’m 53, so I don’t know what favorite cabbages I’ve forgotten.5 stars

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    1. I’m sorry to hear the recipe wasn’t to your taste, Christopher. I know it’s disappointing to try a new recipe and not enjoy it. I (and many other readers) have enjoyed it, so I really wish they would’ve been a hit for you too!

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    1. Hi Rita! I stopped including sodium info because it can vary so much depending upon what products you used, and I found a lot of conflicting info online, so ultimately I didn’t feel comfortable publishing it because sometimes it wasn’t even in the ballpark. If you’d like to calculate it yourself, there are lots of free tools online ( is popular). I hope that helps!

  122. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. There, I shouted it for the grumpy readers who believe they got a “gotcha!” even though the secret ingredient is right there in the recipe. (Those who can, cook & blog; those who can’t, apparently post misguided comments!)

    We bought a cabbage so we could add a quarter of it as shavings to a rather soupy take-out coleslaw, and I needed to use up the rest of it. Your recipe was marvelous! Now I’m going to get more cabbage ON PURPOSE. What a great, inexpensive way to add a tasty vegetable side dish to a meal.5 stars

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    1. Hi Angie, if you are asking can you use salted butter versus unsalted, then yes. Other than that, I’m not sure what you mean when you say regular butter.

  124. I made this recipe to go along with fresh kielbasa (and a side of roasted potatoes). It was delicious and so easy. I kept an eye on the cabbage turning it over in the pot frequently so it would cook evenly (made one large head). Happy to say, I didn’t overcook it or undercook it! It came out perfect! Thanks for the recipe.5 stars

  125. We love cooked cabbage. We made this for dinner tonight and it was wonderful. I was skeptical about the apple cider vinegar. But it did add some interesting flavor. Will make it again.5 stars

    1. Hi Pat! I’m truly sorry for any inconvenience the ads caused you! I will certainly keep paying close attention to the number of ads and how they load, as I never want them to hinder your ability to view the recipe or the blog post. I do truly appreciate your feedback and apologize again for the inconvenience! Also there is a quick and convenient “jump to recipe” button that will help you get to the recipe faster plus a print button so you can have the recipe quickly at your fingertips. Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Peter! I’m so confused because it’s listed as the 6th ingredient in the recipe card and the 3rd instruction in the recipe card. Did you view the recipe card? I can see it on my end, could you please double check. It’s right above the area where you commented AND you can click the “jump to recipe” button to get you there faster.

    2. Hi Erin
      Made this recipe frequently, it’s so delicious. I mixed in a little of cooked egg pasta at the end and it was perfect.

  126. I just made this … thinking it’ll prob be good, cooked cabbage is always good….used Savoy cabbage , added a bit of dried dill, garlic powder and sliced onions… OMG. Letting it get a lil brown by letting it sit, and the ACV at the end…. WOW. Took this the next level!! Thank you for this dish, will def be making again!!! 10/10!! You did not lie one bit in the intro to this super simple but super yum dish!!5 stars

  127. I would like to make this with bacon and you say to cook the bacon in pan before adding cabbage – do I remove bacon and crumble it back into the cooked cabbage and do I drain the bacon fat out and add the oil and butter to saute the cabbage?

    1. Hi Elizabeth! The instructions for adding the bacon was in the blog post: Add 6 strips of uncooked bacon to your pan before adding the cabbage. Once the bacon is almost crispy (about 3 minutes), add the cabbage, and sauté according to the recipe directions. Hope you enjoy it!

  128. Personal preference, reduce the black pepper to 1/4 tsp. The pepper is overwhelming, in my opinion. Will make again. Thank you!4 stars

    1. Hi Jessica! Definitely adjust the seasonings to your taste. We all have different palates so what one person enjoys another one may not.

    1. Hi Dee! Sautéed Cabbage can be frozen if placed in a freezer-safe container. The texture of the cabbage may change slightly while frozen, but will still taste delicious when thawed.

  129. Just made for first time, a delightful use for leftover St. Patty’s Day cabbage head. Vinegar does make it some else,don’t skip!4 stars

    1. I’m so sorry you didn’t enjoy this cabbage, Darren. Myself (and others) have enjoyed this recipe so I wish you would have to but I know we all have different taste.

    1. Hi Pam! Other readers have used balsamic vinegar with success. A vinegar swap will change the flavor profile slightly, but I think white wine vinegar would still be tasty. I hope you enjoy it! If you decide to experiment with any other vinegar, I’d love to hear how it goes!

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  132. I am planning to fix mine with an Indian touch … saute 1 small chopped onion, 1 – 2 tablespoons chopped ginger, 1 tablespoon chopped garlic, 1 teaspoon chilli flakes, for a couple minutes, add 1 – 2 tablespoons tomato paste and add chopped cabbage. Cover and cook for 5 minutes on medium to high heat, stirring a couple of times. Add chopped cilantro and it’s ready to serve. For a spicier touch add 1/2 teaspoon masala and 1/2 teaspoon turmeric.

  133. Great Dish!
    Followed the recipe exactly but added some fennel seeds and sliced onion. The flavor is enhanced when it “chars” a little. After it was cooked I topped it with fried eggs. THE runny egg yolk and egg white completed the meal. I will certainly keep this in my recipe box.

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    1. Hi Lisa! I haven’t tried this myself, so it’d be a complete experiment. If you decide to play around with it, I’d love to hear how it goes!

    2. I just made this with bagged coleslaw! I had half a bag of regular coleslaw mix and half a bag of red and it turned out perfect! So good and super easy!!5 stars

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    1. Hi Charlotte! So glad you enjoyed the recipe! Thank you for this kind review! Love the idea of using everything bagel seasoning!

    1. Hi Rosina! Other readers have used balsamic vinegar with success. A vinegar swap will change the flavor profile slightly, but I think white wine vinegar would still be tasty. I hope you enjoy it! If you decide to experiment with any other vinegar, I’d love to hear how it goes!

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  145. Cabbage would not soften ,help, even tried putting in the microwave and it still would not soften. Followed recipe right to the point

    1. I’m sorry you to hear had trouble with the recipe, Dorothy! I know it’s frustrating to try a new recipe and not have it turn out. I (and many other readers) have enjoyed them, so I really wish they would’ve been a hit for you too! It’s hard to know what went wrong without being in the kitchen with you.

      1. You are so welcome! I was coming back here to make sure I did leave a review because I just have to say again how delicious it is. I’m obsessed now too! THANK YOU!5 stars

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    But I didn’t have apple cider vinegar so I used white wine vinegar. It tasted great. I will make it again.5 stars

  147. This is delicious! The only reason I docked a star is it’s way too much salt. Next time I’ll try about cutting it down to 1/2 tsp. But you’re right, the cider vinegar completely changes the dish. Skip it at your own peril.4 stars

      1. I had only table salt, which I know packs more salt crystals into the same volume measure because it’s finer, so I thought I was already reducing the amount based on that. I was using a little over 1 lb of cabbage and used 1/2 tsp of table salt. The second time I made it (which I’ve now done), I used 1/4 tsp table salt with the other half of the head of cabbage and it was much more to my taste. To be honest, I often simply omit salt entirely from my cooking and salt at the table if I feel the need, so my taste buds are used to very little salt.

        1. Hi Anne, thanks for the follow up. Yes table salt is very different than kosher salt. So while I think this has the perfect amount of salt and seasoning I know we all have different taste.

  148. Really good. I added some balsamic and apple cider vinegar to the pot while cooking along with some Mirin. Also some garlic powder and onion powder. I used slightly more olive oil and butter. I browned some 99% lean ground turkey and sautéed some onion and bell peppers and added them to the pot at the end and cooked together for a little longer. I really liked the dish a lot. I are it as a main dish for lunch and will definitely make this again. I really decided to add the turkey since I accidentally bought 99% lean turkey instead of 93% I usually use to make burgers with but I liked having some meat in there.5 stars

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  151. I’m still enjoying this recipe. I found a new (to me) twist that I really enjoyed. After cooking up a big pan of cabbage with 1/2 tsp of caraway seeds added, I removed all but one serving’s worth to put in the fridge for later, cracked in an egg into the one serving’s worth still in the pan, and scrambled it up right in the cabbage. Cabbage to reheat for later plus a quick lunch!5 stars

  152. 77 kcal per serving but how much is a serving? Google doesn’t know. Since I like cabbage, I’m thinking maybe four cups. LOL5 stars

    1. Hi KC, I do not have this measured out in those measurements due to every head of cabbage being a different size. I would suggest when you cook it, to divide it evenly into 6 portions so you can weigh it or measure it to get an accurate measurement. Hope this helps!

  153. This recipe was fantastic. I used Tuscan Herb infused olive oil and also used chicken broth instead of vinegar. Thank you for an amazing recipe!!5 stars

  154. Great recipe! I also sautéed white onions with the cabbage and spiced it up a bit with chili pepper flakes. The splash of vinegar made it perfect! Thank you :-)5 stars

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  156. I’ve made this several times and the apple cider vinegar is what makes it. I like to use purple/red cabbage just because I think it is more visually appealing. I don’t really like cabbage, but I love this! One minor change that I have made is that I take some fennel seeds (maybe around 1 tbsp), run my knife through them to chop them up, and sauté with the cabbage. The licorice-like flavor of the fennel adds an earthy and slightly sweet flavor and pairs perfectly with the tart flavor of the apple cider vinegar.5 stars

  157. Found some cabbage in my refrig, but didn’t know what to do with it. Found your recipe and it’s delicious! added onion, salt pepper, and turmeric.. so good.5 stars

  158. This was wonderful. I couldn’t believe that my son said that the “cabbage” was awesome.

    I added a little more butter and olive oil, instead of pepper used Mrs. Dash and added caraway seeds.5 stars

  159. I could not imagine liking cabbage as much as the other reviewers were raving about this recipe. But OH. MY. GOODNESS! They were right! Thank you for this recipe. I even loved it before adding the vinegar – but of course agree that it does take it to a different level. I had a bit of ground beef I needed to use up so I added that in and it paired nicely. I think the olive oil AND butter are certainly part of the magic as well. Great job!!5 stars

  160. I havent made your version yet, but looks good. Ive loved sautéed cabbage my entire life. I make it with pears, fresh or canned, with celery and celery seed, and occasionally a few caraway seeds (not too many as they are very strong tasting). Sometimes I add microwaved potato quarters or slices as well or serve steamed potato squares with butter and parsley as a side. My husband is a vegetarian so I try to make 2-3 veg dishes for him. I eat poultry, but no other meat for health reasons, so I usually fry or bake a chicken thigh or half breast, making the cabbage the star of the meal. I prefer to cook chicken first, then add it to the cabbage as it finishes cooking, especially if I’m also using pear. Its all yummy!

  161. Excellent! I was a little skeptical since I was not sure about cooked cabbage but this is a winner! Very few ingredients and good for you! Thanks for sharing! we are trying to eat healthier and I will be making this in a regular rotation! Always looking for fresh veggie recipes, especially in the winter!5 stars

  162. This one’s a keeper! Right up my alley, quick and simple and adaptable. I used savoy cabbage which I prefer but I love all things cabbage. Next time I’ll add sliced onion and maybe garlic. We’ll see. So glad I happened to find this one. I’m basically a lazy cook. I love good food and veggies. This one hit all the right boxes. Simple and minimal ingredients, easy and quick and adaptable. Thanks!5 stars

  163. It was a nice dish and I made it with cabbage from my garden, so it was extra sweet and yummy. The ACV did a nice shift to the flavor, but we failed to find the “romance” in it. All around good, but not dreamy.3 stars

  164. This was delicious! I was so skeptical about the vinegar at the end, and considered not adding it – but am I ever glad I did! I tasted it before and after – amazing. I did make this a little quicker to prep by using a bag of coleslaw mix instead of cutting a head of cabbage. What a simple and delicious side dish. Thank you!5 stars

  165. Look, I needed some flavaflav so I added sliced onion, seasoning salt, pepper, garlic powder, smoked paprika, and sweat and smoky rub. It was sooo good. I did add a splash of acv and this is the best cabbage I’ve had. Definitely gonna be my go to when I have extra I need to use up but you have to have seasoning!5 stars

  166. The sautéed green cabbage recipe was delicious and very easy to make. My husband wished I had made more!5 stars

  167. I made corned beef & cabbage ;last night and had half a cabbage left from that, which i wanted to use for cabbage rolls (with welveeta cheese, ground beef, rice & cream of mushroom soup), but also had shredded coleslaw mix for fish tacos to make.

    Since it’s just the 2 of us, I used half the coleslaw mix with the recipe, substituting white balsamic for the apple cider vinegar. I had both, but forgot why I had white balsamic vinegar.

    Easy, (less cutting necessary using the coleslaw mix!) lovely, and not too acidic. Thanks!5 stars

      1. This was delicious, I didn’t change a thing, and it was just as delicious the next day, I think the cider vinegar was a great addition, and when I had it the next day warmed up, it almost had a sauerkraut taste which I’m sure is due to the vinegar. Absolutely will make this regularly!5 stars

  168. I sliced a half of an onion and half a pound of bacon and didn’t add salt. I made for my husband that was dealing with knee surgery since it’s good for inflammation. It is delicious. The grandkids loved it too.5 stars

  169. Very happy with how this turned out. I was serving with an Asian main course so I used rice wine vinegar (added a bit more plus salt at the end) and it turned out great.5 stars

      1. Yum! I only recently found out that cabbage is a delicious food to be eaten on its own, and this is a fantastic way to prepare it. Thanks for sharing!5 stars

  170. I tried this recipe yesterday. It was very good. It’s simple and easy also.
    Thank you so much.5 stars